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Unibright: The Next Blockchain Visual Interface

Unibright is the new entry in the cryptocurrency bandwagon. It has the power to help you get the best streamlined visual interface integrating your business work to reach the next level. Unibright has a goal in the mindset which needs to be achieved. The investors are a road map to help the company achieve what it plans. Unibright has a combination of cross blockchain and cross systems connection which can help to provide a full stack of components and give a more crisp and robust information to improve the productivity and efficiency.

Unibright review

What is Unibright?

Unibright is a framework which allows users to utilize the templates and customize them to get different business cases in the process. It can include multi-party approval or asset life cycles or shipping processes and monitoring the invoices to get the best out of it. It is a simple process for users who do not have any information about the blockchain and can customize the workflow to get the information and bridge the gap among the system and users. This framework has 4 different tools which can be used to make the business flourish. Let us look at them in detail.

Unibrige structure of ICO

Workflow Designer for UB

Everyone has a different approach to get the visual interface so that it becomes easy for them to navigate. This has got nothing to do with the user being able to connect mentally with blockchain or not. It is a pure integration of workflows which can be designed as per your convenience.

UB Explorer

It works on the smart contracts which help you to choose data from any of the ongoing processes and make the most of it.

Contract Lifecycle Manager for UB

You can make changes in the already available blockchain interface and change its lifecycle to get it into a new format and get it working as per your desires.

UB Connector

This tool allows the IT systems to utilize the on/offchain with Unibright smart contracts to help in the integration of cross chain and cross system workflows for better future. The most dependable and important piece in UB Connector is the SmartAdapter which helps you to connect well with all the technical details to connect with the ERP system or a blockchain. It has a dynamic approach so that you can enable vast array of possibilities for integration.

Unibright – What issue it solves?

There are many problems and issues faced by the businesses which should be solved within timeframe else the result would be a huge loss. The developers of blockchain are expensive and rare in availability. This is the reason they are hired less to save the cost. Unibright has the option to save such expenditure and give you a customized solution for all your problems.

You cannot deploy smart contracts to different blockchains as it is a tedious and time-consuming activity. But this is easily approachable and possible in Unibright. There is a lot of data available with the company to give it to the users for a further analysis. But this data is not passed on to the users in the way it should be used. This issue is solved by Unibright and they prove it at every step. The blockchain need to be incorporated into systems that are being used currently and this is only possible with Unibright.

Smart contracts help you to control the flow of production and integrates it into ERP system which it has. This would give you a platform for the user to connect using blockchain business model for business integration in Unibright. The main ask from a business integration model is that it should be dependable in a business so that a lot can be achieved from it. Unibright is the most transparent public blockchains of all which can be viewed by all participants. It can exchange information between two parties without being vulnerable. The cost of the transaction is very less as compared to any blockchain interactions done so far.

what is unibright

Unibright ICO

ICO is an Initial Coin Offering which helps the investors to make an investment in cryptocurrency upon its launch. But before the ICO there is a token sale which helps the initial investors to get their hands on the lucrative benefits which would happen as and when the investment goes live. The Unibright framework is here to empower 150 million tokens of Unibright. The Unibright token is the ticket to register the smart contracts so that it can be queried, maintained and published at the need of the hour. If you have purchased the tokens then you would have access to the SmartAdapters and integrate the ERP systems accordingly.

Unibrige structure of ICO

Token Sale

The start of the token sale for Unibright would be on 20th April 2018 and would end on 20th May 2018 at 1 PM UTC time. This could end even sooner if the tokens are sold completely. This activity would be managed by Ambisafe financial services. It is one of the leading blockchain services globally and helps in Initial Coin Offerings as well for various companies. It has a great track record of more than 15 token sales successfully and the participant list was not less than 55,000.

The token sale has detailed process which would ensure smooth running of the sale proceeds. As the token sale would start it would be sold to as many users available and interested. Once the date has crossed, the unsold tokens would be burnt. So far, the token sale had happened to almost 100 million with a price of 1 UBT at 0.14 USD. You can buy the Unibright tokens using ETH and BTC and other currencies as well.

Unibright Token sold

Token Bonus

The Unibright token bonus is at 10% for first quarter of tokens. The second quarter would see 5% bonus whereas the remainder of the tokens would have no bonus share linked to the investment. A referral link would be shared with the participants and they can share it with potential investors. Once the link is used for purchase, the person providing the link would be transferred 5% bonus into their wallet as a referral bonus.

