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Unikoin Gold Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

The worldwide eSports industry is projected to be worth over $900 million before the finish of 2018 and that figure is relied upon to reach $1.65 billion by 2020. Unikoin Gold is a cryptocurrency that expects to benefit from this hugely growing esports industry by allowing gamers to win prizes and bet on their most loved eSports teams.

Unikoin Gold is an eSports betting token used within the Unikrn sports betting ecosystem.

Unikoin Gold is the cryptocurrency used on the site which gives gamers the opportunity to take an interest in result forecast of expert eSports matches.

The site uses two tokens, Unikoin Silver (UKS) and Unikoin Gold (UKG) to reward its gamers and users.

What is Unikoin Gold?

Unikoin Gold can be used to take an interest in jackpots which are Unikrn’s method for giving players esteem, without breaking the law. There are a ton of laws and controls involved with betting and cryptocurrency, which makes it difficult for result expectation platforms to supplier users winnings in the type of fiat or cryptocurrency.

Unikrn passes out rewards, for example, video games, digital forms of money, and video game beautifiers after winning these big stakes. Skins from games like Counter-Strike and Dota 2 can be straightforwardly traded for UKG on their site.

unikoin homepage

Unikoin Silver

Unikoin Silver is a point framework constrained to the site and is given out pretty openly. A few gifts of UKS are given day by day for logging in, following Unikoin internet based life accounts, and simply playing games. Unikoin Silver can likewise be used to take an interest in big stakes, but are not as effective as UKG at increasing the chances of winning.

Unikoin Silver isn’t recorded on any exchanges, and it can not be sent on the blockchain like UKG. It’s nearby to the Unikrn site, and its solitary uses are to bet on eSports coordinates and partake in bonanzas.

Unikrn Betting

The Unikrn site allows gamers to bet on eSports matches, in games, for example, Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter-Strike and the sky is the limit from there. Pick a team, and depending on the chances, you will a get a multiplier to your UKS.

If I were to bet on Team One, and they won, I would get a 5x multiplier on my UKS used in the bet. If they were to lose, however, all entered tokens are lost.

By winning a few bets in succession, your pile of UKS will increase, allowing you to have a higher opportunity to earn prizes in big stakes. Links to watch eSports matches that you have bet on are given through the site. Parlays are likewise an alternative, which chain together different bets for multiplicative winnings.

Jackpots Explained

Below is a case of a Unikrn big stake with 25 UKG being pooled away. Keeping in mind the end goal to partake in the pool, Silver and Gold tickets can be acquired. Gold tickets are bought with UKG, and silver tickets are obtained with UKS. Gold tickets give the most obvious opportunity with regards to winning but are bought with the more profitable of the monetary forms.

unikoin jackpots

What is Unikoin Connekt?

Connekt is a method for earning UKG and UKS, by playing your most loved games.

Qualified UKG games are League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Dota. Users will likewise be rewarded for playing Rocket League, but Rocket League just rewards UKS.

Connekt users will get .5-1 UKG for a League of Legends win, which is right now around .15-.30 pennies every day. If you are playing video games in any case, it won’t not be a terrible decision to link your account.

Keeping in mind the end goal to link gaming accounts, Unikrn requires its users to make custom games that meet certain criteria or to sign in to Steam. There are no watchword security dangers while linking accounts as it is altogether done in-app.

Unikrn does not allow Unikoin Gold earned from Connekt to be conveyed to an exchange or outer wallet, just tokens won from big stakes can leave the site.

unikoin connekt

History and Team

Rahul Sood, Co-author, and CEO of Unikrn

Unikoin Gold is driven by Rahul Sood, an early pioneer at Microsoft, and exhorted by Anthony Di Lorio, an Ethereum prime supporter.

Unikoin has gotten more than 10 million dollars in investments from some huge names, for example, Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher. The Unikoin team is based out of Seattle, but likewise has workplaces in Berlin, Las Vegas, and Sydney.

Another key individual from the Unikoin Gold team is Karl Flores. Flores is the other Co-organizer and CMO.

unikoin team


Unikoin Gold was distributed through an ICO that finished on October 23, 2017. They raised around $30 million. Each Unikoin Gold token went for .00115 ETH. Members had tops of .1 ETH (min) to 962 ETH (max).

Unikoin Gold is the new ERC20 token that has been incorporated into the Unikrn platform for authorized, legitimate betting on eSports competitions and matches. It offers a reward and incentivization structure for teams, individual players, and members on eSports. It additionally gives section to the most recent variant of the onlooker betting framework on the Unikrn platform.

