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Zeusshield Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Zeusshield?

Zeusshield System is another blockchain AI insurance solution that has appeared on the blockchain market. It is an open source decentralized program that has been in development in Github for some time.

The main goal of this platform is to give greater security for insurance organizations by applying blockchain solutions to tackle their issues and building another insurance ecosystem that can use AI to enhance its outcomes.

zeusshield homepage

How Does The Zeusshield System Work?

This company uses the blockchain technology to apply trust administration procedures to insurance services. The company can offer services like digital personalities by using smart contracts, for instance. As the blockchain is considerably steady and it can’t be changed, you can use to check characters effortlessly and this may avert frauds.

As editing is conceivable on the internet, it is less dependable than information that will be put away on the blockchain until the end of time. Likewise, the Zeusshield System can be used for customized approaches and pricing. The AI modules of the framework can give precise solutions to the users about the dangers that they may have and give them the vital instruments for the making of customized approaches for each different kind of customer.

Different utilities of the Zeusshield System include precision marketing, which can be made with the analysis of data for more precise marketing procedures and verification and acknowledgment of insurance by means of the AI framework. The modules can be a helping hand at whatever point you have to manage the acknowledgment of new accounts, which can be useful for cutting expenses.

The platform is still in development and it will most likely be until 2019 in any event. Zeusshield is just a thought that still has a not of work to do to get where it needs. The team is planning the ICO to offer the tokens of the company amidst 2019, when development with have been in a further stage.

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Zeusshield System Partners And Team

The founding team of Zeusshield is framed by Logshan Fangshu, Huang Wei, Xie Shaushoai and Chen Meiyi, which are for the most part specialists in banking and blockchain technology from China and Southeastern Asia and chose to open this project on Github. The company has a governing body, but the development has opportunity to build up the platform as the designers want to the circumstance.

They are helped by the specialized team created by Yao Yong, Jiang Wei, Li Pengyu and Want Yunqiao. The consultants of Zeusshield System are Tim Michael Buhr, Russel Muzenmda and Li Hongyin. A few accomplices of Zeusshield are All Binary Solution Provider, XSina, Gameport and HitBTC. The company is as of now looking for more accomplices.

zeusshield team

Zeus features

Digital character + smart contracts

\Since the information on the blockchain can’t be altered and is the total truth, the insurance industry can use Zeus to tackle pain point issues. The Blockchain-based Digital personality does not allow for the expulsion, change, alter or forging of any information on the platform.

Customized pricing and approaches

The Zeus shield framework gives precise solutions using Intelligence modules. They give a precise solution to the pricing plan, hazard monitoring and give customized strategies for clients.

Precision marketing

The framework can accomplish something other than giving exact marketing by analyzing the information particle the database. For instance, users can prescribe beautifying agents return insurance for skin sensitivities users.

Intelligent insurance acknowledgment and verification

The AI module. Zeus shield framework gives awesome help with regards to acknowledgment and accounting. It influences the insured unit to reduce business to cost and to the insured unit to give intelligent insurance bundle. They additionally empower steady, solid cases process.

Zeus timeline

The team development and project approval happened in the second and the second from last quarter of 2017. In the final quarter of 2017, finish development of smart contracts for ZSC database administration is relied upon to be finished. Likewise, Zeus will lead the sending of ZSC onto the Ethereum platform. Different features and phases of the platform are relied upon to be finished in 2019.


The Concept of ZeusShield

It is clear the ZeusShield team is taking an altogether different approach with regards to blockchain technology. By focusing on artificial intelligence and the insurance industry, the project will apply trust administration to insurance services. This will allow for the formation of a fresh out of the box new insurance ecosystem, with a solid spotlight on exactness marketing and intelligent insurance claims.

How Does everything Work?

There are a couple of different viewpoints to ZeusShield to consider. First of all, the project offers a digital character solution which is incorporated with the ZeusShield blockchain straightforwardly. This information can’t be modified in any route, as the technology gives a permanent source of information. This character will likewise be used for all smart contract technology integration, which is a major piece of this AI-driven insurance ecosystem.

With its blockchain-based AI approach, ZeusShield additionally intends to introduce exact types of hazard monitoring, pricing plans, and customized arrangements for all clients. Also, ZeusShield will help cut business costs and give intelligent insurance bundles at moderate prices. It is a major undertaking, and we should sit back and watch how the majority of this plays out in the long run. Building another insurance ecosystem starting from the earliest stage is dependably a major test, for evident reasons.

zeusshield architecture

The ZeusShield Cryptocurrency

As has turned out to be standard in the realm of blockchain technology, ZeusShield has its own cryptocurrency. Known as ZSC, this cash self control all transactions taking spot on the network and will be the spine for all insurance-related exercises gave through this ecosystem. There is still a lot of work to be done before this project can make its blemish on the industry.

The Road Ahead

Starting at this moment, the ZeusShield team is working on completing its smart contract technology. In the not so distant future, a model of the insurance framework will be showcased, followed by the profound learning module. One year from now, we will see the finishing of the ZSC blockchain P2P insurance business module, which will check a major turning point for this project.

zeusshield roadmap

What is the Zeusshield Coin?

Zeusshield is an insurance ecosystem that combines the great insurance market with the advantages of blockchain. Zeusshield depends on the Ethereum-Blockchain, which is stretched out by different databases. There are four different databases. First, a database for the insured items is set up. This is followed by another database for the different insurance providers and a database for the finished insurance. Finally, a database for individualized insurance will be set up. In the subsequent stage, the databases will be advanced with modules on artificial intelligence, hazard administration and user interfaces. Finally, interfaces are included for insurance organizations and for policyholders with the goal that the block chain can go about as a marketplace.

Besides, the engineers see four fundamental points of interest in the use of Zeusshield. From one perspective, the digital personality and the use of Smart Contract called. Due to the blockchain every single given datum are valid and not manipulable. This implies for clients that the tariffs specified are realistic and settled. For insurance organizations, it is likewise conceivable to make a digital mark that can not be controlled. The second preferred standpoint is the customized arrangements and adaptable pricing. By the artificial intelligence dangers of clients can be evaluated realistically and reasonable tariffs are figured. Moreover, the engineers additionally talk about supposed Precision Marketing, in which the existing data are dissected and appropriate marketing efforts are made for the clients. In this manner, later on, no flawed advertisements will be shown to clients and the probability of getting insurance scope will increase. The last extraordinary feature of Zeusshield is the intelligent acknowledgment and verification of insurance. Using artificial intelligence, insurance applications can be prepared and acknowledged all the more rapidly, significantly reducing the cost of manual testing.

Blockchain technology fills numerous needs nowadays. A few organizations, for example, ZeusShield, attempt to combine blockchain with artificial intelligence. It is an intriguing business model, albeit one needs to think about how useful such a wander can be. In the case of ZeusShield, it appears the company needs to center around the insurance industry first and principal.

How To Buy ZSC?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy ZSC. Well, this section will help you to know how to buy ZSC. The process isn’t quite difficult but you will need to find the best exchanges to buy this coin. However, you can make use of exchanges like and HitBTC to buy this coin.

The Zeusshield System Verdict

If you work with insurance, the Zeusshield System can certainly be a good device for you, so it would be a good plan to keep an eye in this project if you don’t have another apparatus that you as of now use. The ICO is as yet a long time far from now, but it is never too soon to begin to screen organizations that can be interesting for you.

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