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Zebi Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Zebi?

Zebi is a blockchain based application that is used to secure India’s extensive data. It’s established, overseen, and observed by MIT, Oxford, Stanford, and IIT veterans from Silicon Valley and has involvement with Microsoft, Uber, Google, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Zebi secures the data by creating a data exchange that works without human intervention. Since it doesn’t have scope for copying or manipulating touchy information by means of corrupt insiders.

Because of its technology and vision, the greater part of the data that is being prepared has a quick hash speed of 25,000 hubs over the globe. Because of its speed, you don’t need to stress over the network shutting down or experiencing downtime.

Zebi homepage

As should be obvious, Zebi is used to secure anything that is vital to you. Using blockchain, can rest guaranteed that their data can’t be mined, brought, or sold by outsiders who need to take their information.


Zebi Data Gateway:

Connects the user’s Zebi Chained installations and helps data requester’s and individuals by means of a basic enlistment process. It encourages instant data exchange through its use of API DaaS apps. Zebi does this by connecting users to its Zebi Chain.

Zebi Chain:

This is a lightweight satellite application installed at various Data Providers premises keeping in mind the end goal to make an insusceptibility based blockchain record. There is a configurable measure of hubs in this current blockchain’s framework and works with Ethereum’s blockchain to make 100% sealed security.

What Issue Does it Solve?

The big data industry has a couple of issues related with it. For instance, data containing information on high-esteem assets like land records are presented to tampering.

As land prices begin in price, con artists obtain these archives either through bribing the agents that make the record or through “touts” that work close to the administration office.

Zebi makes an answer for this issue by providing complete responsibility for data. Each transaction that contains individuals related delicate data will experience a granular and reliable instrument with the accommodation of a Mobile or Web App. Subsequently, your data remains private and just available to you.

Zebi services

What Problems Does Zebi Seeks To Solve?

The age of data in India has significantly risen. According to gauges, data age in India will achieve a trillion gigabytes in 2020. This is because of the increased use of the internet, use of cell phones and the basic and computerized changes set up by the administration. However, data violations, for example, hacking, tampering, and leaking have likewise risen, and they cost Indian firms and individuals a considerable measure of cash. This is in spite of the way that numerous associations and individuals habitually use high-esteem data, for example, business, instructive reports, and wellbeing records among others. However, the present techniques that exist for the exchange of such data are generally paper-based, ease back and open to dangers of burglary and fabrication.

Zebi saw the existing need and tried to fill it by using blockchain technology to concoct a comprehensive and special answer for make exceedingly esteemed data available to its users. The platform interfaces the individuals who are the data proprietors with data suppliers who create and store this data and data requestors who need to use this data and take into account the consistent and assent based exchange of the data. This arrangement is set to be the first of its kind in the data’s industry.

Zebi solutions

Zebi Chain India’s Big Data Gateway Blockchain Features

Ethereum blockchain Zebi Chain that gives adaptability to clients by use of the blockchain technology. This is a lightweight satellite application installed at different data supplier’s workplaces to take into consideration unchanging nature with the blockchain-based record. The Zebi Chain is given to the data supplier in a month to month membership mode or as both permit and yearly maintenance cost mode.

Keen gets that are empowered by the Zebi Data Gateway ensuring that data exchange is finished with the assent of the proprietors. The entryway additionally enables every one of the partners to get their offer of data adaptation. The Zebi Data Gateway charges transaction fees for every one of the transactions produced using the data requestors. The income got from the use of the platform by data requestors is imparted to individuals and data suppliers as an incentive that will empower consistent transactions.

The platform will change the way data suppliers use and maintain their records while in the meantime keeping individuals in the light of the use of their data.

Zebi Chain ZCO ICO Details

Zebi coin or ZCO is a token that will be used as the method of payment in the Zebi platform for every one of the services gave there. The token is pegged at 1ETH=$1,000. The aggregate token supply is 1 billion of the ZCO tokens whereby 300,000,000 will be sold in the token sale while the rest will be retained by the firm as a hold for portion to different partners.

What is Zebi’s business plan?

Especially amazing is Zebi’s organization with the Andra Pradesh government. Andra Pradesh is a state in India which is home to more than 50 million individuals. This organization ought to guarantee that Zebi will have cashflow long before a greater part of ICO projects. A guide for the project is underneath.


Zebi plans to hold its ICO on March fifth, with just 1500 ETH available. Of the $10 million top, $8.5 was brought up in a pre-sale. Zebi’s token financial aspects are sensible. Of the half of tokens retained by Zebi, a most extreme of 17.5% will be kept by the team. Stores will be bolted for year and a half after the ICO and just 12.5% of every one of these tokens might be discharged in any single year. These token measurements give a solid incentive for the team to make the project a win.

Token Utility

The Zebi Coin (ZCO) is an utility token to be used as incentive for settlement of transactions within the Ecosystem. The ZCO, paid by the Requester for a data transaction, will be distributed among Data Provider, Individual and Zebi as a reward for making the transaction happen. The extent in which this sharing will happen will be represented by a brilliant contract which can be balanced by accord among the members. This is definitely not a progressive use case for a token, and without a doubt there is no motivation behind why Ethereum couldn’t be used for the case proposed in the Zebi white paper.

