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WePower Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

WePower, discovered online at, is an environmentally friendly power vitality exchange platform at present preparing to dispatch. Find out additional about WePower today in our review.

What Is WePower?

WePower is an environmentally friendly power vitality exchange platform that means to advance a cleaner, more advantageous future using the power of decentralized blockchain technology.

The makers of WePower see a few issues with the present reality: the world keeps running on filthy vitality. We know the advantages of efficient power vitality, but really using that environmentally friendly power vitality in our own particular homes can be difficult. Changing the world from grimy to clean vitality start to finish is difficult – it could take decades. Environmentally friendly power vitality – like sun oriented boards or a wind turbine – requires significant investment.

WePower plans to take care of these tremendous issues by creating a network where it’s simple for everybody to take part. The individuals who deliver environmentally friendly power vitality, buy efficient power vitality, and invest in environmentally friendly power vitality can team up through a decentralized ecosystem.

wepower homepage

How Does WePower Work?

WePower is a distributed environmentally friendly power vitality network in light of the Ethereum blockchain. It utilizes smart contracts and a token-based ecosystem to make the universe of environmentally friendly power vitality more effective.

The platform is likewise associated with the vitality framework and vitality exchange markets. WePower’s platform associates existing and new sustainable power source makers with organizations that either need to utilize clean vitality or invest in a 100% clean vitality future. The WePower blockchain takes care of key issues in the WePower ecosystem, including:

Brings straightforwardness to delivered and devoured efficient power vitality by monitoring network telemetry and making information available for clients. Permits borderless and less expensive buys of environmentally friendly power vitality straightforwardly from makers to purchasers, paying little respect to what nation they’re in.

Gives guide access to financing environmentally friendly power vitality production projects by purchasing vitality forthright that will be delivered later on.

WePower Features

WePower publicizes the majority of the following highlights available over its blockchain:

Everything Is Transparent

The WePower platform takes pride in its straightforwardness. Information from the vitality framework is changed into tokens that precisely mirror the stream of vitality delivered and devoured by every client. At the point when vitality is expended, the vitality tokens are consequently changed over to CO2 tokens. Clients would then be able to monitor those CO2 tokens to see the measure of CO2 emissions they spared.

Each transaction is recorded on the general population blockchain, which is a distributed database that is difficult to modify. The record-keeping is totally secure and straightforward consistently.

Everybody Can Buy Green Energy

WePower plans to take into account the international community of makers, buyers, and investors. The system depends on blockchain-based smart contracts. The vitality tokens depend on smart contracts, and they speak to how much vitality the buyer possesses and can expend.

Blockchain innovation guarantees the network is worldwide. Environmentally friendly power vitality created in Spain can be sold in Germany. It doesn’t make a difference where the vitality is created, or where it goes – as long as it’s delivered and acquired.

Buy Energy For Consumption Or Investment

Using tokens, WePower enables clients to buy efficient power vitality for their own particular consumption, or utilize it as an investment. Each token buy makes the market more alluring, which implies more efficient power vitality is created.

Anybody Can Produce Green Energy

Any individual who needs to deliver efficient power vitality can finance the setup cost of their power plant by selling vitality they will make later on forthright. The foreseen vitality production is tokenized and turns into a legitimately binding contract guaranteeing the maker will give the applicable measure of vitality.

Through this system, the buyer dependably knows how much vitality they claim today, and how much vitality they will get later on. Smart contracts can be bought and sold, giving the buyer access to the market of vitality production financing alongside the rights to offer their investment when the time is correct.

You can take in more insights about how the WePower network plans to function by reading through the company’s 84 page whitepaper. You can even take a demo version of the WePower platform for a spin by visiting the demo page. You can utilize that demo to enlist a family or enroll a plant. It’s a working demo – albeit nothing of significant worth is exchanged over the platform right now. It’s still in development.

wepower features

Who’s Behind WePower?

WePower continuously underlines the way that its team has top to bottom involvement in the field of environmentally friendly power vitality. Key individuals from the team include Nikolaj Martyniuk (Co-Founder, Energy), who has put in 10 years working in the vitality segment, building vitality plants and sun powered plants, and buying/selling environmentally friendly power vitality. There’s additionally Artūras Asakavičius (Co-Founder, Investments), who specializes in legal matters in the Baltics and has involvement in FinTech. Other key individuals include Augustus Staras (Co-Founder, P2P and Crowdfunding).

Full insights about the team and its network of developers, blockchain technologists, and counsels can be seen on their site.

wepower team

Company Overview

The WePower platform is at present prepared. The demo version can be found at the company’s site page. Before long the WePower team plans to dispatch their pilot project with Elering. At present, WePwer has associations set up to be operational within 9 months after the main token sale. These organizations are a vital part in building a pipeline of projects to be financed within the following 2 long stretches of operations.

wepower message

Token Sale

Each vitality token speak to 1 kWh of efficient power vitality that will be delivered by a certain time sooner rather than later. The aggregate token supply of WPR will be 746,403,007.29 WPR. Just 62% (462,769,864.52 WPR) of the issued tokens will be available to be purchased. Unsold tokens will be singed according to the WePower White Papers.


