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Virtual Universe Review – ICO Guide

Market prospects demonstrate that the combined Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality market will achieve 120 billion US Dollars by 2020 in the only us. Increased reality has a bigger offer of 90 billion US Dollars while Virtual Reality takes the remaining 30 billion US Dollars. This gauge can be supported further by the existing fight for dominance in the AR space between technology powerhouses, for example, Google and Apple. In spite of the presence of different players in the industry, Virtual Universe brings us the integration of blockchain technology into the AR and VR space. Virtual Reality targets gaming aficionados and pilgrims as well as business people who can invest their cash in the different virtual assets in the game. In this manner, there is as yet an immense market that can be filled by the ICO.

What is Virtual Universe?

Virtual Universe is an inspiring and exciting cutting edge multi-player game that use Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Blockchaiin advances to deliver an immersive and exciting knowledge for players. These advances have been integrated to frame the LivingVR ecosystem which is a type of Virtual Reality, spearheaded by Virtual Universe, that delivers high definition illustrations and interactive realism that goes past the present video games. This game allows players to encounter candidly engaging stupendous enterprises as well as to make these undertakings while connecting with companions all the while. Patent-pending advances have additionally been utilized to modify player encounters in real-time depending on the data and activities of the player in the game. In this manner, Virtual Universe mixes together attributes of a game, a social network and a social creation platform to make the game significantly more fun and fulfilling for the player.

Virtual Universe offers players with the VU token, which is an in-game virtual money that powers the Virtual Universe economy. Players can either spend and earn VU tokens in exchange for virtual goods and services available within the game, or they can be rewarded with tokens subsequent to attaining certain in-game achievements. By and large, the project visualizes an unrest of the game industry by introducing blockchain technology and giving players the capacity to investigate, play, make and claim assets in the game.

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Virtual Universe Main features

Cutting edge technology:

Virtual Universe utilizes different present day innovations in the development of their Virtual Reality game. These advancements include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Artificial Intelligence makes realistic interactions between the player and the game character and condition. Then again, Machine Learning uses algorithms to make the different interactions in the game smarter with time. Together these two upgrade the general gaming knowledge of the player.

Highly dependable:

Virtual Universe utilizes blockchain technology to track exchange and responsibility for in the game. All the exchange transactions conveyed between members in the game are altogether stored in an open ledger that is changeless and unalterable. This lessens misrepresentation and gives integrity and straightforwardness in the game. Besides, every one of the three prime supporters of the game has over 20 years’ involvement in game development technology which emphatically indicates that they are specialists in this field.

Across the board understanding:

Virtual Universe empowers players to investigate the universe, make their own encounters and enterprise stories, and associate with companions in the game. This brings together the components of a game, social networking and social creation across the board platform. This multi-modular approach to gaming makes Virtual Universe special contrasted with existing gaming approaches.

Enlarged reality:

Basically, Augmented reality is the modification of a real-life condition through the expansion of tactile jolts, for example, audio components, visual components and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Virtual Universe has incorporated this technology into the game consequently enhancing the things players see, hear and feel leading to a surprisingly better gaming knowledge.

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Virtual Universe ICO Token sale

The most extreme supply of VU tokens is set at 1,000,000,000. Out of this, 600,000,000 VU tokens are available to be purchased. Virtual Universe just acknowledges payments in Ether (ETH) during the group sale.

Token Distribution

Token Sale/Public sale: 45%

User Growth: 20%

VU Team: 15%

Presale: 15%

Accomplices: 4%

Bounty: 1%

ICO Token price

1 ETH = 6,000 VU

1 VU = 0.000167 ETH/0.077 USD

Limited Countries

Joined States of America



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Virtual Universe Potential/Use cases

You may at present be in an issue of deciding whether to buy VU tokens or not. All things considered, examining the different components of this ICO certainly demonstrates a tremendous potential for the company. First of all, the gaming market is very gigantic in the US as well as in different nations both in Europe and Asia. Measurements from ongoing research done on the gaming industry indicate that gaming lovers are presently more interested in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality than at no other time. You’ve most likely heard these two words touted around as “the following big thing” by business people and technologists. Indeed, for beyond any doubt it might be the following big thing, and it will be far better if you invested in it.

Besides, Virtual Universe fulfills the requirement for industriousness in the storyline and the requirement for social encounters around which players can construct and gain a feeling of belonging. This makes it entertaining and reasonable for use by virtually anybody.

