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Cryptocurrency wallets are the latest financial products. Nowadays, almost nobody pays for his purchases or services with cash, the use of bank notes or physical money has become impractical and inconvenient. After the e-commerce became the second most used method to acquired goods and services, several electronic payment systems were developed to reduce the check-out time and increase the volume of sales. In an effort to make the person money more accessible and readily available to use online the e-Wallets were created. It is similar to a bank account in which the owner can use the money saved on the account to cover his expenses and make payments to other users, the main difference is that its users do not need to use a bank card or write a check to make a payment, he only needs to sign in into his account and electronically send his payment in a similar fashion to sending an email or using any e-payment method. Therefore, the entire process is done online.

cryptocurrency wallet

Coinomi is most popular cryptocurrency wallet for mobile – iOS and Android, it support more than 100 coins.

  • Supported Coins 100+
  • Price Free

Daedalus is software wallet also avaliable for desktops like Mac Os or Windows. Daedalus support Cardano cryptocurrency.

  • Supported Coins Cardano
  • Price Free

Trezor wallet is another hardware cryptocurrency wallet, it support all coins ERC-20 type and 15 more.

  • Supported Coins 15+
  • Price 89$

Blockchain wallet its another good and secure for hold Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet.

  • Supported Coins ETH&BTC
  • Price Free

MyEtherWallet is an free Ethereum wallet

  • Supported Coins ETH
  • Price Free

Ledger Wallet its an hardware wallet. Its expensive but very safe and secure, we highly recommend, you should have one!

  • Supported Coins 25!
  • Price From79$

AirBitz was founded in California in 2013, it is trusted by millions of users wallet, very secure and safe, highly recommend.

  • Supported Coins BTC
  • Price Free

Electrum Wallet is another safe and easy to use Bitcoin wallet. Its free and stable.

  • Supported Coins BTC
  • Price Free

Exodus is an cryptocurrency wallet for over 30 types of coins. Exodus also support cryptocurrency exchange, available also for desktop.

  • Supported Coins 30
  • Price Free

Enjin Wallet is secure mobile wallet for over 12 cryptocurrencies and ERC-20 tokens.

  • Supported coins 12 plus
  • Price Free

What is a Cryptocurrency wallet?

A Cryptocurrency wallet is the name given to a personal account where the cryptocurrencies are stored, deposited, saved or hold; notice that virtual money or digital assets don’t have a physical form, as a consequence, the record of them is what is stored. It is similar to a bank account or an iron physical safe, in which any user keeps his money. The Cryptocurrencies does not exist in the physical form they are a serial of numbers which assign a nominal value to it and create some virtual coins, which are kept in a cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore, the virtual coins only exist a registered transaction record. For this reason, there is a need of cryptocurrency wallets to have a safe and convenient place to keep the virtual coins in the cloud, on the internet, or in an offline device ready for the users to trade it, spend it or monitor its balance whenever he wants.
The easiest way to understand What a Cryptocurrency wallet is; is to consider it, as a virtual bank card similar to your physical one, which contains or keeps your virtual money, or a bank account where you transfer your virtual money. However, it is important that users are aware that the main attraction of the cryptocurrency wallets is that they are not linked to banks or government financial institutions.
In a nutshell a Cryptocurrency wallet is a trading software or computer program which store digital assets or digital currencies (only the record of them) and enable users to send or receive virtual currencies by interconnecting several blockchains, these features are responsible for calling the cryptocurrency wallets a blockchain wallet (similar to sending and receiving emails but in an encrypted environment, which makes harder to track and offer a basic level of anonymity)

What Kinds of Cryptocurrency Wallets Are Available.

There are several kinds of Cryptocurrency wallets available and every day the number and features offered for them are increasing thanks to the staggering demand for the cryptocurrency wallets services in the world forex current market.

A.Desktop Cryptocurrency Wallets
They are massive computers programs whit sizes around the 160 Gb, which required to be download into your pc, mac, Linux computer device. It works like a digital safe, in which your digital assets are stored. The owner of the cryptocurrency wallet required to connect his computer, (laptop, desktop, notebook) to the internet to make any trading either transferring to another user or receiving more digital coins into his account. The computer where the program was downloaded is always needed to get access to the digital coins.

