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Is A Good Investment? is a Swiss company that needs to upset the exchange trading system, through a decentralized, traceable, straightforward platform, that empowers its clients to exchange through the blockchain. The platform in the long run needs to empower clients to exchange both computerized, and physical resources, for example, cryptocurrencies, valuable metals, oil, and different products.

What is

The group has a long history of working on trading. The consultants of have established effective financier firms, for example, FXPRIMUS, and Primus Capital Markets UK. The previous began 9 years prior, and is a managed remote exchange and CFD trading platform with over $180B worth of transactions exchanged every year.

At the season of writing, is going through their Pre-ICO. The company is looking to bring 200,000M ETH up in exchange of 200M TIO (their Trade Tokens), or generally $100M USD. Unsold tokens from the Pre-ICO + 75M more TIO tokens will be added to the ICO, planned December fifth for an aggregate conceivable estimation of over $100M USD.

Note: The company’s White Paper concedes a ton from the numbers on their site. After an interview we verified that the site numbers are the most advance and exact as far as token pricing and amount.

The Idea is introduced in the white paper as a replacement trading platform for the existing system. It expects to be more effective and straightforward by leveraging a decentralized network, for example, the blockchain.

The system is building a common liquidity pool, where clients can invest their advantages through their participation (by the utilization of the token), will consequently, share half of the profits created through this pool, but will likewise share the misfortunes. Joining this network requires the client to claim 2,500 TIO Trade Tokens (approx $875 USD pre-ICO or $1200 USD post-ICO).

The company is looking to furnish new companies with various investments and trading alternatives, including the likelihood of enabling organizations to ICO and IPO through the platform. There is little information about how the company will deal with commissions got from those exercises, or what the present status is, in the accreditation to empower IPOs or ICOs to occur through the platform.

The company is looking to give different trading and investing features, including:

Trading: Their trading token goes about as a participation to utilize the trading platform, keeping in mind the end goal to exchange, a client needs to hold 2,500 Trade Tokens

Liquidity Pool: Wins and misfortunes from the trading exercises are shared among merchants

Investment Banking: The platform will invest for the clients and distributes wins and misfortunes at half

Day by day Distributions: Every day the platform will distribute the aftereffects of its investment among the clients holding a participation

Consistence: The company cases to be (or will be) agreeable with securities guidelines, and directions in numerous locales, and in addition Know Your Customer, and Anti cash Laundry controls

There is at present not a great deal of information regarding how the profits will be produced in any case. The company will likewise have the capacity to exchange physical resources by virtualizing them on the network through their own particular token. This is a fundamentally the same as training to the one we examined on Stable Tokens, and resource upheld cryptocurrencies. platform


The pre-ICO dispatches the exchange token which is an ERC 20 token and takes after the standard specification required by the ethereum customers. It is utilized as the internal currency while performing trading and investment activities on the platform. drives the use of exchange tokens over different cryptocurrencies by providing particular payouts for investments with exchange tokens over different cryptocurrencies or fiat.

The smart contracts that underlie this token are composed using the Majoolr system. The group at Majoolr are knowledgeable in decentralized applications and have a decent understanding of the specialized side of things. However, because of the goal-oriented nature of this task it is very improbable that only four designers would have the capacity to deliver the required platform according to the timelines given by

It is additionally vague if they have an arrangement in place to draw in the imperative blockchain engineers to take a shot at the platform. Since specialized ability is exceptionally looked for after in this industry, this is an imperative inquiry that must be tended to with high need.

Utilization of Funds app

A standout amongst the most entangled parts of this ICO, is the way that the measure of cash raised is totally subject to when the clients purchase the tokens. The price of the Trade Token during the Pre-ICO is a settled sum, while the price during the ICO will change depending on the time the client buys the token.

This isn’t unprecedented, what’s weird is that there is by all accounts a colossal separate between the White Paper and the site. The White Paper expresses that each ETH will give the client 1000Trade Tokens. On their site, gives 1000 Trade Tokens for every ETH during the Pre-ICO, and 625 Trade Tokens for every 1 ETH during the ICO .

This complicated and misty system powers to give an estimate on the utilization of assets in light of a level of how much cash they raised, instead of a sum. The reason this system is difficult, is that organizations don’t scale their financial plan by rates. Having twice the same number of assets doesn’t mean you have to spend twice as much in legitimate, reviews, or warning. We longed that the company had 3– 5 different situations, and the utilization of assets on every situation, say, one for raising $5– 10M USD, another for $50– 99M USD, and one for > $200M USD.

Since the White Paper, has extended their utilization of assets through their site. The site now shows an arrangement of objectives or turning points that are come to, as assets increase.

Token Distribution

The tokens of this ICO will be distributed in light of the following outline:

Picture Caption: Image from: Page 23 of White Paper

The company has an interesting technique to distribute tokens during the Pre-ICO and ICO. They will likely dispatch 200 million tokens during the Pre-ICO and if there are any unsold tokens, they will continue to add the remains to the ICO and increase the prices, which is an extremely normal practice.

