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Tokes Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

The blockchain insurgency is bringing new potential outcomes to numerous industries and one of them is the cannabis industry, which was essentially unlawful in a large portion of the world until late years. Today our blog is going to review a company which works in the intersection between the cannabis market and the blockchain technology. Check our review of the Tokes Platform.

What is Tokes Platform TKS?

The Tokes Platform was a blockchain company which was established with the intent of helping to take care of the issues that the cannabis industry is lawfully facing with banking using the new blockchain technology and digital forms of money.

Nearly everyone knows that the cannabis industry is one of the markets in the ascent in this decade. Unlawful in the vast majority of the nations on the planet, cannabis has slowly been authorized everywhere throughout the world. Spots like Uruguay and a portion of the US states have just legitimized this market. Shockingly, nobody would be amazed to know that this industry is facing issues.

You can take the case of the Uruguayan drug stores which were selling cannabis. This is, truth be told, one of the issues that inspired the making of this platform. Some American banking organizations declared that they would not be providing banking services to these drug stores any longer, as they were violating the American law.

These drug stores were doing something that their own government allowed, but the banks couldn’t have cared less, so they needed to quit selling cannabis to their clients. This is precisely the issue that the Tokes Platform is trying to tackle. The company trusts that these organizations ought not be constrained by remote bank offices into doing something that their own law licenses.

tokes homepage

How Does the Tokes Platform Work?

Essentially, the Tokes Platform plans to offer an option in contrast to these organizations. Instead of using the old banking framework, they could use digital forms of money instead. Not just the fees would be certainly lower than the ordinary fees of banks, by using cryptocurrency these organizations could have more power over their very own items and sales.

The framework is really straightforward and it looks a ton with the framework used by well known cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin. A P2P network exists that makes and approves coordinate transactions by means of the drug stores and the cannabis buyers. The framework, as any blockchain framework, is secure because the blockchain approves each transaction and there is no space for tricks.

The Tokes Platform is at present developing a mobile app which will allow the organizations and users to make transactions using its tokens. Why not simply use Bitcoin? Because, not at all like Bitcoin, the company expresses that the Tokes’ fees are lower and the company is by and by focused on the cannabis issue. The transactions cost short of what one entire dollar and it takes a normal of 30 seconds to be finished.

tokes platform

Resource Pegging

TOKES will use shifted mechanisms to guarantee that once a transaction happens, the value of that transaction won’t change for the holder of TOKES.

Comparative mechanisms will be found in stable resources, for example, BitUSD, NuBits, CoinoUSD, Digix, and Tether.

This feature gives businesses the true serenity that unpredictability in the underlying token won’t affect the primary concern financials (either adversely or positively).

Tokes team trust this will result in substantially higher appropriation rates for businesses interested in this technology than we’ve seen with our associates.

Mysterious Transactions

This feature needs almost no explanation or justification.

As an industry on the leading edge of the legitimate framework, a few members want obscurity with their buys.

Tokes intend to have this profitable framework incorporated straightforwardly with transaction layer.

WAVES Blockchain Implementation

Tokes feel that executing our initial resource supplying on the Waves Platform will be an important association, because tokes is a longtime supporter and examiner of developments in technology changes coins.

Waves propose, for example, fiat portals and an upgraded crowdfunding interface will generally profit early adopters and investors in TOKES. Tokes likewise trust that an organization with this blooming platform can help with the cross-advancement of every technology.

Tokes gives various blockchain based services and infrastructure

Established to take care of the cannabis industry’s banking issue by means of cryptocurrency payments, the Tokes Platform likewise manufactures blockchain based “track and follow” answers for store network administration and integration to regular undertaking programming (ERP frameworks) for any industry.

A cryptocurrency for quick, inexpensive transactions

Tokes (TKS) is the local cryptocurrency of within our payment arrangements. Riding on one of the quickest blockchains, the Waves network, Tokes fills in as the transactional token for our items and also any tokenized applications we integrate or incorporate with our ecosystem.

Merchant Gateway Solutions for Point of Sale and eCommerce

The suite of items within our ecosystem include a mobile “Tokes Wallet” for consumers and accompanying point of sale and online business programming for merchants. Consumers can get Tokes at booth areas in store before their buy. Having a cryptocurrency alone isn’t sufficient to drive reception. Thusly, Tokes spends significant time in developing consumer-prepared arrangements that facilitate the onboarding procedure for the two clients and merchants.

tokes merchant

Blockchain and Platform as a Service (BaaS and PaaS)

Notwithstanding providing Merchant Gateway payment arrangements, we are developing an open-source blockchain (distributed ledger) to integrate with ordinary inventory network administration frameworks. Provenance of data within supply chains is fundamentally essential for organizations, consumers, and controllers. Providing a decentralized infrastructure on a blockchain guarantees that goods are followed from source, to creation, to distribution, to consumer with no misfortune or deceitful control of data along the way. Within our present infrastructure we can integrate other teams’ applications into our platform, integrate our token within their apps, and attach their ERP programming to our blockchain ledger worked in consistence with EPCIS global principles.

tokes blockchain

How to Invest in Tokes Platform TKS?