The team

The team is situated in Hyderabad, India and is solid. Its instructive foundation (Stanford, MIT, Oxford and so forth.) is trumpeted prominently on the site (although a lot of this originates from the guides).

Zebi team


Zebi has more than 7800 individuals in its Telegram station, which is a reasonable number. This number has been improved by Zebi’s marketing endeavors, which command those that desire to join the whitelist likewise join the Telegram station.


It is difficult to state whether there is in truth coordinate rivalry for Zebi’s item offering. In India, Zebi is interesting, and inquiries to the team in Telegram have recognized this. Internationally, a business that secures data demands is likewise another business display. Accordingly I am uninformed of any immediate contenders.


Token utility: The ZCO token has no capacity with the exception of being used as a type of payment for Zebi services. Because of the likelihood of price vacillations, users of the Zebi biological system won’t have any desire to hold tokens any longer than they have to, and will probably change over tokens quickly after they are never again required. This will discourage prices over the longer term.

Investment Horizon

Here and now:

Zebi’s association with the Andra Pradesh government and its solid marketing have developed a solid buzz. Likewise, the little market top makes token price appreciation more probable. This is a decent contender for a flip.

Long Term:

The one of a kind business model and potential for promote associations is solid, which is awesome. However, the poor token utility could eventually restrict price appreciation when the project is earning income.

India’s yearly advanced data utilization is on the ascent, and numerous specialists anticipate that by 2020, the South Asian nation will expend around 3 zebibytes of information for each year (1 zebibyte is approximately one trillion gigabytes). However, in the midst of the greater part of this, there has additionally been a sharp increase in the quantity of cases of data hacks, data spills, data tampering, and personality robberies, which have been found to cost private and open Indian associations an expected yearly loss of $30 billion.

Zebi is an all-new blockchain-driven computerized arrangement that plans to make high-esteem, delicate data promptly available for genuine use. Owing to its use of a profoundly secure center infrastructure, Zebi can ensure its users against outsider hacking and tampering, while at the same time obtaining assent from participating individuals.

The platform comprises of the Zebi Chain, whose main point is to give unchanging nature to basic records, combined with a focal center point called Zebi Data Gateway which aids secure and instant data exchange through Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) APIs.

Also, Zebi can be integrated completely with the Ethereum blockchain. Zebi Chain gives clients a high level of adaptability in connection to private/open blockchain usage and shrewd contract organization. Accordingly, the platform ensures that all data exchanges happen just with the assent of involved gatherings, and that every individual partner gets his or her merited offer of data adaptation.

Overview Of The Platform

Because of its capacity to encourage secure data transactions, Zebi can be used within industries, for example, instruction, human services, work, credit scoring, and extortion recognition.

Zebi’s exclusive, patent-pending arrangement is special. All computerized development of the platform has been completed by a member company called Zebi Data India Pvt. Ltd.

The Zebi platform has been generally welcomed in India, and the parent company has effectively marked a multi-year contract to actualize Zebi Chain to protect arrive assets for different state substances.

All internal fiscal transactions are encouraged using a local currency called Zebi Coin (ZCO).


At the point when taken a gander at extensively, we find that the Zebi biological community comprises essentially of 2 interconnected restrictive parts, Zebi Chain and Zebi Data Gateway. Both of these arrangements are intended to ensure individuals, data suppliers and data requesters and in addition to encourage the safe, consistent exchange of information among the previously mentioned parties.

Zebi Chain can be thought of as a restrictive lightweight satellite application that can be installed by different data suppliers, providing them with an abnormal state of changelessness, basically using blockchain-based records.

Essential offerings of the Zebi environment

Additionally worth mentioning is the way that the quantity of hubs in the private blockchain are totally configurable and can be integrated with Ethereum’s open blockchain for finish data security.

Domains in which Zebi can be Implemented

The Zebi Data Gateway is the entry which links the greater part of the members within the Zebi Chain. It has a basic enlistment process and can encourage instant data exchanges through remarkably developed DaaS APIs and by procuring individual assent wherever required.


As specified before, Zebi Chain is one of the two main segments of the Zebi platform. It can be designed and installed on the existing computerized infrastructures of instructive institutions, endeavors, or even government divisions which produce, issue, refresh and encourage data required by data requesters.

The application is to a great degree lightweight and can be set up within a matter of minutes. A portion of its key angles include:

  • Fills in as a single hub application or a private permissioned blockchain for a gathering of data proprietors
  • Considers effective DaaS API-based data exchange forms
  • Minimizes the exertion required to take care of data solicitations and manual checking of records

Review of the platform

The Zebi Data Gateway associates with Zebi Chain installations and enables individuals and data requesters to encourage secure and consistent data exchange by means of blockchain-fueled DaaS APIs. An enrolled requester can present a data ask for by filling in significant subtle elements including those identified with the individuals and data suppliers involved.

All aspects of the previously mentioned process is robotized, and hence there is a genuine paperless exchange of information. Besides, all interchanges and transactions are recorded on permanent blockchain-based review trails.

Zebi Roadmap

How To Buy Zebi?

Well, if you are looking forward to invest in Zebi and looking forward on how to buy Zebi then you will need to find it on dependable exchange. We have sorted it out for you.

You can check this list of list exchanges to find the best exchange for your needs


In general, Zebi is a solid project that has great potential. However, because of the poor token model the long-term probability of token price appreciation is restricted.

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