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TravelFlex Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

We will review a decentralized social travel network called Travelflex today.

What Is TravelFlex?

Travelflex is a blockchain company which has chosen to go into the travel industry to accommodate its users a decentralized answer for individuals who need to travel and needs to have a solid cryptocurrency choice.

The company puts stock in the pattern that the travel industry is going to continuously enhance the manners in which that individuals can pay for goods and services outside of their nations. With the development of traveling, individuals ceased to use money and began to use traveler checks, at that point credit cards and they will in the long run begin to use cryptographic forms of money. The company needs to be a piece of this possibility to improve things.

Travelflex intends to fathom the versatility issues of different digital currencies by using another algorithm situated in the DAG technology. With the speed of 1 block for each second, Travelflex will be a proof of work cash.

While Bitcoin can make 3 to 4 transactions for each second, Ethereum can complete 20 and Paypal can get the opportunity to even 193, Travelflex claims that its network will have the capacity to process 1200 to 1400 transactions for every second, which is relatively staggering.

traveflex homepage

TravelFlex Social Travel Crypto Payment Network Features

Beside traveling, you will have the capacity to use Travelflex tokens for anything that you wish. The company’s platform is mainly focused on traveling, but the digital forms of money will be independent and you will have the capacity to use them to buy whatever you need.

This company has quick transactions, an immediate channel for day in and day out help on its platform (which is decentralized and the company expresses that it is 100% secure). It uses mobile hubs and an ASIC safe mining proof of work framework.

Additionally, by using this company, you can use its escrow service, the physical Travelflex card which you can use as a check card or to take cash at ATMs. You can mine your very own cryptocurrency and does not require an outer wallet (except if you need to) because the company will offer you one.

You can visit and include companions the platform and even find these individuals when you are traveling far and wide using the close field correspondence framework created by the company.

What is it and for what reason would it be advisable for me to use it?

Travelflex is another cryptocurrency that is aiming to comprehend the versatility issues that different coins like Bitcoin are facing right now. By using a total new DAG based algorithm Travelflex isn’t only a straightforward clone or a token.

The block speed, for instance, is 1 block for each second, contrasted with 1 block for each 10 min for Bitcoin. It will be a real Proof-of-Work (POW) coin that can be mined and keeps running individually network not at all like 90% of all the others coins.

Try not to be confused by the name Travelflex since the coins can be used for nearly anything payment related, not simply traveling.

Market Position

VISA can deal with by and large around 1,700 transactions for every second (tps), consider it a day by day top rate of 4,000 tps. PayPal, conversely, took care of around 10 million transactions for each day for a normal of 115 tps in late 2014. Today the Bitcoin network is confined to a sustained rate of 7 tps due to the bitcoin protocol restricting block sizes to 1MB.

As of late with enhancements, how about we imagine the blocksize multiplied to 2MB, so the rate likewise multiplied to 14 tps.

Bitcoin – 3 to 4 transactions for each second for 1MB, 6 to 8 tps for 2MB (Cost= 2-10 USD+) for 1MB Ethereum – 20 transactions for every second (Cost= 0.01-0.1 USD+) Paypal – 193 transactions for each second normal Iota 500 to 800 transactions for each second all things considered

Travelflex (TRF) – 1200 to 1400 transactions for each second and this will get quicker with more users. Cost of fees is zero!

traveflex steps


Travelflex is a cryptocurrency that has points of interest to different coins like Bitcoin, in terms of adaptability, by using a DAG-based algorithm. This coin can be mined and has its own network. Despite the fact that the initial motivation behind the coin is to be used by incessant travelers, it can likewise be used as a payment for any goods and services. While the Bitcoin network can deal with 3 to 4 transactions for each second for 1 MB, Travelflex can process 1,200 to 1,400 transactions for every second, and this number can even be increased when more users join the network. Travelflex coins can be mined with GPU and, in the closest future, even with a mobile application. This app will likewise have social capacities, including a talk, a companion list, and a feature of discovering other Travelflex users.