Distribution for WPR is shown by the outline beneath. A sum of 62% of the tokens will be sold pre-sale and main sale. Every single unsold token will be scorched.

wepower geography

WePower Team and Long Term Expenses

The WePower team will get 20% of the 746,403,007.29 tokens. Tokens apportioned to the team will be bolted for a long time with a vesting plan. Tokens coordinated for long term utilize will be bolted for a minimum of 4 years.

Business and Technical Strategy

WePower will utilize 45% of the got funds towards platform development, while 15% will be used to integrate WePower’s platform to existing vitality infrastructures crosswise over target markets. Another 25% of the funds got will be coordinated to expansion and operational exertion. If WePower achieves its hard top then they ought to have the capacity to execute each of the 3 phases of the project.

WePower Roadmap

At present the WePower team is centered around launching their pilot project with Elering, and in addition tokenizing all Estonian vitality. WePower would like to test their platform with the Estonian vitality infrastructure in April of 2018. If all goes well then WePower will endeavor to build up a company in Australia in endeavors to extend. WePower will then endeavor to assemble more relationships and find customers in Spain around August of 2018. In September of 2018 the WePower platform will be tried to help guarantee expansion for 2019. WePower as of now has solid relationships with customers and have a working demo platform. Generally speaking, WePower has the technique and parts of executing the project, however, an incredible funding round is essential in making beyond any doubt that every single developmental stage can be funded, generally WePower should hold up till additionally funding can impel them to achieve the undertakings that are expected to convey their offering.

Token Use

WePower tokens enable sustainable power source makers to pre-pitch their production in the worldwide marketplace to gain capital and increase a project’s productivity. Investors who buy WPR will get better investment returns on account of lower expenses and high liquidity. The WPR token causes investors gain access to clean vitality projects the world over in an institutionalized manner. If you choose to buy a WPR token at that point there are three main approaches to use the coin. Initially, you can utilize the vitality once it is created. In cases like these if the vitality was created in the buyer’s home market then WePower will physically bring vitality in view of the quantity of tokens held. Second, Sell the vitality before production within the WePower platform. Third, pitch the vitality to the wholesale vitality market once the vitality is delivered. If you choose to pitch the vitality to the wholesale vitality market then you will get the vitality price for those tokens through fiat or cryptocurrency.

Utilization of Funds

As mentioned quickly over, the funds got during the contribution time frame will be utilized exclusively for the development of WePower. Keeping in mind the end goal to infiltrate the sustainable power source worldwide marketplace, WePower needs to upgrade their platform and this is the place a larger part of the funds are being coordinated towards.

The WePower team is driven by vitality specialists in the sustainable power source space. These sustainable power source specialists help lead 12 engineers in their implementation of smart metering in Estonia. Numerous engineers on WePower’s team originated from exceedingly actually programming organizations, for example, Skype. By implementing a smart metering system in Estonia, WePower will have the capacity to develop as the pioneer in the rollout of the primary smart framework on the planet. Blockchain development is driven by Jon Matonis who is the founding accomplice of the Bitcoin Foundation. The project is likewise bolstered by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, on account of the projects potential social effect on environment control.

wepower energy

Nikolaj Martyniuk: Co-Founder and CEO

Martyniuk has a foundation in sustainable power source development from plant construction to vitality sales through independent vitality providers. Martyniuk is in charge of the general technique and business development of WePower. Nikolaj additionally goes about as a founding accomplice of the Smart Energy Fund.

Jon Matonis: Blockchain guide

Founding executive of the Bitcoin Foundation and director of Globitex, a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Matonis is a pioneer in the implementation of blockchain innovation and backings the disruption that it can cause in the marketplace.


Counselors contributing to WePower’s project originated from assorted fields, for example, AI, blockchain implementation, and vitality market. These counsels give a comprehensive view and information of the sustainable power source space, which is a capacity that WePower can certainly exploit.


WePower’s platform is right now constructed and in the demo stage.

Because of a drop in sponsorships and sustainable power source competing at an increased price, invesstors can utilize WePower to gain access to sustainable power source for modest contrasted with the market. Banks, PE funds, and hedge funds are making it difficult for normal investors to partake in the sustainable power source marketplace, thus hurting sustainable power source makers. WePower takes care of this issue.

Help makers get more capital and increase the gainfulness of their projects, consequently incentivizing them to deliver more environmentally friendly power vitality. Sustainable power source is required to be embraced more into society every year. WePower may not take off immediately but rather later on as sustainable power source is delivered more, they can rise as the leading investment platform for sustainable power source.

WePower is focusing on building their sustainable power source production in nations with high acknowledgment and adoption of clean vitality, this makes it less demanding to gain customers and accomplices.

How To Buy WePower?

While reading this whole review, you must be thinking about how to buy WePower. Well, if you have made up your mind and now looking forward on how to buy WePower then this section will help you in this matter. At the moment, you can buy it from Binance and KuCoin.

WePower Conclusion

WePower plans to change the universe of efficient power vitality using blockchain-based smart contracts. The platform brings together vitality makers, vitality shoppers, and vitality infrastructure investors. Using a decentralized platform, WePower makes it less demanding for every one of the three gatherings to interact in an open and reasonable marketplace.

There’s as of now a working demo version of WePower available online, and the company has distributed a broad whitepaper with their specialized subtle elements. Hope to hear more about the WePower project sooner rather than later.

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