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Xaurum Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Xaurum, found online at, is a cryptocurrency technology that guarantees to speak to units of significant worth on “the golden blockchain.” Find out how XAUR works today in our review.


Xaurum is a gold-based cryptocurrency. Each “Xaurum” is a unit of significant worth on “the golden blockchain”. That unit of significant worth is linked to a specific measure of gold. You can exchange the estimation of each Xaurum for gold, at that point gain an incentive by melting it.

The Xaurum Golden Blockchain works as a straightforward ledger everything being equal. It records the measure of gold claimed by the Xaurum CommonWealth. The CommonWealth alludes to the aggregate pool of gold backing the Xaurum cryptocurrency.

The goal of Xaurum is to continuously buy more gold and increase the estimation of the token. Users can mine Xaurum. However, the company maintains agreeable control of the cash supply.

Moreover, miners never really mine Xaurum straightforwardly. Instead, you mine altcoins, at that point swap your altcoins for gold to increase the Xaurum Common Wealth esteem. At that point, new Xaurum tokens are issued.

Clearly, Xaurum has a considerable measure of one of a kind features going on here. How about we investigate how Xaurum works.

xaurum homepage

XAURUM Features

Xaurum publicizes the majority of the following features:


Xaurum’s esteem is based on gold and is exchangeable for gold. The company notices 1g of 99.99% unadulterated gold. However, they additionally specify that their gold supplies are continuously increasing – so it’s indistinct if each Xaurum is at present linked to that esteem, or if that esteem is going up or down with the cash supply.

Growing Gold-Base:

Xaurum claims that the gold-based estimation of Xaurum “is growing with its use and coinage.”

Worldwide Delivery:

You can exchange your Xaurum for gold and have that gold delivered anyplace on the planet.

Beneficial Inflation:

As more Xaurum are coined and enter the exchange, the estimation of one Xaurum (in terms of its relative incentive in gold) will increase. Financially, this doesn’t bode well except if the Xaurum gold stores were increasing at a rate quicker than the Xaurum cash supply.

Helpful Mining:

New Xaurum is mined at the “goldmine”. The more miners there are, the higher the mining productivity will be.

Shared Fees:

Transaction fees are gathered by the Xaurum Common Wealth. The estimation of the transaction fees is distributed to all users (in spite of the fact that we can’t find the amount of the transaction fees are distributed to users). It appears the fees simply go into the Xaurum CommonWealth, at which point they’re used to buy gold to increase the estimation of Xaurum.


Xaurum is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The First Digital Commonwealth:

Xaurum overemphasizes the way that it’s based on a province. Xaurum depicts itself as “the first advanced republic” because it’s spoken to “by an open non-benefit” association called the Auresco Institute. It’s misty how the Auresco Institute is associated with the Xaurum CommonWealth.

Clearly, the features recorded above are extremely unclear. This is the information recorded on the first page of the site. There are constrained technical insights about how Xaurum works. We likewise don’t know critical information – like how the transaction fees are part among users.

There’s somewhat more information in the Xaurum whitepaper. However, the whitepaper is peculiar. The first 12 pages of the 24 page whitepaper are spent discussing the historical backdrop of cash.

You’ll read sentences like, “The Lydian Lions, coined by the Lydian King Alyattes are ostensibly the first coins, they differ from proto-cash, for example, shells, tomahawks, metal dairy cattle, obsidian, spouses and so forth by the distinguishing characteristic of power that gives them solidarity of a standard.”

Poor language structure aside, it appears to be bizarre that the Xaurum whitepaper shows a broad history exercise. Luckily, the whitepaper gives a more point by point explanation of how Xaurum works. We’ll get into a greater amount of it below.

xaurum features

How Does XAURUM Work?

Xaurum is special among digital forms of money. The money accompanies a financial approach. That fiscal strategy, according to the Xaurum whitepaper, is planned “to sustain the normal interest by increasing the republic.” The “federation”, or, in other words spelled as “District” on the authority Xaurum site, includes gold saves that fill in as the premise of Xaurum’s esteem. As the estimation of the ward increases, the estimation of Xaurum will normally rise.

