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Classic Options From IQ Option

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Classic Option from IQ Options is the best of two worlds in just one place. This financial instrument with a fantastic platform has all the simplicity you can bargain for and the financial freedom to enter and leave the trade at any moment that you want, as well as the ability to select the revenue or profits you desire, giving to you a complete control of your investment and the profits you expect per transaction.

What Is Classic Options From IQ Option

Classic Option from IQ options is a financial instrument similar to any Binary options trade in which the trader only needs to answer a yes or no question about the future movement of the asset price. The question is the same will the price of your selected asset higher or lower at maturity time. In this aspect Classic Option from IQ option is similar to regular Binary options. The differences are that you can keep earning profits for a longer time as long as the price movement keeps your selected direction and the net revenue is virtually limitless with a fixed or limited risk or maximum amount of possible money loss equal to your investment money. Furthermore, you don’t need to wait for maturity to get profits you can exit the market before maturity and get profits is your selected price movement direction was right, or you can stay in the trade after maturity and keep earning money as long as price movement keeps your preselected option classic option trading-min“General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”

Understanding Classic Option From IQ Option

·The initial investment amount is determined by the contract size. You are free to select it. this is determined by the number of options that you want to trade, with Classic option you can trade just as few as just one or as many as you want. Therefore, you can start trading classic option for as low as some USD cents.

·The contract price is proportional to the risk the trader takes. The farther an asset price is for the strike price the cheaper it is and the more risks the trader takes. On the other hand, the opposite also applies, the closer the asset price is to the strike price the more expensive contract gets and fewer risks the trader takes.

·Strike Price is the price that the asset has to reach or surpass at maturity time and the trader selected when he opened the contract.

·Even when your gains or profits are virtually limitless, losses are limited to the maximum amount of money that you invested.

·Trader can leave the trade before maturity and gets profits if the movement direction you selected was right.

·Trader can stay after maturity and increases his net revenue if prices keep your selected direction movement.

Classic options from IQ option Trade benefits

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Trader loses are limited to the amount he invested

Net Revenue from your investments is limitless as long as the price moves in the trader selected direction.

Trader has several options to select the revenue level he wants

Contract sizes and prices are customized to meet trader likes

The more a strike price is surpassed the more profits the trader gets.

Trader can leave the contract before maturity and gets profits.

Trader can get profit from the most renowned and desired stocks at small factions of its cost

Trader is in complete control of his  investment

All the possible information needed is readily available from the New York Stock  Exchange. Additionally, the same strategies, technical analyses, and indicators used for binary options are equally efficient and accurate for Classic option trading.

How to trade Classic Options

1. Trader select the asset in which he wants to invest or pick one from the list of available assets

2. Trader select the Classic option trading market

3. Trader evaluates the strike price and can choose to make a contract right away or wait to see the price current direction. (The closer the strike price is from the current asset price the more expensive the contract will be)

4. Trading is available from 02:30 pm to 09:00 pm GMT. These are the NYSE business hours

5. Trader select the number of options he wants to buy, from the desired asset

6. Trader pays the contract price with his credit or debit card

7. Trader can select the risk level and potential investment revenue from his Classic Option trade

a) If he wants a lower risk with a call action, he chooses a lower strike price close to the current value.

b) If he wants a lower risk with a put action, he chooses a higher strike price close to the current value.

8. Trader can exit the market before maturity and still gets profits if the strike price is hit and/or the selected price movement direction is right.

9. Trader can wait to meet maturity and get profits, keeping in mind the further the price is above or below the strike price the more profits the trader gets.

10. If you dont know when to buy classic options than you should wait for important incoming events like quarterly financial reports from companies, iq option usually will inform you via email about importnat financial reports, see example about Motorola earnings report:

important trade news

In a nutshell:

Classic Option is an excellent financial investment instrument. It is similar to binary options in which the trader has to select if the asset price will be higher or lower upon maturity. On the other hand, a trader can control and customize several variables. The amount of risk is preset and fully disclosed before any trade or options contract can be sold and this is limited. The investment profit can be selected from the beginning, but its potential is almost unlimited since the number of option, a trader buys and the risk he takes will affect the final payoff. A trader can maximize his investment profit when he is sure about the price movement direction of an asset and he buys several options for it in the right direction. The Classic Option offers earlier exits points and in some cases, it includes: partial sell-off, and stop loss, which gives a better control to the traders. The initial investment is as low as a few cents USD because the trader can buy only one option to trade. The same binary options technical analyses, charts, and indicators have proven to be useful, efficient and accurate for Classic option trade.

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