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Zaza Review – ICO Guide

What Is Zaza?

Zaza is another platform, created to empower the precise mechanisms of business to work appropriately on one platform. There are a large number of individuals around the globe who are constantly in rivalry with others, looking to gain the consideration of conceivable customers. These individuals are doing this while in the meantime attempting to fabricate a life. The worry of business is more costly than the cost of running it on generally cases. Zaza has been produced to enhance how individuals and businesses interact with each other to make forms more gainful for everybody.

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Problems Zaza Seeks To Solve

The significant issue with most businesses is the difficulty related with making sales. It’s a difficult street to accomplishment in business. Indeed, even organizations with huge spending plans experience issues when attempting to flourish in the business-driven world.

The reason, cash never ensures market infiltration, which is the reason over 80% of most businesses bomb within the first year of startup. Just a couple of businesses are actually ready to make it to the second year and afterward proceed onward from that point. Examples of overcoming adversity are uncommon, which is the reason businesses that are effective are viewed with such a great amount of appreciation by others looking to start their own. Zaza is a platform that has been made to enhance the manner in which the business is led, so the customers and the business proprietors have a superior involvement with the additional levels of accomplishment.

A few reasons influence the achievement or disappointment of a business. High market costs cause financial crumple, difficulties in getting new arrangements assumes a part in progress or disappointment, market infiltration can be difficult, as can the absence of help when starting another company.

These problems are normal and can be solved using the Zaza marketplace platform. The solutions offered on the platform may appear to be novel but are by a long shot the absolute most viable methodologies that can be used to propel present day business. Zaza is taking full favorable position of current technology intended to enhance present day business.

zaza blockchain


Adjacent to a business platform, ZAZA likewise means to build up a B2B interpersonal organization, which associates organizations, buyers and merchants, where users of the platform can gain admittance to business networks worldwide for potential partnerships on local and international levels.

The center functionalities of the ZAZA platform are as follows:

Arrangement Generator.

ZAZA enables businesses to create and get new arrangements. Businesses may put enquiries (bargains), and different users may get information about set arrangements in real-time. The enquirer will have the capacity to get prompt criticism and offers from businesses. The platform allows to put or acknowledge a constrained measure of arrangements every day, to shield from mass enlistments and phony arrangements. Subsequently, the enquirer will be rewarded and businesses will get the arrangements.

Trading Platform

The trading platform allows users to advance an extensive variety of items and services online. Users may list their goods or services without any charges, start receiving a flow of arrangements and have the capacity to use self-executing smart contracts on the trading platform.

B2B Social Network


March – November 2017

Development of the Product

idea and initial model.

December – May 2018

Readiness for TOKEN SALE.

June 15 – June 30, 2018

TOKEN PRE-SALE STAGE 1 Initial stage item.

July 15 – July 31, 2018

TOKEN PRE-SALE STAGE 2 10 % Product prepared.


20% Product prepared.

October 2018

Launching BETA Version of the item.

October – December 2018

TOKEN SALE Early Testing stage. Initial bussiness users and inputs. Integration of Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

Q1 2019

Finalizing TOKEN SALE process Finalizing a completely operational platform.

Q3 2019

Dispatch of Mobile and Desktop application.

Q1 2019

Dispatch of the platform in UAE.


Q1 2019 – UAE

Q3 2019 – Europe

Q1 2020 – North America

Q3 2020 – Asia

Q4 2020 – Australia, New Zealand

Q2 2021 – South America

Q3 2021 – Africa

zaza roadmap


Today a standout amongst the most critical and productive industries is the E-trade industry but the small,as well as large undertakings in this part, are likewise facing these challenges:

High fees charges by the marketplaces

Marketplace fees could be listing fees, store membership fees, listing overhaul fees, final esteem fees. All of these affect the benefit of dealers.

High fees for payment processing

The cost of online extortion and payment passages regularly harm shipper’s income.

Return and refund strategy

At times, consumers restore the bought items, they are disappointed by the

requested item, caused from absence of dependable reviews. This is tedious what not

costs secured by the dealer.

For ZAZA this as a market opportunity and an opportunity to deliver an item solving all of these problems.

zaza market


The first phase of development will be the integration of ZAZA Tokens into the market:


Users will credit their crypto wallets by buying ZAZA tokens through their own or business accounts so as to get to all the features of the platform. ZAZA is providing free membership and free listing of promotions with a specific end goal to draw in the business users in the platform. Stabilizing the platform’s usage and creating a powerful worldwide business network. Will bring automatically increased action on the platform and regular interest for the following.

Featured paid transactions

Potential interest for ZAZA Tokens in the ecosystem for B2B sales, marketing and international exchange can possess an enormous offer of the present market leading a multi-million industry.

About ico, pre-ico and Token:

1 OCT 2018 – 30 SEP 2018-Pre-SALE

15 JUN 2018 – 31 DEC 2018 (USD 0.07 = 1.0 ZAZA) – PUBLIC SALE

1 JUN 2018 – 31 DEC 2018 (USD 0.07 = 1.0 ZAZA)- PUBLIC SALE

Info Token:








Maximum LIMIT: 30,000,000 USD


zaza eco

Zaza Blockchain Social Network Business Platform Solutions

Zaza platform is being used to enhance a few zones of business. For one, the platform allows individuals to put bargains in real-time, protecting individuals and businesses from counterfeit arrangements. Another angle is the trading platform, which allows businesses to advance their promotions in a smarter method for marketing.

zaza about

The platform has different capacities, ready to make new open doors for businesses and brands, so they can gain quality leads. Blockchain technology is the main reason the framework works so well. It records different parts of business history to attract quality leads. The vital part to say, the power of the blockchain shields all data from being adulterated.

zaza team

Zaza Token ICO Details

The ICO is booked to dispatch on August first and end on September 30th. The aggregate token supply is 1,000,000,000 ZAZA and the price is 1ZAZA = $0.07. You an invest using BTC, ETH, BCH, or LTC.

zaza funds

Zaza Conclusion

ZAZA is another informal organization focused on B2B activities. Users on the platform gain access to a worldwide business community, created with the potential for overall partnerships. The ZAZA market will join industries, to make exceptional partnerships solid because of trend setting innovation like blockchains and cryptocurrency. Eventually, Zaza has been revealed to help make more utilitarian strategies for business tasks.

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