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Veritaseum Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Veritaseum?

“At it’s [sic] most straightforward, Veritaseum is the entryway to distributed capital markets,” the project’s site declares. The platform opens investor access to smart contracts and financial machines that enable them to deal with their investments and exchange esteems with other Veritaseum clients.

The’s platform will probably eliminate representatives, financial counsels, banks, and other go betweens from the capital markets ecosystem, and its team would effectively dismiss any names that blame Veritaseum for acting as these roles in their stead. Or maybe, they trust that Veritaseum is only a merchant of administrations, a “distributed, serverless programming” that enables its clients to act both as the purchaser and the brokers the product is replacing.

veritaseum homepage

How Does Veritaseum Work

On a fundamental level, Veritaseum offers its clients the devices and programming to participate in a distributed capital market. Using VERI, the platform’s utility token, clients can buy get to rights to the smart gets that deal with the platform’s administrations.

These items run from self-guardianship escrow administrations to financial examination/investigate data and even resource tokenization. These administrations make up the aggregate Veritaseum platform, and each can be gotten to independently from each other.

At the season of this writing, just a single item, VeADIR, has a dynamic beta.


Short for Veritaseum Autonomous Distributed Interactive Research, VeADIR is the platform’s exploration muscle. VeADIR pulls data from Veritaserum in return for VERI, and interested gatherings, in turn, can pay for these examination findings. The greater part of the findings are introduced in machine dialect calculations, however, so clients should utilize a smart contract to make an interpretation of them into a typical vernacular.

What’s more, clients can ask for data by asking VeADIR inquiries on a compensation for each inquiry premise, and this sustains the exploration models. If clients ask for examine on a certain association, VeADIR pays this association VERI for this information. On the other side, an element can request of VeADIR to be dissected and repaid in VERI, too.

VeADIR likewise makes buys in light of this exploration, for example, investing in a platform token or bothered credit. It at that point develops a “model portfolio” directed by its findings, and platform clients can in like manner buys these portfolios on an occasional premise.


To give you an once-over of how this would function, here’s a speedy illustration:

Jim Bob Cooter’s Bourbon Street Investment Group needs to place cash into an ICO, but they need thorough data on this ICO, the industry they’re trying to disturb, and other significant investor information.

Jim Bob et al at that point present a demand to VeADIR and round out a survey with the data they might want to get. VeADIR pools this information from the ICO and sends it to Veritaseum for processing.

After Veritaseum crunches the data, VeADIR recovers the finished research, and Jim Bob Cooter’s Bourbon Street Investment Group at that point pays for the information and proselytes it from machine dialect to English (or French if they’re those kind of Cajuns).


VeRent is the platform’s financial lease office. The idea here is straightforward: it’s the instrument with which clients can take an interest in distributed token transactions.

Fundamentally, you make an offer on the platform, setting the amount of a coin/token you’re listing, the price you’ll exchange for it, and the term of the offering. It’s misty the scope of offerings that VeRent will suit, but starting at now, it creates the impression that VERI, ETH and a modest bunch of ERC20 tokens are accessible on the administration.

The team denies that VeRent capacities as a trade, but to be limit, it encourages currency exchanges between clients so it’s misty (to this creator at any rate) how this goes amiss from some other trade platform.


The human partner to VeADIR, VeResearch is the platform’s exploration vehicle driven by man made modules.

With VeResearch, the Veritaseum investigation team builds investment models for any crypto resource the platform dissects. These models are intended to work couple with those worked by VeADIR, however investors will probably have the capacity to buy them independently (the site isn’t clear in the matter of how clients may approach accessing these models, however).


“VeExposure is the acknowledgment of man (VeResearch) and machine (VeADIR) working in show to drop costs and increase execution, while allowing clients to maintain authority, possession and control of their advantages (private keys),” according to Veritaseum’s site.

The greater part of that to state, VeExposure basically fills in as the application that gives clients access to the “exposures” (i.e., data) that VeADIR offers. Using the application, clients can send VERI to would exposure be able to any exploration offered on the platform.


VeManagement is Veritaseum’s portfolio administration part. The application allows clients to see the model portfolios delivered by VeResearch, allowing them to make modifications or acknowledge a portfolio by signing off on it with their private keys.


Maybe one of Veritaseum’s more eminent administrations, VeTokenization grants anybody to present another tokenized resource for the platform by creating another agreement address on the Ethereum blockchain. Clients would then be able to see and oversee tokenized resources using the item’s admin application.

With this capacity, you could hypothetically deliver a tokenized resource for anything (land, an officially sanctioned bond, valuable awards, much another cryptocurrency). Insofar as Veritaseum affirms the advantage, it can be tokenized and exchanged on the platform.

