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What Is Ubiq?

Ubiq Coin Review

Ubiq is a decentralized platform that encourages the creation and usage of smart contracts and decentralized applications. Find out everything you have to know about Ubiq today.

ubiq homepage

What Is Ubiq?

Ubiq is where engineers can make and execute blockchain applications – including applications that use smart contracts. Essentially, Ubiq is a blockchain based on an enhanced variant of the Ethereum codebase.

This blockchain, as other blockchain, works like a huge, comprehensively distributed record and supercomputer. Designers can utilize the blockchain to make decentralized and mechanized answers for a large number of tasks.

Keeping in mind the end goal to get to the Ubiq platform, you’ll have to download the Fusion Wallet. However, you can likewise get to the platform through a summon line interface accessible on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Both the work area wallet and order line are accessible as a free download from

The team behind Ubiq is marketing their blockchain for big business applications. They claim to be focused on providing “the most steady, adaptable, and sans bug platform accessible for the improvement of big business applications.” The group has a profound foundation in blockchain technology and financial administrations.

There’s additionally a Ubiq coin (UBQ) that has been rising in an incentive in the course of recent months. You can see details for the Ubiq network on their site.

What Is The Fusion Wallet?

The Fusion Wallet brings together the greater part of your records, resources, and application interfaces into one secure interface. The wallet features the majority of the apparatuses you have to compose and convey your own smart contracts and tokens.

The Fusion Wallet is accessible on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

The Ubiq Coin

Ubiq has discharged its own token called the UBQ. The coin is exchanged on exchanges like Bittrex and Cryptopia. It as of now has a market top of around $74,876,492, or around 27,000 BTC.

Ubiq’s fiscal arrangement involves square rewards that begin at 8 and diminishing by 1 yearly until the point when they achieve a minimum of 1 UBQ per piece.

What Makes The Ubiq Platform Different?

Ubiq was the primary Ethereum fork that realized agreement level changes in the type of fresh out of the box new code. A portion of the one of a kind features of the platform include:

Transition Difficulty Algorithm

This is one of the key innovations of the Ubiq network. Other Ethereum forks have been assaulted because they didn’t have a sufficient difficulty calculation that could progressively change in accordance with hash rate. Ubiq takes care of that issue with its motion difficulty calculation. The calculation takes into consideration difficulty retargeting with each piece.

Exponentially Subjective Scoring

Exponentially subjective scoring is a discretionary banner for administrations like exchanges and pools to determine during any unfriendly network conditions including forks. Ubiq’s engineers guarantee that this insurance exponentially diminishes the window during which a twofold spends can occur. This additionally gives consistent accord of hubs on the “longest” chain.

ubiq smart contracts

Specialized Details Of Ubiq

Here are a portion of the specialized points of interest behind Ubiq’s platform:

  • Algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto
  • Block Reward: 8 decreasing by 1 yearly until 1 UBQ per piece
  • Block Target: 88 seconds
  • HTTP RPC server port: 8588
  • Websocket RPC server port: 8589
  • Network listening port: 30388
  • Network ID: 88
  • Chain ID: 8 (EIP 155 Replay Attack Protection agreeable)
  • Reduced rewards for included Uncle pieces
  • Forked from the most recent Geth 1.5 containing all the most recent EIPs

Who’s Behind Ubiq?

Ubiq was made by Julian Yap, Luke Williams, and Kris Hansen. Julian is knowledgeable about blockchain technology and contributed to significant industry ventures like Bittrex (more than 100 coin code audits), Blocktech, and Decred.

Luke is notable within the blockchain team for creating things like Iquidus Explorer, a blockchain look apparatus utilized by various records in the industry. Kris, then again, is a set up designer crosswise over numerous ages of internet technology.

The designers discharged the Ubiq platform in January 2017. Preceding January, the company’s platform was based on the Jumbucks blockchain. In January, they changed to the new Ethereum-based Ubiq blockchain.

