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what viabet is

What Is Viabet? is an online casino that guarantees to give a progressive new way to deal with cryptocurrency betting and shared games wagering. The casino has propelled online with the slogan that clients can “turn into the casino”.

The pre-ICO starts on November 14, 2017. 49 million VIA tokens will be accessible through the crowdsale.

The alpha variant of the Viabet platform is planned to dispatch in early 2018.

How Does It Works?

Clearly, there are a lot of web based betting platforms accessible today, and there are a developing number of blockchain-based wagering platforms too. What one of a kind highlight does Viabet convey to the table?

Viabet’s public statement guarantees that there’s “a generally perceived requirement for a framework that would give players extra motivation to bet.”

On account of that, It needs to make a framework where online players can “turn into the casino” and offer ensured chances.

It is altogether in view of a cloud domain where wagering happens through distributed transactions. Clients make transactions in VIA tokens.

At the point when a wager happens in a distributed transaction, it implies one player adequately goes about as the casino. That player is given the house chances. If the house wins, the player on that side of the wager also wins.

Keeping in mind the end goal to qualify to “wind up the casino”, players should buy and stake VIA tokens, at that point play a specific number of game adjusts as normal players. Consistent games can be played against the casino house, or against different players who have effectively qualified to “turn into the casino”.

Each time a client plays a series of any Viabet games, that client gains Edge Tokens. Edge tokens are in-platform utility tokens that can be utilized as a unit of exchange between players in the casino.

Once the player has earned a specific number of Edge tokens, he or she will wind up qualified to “end up the casino”. By then, the client can offer and open games, at that point enable different players to take the opposite side of the wager. What’s more, truly, clients get a house edge on all wagers and games.

The general objective of this platform is to convey something new to the $50 billion yearly betting industry:

“We mean to make another sort of betting knowledge. A place where the client never again needs to feel like he’s helpless in front of the casino supplier.”

At dispatch, Viabet’s casino is required to highlight distributed games wagering, poker, and other well known casino games and competitions.

The alpha arrival of the platform is planned for Q2 2018. It will be accessible through Android and iOS applications or through an online interface.

how viabet works

How To Use Viabet

Here’s the essential procedure clients will experience while wagering or taking part in the platform:

Client 1 makes a record on, at that point joins the game as the house

Client 1 makes a custom game, at that point sets the chances and different parameters inside the platform

Client 1 stakes the required number of VIA tokens, at that point “turns into the casino” and gets the house’s edge

Client 2 joins the custom game and plays a round; if that client wins, at that point client 1 is charged with the estimation of the misfortune, and client 2 gets credited with that sum; if client 1 wins, at that point client 1 gets credited with the quantity of tokens lost by client 2

It’s essential to take note of that a player can’t stay as “the casino” until the end of time. That is the place Edge tokens become possibly the most important factor. You procure Edge tokens by taking part in consistent games (where you’re not the casino). You spend Edge tokens while working as the casino.

The Viabet Crowdsale

The Viabet pre-ICO starts on November 14, 2017 at 10am PDT, and finishes on November 21, 2017 at 10am PDT.

9.8 million VIA tokens will be accessible during the pre-ICO. The pre-deal is topped at 7000 ETH. Rewards of up to 40% are accessible during the pre-deal.

The ICO is required to occur not long after the finish of the pre-ICO. An aggregate of 49 million tokens are accessible during both the pre-ICO and ICO. The crowdsale proceeds until January 7, 2018. There will be an aggregate supply of 70 million VIA tokens. That supply will never show signs of change, and no further tokens will be made. Out of the aggregate supply, 70% is distributed to ICO members and 30% is held by proprietors.

The VIA tokens are ERC20 tokens based on Ethereum.

Tokens are set at a cost of $0.34 per token (1 ETH = 1,000 VIA).

VIABET is not at all like some other wagering platform as of now accessible. While there are various platforms right now, VIABET stands out with its capacity to shift how web based betting is finished. Those behind VIABET saw the transition start as decentralized cryptocurrency casinos developed and were trailed by provably reasonable casinos with a 0 percent edge.

viabet burn

Viabet ICO

With this platform, clients can play online casino games or make their own. This enables clients to make a benefit in one of two routes: by running their own particular game or in the customary feeling of betting.

How Is It Different from Other Gambling Platforms?

The greatest difference between VIABET and other betting platforms is the capacity to make and host a casino game. This has never been done, giving it an approach to stand out from the group. This new approach fundamentally enables players to pick their own tenets and games inside the VIABET online casino. This is like customary wagering websites, for example, BetFair which was one of the principal Gambling sites which enabled consistent individuals to offer chances on wearing occasions and basically “turn into the bookie”.

