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VIBE Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Vibe?

Vibe cryptocurrency which conveys ticker image of VIBE is the underlying currency of VIBEHub. The crypto depends on the ERC20 Ethereum blockchain. The platform permits ‘holoportation’ which is a technology through which a 3D constant visualization of a man who is far away can interact with you. The holoportation technology was first created by Microsoft. Vibe will give a craftsman a chance to lead a show or a speaker to show exercises in VR. Individuals will never again need to leave their houses to get to shows, addresses or meetings.

vibe homepage

Vibe cryptocurrency

Unmistakably VIBE needs to disturb the show business, training, online dating, sports et cetera by use of virtual reality and Ethereum blockchain. VIBEHub is looking to make a marketplace where virtual reality substance can be sold and bought. For the numerous transactions which will occur in the marketplace or centers, VIBE tokens will be used as the currency.

How does Vibe crypto Work?

According to the Vibe’s Whitepaper, the technology utilized in the project is the same as that used by Microsoft. VIBEHub uses unique multi-sensors stereographic cameras with a specific end goal to get HoloPresence. It is with this technology that the company can make different centers within the virtual world. VIBEHub can project culminate genuine people into multi dimensional images. More than that, the 3D images are put in their own particular tweaked conditions. Such a multi dimensional image can be as substantial as a goliath or as little as an insect. Because the platform depends on blockchain technology, users get the opportunity to appreciate one of a kind advantages, for example, transparency, secrecy, and security.

Highlights that make Vibe crypto emerge

Gives an elective reality

While VIBEHub is a digital platform, members will have the chance to achieve a huge number of watchers over the world. This will help make a virtual reality world for the a large number of sports fans, music darlings, watchers and understudies.

Confided in blockchain

The cryptocurrency depends on Ethereum blockchain which numerous fruitful cryptos depend on. It is additionally ERC20 consistent. All transactions on this platform will be directed using these tokens.

One of a kind presentation opportunity

VIBEHub has thought of a platform which enables clients to get to virtual marketplaces which convey administrations custom-made to their specific tastes and prerequisites.

Members will have the capacity to adapt their administrations

VIBEHub has planned the platform such that members can adapt their administrations using the ‘volumetric video resources’. Both AR and VR information will apply this component.

vibe use


The execution of VIBE token

2017 can be known as the year when altcoins entered the market as a group. All things considered, VIBE was one of them. In September 22nd, the price of the coin was trading at $0.02217. Similarly as it is with a considerable lot of the altcoins that mirror Bitcoin’s execution, this crypto surged in late December 2017. However, it wasn’t until January tenth that it achieved an all high price of $2.7. On February sixth when Bitcoin dropped to another 2018 low, this crypto dove to exchange at a low of $0.33. The market top remained at $89 million at that point. This was a long ways from January eleventh when market top was $413 million.

As of March nineteenth, the crypto shut the day at $0.31. This was a change over the past two days. Market top on eighteenth was simply $38 million. The tokens exchanged on that day were in the overabundance of $5 million. On nineteenth March, Coinmarketcap positioned the crypto at number 3 regarding exchanged volumes. Over $11 million tokens had been exchanged on that day.

As the crypto domain continues to develop and extend, it shocks no one that the blockchain is presently being executed for different novel advances, for example, VR. VIBEHub is a one such project that means to make a “technology platform” that has an innate ability to make Virtual marketplaces that will take into account an all new buying/selling background.

For instance, however the use of VibeHub, users will have the capacity to go to shows, and additionally encounter an extensive variety of different openings (take online exercises and so forth).

vibe platform

More About the VibeHub VIBE Platform

As specified before, VibeHub has been portrayed as the world’s “First Crypto Based Virtual/Augmented Reality Marketplace and Hub”. It is construct totally in light of the blockchain, and is hence ready to furnish users with a wide exhibit of advantages pertaining to security, transparency and so forth.

A portion of the key parts of VibeHub include:

Trusted Blockchain:

This platform will make use of a local cryptocurrency that depends on the Ethereum blockchain (i.e it will be ERC20 Compliant). These tokens will be used to lead the greater part of the financial transactions that occur within the VibeHub platform.

Alternate Reality:

VibeHub will fill in as a digital platform through which participating specialists and instructors will have the capacity to achieve a large number of watchers (by means of the use of Virtual Live Streams).

VR Monetization:

As said before, the blockchain has just observed some VR based ventures previously, but with VibeHub, content suppliers will have the capacity to adapt their administrations through the use of “volumetric video resources”. This will be pertinent for both VR and AR related information.