Ethereum Hard Fork

A lot of Ubiq’s code is indistinguishable to the code behind Ethereum. It’s a hard fork of rendition 1.5.8. While there are a couple of key changes and alters, including the expulsion of references to the DAO, generally Ubiq is an Ethereum clone.

Where Ethereum has the ETH token, Ubiq has UBQ. Clients pay contract gas and transactions expenses in UBQ, and they can likewise utilize it as an exchange of significant worth. TheEthereum Virtual Machine works similarly on Ubiq. You compose the agreement in Solidity and execute it in a comparable way to Ethereum.

Ubiq additionally uses its own particular adaptation of prevalent Ethereum wallets and different instruments. The favorable position is Ubiq has not developed to the size or prominence of Ethereum, so its gas and charges are requests of extent lower than Ethereum’s right now. You can execute all indistinguishable applications on Ubiq from you can on Ethereum, but for considerably less expensive.

Obviously, the same could be said for Ethereum Classic, the original hard fork of Ethereum after the DAO assault. However, Ubiq has differentiated itself in a couple of different courses also.

Worked for Enterprise Stability

The center of the Ubiq venture is providing a steady, unsurprising blockchain to have an Ethereum Virtual Machine. This consistency is essential for businesses. Since Ethereum is under consistent improvement and has numerous forks in its upcoming guide, numerous businesses are reluctant to work on an evolving platform.

Ubiq’s designers insist on a solid platform. The blockchain shouldn’t have sudden changes that influence the way it functions. Clients in finance and undertaking can rest easily knowing that any change to the Ubiq blockchain will be pre-arranged, group drove, and bug free before reaching production. This mitigates a considerable measure of administration, hazard, and consistence worries that organizations have with blockchain at the present time.

Ubiq conducts broad research on the blockchain ecosystem, looking for the most stable advancements at present accessible. They altogether test each new thought and troubleshoot it totally before it’s additional as a refresh to the blockchain.

The emphasis on soundness is excellent and required in the quick changing blockchain space. However, hitherto, Ubiq has not seen much significant appropriation from big business applications. Moreover, its network is still as of now too little to ever be viewed as exceptionally secure. Therefore, ventures considering the change to Ubiq would exchange one mechanical hazard for another.

Network Stats

Ubiq’s normal hashrate lounges around 350-400 GH/s. That makes it a genuinely little network. For correlation, Ethereum’s normal hashrate is around 240,000 GH/s.

By and large, a miner finds another Ubiq hinder like clockwork. Transaction times are brisk on the network, with comes about showing up in seconds and confirming rapidly with a quick blocktime. Obviously, this is the case because Ubiq has a genuinely low transaction volume. When I checked today, Ubiq had a few pieces in the previous ten minutes without any transactions by any stretch of the imagination. Every one of the squares had less than ten transactions.

The mining reward is 7 UBQ for a fruitful piece. This reductions consistently. However, Ubiq’s cash supply is uncapped. This differs from the money related approach of generally cryptocurrencies. Instead, Ubiq executes a predictable inflation rate for currency production. The rate started at 7.3% for every square but it will continuously diminish down to 0.7% throughout the following eight years.

The advantage of an inflation-based model is there will dependably be a reward for mining. With different cryptocurrencies, when they achieve the hard top of tokens, miners will swing to an expense just income display. Miners will profit off expenses, and there will be a solid incentive to charge higher expenses on the network. Purchase leaving the cash supply uncapped, Ubiq ensures miners that there will dependably be a system-created mining reward.

ubiq stats


One region where Ubiq actualizes fresh out of the plastic new code special to the Ubiq platform is difficulty alteration. As miners enter and leave the network, processing power vacillates. On occasion the difficulty level might be too simple, and the square time will dip under the 88 second target piece time. Different circumstances, the difficulty might be too hard and the piece time will back off recent seconds.

There are numerous difficulty change calculations in blockchain for solving this issue. However, some work superior to others. They can make a great deal of instability in square time. Ubiq’s Flux Difficulty Algorithm tries to smooth out the unpredictability. Up until now, it has been effective in network tests.