Moreover, VIABET is straightforward and highlights motivating forces, giving it the possibility to totally change the business of web based betting. It uses the blockchain to guarantee reasonableness in all betting. The blockchain also enhances protection against extortion while forestalling control. It also gives verifiability since transactions are straightforward.

How Does Cloud Betting Work?

In a simplified example of cloud wagering, User A would influence a record, to join as the house, at that point make a custom game with their own particular parameters and chances inside the VIABET platform. When User A stakes enough VIA tokens, they turn into the casino, getting the house edge. Different players, similar to User B, would then be able to join User A’s custom games. If User B wins, User A (who plays as the house), will be charged the measure of the misfortune while User B is credited it. If User B loses, the opposite happens, with User B having the charge and User A accepting the credit.

How Do You Make Money with Your Own Casino Games?

It needs to be genuinely direct to understand how clients profit by means of betting; that has been continuing for a considerable length of time. For the individuals who need to make and dispatch their casino games, there are two principle alternatives.

You can settle on VIABET to finance the bankroll and exploit its showcasing nearness as an approach to advance your game. In this situation, you would get a level of the game’s benefits. The option is to bankroll the game with your own particular assets. In this situation, you get most of the cash and pay VIABET a little rate as a commission for publicizing, advancement, and facilitating. This can even give those behind the games another source of easy revenue.

For those running money games, you can decide to either get a 5 to 20 percent stake of each pot with a breaking point of $5 to $10 or gather a settled sum every half hour, $5 to $15 in light of the stakes. On account of competitions, you can either get a level of the sum for the upfront investment or pick a competition charge. An example is a 80/20 split, with 20 percent going to you.

The main expense it takes is a commission that goes to keeping up, working, and directing plays.

What Does the Double-Token System Do?

Another one of a kind element of VIABET is the Double-Token System, known as DTS. If you need to have the capacity to make your own particular casino game, you need to purchase and after that stake VIA tokens, and also play a base number of rounds of games. Along these lines, you gain Edge Tokens. As these include, you can qualify to be the casino rather than a normal player. When you achieve this capacity, you get house chances. Edge tokens are utility tokens inside the house. You can also utilize these for exchanges with different players in the cloud-based wagering platform.


The individuals who hold VIA tokens can also partake in the quarterly VIA buyback program. Each quarter, VIABET offers to purchase back as much as 10% of every holder’s tokens.

xvia token

ICO Details

The ICO presale for this platform will start on Nov. 14, with people in general ICO crowdsale beginning on Dec. 11. By means of is a cryptocurrency in light of Ethereum innovation. This cryptocurrency enables VIABET to make an independent and reasonable cloud-based wagering platform.

It has a bolted supply and constrained amounts, with no weakening. An aggregate of 70 million VIA tokens will be created. 70% will go to members in the ICO, with the other 30 percent remaining with the proprietors.

Following the crowdsale, 40 percent of the raised assets will go to the VIABET house bankroll. A further 20 percent will go to showcasing, 20 percent to improvement, 10 percent to tasks, 9 percent to legitimate, and 1 percent to bounties.

What Games Are Available?

The list of games accessible on VIABET is continually growing. For the main quarter of 2018, the objective is to have sports wagering, blackjack, roulette, and dice set up. Quarter two increases incorporate shared poker competitions and live merchant games.

What Else Is Planned?

The official site will dispatch in Q1 of 2018, alongside multi-cryptocurrency execution. At to start with, VIABET will bolster Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash. The buyback program of this program will also start this quarter.

In Q2, the alpha arrival of the VIABET Cloud Betting platform will happen. In Q3, the beta dispatch will happen, alongside additional cryptocurrencies, versatile applications, fiat portal execution, and a general extension. VIABET will also consult with other online casinos to coordinate the VIA platform.

What People Say On Reddit

There are many people who are showing their interest in this first online betting platform for cryptocurrency. However, it is offering a chance for the people to play casino games online with cryptocurrency. It is one of a kind project which will be loved by millions of people in near future.

Well, there are many people who are showing their interest in this platform to invest and earn larger profits in cryptocurrency with betting. People are showing their trust on this platform as it has a clear goal to achieve. The policy of this company is also clear to the people and this is the reason why people are showing their interest in this platform. It has a growing community on Reddit and it will also increase in future according to our research. Well, it is a wonderful venture for the people with cryptocurrencies to generate more with online betting.


In spite of the fact that VIABET may appear to be like other existing platforms initially, it is genuinely imaginative, adding a totally new layer to the universe of internet gaming. The capacity to bet in the customary sense or create and dispatch your own casino game is exceptional, giving those with a valuation for casino games various approaches to get included, have a fabulous time, and profit.


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