This platform runs a completely authorized and controlled network for eSports betting that allows its worldwide base of users to bet lawfully from any piece of the world using Unikoins. It likewise offers real cash wagering choices for the Isle of Man and Australia with a few different wards. Unikrn has banded together with Tabcorp to give account verification and against illegal tax avoidance initiatives to keep the platform secure for all gatherings involved.

Unikoins Vs Unikoin Gold

In spite of the fact that the platform has been operational for a considerable period, the past model just used Unikoins, which were just useful within the Unikrn ecosystem. Unikoins were an awesome advantage for this concentrated ecosystem and allowed the network’s worldwide base of members to appreciate matches and put down bets on them.

The introduction of UnikoinGold extends the extent of the project as it offers higher usefulness for this framework. The new token enhances the idea because betting controls constrained the use of the past token. The new token can be used anyplace within the crypto circle and even past.

Notwithstanding UnikoinGold, the platform is additionally set to dispatch UnikoinSilver, which will fill in as a substitution for Unikoins. Like its ancestor, this token won’t be pulled back from the ecosystem but will fill in as a medium of exchange.

The Unikrn Economic Model

Users have various chances to profit from their support on this platform. Aside from placing bets on rivalries, they can likewise exchange Unikoins for pool tickets on the internal market and stand a shot of winning rewards.

Unikrn eSportsbook is famous for offering an uncommonly wide extent of gambling markets on genius eSports competitions and matches everywhere throughout the world. It is set to incorporate expertise based betting sooner rather than later to appeal to a more extensive crowd.

Boundless Gaming Options

Unikrn is looking to dispatch selective jackpot rooms that users might have the capacity to get to using golden section tickets that they can buy using Unikoin Gold. Premium platform individuals will have the opportunity to play video games and get an opportunity to win tokens. They will likewise approach restrictive wallets on the platform that will allow for speedier, feeless transactions.

This innovative gaming platform has the distinct favorable position of incorporating the advantages of blockchain technology into an effectively operational model with a worldwide fan base. The execution of the technology depends on a real use-case for the ERC-20 standard tokens following solicitations by users to add utility to the past token.

Unikrn as of now offers gamers and sports aficionados a protected and legitimate platform to hang out, put bets and have a great time. With the mechanical and auxiliary changes that are continuously taking shape, things can just show signs of improvement.

Mechanically Advanced Platform

Unikrn’s wagering platform is the most developed for eSports. It includes both aptitude based and observer betting items. The platform offers real cash wagering as high as $250 in the UK, Ireland, and Australia as it were. eSports fans in the United States can just play using Unikoins, a licensed virtual cash made by Unikrn.

As this type of gambling isn’t legitimate in the US, Unikrn can in any case take into account users that put down bets on eSports matches without using fiat cash. However, because Unikoin is a cryptocurrency does not imply that it isn’t real cash, and it holds fiscal esteem. Subsequently, eSports betting is the same using Unikoins then it would use USD, from a gambling dangers and rewards point of view.

unikoin origin

Match Listing And Raffles

Their platform categorizes Matches and Raffles in a perfect and clear way, listing well known video games, for example,

League of Legends

Counter Strike



Rocket League

Starcraft 2


Matches are appeared in 50-listing increments with current standing and measure of bets. Video game matches are gushed live in high definition and are sequentially recorded for simple hunt. Users may likewise see past outcomes in light of date, occasion time, occasion title, and subtle elements of the match’s result. You can likewise channel your ventures depending on the required information.

How To Store UKG

Unikoin Gold is an ERC20 token, which implies it can be put away on MyEtherWallet or the Ledger Nano S. The Unikrn betting site likewise has a worked in web wallet, that can store any measure of UKG. Unikoin Silver is just ready to be put away on the Unikrn site.

How To Buy UKG

Unikoin Gold can be obtained on exchanges like Kucoin, but can likewise be earned for nothing by playing games. It is likewise available on the decentralized exchanges (DEXs) Idex and Etherdelta.

Unikoin Community

The Unikoin Reddit community is still generally little, with around 1,000 users. To remain fully informed regarding the project, follow the official Twitch and Twitter. To energize community development, Unikoin Twitter and Twitch followers are rewarded 10 Unikoin Silver each multi day.


As the platform develops and it pulls in more users, it is conceivable that the interest for Unikoin Gold may increase, but the accomplishment of the platform relies upon what number of gamers consideration they can catch.

There are no famous fantasy game or betting sites like Draftkings or Fanduel for eSports yet. Unikrn is pioneering the eSports fantasy game industry and may see more extensive selection later on.

To learn more about Unikoin Gold and Unikoin Silver like current occasions, internet based life profiles and the sky is the limit from there, look at our Unikoin Gold coin profile.

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