This is the means by which Travelflex works:

Buyer and dealer consent to the normal terms, including the price, shipping, and so forth.

The buyer sends TRF coins to Travelflex and its Escrow services

The vendor, in his turn, sends the goods or gets together with the buyer.

The buyer acknowledges or declines the goods or services.

The TRF coins are exchanged to the vendor’s account.

travelflex features


To a great degree quick transactions and a legitimate block estimate (0.5 TRF for each second)

Physical Travelflex card

Informal organization with a safe p2p talk and companion list

Close Field Communication (NFC)

Proof-of-Work (POW) coin

GPU mining (ASIC safe)

Escrow service

Gifts to philanthropies

every minute of every day bolster

Current printable Travelflex checks

Mobile hubs to keep the network decentralized and quicker.

travelflex card


Travelflex is aiming to use the funds pulled in during the ICO for the help of the mobile app, development of the new algorithm and physical cards, inclusion of the legitimate and limited time issues, and wages. The diagram below gives a definite information on the funds’ distribution.

Travelflex Coin Roadmap

Q4 2016

The initial thought flew up in the visionary mind of the author. The making of another cryptocurrency and related anchored services and devoted to the travel industry, forced itself as a problematic and haunting thought.

Q1 2017

Two cryptocurrency devotees joined the originator and started setting up a team behind the Travelflex idea.

Q2 2017

An initial team had been assembled for the project and the idea was being outlined. Specialists began to build up a beta adaptation of the mobile application on both Android and iOS platform. The talk work was being tried and refreshed until the point when it succesfully worked.

Q3 2017

The choice to base the company in Hong Kong was made. To be in the core of a standout amongst the most powerful markets in Asia-Pacific. Lawful issues and financial transactions are being anchored. The Travelflex logo and trademark are registered.

Q4 2017

Travelflex is setting up for the Initial Coin Offering. Final testing of the beta adaptation of the mobile application is finished. The live visit team is prepared to answer every one of your inquiries.

travelflex roadmap

Overall launching of the Travelflex Initial Coin Offering. There will be 95,000,000 coins available to be purchased, 5,000,000 coins will go to the Travelflex Bounty program. Unsold coins will be singed with proof of burning.

Q1 2018

Mining the TRF coin begins. The development of Travelflex checks and cards is still in advancement. Travelflex will list TRF on every real exchange for trading purposes.

Q2 2018

Printable checks are available. Foundation of organizations with pioneers in the travel industries, to allow the Travelflex community to use their TRF in their transactions through booking services, airline organizations and hotelchains.

Q3 2018

The Travelflex card is released and usable at ATMs. Reliability programs are being created. Organizations with GDS industries will be initiated to allow more users to profit by Travelflex services.

Q4 2018

The Travelflex card ought to work as planned and will be acknowledged at an ever increasing number of points.

Who Is Behind TravelFlex?

Travelflex is controlled by Peter Hoogslag (CEO), which was the originator of the company. He has been involved with cryptocurrency since 2009 and has been mining Bitcoin since 2011 and is a cryptocurrency master. Bing Hayashi is the head of engineering with a foundation in back-end programming and blockchain technology.

The finances are overseen by Marcel Hoogslag, a specialist in managing the financial resources of pharmaceutical organizations everywhere throughout the world. Yosui Kitahara is the center engineer and leads the development team.

The company is likewise looking for representatives as of now, so get in touch with them if you may be interested in the employments of programming engineer of CryptoPayments, ranking staff accountant, senior program manager, item manager of digital security and office manager.

travelflex team

How To Buy TRF?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy TRF. Well, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy TRF. First of all, you will need to find exchanges where you will be able to buy TRF. At the moment, you can make use of exchanges like CoinBene and BTC-Alpha to buy TRF.

TravelFlex TRF Conclusion

There are numerous cryptocurrency organizations focused on the travel industry, but Travelflex have gotten its work done and it appears to be an alluring company because it has an accomplished team and is quick. With 1200 to 1400 transactions for each second, this can turn into a major player in the cryptocurrency market, so it deserving of paying some consideration.

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