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Webcoin: The Next Big Thing in Cryptocurrency

Webcoin is a unified token which can help in buying and selling of cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. As we all know that digital currency is on its peak and that almost every currency holds a specific value which can be compared to most of the exchange options available online. Webcoin is another stick in the woods which can help you to connect the digital platform in a new manner. Just like all the currencies work on some specific platforms, Webcoins work on most of the platforms that accept Ethereum. Let us look at some of the details for Webcoins.

Webcoin Review

What is a Webcoin?

Webcoin is a source that helps you to connect the digital marketing with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The main aim of Webcoin is to offer ERC20 utility token which works on Ethereum and can be used as a unified currency for transactions. It is the new way to do business using the blockchain cryptocurrency. It is a big step in making the business sector change the way it functions for the next decade. It has been influencing the financial services, big data, robotics, social web, cloud and even artificial intelligence as well.

How it works?

Webcoin is a cryptocurrency which is issued in the form of tokens to buy and sell services to and from clients. It works on a platform which helps to deal in almost all kinds of currencies and gives a different approach to the people to run their business. Earning Webcoins is not as difficult as sit seems as it works on the peer-to-peer model. All you need to do is create an account on the platform and visit the advertiser’s website for which they would be paid Webcoins. This would help you to visit the websites from any PC and it is not specific to use a configuration of systems. Each Webcoin is linked to some specific web visits for you to earn.

Advertisers can mine to get Webcoins which would help them to use it to buy social media services and make revenue profits. The revenue can be shared with the miners to get the required amount of profits. It is a chain reaction which helps Webcoins to be used for many advertising purposes. The general practice of advertising is to spend billions of dollars on traditional approaches and the outcome is slow and outdated. Whereas you can make money using such cryptocurrency which would help in getting revenue upfront.

Webcoin Token Details

Webcoin – What issue it solves?

There are a lot of issues which are being faced by the digital marketing service providers. This is increasing on a daily level and is becoming difficult to find a onetime solution for it.  The team at Webcoins have come up with many solutions that would help the businesses and make their lives easier. As we all know that cryptocurrency advertising is banned the big social media websites such as Facebook, Google and Twitter and this has led a huge problem to find the best and affordable advertising. Webcoins and its platforms will open many new avenues which would help the advertisers to earn revenue and make a good fortune out of it.

One of the most important issues that should be addressed is that there are many business houses which would like to expand their businesses to the next level and globally. But they are unable to do so due to the limitations they face. With Webcions, the platforms on which it would function would help to curb down this problem and business would be able to expand globally. Freelancers who have issues connecting with big business houses would also be able to take part in their self-development and growth to benefit from it and provide quality services and affordable rates.

Mining is an activity which uses a lot of energy which is electricity. Research has proven that Bitcoin mining has used passed the electricity consumption of more than 19 European countries and is huge for its operation. It is more than 5 times the electricity generated by the largest wind farm in Europe. But Webcoins uses social mining techniques and which needs no hardware or any specific requirement. All you need is to visit social media website and get your mining done.

webcoin problem solving


ICO is an Initial Coin Offering which helps the investors to get some portion of a new cryptocurrency or tokens of that currency which would help them to get a share in the new investment. It can then be used for purchasing the available cryptocurrency or make use of it for multiplying the money invested when the rates go up. Webcoins have an ICO which was launched as an Alpha version in February 2017 and has daily users active over 3000 in numbers and the clients which pay such users is 250. There are new sign ups that happen on daily basis and grow exponentially. This portion of the initial ICO was a huge success without any advertising or publicity and was purely organic. This round has a validity and the Webcoin tokens would be distributed accordingly. This would end the cycle and the alpha version would be shut down completely.

If you wish to purchase Webcoins (WEB) then you may do so using Ethereum which is available on many platforms. You may exchange 1 ETH with 2200 WEB in the pre ICO period and post the period it would come down to 850 WEB for 1 ETH. Ethereum is a well-known cryptocurrency and can be purchased at any time. The soft cap for buying WEB is 600 ETH and the hard cap is 17376 ETH. The distribution of the token would be done 10 days after the ICO rounds end. It would also be credited to the investors wallets as per the desired details.