The ICO itself will have 75 million tokens in addition to the remains of the Pre-ICO. Any tokens that are not acquired through the ICO (concluding December fifteenth, 2017) will be decimated. Assuring that the platform has a steady supply of tokens.

Pre-ICO Details

The Pre-ICO period for is November seventh to November 25th, 2017. During this period they have raised over $9M USD. In view of their sites proclamation, every 1 ETH = 1,000 Trade Tokens. With a price of $360USD, this implies more than 25 million Trade Tokens have been sold, out of the conceivable 200 Million.

ICO Details

As beforehand said, all the remaining Trade Tokens from the Pre-ICO + 75 Million will be available to be purchased during the December fifth ICO. The way things are, there ought to be around 175 Million Trade Tokens remaining from the Pre-ICO in addition to another 75 million, or roughly 250 million Trade Tokens will be accessible available to be purchased.

Blockchain Test

Certainly the decentralization of transactions considers shifting of trust from a focal organization (like a bank) to the whole hub network, and this is the prime utilization of the blockchain. A trading platform additionally can profit by a similar put stock in exchange, and can maintain a strategic distance from risky circumstances where a lot of assets are lost because of hacking or inappropriate resource administration by the trading platform (like Mt. Gox). blockchain’s trading platform is definitely a decent utilization of a blockchain and uses its decentralized nature without limitations degree. However, how they will execute certain traditional trading features like marginal exchanges and stop misfortune remains to be seen. (There is no existing usage of marginal trading on a decentralized exchange).

Counter to this however is’s liquidity pool which requires entrusting fluid resources (exchange tokens) to the trading platform (something which altogether invalidates the decentralized angle), and keeping in mind that exchanges can even now occur in a decentralized way, the capacity of the common liquidity pool is as yet subject to hacks and self-assertive draining by the signing keyholders of the liquidity pool (i.e the platform).


One of the weakest parts of the White Paper is the absence of information on footing. From the company’s timeline, they wish to dispatch the exchange by April 2018. With just a month to go, we might want to see a set up MVP or some kind of specialized refresh.


The team at has obviously worked in the trading industries for various years. The finance firms FXPRIMUS and Primus Capital Markets UK were begun by some of their consultants. This implies the organizers have a decent understanding of what is required keeping in mind the end goal to exchange, and the directions and due steadiness that they will potentially be facing.

The White Paper references 15 individuals from the administration group, and board. And 10 lawyers. Some of their colleagues are situated in Cyprus, EU.

Where To Buy Tokens?

If you are wondering about where to buy Tokens then here are few exchanges: – Check what users say about this exchange here. is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges.

HitBTC – Check what users say about this exchange here.

HitBTC was launched back in 2014. This platform also supports a lot of coins. However, it is an ideal platform for arbitrage opportunities.


The company use blockchain technology to increase transparency for transactions. However, we have certain questions about total transparency regarding as asserted by their guarantee of no reserved niche exchanges. The Raiden network (and any off-chain networks) empower private niche exchanges, and keeping in mind that they distribute the final transaction to the blockchain, despite everything it empowers some control to happen.

However, we perceive that off-chain payment channels are important to empower a great many transactions to occur in a blockchain-cross condition. Moving forward, the platform could show how they are planning to accomplish this, or the means they are taking to enhance transparency.


The whitepaper is a standout amongst the most famous ICOs we have seen. The record leaves a great deal of inquiries as far as controls, current status of the token and platform, and an unmistakable arrangement of how they are planning on mitigating risks and postponements. Besides, there as of now exist decentralized exchanges with a platform that has been constructed and along these lines rivalry in this class is very stiff, and the business get ready for has neglected to address how they will retain piece of the pie when they are late to advertise.

There are likewise addresses regarding control and status, while White Paper explains how the token is a utility and not a security, despite everything we recommend this choice to be expressed by a securities controller, or if nothing else some information from securities lawyers.

Besides the raiden network is as of now untested and would require substantial improvement to have the capacity to dispatch to fit in the timeline gave by

The company is likewise looking to open up to the world in just a year. That is around 8 months after their dispatch, and under 6 preceding the foreseen swiss banking permit and within a half year of the MetaTrader 4 platform incorporation. Our worry will be that without having the platform completely boosts for even a year, it will be extremely difficult for investors on general society market to determine the price of the company and desire of sales.

It is additionally right now misty what might occur in the case that the company IPOs in December 2018, what might happen to the tokens, and how might token holders be remunerated? Consider the possibility that the token is respected to be a security. Consider the possibility that they don’t get swiss banking permit. Or then again if the MT4 platform connection has security vulnerabilities, similar to a week ago $300M Ethereum Hack.

If the platform is fruitful, it would be a momentous advancement on the financial system, as creating a physical/virtual token system could conceivably reform the ways individual exchange, crowdfund, and bolster organizations.


Website –


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