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XTRABYTES Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Xtrabytes is a modular blockchain platform intended to significantly increase security, versatility, and decentralization openings over current blockchain technology. Find out what that implies in our review.


Xtrabytes, found online at, is a progression of blockchain innovations that plan to enhance the general capacities of blockchain.

Two of the key Xtrabytes blockchain features include a recently made consensus algorithm called Zolt and another consensus strategy called Proof of Signature, or PoSign.

The general goal of Xtrabytes is to give generous increases in security, adaptability, and decentralization over the present blockchain platforms. The platform is open to designers, and means to offer a clear canvas of boundless potential to any individual who needs to construct decentralized apps.

Xtrabytes is registered company and you can find more information about the company here:

How Does The XTRABYTES Blockchain Work?

Xtrabytes has made a one of a kind consensus framework. That consensus framework involves the consensus algorithm (Zolt), which uses “proof of mark” to guarantee a block signature rate of 100% systemwide.

A 100% block signature rate prompts “an unparalleled level of security,” explains the official site.

Another advantage of this one of a kind consensus mechanism is that it significantly diminishes energy consumption because Zolt does not require a network of miners.

The foundation of the blockchain is shaped by STATIC nodes. STATIC stands for “Services Transactions and Trusted-in-Control”. As a STATIC hub proprietor, you’ll get transaction fees and service fees for the decentralized modules you’ve selected in to have.

The Xtrabytes blockchain gives security and PoSign consensus using encryption hash technology where each block is marked by the nodes.

What does the greater part of this mean for blockchain designers and decentralized app producers? The Xtrabytes blockchain can prompt the production of more secure decentralized apps. We’ll discuss a portion of the potential uses for Xtrabytes below.

The DICOM API is another key piece of the Xtrabytes ecosystem. Modules can be based on the Xtrabytes center (XBY Core) or on the Distributed Command Message dialect center application programming interface (DICOM API). DICOM interfaces outside modules deeply and gives an arrangement of capacities and systems allowing the production of applications that need to get to the Xtrabytes center.

Xtrabytes DICOM implies a module can be coded with a wide range of programming dialects, including Visual Basic, Java, C++, and numerous others. Xtrabytes modules are considered code-skeptic, which is the reason Xtrabytes could be a major ordeal for outsider designers.

xtrabytes ecosystem


Engineers can fabricate modules on the Xtrabytes center or on the DICOM API. Both the center and DICOM API intend to give software engineers a simple to-use platform for development in a highly secure condition.


Modules for global marketplaces, cloud services, show tickets, restorative records, sports betting, payment services, and then some.

Xtrabytes Core (PoSign Network)

Smart contracts module, data stockpiling module, instant messaging module, and the X-Change module (a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange being created by the Xtrabytes team).


The Xtrabytes site notices two specific modules officially based on the platform, including X-Change, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, and X-Vault, a decentralized stockpiling arrangement. The platform likewise has wallets available for work area operating frameworks.


X-Change will be incorporated straightforwardly with the Xtrabytes wallet, and will allow users to get to a trusted, decentralized, secure P2P exchange at their fingertips. X-Change will use XBY/XFUEL as its cash. XFUEL is an entire PoSign coin worked to give proof of idea on the Xtrabytes platform while facilitating future development.


X-Vault gives decentralized, secure data stockpiling. It uses shared capacity technology to allow users to store data securely on their STATIC hub network. The data is scrambled, at that point split into shards over the network of STATIC nodes – like how the blockchain ledger is shared between all wallets. This stockpiling network will be the foundation layer for the whole Xtrabytes decentralized app ecosystem.


Xtrabytes has wallets available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

XBY Tokens

XBY Tokens have an aggregate supply of 650,000,000, with an available supply of 426 million.

There are right now 449 registered STATIC nodes on the network. The money has a market top of $10.2 million. You can buy tokens at Cryptopia, C-CEX, Nova, and Yobit.

You can learn more about XBY tokens at their authority CoinMarketCap page.

What is the Xtrabytes Modular Blockchain?