Token Distribution

The distribution of tokens would happen with 67% in public offerings and 9% to early investors. 6% would be for the team and would be locked for about 12 months until they can use it. Cold storage liquidity reserve is 12% and the token sale and legal expenses is at 6%.

The distribution would be at 50% for the platform development. 20% would be used for template generation. PR and marketing shall be at 15% and the same would be for partnership in industry and other uses. There are certain rules and regulations that are laid for the smooth functioning and trust factors of the investors. These rules should be followed always without any biasness.

Unibright Token

Is Unibright Safe?

Unibright has many legal implications which make it a safe investment. There are many interface issues which are faced by the users. But with the issues and risk comes a great benefit listing which will help the investors grow in scope. It can be a possibility that onboarding new systems would take time and be slow in nature. This is when you would need partnerships to quicken the process to prove it to be successful. A large cost can be saved when you integrate the new systems on the already existing ERP systems. It is a smooth process where the Unibright framework can be followed.

Who is Behind Unibright?

Every idea needs a brain and the brain behind Unibright is from the founding team. The core team consists of seven members who have in depth knowledge and come with a vision to make Unibright what it is. Marten Jung, Stefan Schmidt, Ingo Sterzinger, Dr. Thomas Schmidt, Fabian Schlarb, Daniel Benkenstein and Bastian Emig are the face of Unibright who have made it come so far defeating all the odds from the field. Each member comes with a unique value and expertise which makes Unibright one of the most sought-after investments in cryptocurrency.

Unibright Team

Where to Buy?

The token sale for Unibright was available on the website and unfortunately it is now over. The reason for the token sale to be over is that all 150 million tokens were sold beforehand. The next steps to the post token sale would be shared soon. You also would need to know the details of the wallet it would be stored in. Wallet is a place where such digital currency is stored to ensure it is safe and secure. If you do so then your currency investment would be safe and can be exchanged later with other cryptocurrency or for USD value for the number of tokens held.

The mission of Unibright is to offer a great unified framework for integrated business based out of blockchain. It is a promise made to the business entities to get the best blockchain technology usage in the business environment so that it benefits everyone. It is always a challenge to change a running system as it has many apprehensions which the business owners have Shedding such apprehensions comes ahead the Unibright framework which can give you a new vision for your business. It is not necessary that if a system is running right it would not have shortfalls. But it should be taken as a positive attitude so that new changes can take place and make a new business environment. Business users always need to change the business outcome so that a new avenue can be explored and checked for profits if any.

Your interface can be a good source for exchange of messages so that your participants can benefit out of all the practices followed by you. The process is technology driven making it robust to be safe for all investors.

Cryptocurrency was always the approach for investors to make it big. But with the new methods in place, cryptocurrency has changed the way it is looked at. The team at Unibright has a track record of successful designing to launch the existing product range so that the capability of ERP designing can flourish in the market. The blockchain technology has a dynamic nature and keeps on evolving itself. This model has ensured that any change in the future would be adaptable with ease for better functioning of the business. Careful detailing has made Unibright as a product robust and given it the success it requires. It has a cutting-edge technology that will help big multinationals to deal with the right source and get the process streamlined. Current stage involves the people to convince the users to buy blockchain technology for their business so that it can reach the goal.

unibright roadmap


If you are new to ICO or cryptocurrency then you should consider an investment advisor who would ensure that you can be safe and secure with your investment. So far, the countries that are excluded from the token sale are US and China. Unibright is a great concept with stability in the mind of the investor so that you and your business can flourish well. The main idea is to keep the ball rolling so that you can focus on betterment of the product. There is fierce competition in everything that you do and therefore, analysis along with right timing is as important as doing things ethically is. You can also look at the reviews online which can help you to know what is right in terms of investment in Unibright. If you are convinced, only then invest, else wait and watch how the investment is performing. Unibright is a concept which would need time and dedication to get the right level of results. It is also important to keep on conversing with the analysts so that you can know the key updates and make use of it in your investment strategy. Any investment is not a onetime activity as it needs to be monitored so that you can benefit from it in all aspects. Unibright is the future of cryptocurrency and you should look at investment into it.

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