The best approach to invest in this platform is by buying TKS tokens. They depend on the Waves blockchain technology. To buy them you require two things: to download a perfect wallet (the Tokes platform) and to visit a cryptocurrency exchange to buy the TKS tokens.

You can find the TKS tokens both in the Bittrex Exchange and in the WavesDEX. As the TKS tokens are as of now in the market, we can’t state their present price when you choose to buy them, but they arrived at the midpoint of about $5,20 USD per token at the season of this report.

Transaction Protocol

The Tokes transactional protocol is a payment layer based on blockchain technology enabling users and businesses to move cash electronically in the cannabis industry. Running on the Waves blockchain, Tokes are a strong cryptocurrency with quick transaction times and a protected changeless computerized ledger. As of now, cannabis dispensary clients must buy items totally in real money because of government restriction of cannabis banking. The Tokes transactional protocol gives a way to dispensaries to acknowledge computerized payment by means of mobile app transactions, and not hold up under the risk of conducting business altogether in real money.


A bigger point of the platform is to give a business to business answer for the cannabis industry. Not exclusively are present cannabis clients required to pay in real money, but businesses should likewise execute totally in real money within the store network. Regardless of whether a dispensary is paying the cultivator for another clump of cannabis flower, or having expansive clusters of crude cannabis material prepared into amass at a lab, or notwithstanding conducting week by week finance to representatives; these payments are being executed in real money! This shows a tremendous obligation of potential robbery and misrepresentation, while adding extra migraines to accounting and financial consistence in an industry with strict authoritative necessities. By providing both a computerized ledger and a way to make payments carefully, the Tokes Platform facilitates a large number of the financial migraines of doing business in the cannabis space.

Ongoing Sales

For existing money holds and ongoing sales, the Tokes Platform can enable exchange to money to the blockchain, serving as a legitimate cash services business, agreeable with all AML and KYC necessities. By providing businesses with a blockchain supported store of significant worth, money onramping services expels the risk of banking seizures or relinquishment, and gives cannabis businesses control of their advantages. Their team can give training and services to business administrators, empowering them to control their private wallet keys and eventually accomplish a financial opportunity by means of cryptocurrency, not given by ordinary banking.

Merchant Gateway

The merchant passage is a product protocol in development by the Tokes Platform that consistently encourages point of sale and online transactions in cryptocurrency for any business. While the undeniable use case for cryptocurrency within the cannabis space manages that the industry will be their initial center, the merchant passage can be embraced by any industry or private company so as to encourage cryptocurrency payments. The door will ascertain the measure of a specific cryptocurrency expected to pay for a buy, taking into account market liquidity over different exchanges. Cryptocurrency markets can be unstable, the merchant portal will encourage the sale of digital forms of money by means of API integration with exchanges, all together for businesses to picked their level of instability introduction. For instance, a more conservative approach is offer the cryptocurrency for USD. On the other hand, a few businesses may need the potential upside introduction to more unpredictable cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin.

tokes solution


Related to TheraCann, the Tokes Platform gives a single framework answer for inventory network administration within the cannabis space. Supporting completely vertically integrated programming arrangements from seed to smoke, they draw in with customers in the plan, outline, execution, training and support of their production network. This includes development, processing, packaging, quality confirmation, and security, all of which include strict administrative protocols inside the industry. Consistence is vital, as our answer gives a blockchain supported venture resource platform that guarantees guidelines are met on a ward by locale premise.


Because of the administrative condition, cannabis sales are just lawful at the state level of government. Basically, the best way to work together is in real money. This is a cerebral pain for dispensary administrators. The Tokes Platform gives a helpful and safe advanced answer for the two merchants and consumers. Amidst this money jump, the lawful cannabis industry is consistence substantial, requiring cultivators and dispensaries to monitor their businesses. Their store network arrangements give blockchain based tracking and consistence from development to analysis, to out-the-entryway packaging. With blockchain technology, they can track and store information about hereditary strains, testing data, and harvests.


Michael Wagner, Co-Founder

Gabriel Allred, M.A. , Co-Founder

W0lf, Codebase Developer

Kristy-Leigh Minehan, Codebase Developer

Anthony Grevich, Network Engineer

Tim Deneau, Interface Design/Developer

Jon Tran, Community Manager

tokes team

The Tokes Platform TKS Verdict

Is this company a good investment for you? All things considered, it can unquestionably be, but just in specific circumstances. We are not talking around an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) here, so you need to know that buying the TKS tokens to offer later is anything but a good thought. The TKS tokens had as of late lost 7% of their incentive at the season of this report, so we need to exhort you against buying these tokens for unadulterated hypothesis.

Then again, there are two circumstances in which the Tokes Platform TKS could be a good item for you: if you need to buy cannabis or you if you possess a shop of drug store that plans to offer cannabis. As the platform was specifically made for this, it is an incredible decision for you.

If you are in the cannabis business, we encourage you to pick this platform without questions. Regardless of whether the customary banks are as yet dealing with you, they may choose not to help your business whenever, so it would be a terrible plan to continue to use their services in this industry.

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