There are certain features and parts of blockchain technology which a few users or organizations may like, despite the fact that they offer no advantages to others. A secluded blockchain bodes well, and Xtrabytes needs to exploit this opportunity. This platform is intended to let decentralized application engineers make new items and services to shape the fate of blockchain technology.

How Does everything Work?

Makes Xtrabytes so interesting that it has its own particular consensus algorithm. In this case, consensus is accomplished through the proof-of-signature technology known as Zolt. This guarantees a framework wide block signature rate of 100% to give an extra level of security not found in other blockchain or cryptocurrency arrangements. Also, there is no requirement for mining activities, which implies Zolt is one of the more eco-accommodating consensus algorithms in the realm of blockchain technology at this moment.

Xtrabytes additionally makes use of STATIC nodes. In this case, STATIC is an acronym for Services Transactions and Trust In-Control nodes, which are the foundation of the network infrastructure. Hub proprietors get transaction and service fees from the dApp modules they have and will have. In addition, this model is a key mainstay of the proof-of-signature consensus mechanism, as all blocks on the network should be marked by all STATIC hub administrators accordingly. The static node network will have 3 levels of nodes.

There is additionally the X-Vault service, which is a decentralized data stockpiling module. Data is distributed among STATIC nodes and scrambled to guarantee greatest security and protection. The X-Change decentralized exchange focuses on exchanging digital forms of money in a shared manner. To wrap things up, Xtrabytes prides itself on being versatile and adaptable, as the platform is code-skeptic and perfect crosswise over consumer platforms.

The XBY Cryptocurrency

As is typically the case, this present platform’s designers have made their own particular local money for this ecosystem, known as XBY. The main reasons for this cash include covering network transaction fees, achieving particular services on the network, and serving as an income stream for STATIC hub proprietors. Depending on what number of dApps are based over Xtrabytes later on, it is certainly conceivable that this money will get a ton of positive consideration moving forward.

What Is XCITE?

XCITE gives easy access to the modules by means of intuitive GUI of the platform. With an across the board approach, XCITE users can rapidly switch between modules made for business, trading, communication and everything in between. Welcome to your next-gen decentralized marketplace.

XCITE offers following features


X-CHAT is a scrambled P2P communication module used to safely send individual messages or funds. To put it plainly, it’s a straightforward, steady and useful private platform. User messages are greatly secure, distributed over our STATIC network in shards before arriving in the beneficiary’s chat box. These messages can be gotten regardless of what operating system or gadget is being used. Finally, being a decentralized emissary, X-CHAT just stores user messages locally (i.e., just on a user’s personal device or PC).


X-CHANGE is a best in class decentralized cryptocurrency exchange made in view of merchants. Incorporated specifically with the wallet, X-CHANGE empowers users to use a trusted, decentralized and secure P2P exchange that is both quick and secure. So as to give a proof-of-concept, the first tradable pairing within X-CHANGE will be XBY/XFUEL. XFUEL is a coin made for the motivations behind providing proof-of-concept and advancing internal development.


As a storage DApp, X-VAULT furnishes its users with secure data storage by means of shards over the network. In this manner, user data is encoded and separated among the network of STATIC hubs to guarantee ideal protection and security.

xtrabytes xcite

What’s Next for Xtrabytes?

According to the guide on the Xtrabytes site, the present spotlight is on developing center modules and improving the STATIC hub model. Some testing still should be done in such manner, as the designers need to deliver a sans bug arrangement. Also, there will be a solid spotlight on marketing endeavors and additionally introducing outer modules not created by the Xtrabytes team. It will require very some investment for these features to come to market, however, but it is clear this is a long-term project first and premier.

The company is also working XFUEL which is an internal development token for the XTRABYTES platform. However, it can be used blended nodes and the blended nodes will offer more trust. It will be helpful for the investors to generate more profit. However, XFUEL will also enable the users with voting power in the future.

You can find additional info about it here:

XFUEL can be purchased from team members on official Discord @ ), and XFUEL will be the first token on XBY network, which will be traded on DEX.