Veritaseum services

Veritaseum Team and Roadmap

Project originator Reggie Middleton is an entrepreneurial investor who has encounter advising or managing hedge funds, brokers, investors, and worldwide banks. He’s additionally a self-declared forecast of “the fall of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, GGP (second biggest US retail REIT), and the European sovereign obligation emergency in the midst of almost 100 fruitful full scale and investment calls.”

Patryk Dworznik, the project’s full stack designer, has 15+ year of programming engineering background and is in charge of creating the Veritaseum java customer. Manish Kapoor, Reggie’s correct hand man, has administration involvement in such organizations as Deloitte and S&P India.

As of this writing, Veritaseum has no unmistakable guide online, but you can stay aware of project developments on the project’s blog.

Veritaseum Trading History

As of now, VERI is positioned 57th on CoinMarketCap, its normally ranking fluctuating within the 50-60 territory.

How to Buy Veritaseum

Astonishingly, VERI’s most dynamic market is ForkDelta (in the past EtherDelta) with more than half of the coin’s 24/hr volume in ETH/VERI trading sets. You can likewise find it for BTC and ETH on HitBTC.

Where to Store Veritaseum

As an ERC20 token, VERI can be put away in any Ethereum good wallet (see the typical rundown: MyEtherWallet, Ledger Nano S, Trezor, Parity, MetaMask, and so forth.).

Step by step instructions to get a Veritaseum Wallet

In order to get a Veritaseum Wallet, you should follow the following steps:

General setup

1 – Open your Google Chrome program and setup MetaMask.

2 – As soon as you have finished your record creation, explore to the VeRent application and do verification of your dynamic record in the correct board.

3 – VeRent accompanies two key territories, the first is for token leaseholders, Get Veri Tokens, and the second is for token proprietors, Offer Veri Tokens.

What is Veritaseum dApp?

1 – The platform likewise accompanies a decentralized application (dApp) that totally eliminates the requirement for banks and stock intermediaries who hold your advantages or cash.

2 – You can exploit this dApp if you need to store every one of your offers offline and even begin trading it day in and day out as an advanced coin.

3 – The dApp is an application and it can do everything with stocks, like the exercises you have been doing with crypto coin as of not long ago.

The vast majority of the arranged endeavors of the company were at that point finished on the booked dates of 29 September 2017 and 15 October 2017. However, the remaining endeavor of a distributed OTC direct esteem trading, is slated to debut in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Veritaseum platform

What is Veritaseum VeADIR?

The company itself says that thoughts that are said to be of significant worth are veritized, changed over into Veritas sub-tokens, and went into their financial machines.

VeADIR-a novel financial machine with distinct features

VeADIR (Veritaseum Autonomous, Dynamic, Interactive Research) is in certainty a suite of around one dozen smart gets that assistance in driving programming applications, which are completely distributed and furthermore live on general society blockchain.

At display, the financial machine gloats around 2300 lines of productively composed strength code, and around 800 lines or so of GUI and in addition supporting code.

Along these lines, VeADIR functions as an interactive, advanced research vehicle, and gives presentation to its verified research subjects. It works independently from Veritaseum with regards to way and activity. That way, it can be called self-ruling and sovereign in its reality and activities.

Conclusion (and Scam Allegations)

Before we wrap this article up, I must address the obvious issue at hand: Veritaseum’s clothing rundown of trick affirmations. Simply ahead and Google “Veritaseum trick” and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Crypto fans have blamed Veritaseum for plagiarizing financial reports and Reggie Middleton of overplaying his mastery, and most all studies involve attacking the official site for being amateurish and lacking pivotal information for understanding the cosmetics of the platform.

While writing this article, the site was frustrating to pull information from. There’s no white paper, no guide, and the platform’s operational clarifications are, now and again, insensitive and vague. Presently, calling a project a trick for this might be exaggerated, as it could be the straightforward result of ineptitude or over-hyping an item. So, finished hyping won’t not be a sin, but rather it does raise doubt about the team’s intentions per the nature of their item: would they say they are trying to drain cash from unsavvy investors who are looking for quality investment exhortation just to get a substance-less report by unqualified examiners? Possibly. Buy hello, we haven’t acquired any of these administrations so we don’t know without a doubt.

One final thing. VERI has a circulating supply of ~2,000,000, but the aggregate supply is 100,000,000. Damn right that is a colossal discrepancy– a 98% difference. This contributes to VERI having one of the most reduced 24/hr trading volumes of any best 100 coin. Indeed, that and its biggest market coming from ForkDelta, but these two go as one as bigger incorporated trades haven’t recorded the currency (maybe for similar second thoughts Veritaseum commentators have raised).

Call it FUD, call it unwarranted, it’s up to the individual to choose whether these claims be foul or reasonable. Our recommendation? Do your own particular exhaustive research before deciding regardless of whether Veritaseum is appropriate for you, as there’s sufficient uncertainty here to raise some solid suspicion.

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