B.Online or in the Cloud Cryptocurrency Wallets
These are 100% internet based or located in the cloud, which make them accessible from any internet connected device, by signing into the owner account. They are similar to an email account. The owner sing into the online trading platform and can sell or buy digital assets

C.Mobile cryptocurrency wallets
Today there is an App for everything and the smartphones are more than just a telecommunicating device, they are also cryptocurrency wallets. The mobile ewallets are a mix between the desktop and the online ones. The account owner required to signing on the internet from his smartphone and from it he can trade his digital assets, make payments or receive more virtual coins into his account by using the application for it. The user can select just one smartphone for his virtual coin management or various with the same account.

D.Hardware cryptocurrency wallets or a physical memory device;
As its name implies these are cold store devices or offline devices, which are located inside a USB pen drive or any other external and portable digital memory device and the user saves the digital assets information on it. Each time he wants to trade a digital asset, he connects the memory device into an internet compatible device and performs all his trading online. The best feature of them is that they are safer because they are offline most of the time far from most hacker attacks.

E.Paper cryptocurrency wallets or note.
It is another type of offline storage, the user either print out or write down the digital coins keys, each time the user wants to trade or exchange his digital assets, he will need to either introduce manually the keys or scan the QR code for it. The paper or note could be considered the less vulnerable because all the information is offline. However, the probability to misplace it and lose the entire account is high. Additionally, in the event that the user is ways from the place where he keeps the paper or note, he wouldn’t be able to use or trade his digital assets.

The best cryptocurrency wallets features

There are basic features every investor or virtual coins users need to verify on the possible chosen platforms before they transfer their digital assets into it.
·Safety is always the number one concern for any investor. The selected service provider must use highly encrypted technology to protect your digital assets. It must offer several firewalls and the capacity for the user to select or create its own private keys. Additionally, it has to verify the possible traders’ assets before it allows any transferring or trading between them.
·24/7 account access, even though several digital assets investors prefer to use a cold storage either in a hardware or in the paper method, most of them are ever watching the quotes fluctuations and want to take advantages of a forex market trend or a price peak, which might happen at any time. Furthermore, the important number of new retailers and service providers who are accepting digital assets as payment method makes necessary to have readily available the virtual coins to trade them. Digital assets traders have to consider how they will use their virtual coins. For investment and hold it over time, for everyday purchases, etc.
·Multi or single currency. Notice that various cryptocurrency wallets are one cryptocurrency denomination only, it means that you can trade or storage only one type of cryptocurrency, this limitation can be troublesome if you are interested in trading more than one type. The Bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency or virtual coin. Ror this reason, there are various account whit only storage and trade Bitcoins. However, if you additional want to trade Ethereum, you will need either to search for another or search for a multicurrency cryptocurrency wallet with simplifies it.
·Mining speed. The blockchain transferring speed is an important feature to consider, although digital assets trader can increase it by offering a minimum increase in the transaction cost, which promotes the prioritization of his order.
·Low fees per trade. The fees are becoming standardized and there are relatively insignificant for cryptocurrencies traders, however, it is important that before selecting a blockchain platform, the users verify any associated cost with its use.
·Blockchain Planform supporting operating systems, the platform you are using must support the Operation System of the various devices you are planning to use for your virtual coins trade. The best cryptocurrency wallet supports the use on Android. IOS, Linux, Windows and even web-browsers.

Which is the best cryptocurrency wallet?

The nomination as best cryptocurrency wallet is personal. It is based on the investor personal preferences and the way how he uses his virtual coins. In our poll, the traders ranked the critical points to be considered the best cryptocurrency wallet.
·internet based platform which allows the using of the digital assets as payment methods from retailers and services providers. If the the account offers the capability to segregate some virtual coins to be used as direct payment on the go and save the balance to protected it from being stolen, it would be better
·Multicurrency, since even if you are trading only Bitcoin at the moment there are high probabilities that your virtual coins or cryptocurrencies portfolio will expand in the next trimester. Ethereum is becoming desirable assets to hold among the bitcoin traders’ community.
·Safety, the security is improving daily, however, the treat of being hacked is always present. Big traders reported that they feel more confident using cryptocurrency wallets with integrated cold storage and hot storage simultaneously. It means that they can use an external memory device to store their virtual coin and keep on the cloud only the amount they want to trade for a period. Being able to store the digital assets off and online is praised constantly.
·Recovery seeds. The best platform offers a recovery seed in case your device is lost or stolen, you can use the recovery seed to recover your digital assets. Additionally, to the recovery seeds, the capacity to recover access to your cryptocurrency wallets in the event of losing or misplacing your private keys is a needed feature.