XTRABYTES Coin – The Cryptocurrency

The XTRABYTES platform is a “code freethinker” platform, which implies that the code is perfect with different consumer platforms. This should give users more opportunity and adaptability to make dApps. DApps are decentralized apps. XTRABYTES uses the Zolt algorithm with the “PoSIGN”, the “proof of mark” protocol. Users of the platform can make zolt-based decentralized apps. Zolt is an algorithm that ensures a block signature rate of 100%, which gives total security. If DApps are made, they will be incorporated specifically with the blockchain. Another plausibility to take part in the XTRABYTES platform is “STATIC Nodes”. STATIC stands for “Services Transactions and Trusted-in-Control” and structures the premise of the XTRABYTES network.

Proprietors of STATIC Nodes get fees for the dApp modules they have. There are right now 449 STATIC Nodes that assume a pivotal part in the governance, security and consensus of the platform. One feature of the XTRABYTES platform is “X-Vault”, a decentralized and secure data store. Users can spare their data in the STATIC Node network. “X-Change” is the platform’s decentralized exchange and is specifically linked to the Wallet . Wallets are downloadable for Apple, Windows and Linux. The name of the XTRABYTE Coins is “XFUEL”. There will be an aggregate of 650,000,000 XFUEL Coins. The cryptocurrency was not released by an ICO, but rather ought to be controlled by the community.

XTRABYTES Coin – The Company

XTRABYTE needs to build up a cryptocurrency that isn’t reliant on miners . The designers reprimand that the monetary power of the blockchain lies in the hands of a couple of miners. Besides, they consider the mining procedure itself, particularly by extensive mining offices for not especially sustainable and inefficient in terms of the required resources. They see centralization in the increased rise of mining ranches as opposed to decentralization. XTRABYTE expects to be the decentralized other option to inefficient and inefficient mining innovations. They need to tackle this issue with their “particular” Blockchain platform, so the mining can be worked long-term and sustainably.

How To Buy XBY?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy XBY. This section will help you to know how to buy XBY. However, you will need to find the best exchanges where you will be able to buy it. At the moment you can make use of Cryptopia to buy it. The company recommends to buy it from CoinFalcon.

XTRABYTES Conclusion

Xtrabytes is a blockchain platform that expects to give key advantages over different blockchains – including better decentralization, adaptability, and security. Xtrabytes makes a more secure DApp ecosystem by forcing 100% of nodes to achieve a consensus. The Xtrabytes consensus mechanism is a Proof of Signature (PoSign) algorithm called Zolt.

To learn more about Xtrabytes and how the platform plans to “decentralize everything”, visit the platform online today at The platform means to offer a clear canvas of huge potential for designers with a few key points of interest over the present blockchains.

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  1. This project has great potential, but sadly this particular review contains quite a few mistakes, most importantly Zolt(chain) is the name of the mainnet blockchain, and the consensus algorithm is actually Proof of Signature (PoSign).

    Great project, but best to reffer to the official website and blog for more accurate information.

    • Thank you for you valuable comment. We will make the amendments accordingly. Thanks for reading and leaving your valuable feedback. Read other reviews as well and let us know about your valuable feedback.

  2. Hello and thank you for review.

    A few important corrections and additional infos:

    XTRABYTES is a registrated company:

    Information about XCITE is missing, info about XCITE can be found here:

    The static node network will have 3 levels of nodes.

    XFUEL is an internal development token for the XTRABYTES platform, more info here:

    XFUEL can be used for blended nodes, blended nodes will have more trust, it will help to generate more profit, and XFUEL will give voting power in the future.

    XFUEL can be purchased from team members on official Discord @ ), and XFUEL will be the first token on XBY network, wich will be traded on DEX.

    Yobit is not recommended, they hold wallets in maitenance mode for a long time.

    You can also buy XBY at CoinFalcon.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment. We really appreciate that you are sparing your time to read our review. We have made the amendments accordingly. Keep supporting us and guiding us.


  3. thanks for this review and i hope in the future Xtrabytes will be successful and a great platform for the community
    but we need XTRABYTES on a exchange where can trade XBY and also market determine this coin’s price

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