There is a Pre-Sale bonus which would help in multiplying the initial investment. It starts with 100-500 tokens which would fetch 40% of bonus and with 500 tokens increment in the next bracket you would get a 10% hike from the previous bonus which would be 50%. The next slab would be from 1001 – 5000 tokens which would fetch 60% bonus and the next slab of 5001 – 10000 tokens would give you 65%. The final slab would be from 10001 tokens and above where you would get a bonus of 70%. The similar slab of Pre-Sale Bonus is applicable here as well but the bonus ratio changes such as 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35% respectively. These tokens would be would be listed on decentralized exchange platform and made available to be purchased in exchange of all the major cryptocurrency and fiat currencies to all investors.

Currently there is a limitation for the users to purchase Webcoins from any exchange platform but the makers are discussing the issue and try to open the platforms that are now limited to the sue of Webcoins.

Webcoin Token distribution

Is it Safe to invest in Webcoins?

Webcoins are a safe investment as all the transactions are based out of a blockchain. It gives a safe environment which can be helpful for the investors to trust the setup and invest openly. The transactions and its details are all secured in the environment. All the platforms that work on the Webcoins are listed and the background checking is also as strong as the currency is.

Webcoin – is it a scam?

Webcoin is not a scam as it has been approved by all the leading platforms and the critics of cryptocurrency. It has been a very health investment option for the investors in the start of its journey. There is a road map set up for it which would be followed religiously and amendments if any would be taken care of.

Who is behind Webcoins?

There is a huge team of dedicated professional’s expert in their profile and have ensured that there is no looking back for the investors. The team has been built with utmost precision by cherry picking the experts from various walks for life to give Webcoin the exposure it requires in the initial stage of its lifecycle. The road map has been started since December 14 when the idea was born and a complete lifecycle of 10 milestones has been charted out to end on June 2019 which would see the full platform launch.

Webcoin team

Where to Buy Webcoins?

Webcoins are available currently on a few exchanges which help to make a move. But there are negotiations going on which would help it to move to more exchanges which can give it the wings it requires. Once it has an affiliation with all the exchanges you can purchase them easily. In the meanwhile, you may make use of the exchange platforms available.

There are many solutions to get the Webcoins work for you. These solutions are related to the problems that have been raised due to the current scenario. Let us look at them in detail.

When we look at advertising, it is to help us make revenue from the investment we have made to promote it. But when you look at the return on investment it would be very unlikely that you would look at traditional options. You would need to go in for Webcoins as it has a huge rate of return as compared to any other advertising methods. It has been linked to many social websites which help in quick turnaround of the response. It is cheaper as well which is not less than 10 times the average advertising expense. This would not only save your investment but increase it as well. Saving from the expenditure and at the same time advertising as well from a professional approach.

It helps you to connect the global market which is not possible otherwise. You must be skilled in making contacts with the elite and most influential crowd which would again be possible with the advertising approach. It is a great peer-to-peer approach which has found its worth in Webcoins.

The best part about such services is that you can approach freelancers as well. They are the right source for the job as the pay is less as compared to the actual companies who offer such services. Moreover, it would help you to make the quality speak for the price you have paid. The freelancers would work their heart out to get you the work and quality all within the agreed timeframe and with less pay.

Social mining is a great way to earn revenue. It helps you to save the resources and then work for the betterment of the environment along with the investors as well. Social mining needs no hardware or anything specific. Also, the miners would be rewarded with a fixed portion from the Webcoin tokens.

Webcoin roadmap


The valuation of this industry is making eyeballs roll and the team at Webcoins is working day in and out. They project the potential of $1 trillion in the years to come. It is an industry which would link all the potential leads such as businesses, advertisers, freelancers, social media and miners and almost everyone who can get influenced with it. The white paper for Webcoin is to be read in depth to get as much information necessary before you invest in it. If you do so, your insights would be enhanced so that investing becomes fun. You can also refer to the many reviews on the websites that host such cryptocurrency news. They are the best people to help you decide if you are in a fix to invest in Webcoins. You as an investor should know almost everything about the Webcoins so that nothing comes in as a surprise post investment. It is necessary to know the steps and procedures involved in its investment. This would not only give you a confidence but a vision to know your future with it. The white paper is something which is important can be trusted easily as it has been cleared by the company. They can be held responsible by proving it in the eyes of the law for any mishaps.

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