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Waves review: A top-down approach

The integrity and the security of Blockchains are pushing many people to invest in Cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Blockchain are meant to change your life but there are still many areas of friction proving to be a barrier for investors and startups. For a new ICO, the biggest challenge is getting funds while for traders, buying and selling digital assets are not so straightforward and sleek in some countries. Complicated platforms, lack of high-tech technology and tiresome authentication process are constraining people who want to get lucrative results in the world of Cryptocurrency.  To remove all these hurdles in Crypto space, there is a Blockchain platform called “Waves” which is absolutely near to perfect.   Waves is a growing decentralized Blockchain platform which is invented to address the problems related to Crowdfunding and trading in tokenization. So, let’s not waste time and plunge into the interesting review.

waves homepage

What is Waves?

Waves is a proliferating and multifunctional Blockchain platform which facilitates the creation of Custom Token. The platform promises to deliver a Blockchain which will make the process of trading and crowdfunding, effortless and secure.  Waves are focused not only on the traders and the organization but it can also help developers to create their own customer token while having a high throughput and low transaction price and latency. Traders can find a digital solution to store their cryptocurrency and trade with them quickly and safely in their decentralized platform. The prime goal of this platform is to allow the developers to create their own custom token while crowdfunding the project.   This basically means that you can launch your own cryptocurrency and distribute it for trading. The Waves exchange was created for the developers, investors, and traders to store, trade, and manage their own digital assets in a simple manner. The platform bridges the gap between the investors and the developers or organization but prosing a robust and high- functional solution where everyone can access their wide network. It helps to kick start their crypto business by building loyalty programs or in-app currency, crowdfunding or anything else. Also, Waves has its own decentralized exchange where you can exchange your created cryptocurrency with a trading pair provided by the platform. In short, Waves endow everything which an organization or a trader is looking for.

Waves Company History and development

Sasha Ivanov started with this idea of decentralized Blockchain exchange in 2016.  It came on the market when there was a lot of controversy among the investors in digital assets due to the revised strategy of NXT developers. The main objective of the Waves platform was to broaden the scope of Blockchain and widen its features like scalability, user experience, and speed. This project was second largest Blockchain initiative to receive a crowdfunding of around 30,000 Bitcoin which was around 16 million USD at that time. The Blockchain initiative was inspired by NXT, Supernet or Bitshares but the final product was coded from scratch and had many improvements over NXT and Supernet.

When it comes to Waves Team, you will not be able to find any inexperienced or uncommitted person on board. Many members of the company have worked for the NXT platform but moved this new innovative project because of poor initial coin offering (ICO) and irrelevant and controversial development decision. They started completely from scratch and integrated many additional and advanced features including multiple fiat currencies like EUR and USD. Soon after that, the company joined hands with Deloitte to introduce ICO services to clients and also partnered with Russian National Settlement Depository (Moscow Stock Exchange) with a motive to develop a Blockchain platform for exchanging digital assets. There is no shortage of competitors from NEO, NXT, Lisk, and Stratis when it comes to smart contracts. Nevertheless, Waves is a big threat to the development of its competitors. The positive replies in forums like Reddit and Bitcointalk are also giving Waves a go-ahead over its competitors. Also, the reasonable transaction price and token generation fee are what making Waves a great option to consider.

The waves Decentralized exchange network

Before looking on how it works, we have to understand what are Waves Client and its wallet.  The Waves Clients is an extension of the browser which acts a decentralized exchange to keep and store your tokens. A user’s wallet is a verified wallet created on the platform which lets you control, manage, and store the digital assets. Waves have focused on creating a Decentralized exchange (DEX) which allows complete transparency and links your wallet with any buying or selling of cryptocurrency.  Also, the platform asks for a minimal and fixed commission while providing utmost security. There are no chances of losing funds as the channel capacity is incredible and offers excellent speed.  Also, as the funds are stored directly into your Waves wallet, there is a negligible probability of DEX being hacked. Decentralized means that your funds will not be frozen by any administrator or limit any withdrawal or activity. The digital assets are yours and you have full complete control over it. Also, it allows trading in various pairs including Bitcoin with USD, Litecoin with Bitcoin, waves with Bitcoin, etc. You can click the link here for complete list of trading pairs.

How Do Waves Work?

Waves let the users or organization to be specific to create their own cryptocurrency or digital token and facilitates distributing and trading on it. It is decentralized exchange network which allows you buying different Cryptocurrencies for your local fiat currencies like USD or EUR. The developers or organization can create a digital token in as less as 1 minute. The exchange relies on different compliant operators which creates the fiat gateways. These operators make it extremely easy for the users to create their own token with fiat currencies. The cost of creating a token is just 1 Wave which is currently around 5.43 USD.  The token is not like Ethereum or Bitcoin and can be transferred to the centralized Blockchain itself.  The advantage of this is that the fiat tokens are much more speed oriented and can be transferred safely at a much lower cost.  The tokens features are available to their clients or wallet which can be downloaded as a Chrome extension. The Wave Wallet bestows fiat integration, intuitive interface and ultra-fast speed making it different from a normal digital wallet at a great price. For accessing the features of the platform, you can download any of the three version of its software which are Waves Mobile client (available on Android and iOS), Waves full node (available on Github and Waves lite Client (available on both Github and Google Play store). Although for creating digital token, you need to buy some WAVE token. Fortunately, these token can be traded and exchange on Bittrex and Tidex along with the original website. Till now, more than 11,500 token have been created on its network which clearly signifies its popularity and reliability.waves token

What are the advantages of using Waves?