Above, you can see the initial 10,000 squares of Ubiq. Plainly, there are three kinds of examples in the diagram. The first is the original calculation ported over from Digibyte. You can see a great deal of unpredictability. Second, is a modified form of the Digibyte calculation. Finally, the third area is the new Flux Difficulty Algorithm.

Uncle Blocks

Here and there two miners find a piece at near a similar time, before they can find out about each other. The miner who finished first is the winner. The square the second miner made is called an “uncle hinder.” It’s actually legitimate, but, at any rate on most blockchains, it gets stranded because it wasn’t first.

The primary miner to finish wins the pieces remunerate, but the miner of an uncle square likewise gets a reward. On Ubiq, this reward is half of the piece remunerate. However, once another square is discovered, somebody can never again make an uncle hinder on the more established piece.

Ubiq likewise executes an incentive for miners to incorporate legitimate uncle transactions into the new square. A mine who incorporates a stranded uncle piece gets the 1/32 of the present square reward.

Ubiq Technologies Team

There was no token sale toward the beginning of the Ubiq venture, so there’s no official improvement spending plan. Everything is open source and group driven. The founding group needed to buy UBQ the same as any investor.

Also, the founding group began a privately owned business, Ubiq Technologies Inc., to fill in as a funding vehicle for future platform advancement. The company gives consulting and organizations to big business businesses to begin with blockchain.

Julian Yap drives the Ubiq group. He dealt with ventures with Bittrex, Blocktech, and Decred preceding starting on Ubiq. His formal training is as a systems engineer. The remaining colleagues are for the most part designers with different involvement in blockchain technology and software improvement.

Ubiq Token (UBQ)

The UBQ token started with the exchange of significant worth from an existing token, Jumbucks (JBS). That token is presently deplored, and UBQ considered adjusts and transaction history. Jumbucks originally kept running on a proof-of-stake independent blockchain. UBQ keeps running on the Ethereum Virtual Machine that depends on the Ubiq blockchain.

UBQ had no ICO or premine. The engineers trust this was the best decision for creating a genuine, group drove platform. They additionally stay away from the administrative obstacles related with raising assets through a token sale.

How to Buy Ubiq (UBQ)

If you need to purchase UBQ, you’ll have to possess Bitcoin first. There is no fiat door of UBQ, and Bitcoin is the most grounded trading pair accessible to buy UBQ.

90% of all UBQ orders happen on Bittrex. That is most likely the least demanding place to purchase UBQ once you claim BTC. UBQ/BTC is the main trading pair accessible on Bittrex.

Cryptopia likewise offers UBQ in trading sets with BTC, LTC, and DOGE. However, the volume on LTC and DOGE is negligible to the point that you’d be fortunate to get a request through at a reasonable price for one of those currencies. Stick to BTC.

Where To Buy Ubiq Coins?

If you are wondering about where to buy Ubiq Coins then here are few exchanges:

Coinbase – Check Review Here

Coinbase is the oldest cryptocurrency exchange working in U.S. However, it is one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptopia – Check Review Here

Cryptopia is an exchange based in New Zealand. However, it is not just an exchange as well as online shop where you can buy stuff for BTC.

Binance – Check Review Here

Binance is a company which is based in China and it was launched back in the middle of 2017. It is a safe platform and charges very low fees.

HitBTC – Check Review Here

HitBTC was launched back in 2014. This platform also supports a lot of coins. However, it is an ideal platform for arbitrage opportunities.

How to Store Ubiq (UBQ)

UBQ utilizes its own particular variant of prevalent Ethereum wallets.

  • Pyrus is UBQ’s web wallet. It’s a fork of MyEtherWallet and works similarly.
  • Fusion is the GUI work area wallet. It’s a fork of Ethereum’s Mist wallet.
  • The Ledger Nano S likewise underpins UBQ, making it an awesome hardware alternative.


Ubiq’s platform offers a few innovations over the Ethereum blockchain and other Ethereum forks. The UBQ currency has gained a great deal of ground in the course of recent months, and it’s looking like it will stick around. Stay tuned for more information about Ubiq as the platform continues to take off.


Ubiq Website –

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