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Viberate Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Viberate is a crowdsourced live music ecosystem in light of the blockchain. Find out how it matches musicians with occasion coordinators today in our Viberate review.

What Is Viberate?

Viberate is a blockchain platform that associates musicians with occasion coordinators. The company as of late reported a crowdsale for September 2017.

The project plans to list profiles for more than 120,000 musicians – from hotshots to carport groups. They need to make an ecosystem where occasion coordinators can without much of a stretch find the best groups for a particular gig.

Viberate is bolstered by the European Commission’s Music Moves Europe Initiative, the Republic of Slovenia’s Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, and Charlie Shrem, Blockchain Expert and Co-Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Generally, Viberate needs to make the greatest curated live music database in the world. Up until now, they’ve just made a database of more than 120,000 artists. Throughout the following year, they plan to include profiles for music scenes worldwide, while additionally incentivizing users to include their own particular setting and occasion information. Viberate will likewise execute a ticket booking framework, among different features. In general, Viberate needs to be at the focal point of the music industry’s ecosystem.

viberate homepage

How Does Viberate Work?

Viberate has four key components that will allow it to digitalize and decentralize the live music industry. Those components include:

The World’s Largest Curated Live Music Database

Viberate’s designers originally started making music databases with a site called, which was a basic ranking service for DJs. The association started as a registry of close to a couple of thousand DJs, but inevitably developed into a database of 50,000 musicians. Throughout the years, the company has extended to all music kinds and refreshed their database to 120,000 musicians, 40,000 music settings, and 60,000 occasions.

Later on, they plan to include profiles for booking offices and occasion coordinators. Each profile contains pertinent known information about a particular demonstration, including online life links and investigative insight. Viberate dissects more than 200 billion data points for each year and believers them into straightforward KPIs.

vibe platform

The Vibe Token

The Vibe token will fuel the decentralized, community-based service. At the point when Viberate first opened the database to general society, users physically entered and curated the greater part of musician profiles – in spite of the way that there was no honors framework set up. Viberate’s database is as yet open for curation, in spite of the fact that they’ve since built up a honors protocol.

Users can earn Vibe tokens (Vibes) for their fruitful contributions to the platform. Every Vibe speaks to the nuclear unit of Viberate’s crowdsourced idea. The development and health of the platform relies upon Vibe tokens. Notwithstanding using Vibe tokens on the platform, Viberate plans to partner with individuals from the music industry through a variety of smart contracts, so Vibes “will be used as a center computerized cash” over the industry.

viberate token

The Entire Music Ecosystem In One Place

Viberate cases to be the first service that covers all parts of the live music industry. The database covers musicians, booking offices, music scenes, occasion coordinators and occasions, while the user gather extends from musicians and other music experts the distance to fans and media. Generally, Viberate plans to put the whole music industry into one space.

However, Viberate claims that it’s “significantly more than only a registry”. That is because each listing is chart-positioned in view of their prominence. Combined with the use of types and area data, this makes it simple to find incredible new artists.

Blockchain-based Live Music Marketplace

Another key innovation with Viberate is that it cases to have made the first ever blockchain-based live music marketplace. Occasion coordinators can book musicians specifically through the platform – simply as we book facilities on Airbnb.

After the gig is finished, the musician can review the occasion coordinator, and the occasion coordinator can review the musician. During the booking procedure, Viberate will use blockchain technology (smart contracts) to negotiate terms and exchange payment (escrow).

On the consumer side of things, Viberate will offer occasion coordinators an opportunity to offer tickets through Viberate on a decentralized framework (by means of decentralized apps) without the use of an intermediary. Fans will likewise have the opportunity to offer tickets on the Viberate optional market.

In what manner Will Viberate Make Money?

The greater part of the above features sound incredible – but how does Viberate plan to profit? Here are a portion of the key features of the platform:

Commission On Musician Bookings:

Viberate needs to go about as a booking organization for all musicians on its framework. Instead of taking a 10 to 20% commission like a booking specialist, Viberate will charge less expensive fees. They have lower overhead expenses than booking specialists, which implies a more practical framework for all parties involved.


Not all Viberate interactions will involve commissions. However, certain different interactions will be available for buy in the type of membership bundles or in exchange for Vibe tokens.


Artists will have the capacity to uncover their profiles in different charts. They’ll set the price consequently, in light of current interest for the particular position.


The ticket industry is a multibillion dollar marketplace. Regardless of whether it’s paper tickets or electronic tickets, Viberate plans to charge a commission for each ticket sold through the framework.