Business Model

Virtual Universe business model is driven by targeting three prime users of the platform that is wayfarers, makers, and business people. These users should buy the game for a small expense that will be set by the company. Once the game is obtained, users will have the capacity to buy virtual assets, for example, land and shops display in-game using VU tokens and later pitch them to different players at a benefit. Introducing the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to set up and maintain a rich and thriving economy in the game for business visionaries and different players is the spine for generating significant incomes for the company.


The minimum practical item is an initial business model named ‘The Grand Canyon Experience’ that was produced specifically for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets. This model was finalized in the last quarter of 2016, and it brought about sales of more than 15,000 paid users. The criticism from users of this model has been used to manage the development of a BETA adaptation to be released in July 2018.

Capitalization Potential

The Virtual Universe ICO has an aggregate supply of 1,000,000,000 VU tokens with a fundraising goal of 100,000 ETH. Comparable ICOs in the gaming industry, for example, Unikrn, Truegame, and Eloplay are focused more on casino and gambling as opposed to Virtual Reality. Virtual Universe’ novel model emerges and is an unrest in the gaming industry. Considering this reality and the way that the token has been priced at a generally reasonable price of 0.000167 ETH, at that point this ICO has an immense capitalization potential.

AdHive which is a comparable Artificial Intelligence-based marketing platform could bring 12,000,000 USD up in its ICO. Virtual Universe, then again, is on a less-swarmed industry contrasted with AdHive which demonstrates that it is ready to perform better. However, these are just prospects, thus we as a whole need to hold up till the ICO is finished to find out decisively what amount is raised.

Virtual Universe Coin supply and reason

VU is an ERC20 token. A constrained lifetime supply of 1 billion tokens has been produced. The hard top is 100,000 ETH, and there is no delicate top. Something essential to note is that the VU coin will be used solely on the Virtual Universe ecosystem and won’t be transferable to some other cash. All the VU tokens and transactions in the game will be overseen by Ethereum’s smart contracts. The coins can, however, be stored in any ERC20 good wallet. The following are the reasons for the VU token.

VU tokens will be used for buying and selling of virtual goods and services within the Virtual Universe ecosystem.

VU tokens will be used to give access to select advanced assets within the Virtual Universe ecosystem. These assets will present interesting rights and capacities to players in the game.

VU tokens will be used for rewarding players in the wake of attaining chose in-game achievements.


virtual universe explained

Compatible wallets and exchanges

The way things are currently, Virtual Universe has obviously expressed that VU tokens will be available exclusively on the VU ecosystem. This implies the tokens won’t be tradable on exchanges. However, the tokens can be stored in any of the Ethereum based wallets. This is because the VU token is an ERC20 token. Advanced wallets, for example, MyEtherWallet and hardware wallets, for example, Ledger Nano S are good alternatives to use for this reason.

The Technology Behind The Platform

To encourage the drenching of the VR gaming, VU would need to use to have an illustrations loyalty capacity and accomplish interactive realism with the user, and at last accomplish the validness that goes past the run of the mill video gaming encounters. Consequently, VU has needed to incorporate their model of technology, which is the LivingVR™.

The platform will use the following advances

Full of feeling Computing-this will help the game in responding to any powerful physiological prompts in use by the players.

Artificial Intelligence-the technology will make a realistic interactive level with the character and situations within the game

Machine learning-after some time the game would consequently react to the experience, and this is mainly because of the machine learning abilities

Blockchain technology

During the gaming background, players will get the chance to possess assets along the levels, and these are exchangeable for in-game esteem which comes in the type of VU tokens.

Token Details And Distribution

The VU token is an ERC20 perfect model of advanced money and will just acknowledge ETH as an exchange or buy mode. The rate will remain at 1 ETH for 6,000 VU tokens. The Virtual Universe platform plan on offering an initial 600 million in the type of token distribution. The tokens will go into providing

Capacity to buy selective assets within the gaming situations

Incentives to the game makers and contributors

Rewarding players for their in-game achievements

The initial ICO distribution will just feature 60% of the aggregate tokens with the delivery set to highlight the following

Token sale

User growth

VU team

Bounty program



virtual universe team

Virtual Universe Conclusion

While there are a lot of VR games, the incorporation of blockchain takes the experience to an unheard of level. In part of VU, the experience is all the more inwardly engaging since the innovations in use offer a more courageous joy for the players. Regardless of whether a gamer or non-gamer, becoming piece of the VU gaming background offer an effectively rewarding and clear knowledge of enterprise with a ceaseless story. That is not at all like what we have now, and VU could make a gigantic advance in the gaming scene with their new VR game.

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