As WavesDex is a Decentralized exchange, it allows trading in various trading pairs in major altcoins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. and has functionality for fiat currency lovers as well. The market Cap stands at 507 million USD and the volume is around 3000 Bitcoin with a circulating supply of 100 million. Here are the key features of using Waves for token generation and investment.

Highly Accessible

The Company assures its clients no regional limitations. Also, their website interface is completely user-friendly.  It also has a mobile app and a Desktop-based app which is sleek, intuitive and straightforward. Also, no Blockchain download is required to access the platform.

Smart Contracts

The smart contracts in the platform are not as complex as Ethereum as they are not Turing complete. However, it is very powerful and secure. If we consider the roadmap publish by the publication team, Smarts contracts are added to the full software system and the Turing complete contracts will also be added during Q4, 2018.

Fiat Gateways

The website uses compliant operators which are actually organization who works to offer fiat gateway service. Because of the fiat gateways feature, the traders are allowed to exchange any token or cryptocurrency for real money (fiat currency) like USD, EUR or CNY. This funds converted to fiat currency can be deposited to your bank account whenever you want within seconds. Even, Bitcoin gateways are available along with other tokens.


The company claims their Blockchain is the fastest in the world with transaction speed of one minute Block time. This means that the Blockchain is designed to handle up to 1000 transactions in a second.

Low commission and transaction fees

For creating a digital token, all you need to pay is 1 Wave which comes to be around 5 USD. Also, the reliable token generation options are clear-cut and instinctive allowing the client to generate a token in just one minute. Also, for every transaction, you need to pay just a minimal amount of 0.001 Waves. Also, the transaction can be paid in the same token.

Waves wallet

Easy Crowdfunding

Not just the organization can develop a digital token in a minute, but they can also use the crowdfunding technique on the platform. Waves is becoming a popular option for crowdfunding as it makes it easy for the startups and entrants to distribute token securely through an easy to perceive marketplace.

Fiat exchanges

The exchange allows the traders to buy cryptocurrency using fiat currency and sell cryptocurrency for fiat currency. This is a much-needed feature is today’s times as it provides flexibility of payment to the clients.

Decentralized exchange

With its DEX system, the users are promised peer- to peer trading with a number of trading options and 72 different cryptocurrency assets. With its real-time order matching and Blockchain security, you can be assured of best deal at the top-notch security.


Apart from a great app, the company started with the initiative of ICOHub which is a community for different projects and their ICOs. In this community of ICOHub, the winner gets selected and is allowed to host directly his/her own ICO. So, they can share their views and conduct their ICO.

Direct benefits to developers

The thing which makes the Blockchain special and appreciable for developers is that the DEX Blockchain relies on the proof-of-stake algorithm. This proof-of-stack algorithm is designed to offer adequate bandwidth to hundreds of transactions so that the processing can happen without any lag or errors.  Also, the participants are awarded digital assets for their commission on any transaction. Transactions are done directly without having to create smart contract to release token on the Decentralized exchange. Developers also like the low and fixed transaction price of 0.001 Waves. Also, there are lots of positive threads on Reddit and other discussion community. There are few posts about waves being a scam on Reddit but by watching the company’s reputation and promising result, you can conclude that these are all calumny and marketing ploys of people on Reddit. Apart from this, the developers don’t have to pay any price for using their own token. In addition to this, the developers can look at the price chart and do technical analysis of various Cryptocurrencies from their complex graphs and charts. Due to the open source API, it is easy for the developers to use and create new stuff.

How to Buy Waves?

Buying this cryptocurrency can be best done on Changelly where you can use your Ethereum to convert it into Waves. But, you will need the wallet address where you would like to receive the Waves token. Creating a wallet is extremely easy on the platform where you need to go to and register on the account.  For buying Waves, you have to click on deposit and enter the desired amount. Click on Buy and complete the payment to receive the cryptocurrency in seconds.

Where to Buy Waves?

Binance – Read Binance Review HERE

Exmo – Read Exmo Review HERE

Changelly – Read Changelly Review HERE


After the launch of Consensus mechanism, the Waves Platform has become the fastest Blockchain in the world and is also an incredible solution for pre ICO projects. The price prediction is quite ambiguous as currently, it is falling steadily. But, after the upcoming quarter and upcoming developments on the platform, the Waves price is predicted to increase rapidly.  In a period less than 2 years, the company has managed to generate more than 11,000 tokens and the numbers are proliferating every day.

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