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Whitecoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Whitecoin?

As the worldwide blockchain ecosystem continues to cultivate computerized innovation at an exceptional rate, numerous market specialists have raised substantial concerns pertaining to the maintenance of new alt-monetary standards and in addition their general accountability.

WhiteCoin is a cryptocurrency intended to help overcome any issues between obscurity and tenacious character that at present exists within internet business. This money makes use of a trustless exchange model that allows network members to consistently exchange goods or services without having to carefully identify each other.

Moreover, Whitecoin influences use of a companion to review protocol along with a free consensus model that helps encourage swarm sourcing and administration initiatives. Not just that, the platform additionally follows a root order that encourages it remain independent and computerized.

Another underrated part of this project is that it fills in as a medium for assisting the community behind this dare to make new initiatives. This is done principally by leveraging network power that allows members to select more ability, consequently allowing engineers to deliver a service that goes past the basic activities of a crypto coin.

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Review of the platform

  • Gives users a group of services that can help encourage regular money related transactions
  • Brings together individuals from a various arrangement of domains including code development, web development, and marketing
  • Backings a wide cluster of monetary standards, both fiat and computerized
  • Works as a not-revenue driven establishment and distributes financial resources on the network in a straightforward way
  • Makes use of an adaptable network that can promptly incorporate future innovation
  • Has a UI that is basic yet successful

Key Features

Whitecoin utilizes the most recent Proof of Stake 3.0 consensus protocol that allows users to keep their e-wallets sheltered and secure from outsider heels. POS 3.0 likewise allows network members to earn a side income stream by staking their holdings. Users will be qualified to get somewhere in the range of 0.5% to 6% interest for every year depending on the heaviness of the network.

Key features offered by the Whitecoin platform

From a security standpoint, we can see that Whitecoin furnishes its users with a high level of namelessness. This is shown by the way that this platform allows anybody to run a wallet and execute transactions while enjoying a similar level of security that Bitcoin and other chief blockchains are offering. What’s more, no individual information is required to make and use Whitecoin addresses to send and get funds.

In terms of its usefulness, the Whitecoin network is to a great degree snappy and can help encourage payments between users within a matter of seconds. Transactions can be done remotely, and since the platform is open source based, outsider associations can review the framework to guarantee a high level of straightforwardness.

Other critical parts of Whitecoin include:

Straightforward Ledger:

The center database used by this money allows all network members to share their payment history with the goal that internal transactions are totally straightforward.


Since this platform depends on the Proof-of-Stake consensus model, it totally eliminates the requirement for energy-intensive mining hardware.

whitecoin platform

How it works

Since this platform depends intensely on community investment, its command requires the execution of a definite authoritative construct. The WhiteCoin General Assembly will hold customary meetings in which administrators can propose new projects and thoughts, exhibit advance reports, and issue reviews and investigates.

The WhiteCoin ecosystem’s governance activities will be done in subcommittees which will allow the ecosystem to develop in a natural and sustainable way. A portion of the center gatherings that will direct and compose the flow of work within the network include:

A code development board of trustees

A marketing board of trustees

An arrangement board

Money and blockchain specifications

For rulings identified with cash, a unique consensus team will be used to evaluate itemized financial reports in order to streamline the whole work process. Exceptional costs are dealt with as required and approved by the center team as and when required.

Owing to its highly point by point framework, Whitecoin is versatile within majority rule and in addition justify based procedures.

whitecoin services

WhiteCoin Abstract

Whitecoin depends on its community to give need of significant projects and the general bearing of the developments which are most essential to them. The Whitecoin development team are continually working on developments that issue most to YOU the community, through our site, voting, polling and our main thread.Whitecoin is driven by a devoted community of supporters yet controlled by nobody single individual. This alluring combination will help guarantee strength, development, and compelling innovative developments. Individuals from all around the globe have worked on Whitecoin to make it secure and solid. Whitecoin exists since mid 2014.


What is by all accounts an arrangement struck between Whitecoin and’s Identity Services Platform. The whole whitepaper can be found here, but we will see a portion of the main points in this article.

The reason, as set up by the whitepaper:

Draw in our accomplices, the community of Whitecoin and its Foundation while providing straightforwardness all through different procedures for the DandyID Identity, Trust, Registration and Transaction Services.

DandyID will give Enhanced Identity Services in conjunction with Whitecoin, for such services as:

  • Name Registrations on the Blockchain
  • Name Lookups
  • Social Media Verification
  • DandyID Verification
  • Verification Levels
  • Address Book
  • Search Addresses
  • Enable the sending of Whitecoin to verified usernames

This is very interesting as there are numerous guarantees made by DandyID which appears to offer a certain desire for security to the coin itself while adding an additional layer of technology to the blockchain, or if nothing else, that is the thing that it appears like for the present.

DandyID has been a specialist the name, personality enrollment and administration space so it’s anything but another thing what they are trying to accomplish. All things considered, implementing it into the blockchain is, but it is decent to know that they are knowledgeable about the technology they need to actualize. According to the whitepaper, “This won’t just empower name enlistment and character trust scores but moreover there will be the capacity to exchange Whitecoin using just usernames/user ways of life rather than complex wallet addresses.” Although the use of false names instead of wallet addresses isn’t totally new, it will interest to perceive how it is approached by this company.

“DandyID is a unified service that will give these services as it as of now has more than 400,000 non and verified personalities from self (DIY) and enlistments. Right now is processing approximately 4000+ enlistments for every month which continues to develop month over month. With, there is a huge opportunity for the introduction of Whitecoin to all new information exchanges, month over month.”

“As DandyID right now stores and maintains more than 400k interesting usernames/profiles, DandyID will give committed address determination services to Whitecoin. There will be stored key qualities for the profile identification username to address, by means of modified DandyID entry and API services.”

More information explaining how the real procedure of registering false names works can be found on the whitepaper linked before which will has more information on the specialized procedure of how the framework will work.

whitecoin features

Token Performance

The local Whitecoin token (XWC) has been on the crypto market since 2014. While the execution of this cash remained moderately stable for the first couple of years, its esteem began to increase significantly in 2017 — around the time Bitcoin began to catch everybody’s eye.

The price of XWC started at an unobtrusive US$0.0027. However, its esteem increased significantly during July 2017, when the price of a single token scaled up to a great US$0.24, an increase of very nearly 10,000%.

The price has since settled a lot, and the estimation of XWC right now remains at US$$0.110951.

Final Thoughts

Whitecoin is offering a built up decentralized worldwide blockchain that has a specific spotlight on components, for example,


Speedier payments

Secure correspondences

These features, combined with the platform’s committed community of supporters, make Whitecoin a highly interesting investment prospect.

If past market execution is anything to go by, the platform’s steady and compelling technology makes this money one of the all the more appealing crypto endeavors of 2018.

If you might want to begin investing in Whitecoin, XWC trading sets are as of now being offered on Lbank, EXX and Bittrex.

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