Bitcoin Wallet

Finding a bitcoin wallet is relatively simple since Bitcoin is the king of virtual coins, there are a wide variety of providers with great bitcoin wallet services. The bitcoin wallet supports several operating systems and most of them offer online and offline storage for your virtual coins. The most desirable feature of the best bitcoin wallet is the recovery account capacity, since hundreds of Bitcoin’s traders have lost their account information and private key codes. The recovery feature prevents that you lost all your digital assets in the event that you lost your private key or misplaced your account information.
Due to the wide acceptance of bitcoins worldwide is advisable that you explore the pay on the go service for your bitcoin account if you are planning to use your virtual coins as payment methods for some of your purchases.

Block chain wallet how it works?

The Blockchain wallet or blockchain account is similar to a bank account. Where users store they digital assets. They work similar to an email account and the steps to use it are very similar.

1.The user registers and opens an account.

2.The Blockchain wallet owner receives two different codes called the public key and the private key, both of those codes are linked to one account only.

3.The public key is the code used to make any deposit or transfer into the account. This public key is similar to a bank account number, which you may need to receive money into your account. The public key offers the safety measurement than only give access to deposits into the account, therefore, it can be public since it will only allow deposits.

4.The private key is the code needed to make an account withdraw, with this private key, someone can withdraw some virtual coins from the account.

5.Every time the account owner wants to transfer money into his account, he trades the cryptocurrencies and sends his public code to the sellers for him to transfer the digital assets into his account.

6.Every time the account owner wants to sell his digital assets or pay any purchase using it. He has to use his private key to generate a code, which will record the number of digital coins he intends to sell or trade and this number or code is given to the buyer or trader who is accepting it as payment method

7.The code generated discount the cryptocurrency coins from the seller account and transfer those into the buyer account after a matching process takes place, which verifies that the private keys and the code generated are real, as well as the public key of the receptive account. After that the transfer is started, since the entire process is done in blockchains, the transferring speed will depend on the priority of the transaction and somehow in the number of channels used for it.

8.Blockchain works similar to the regular internet connection, in which two or more private or public computers are connected allowing them to share or transfer data between them. Thanks to this p2p, person to person, or user to user connections the entire process can be done somehow private and partially anonymized.

9.To make easier and faster the private and public key use, they are also represented in a QR code, which can be scanned to grant access to its features.

Coin Wallet

The various coin wallets offer can be very distracting and might confuse the users on how to select the best bitcoin wallet or the perfect Ethereum wallet for their trading needs. Before any virtual coins or digital assets trader select where to keep or save his digital assets is essential that he make three questions to the shortlisted blockchain platforms in order to be sure it will provide all the services needed for his trading and future digital assets uses.

·What Type of Security Measures Does It Offer to My Digital Assets Safekeeping?
No matter what type of blockchain wallet you select for your digital assets. The safety and security of them are continually improving, and the risk for a hacker exploitation of any vulnerability is an ever-present risk, even for the paper written ones if you are not careful enough. As a consequence, it is critical that the software used by the platform is constantly updated and new measures are taking permanently in advance of any possible security vulnerability. Safety is always the number one concern for investor and traders.

·Can I Used the Blockchain Platform on the Go?
If you are interested in expending your digital assets on retailers and service providers. It is needed to offer account access on the go. You might want to trade bitcoins, Ethereum or any virtual coin from your smartphone or from a mobile device. This characteristic is widely offered; however, you have to be sure your selected blockchain platform offer it. Additionally, you must ask about the safety they offer for it if your smartphone is lost or broken. We highly encourage those platforms which offer segregates accounts for storing digital assets and another for paying or trading on the go.

·The selected blockchain platform is multi cryptocurrencies?
The number of cryptocurrencies is increasing exponentially. Chances are that no matter if you are only interested in Bitcoin right now, you might want to trade Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, DASH, etc. Being able to centralize all your digital assets facilitate its management.

Ethereum wallet

Ethereum wallet is the second most used cryptocurrency wallet or virtual coin accounts. The increasing number of traders buying this coin and the increment in its exchange rate have generated that more users search for Ethereum wallet worldwide. Thanks to the excellent Bitcoin experience, the needed features and security measurements are now the starting point or standard for most o the Ethereum wallet characteristics. We offer some of the best and most reputable digital assets service providers for your peace of mind. The essential features described in this article is the starting point or guide for your Ethereum wallet or cryptocurrency wallets selection.

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