At last, Xaurum is a delegate cryptocurrency based on an increasing supply of gold. It’s planned first as a storer of significant worth.

The cash uses distribution of seigniorage to accomplish its goal of becoming a store of significant worth. The essential goal of the seigniorage system is to increase the supply of gold behind Xaurum. Alternate goals of the seigniorage system include “regulating the identity of the interests of monetary operators into solidarity.”

Shouldn’t something be said about mining? Xaurum’s mining is finished by mining different digital forms of money for esteem, and afterward by exchanging their incentive into gold and issuing more Xaurum. The higher the quantity of miners mining, the higher the seigniorage given to them. More miners implies more market action and more volume. The increase of volume ought to be corresponding to the seigniorage given to sustain the price of Xaurum.

If Xaurum isn’t made through mining, at that point how is it made? New Xaurum is made through minting. To mint, you’ll require a masternode and responsibility for Xaurum.

For what reason do you have to possess 1,000 Xaurum to mint? The whitepaper explains that when a minter has 1,000 Xaurum, it’s proof that “he has the good of the entire in mind, as he benefits both from the increase of the region and from seigniorage.” It’s in that individual’s interest to sustain the market price of Xaurum.

At last, coinage is confined based on the measure of gold stores – so new Xaurum won’t be minted until there’s a sufficient supply of gold stores.

Also, indeed, Xaurum professes to have an auditing system set up. The gold stores are put away at Loomis, a Stockholm-based money administration company, in 1kg and 0.5kg bars. The status of the gold storage is refreshed day by day.

xaurum working

What are the main points of reference Xaurum has in the pipeline for 2018?

Most recent two years Xaurum committed to building the infrastructure and main goal for 2018 is international development and opening the delegate workplaces over the globe. Following this plan we are as of now present in Brazil, Australia, Portugal, Poland… There are additionally some technical advances we are preparing for 2018 and some extraordinary organizations with other (crypto) projects. You can check 5-year development projection here:

xaurum roadmap

What are Xaurum Masternodes, what are the necessities and what are the advantages to run one?

Minting requires a Masternode, ownership of 8.000.000 Xaurum as the proof and assurance of the regular interest that the Xaurum federation requires. Because minter has 8.000.000 Xaurum, he has the good of the entire in mind, as he benefits both from the increase of the district and from seigniorage. It is thusly in his interest to sustain the market price both to keep profitingfrom seigniorage and for district to benefit him straightforwardly.

Xaurum just works in manners that are consistent with enactment and promoters for strengthening direction, which will give lower chance and simplify access to crypto. Following these principles is important to guarantee the longevity of the project and these endeavors take some time.

What is the expense to hold Xaurum tokens (specifically or indirectly)- what are the fees charged for the storage and insurance of the gold – who pays for the fees?

There is no expense for holders, all expenses are secured by Auresco Institute.

What is the most imperative differentiation between Xaurum and other gold crypto projects?

The most vital differentiation is financial innovation of productive inflation and continuously growing gold base. In case of numerous different projects the token speaks to the settled proportion between gold and the token. In our case the proportion is constantly raising in some help of gold and can never diminish, once it’s set higher. It is worth to point out that Xaurum is upheld just with the physical gold.

xaurum team

How To Buy XAUR?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy XAUR. Well, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy XAUR. At the moment, you can make use of Mercatox and HitBTc to buy XAUR.

XAURUM Conclusion

Xaurum is a one of a kind cryptocurrency and blockchain project that bases its incentive off the estimation of real gold. It’s a benefit sponsored cryptocurrency. There are some strange things about Xaurum. The mining procedure, for instance, doesn’t really involve mining Xaurum. Instead, you mine altcoins and afterward exchange those altcoins for gold, increasing the aggregate supply of the “District” which bolsters the Xaurum cash.

The other uncommon thing about Xaurum is that it appears anybody can make new Xaurum as long as they have a masternode and 1,000 Xaurum.

At last, Xaurum is one of a few gold-supported cryptographic forms of money available today. You can learn more about Xaurum by visiting the association online at

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