Unique Exposure Opportunity:

Vibehub is a standout amongst the most interesting endeavors we have run over as of late. This is because it enables clients to get to Virtual marketplaces and Hubs that convey administrations that are custom fitted precisely to one’s needs and prerequisites.

vibe holograms

Different Aspects to Consider

One Stop Shop:

The makers of this platform intend to make this into an “across the board” platform that offers users with administrations like:





Easy Payments:

Another imperative aspect of this platform is its capacity to enable distributors to get their due payments in a reasonable, convenient way. The majority of the returns that are created from the distributors content is sent specifically to the individual with no market cuts or expenses.


According to the company’s whitepaper, the administration utilizes programming projects that are reinforced through the use of secure encryption modules. Not just that, the interface is routinely reviewed and checked for any practical inconsistencies (to eliminate bugs or security bargains).

No Middlemen:

Since the platform is based within the crypto network, it can eliminate the requirement for any agents or other outsider sources. This takes into consideration secure miniaturized scale transactions, as well as empowers instant payments to anybody over the globe.

Immersive Social Experience:

In this day and age, an item should be eye-grabbing for it to be seen by clients. In this way, Vibehub accompanies an interesting UI that enables clients to express their imagination within a “virtual world and offer their encounters with different users around the world”.

vibe features

VibeHub VIBE Token Details

According to the website, the Pre-sale for Vibe is planned to keep running from August seventh to August 21st. To partake in this sale, clients should invest a minimum of 25 ETH. Following this period, the official token sale will begin. It is planned to begin on the 22nd of August and go ahead till the 21st of September.

During the crowdsale, there will be a most extreme hard top of 115,000 ETH. Additionally, once the sale time frame has finished up (or the hard top has been achieved), the tokens will be conveyed to the user on the wallet address that has been given by them.

In all, there will be an aggregate supply of 267,000,000 VIBE coins that will be made. Out of this number, 160,200,000 cons will be made accessible during the two token sale time frames. Moreover, early buyers will have the capacity to make use of different bonuses and incentives.

VibeHub VIBE Token Distribution

60% of the whole currency will be made accessible during the ICO.

15% of Vibe coins have been saved for the organizers of the company.

10% of the sum total of what tokens have been put aside for future platform development and maintenance.

The remaining 15% has been saved for special battles and additionally for the formation of an abundance.

VibeHub VIBE Fund Distribution

Half of all gathered income has been put aside for promote platform development.

30% of the funds will be used for marketing and advertising.

The remaining 20% will be used for coordinated efforts and supports.

For any further inquiries, users can write to company agents on the email address gave on the landing page.

How To Buy VIBE Tokens?

We would suggest using a set up exchange platform, for example, Binance to buy VIBE. You can either store them on the platform or pull back them and keep them in an individual wallet. If you are looking to hold for Tron (TRX) tokens longterm, at that point move them off the Binance platform. If you are new to Binance, bear on reading this article for a well ordered guide on the best way to use this trading platform.

Where To Store VIBE Tokens?

Within this guide, we will make use of the simplest and most helpful wallet for storing your Tron (TRX) coins. MyEtherWallet (which can store any coin ERC20 Tokens, including VIBE. For included security, we would emphatically propose using a hardware wallet, for example, the Trezor or the Nano s Ledger.

Sign Up To Binance Before You Add VIBE

Enter your email and a solid watchword (that you won’t overlook!) and after that Click ‘Enroll’. You will be sent an email to confirm your email address. Tap the link in the email. If you can’t see it, at that point check your spam envelope.

You will be reclaimed to Binance as your email is confirmed. Press ‘Login’. On the login shape, enter the email and secret word you simply used to join, at that point press ‘Login’.

A fly up will encourage you to set up 2FA (two-factor confirmation) for you. We unequivocally suggest you set up 2-factor approval (2FA) on your account.this second level of security makes it far-fetched they will have the capacity to get into your Binance account.

Adding Funds To Binance

Float your mouse over ‘FUNDS’ on the best menu and tap on ‘Stores Withdrawals’. This screen shows any coins which you have put away on Binance – you should store a few. I would recommend using Ethereum because of the lower sending charges. However, you can store different coins.

Select ‘Ethereum’ in the box. This will limit the wallets showed to only a couple in those, find Ethereum. Press ‘Store’ You will be given an Ethereum (ETH) store address. Ensure you have the right address. If you send a currency to the wrong address, it will be lost until the end of time. (The picture underneath indicate LTC – this is for instance purposes as it were).

2018 Analysis

For quite a while, VIBE has not been scaling admirably with a high number of TPS – Transactions-per-Second. This constrained the company to take a shot at an off-chain answer for the token. This permits the formation of instant and free miniaturized scale transactions which are especially similar to those of IOTA. This move has helped in eliminating potential scaling issues for the crypto.

vibe roadmap

Useful Links

Official Website






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