Outsider Integrations:

Viberate’s explanatory substance gives insightful information to various outlets, including music media, streaming services, bigger booking organizations, and different services that could profit by music investigation. Viberate will charge a month to month cost per integrated profile, or charge a single amount to use the entire database.

viberate store

About Viberate

The thought for Viberate first shaped in March 2013 when the makers propelled a basic DJ ranking service called That site developed from a database of a couple of thousand DJs into an accumulation of more than 50,000 musicians.

In view of the accomplishment of, the company started developing the thought for Viberate in April 2015. In April 2016, they brought $560,000 up in funding. By October 2016, they propelled Viberate 1.0. In April, realizing the advantages of blockchain technology, the company enlisted a team of blockchain specialists to integrate that technology into its platform.

Viberate 2.0 was propelled in June 2017. Today, the platform has a database of more than 120,000 musicians. Viberate will dispatch occasion and setting profiles in August 2017, and after that begin their token crowdsale in September 2017. Before the finish of 2017, Viberate wants to dispatch its booking organization profiles. Prior to the finish of 2018, they want to dispatch occasion coordinator profiles, a ticket sales platform, and a business and booking platform.

Center individuals from the Viberate team include Founder and CEO Matej Gregorčič and Founder and COO Vasja Veber. Matej is a lifelong business person who established one of the greatest occasion administration organizations in the world, while Veber partnered with him to establish that office. Other key individuals from the team include Boštjan Žakelj (CTO) and Kristian Gorenc (CMO).

Viberate is situated in Slovenia, and a large portion of the company’s representatives appear to be Slovenian.

viberate features

Viberate (VIB) Route to Market Strategy

This is a genuine project and has just pulled in a considerable measure of interest from the music industry and five noteworthy exchanges including Bittrex and Binance. Plans are likewise in progress to make attention to mass VIB token reception. To make it less demanding for the early adopters, Viberate is partnering with Chaneelly to encourage the use of credit cards through the later.

In my genuine belief, the Token appears to have hit the ground. Soon, you will have the capacity to the most well known Jaxx wallet to safely get; store advertisements exchange your VIB tokens. This is a noteworthy advance for any cutting edge platform given the lively music market.

For the first 2,000 days, the Vibrate network will equally distribute 5,000 VIB tokens every day a reasonable indication of how the engineers believe later on of the coin. To get a bit of this progressive coin, you are rewarded by curating musician databases, the scene they are performing and occasion coordinators. A straightforward include or editing gives you some measure of VIB tokens

How is Viberate fairing in the Market?

Well the excursion does not appear that ruddy but rather with a novel specialty, 2018 is by all accounts the greatest year for the startup. With are market capitalization of $57,316,015, the present price per token against the USD is $ 0.635363 with a development of 58.58% (at the season of writing). The reaction, given their course to market starting today appears to be brilliant.

According to CoinMarketCap, the fluctuating development is because half of the users are either creating or promoting the platform out of their enthusiasm and love for music. One the substance designers and promoters start to get in contact with their fans through the platform, a great deal of movement will trigger the development on the platform making VIB important. This may wind up changing the music industry scene and numerous artists will progress from music being a part time occupation to full time business.

With the change of Vibrate points from current user to VIB tokens and the number increased by 6.5, the significant contributor points presently marginally remain at more than 42,000 VIN translating to more than $ 7,000 at the season of writing; this is sufficient for a single months work according to Vasja Veber.

According to PWC report the music industry has a gigantic potential and the foreseen development in 2018 is positive, the report assesses that the industry will see a development of 3-3.5% which means 26.5 billion this year alone. The gains are gigantic and early appropriation guarantees more returns.

Is Viberate (VIB) the Music Disruptor 2018 and Beyond?

Most music lovers are additionally crypto-mindful and those interested in music and cryptocurrency advances are the ones holding the way to Viberate future. It is a thriving business that has quite recently gotten another level playing ground and any one in affection with entertainment and music in particular has a platform to identify with.

There is excessively publicity around VIB and Viberate; the framework advantage users who continuously incorporate new artists, new scene and events to its database. This is turning out more like a referral framework via web-based networking media and BitcoinTalk gathering has not been deserted. This positive gathering is ready to make the network a power to figure with by making section to the music industry by upcoming artists simple and consistent.

Viberate (VIB) is charged the game changer for the music industry through taping into the cryptocurrency technology. Music sweethearts have an opportunity to development their star artists and give then something to grin about through curating their profiles and live music exercises.

viberate sign up

Viberate Conclusion

Viberate isn’t the first company that plans to upset the music industry using blockchain technology. However, Viberate is the first real project exploring the use of blockchain technology for live bookings and live music acts. Viberate has just made a registry of more than 120,000 artists.

Over the coming year, they plan to add ticket sales to the platform, an advanced money called Vibes, and different features to make it the focal of a music ecosystem.

You can learn more about Viberate today by visiting the official site at

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