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Tierion Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Tierion depicts itself as “another standard for verifiable information”. Find out how it intends to use blockchain innovation to change information administration today in our Tierion review.

What Is Tierion?

Tierion, discovered online at, is a blockchain innovation company that guarantees to change the way the world anchors and offers information. The company as of late finished its token sale. Tierion transforms the blockchain into a worldwide platform for verifying any information, record, or process. Anybody can use Tierion’s API, called Chainpoint, and different devices, as Zapier, to grapple a lasting, timestamped verification of their information onto the blockchain.

Tierion has just pulled in some enormous name accomplices. They’ve banded together with Philips’ Blockchain Lab, for instance, and Microsoft. The company asserts that many customers as of now use its lead Chainpoint API.

tierion homepage

Uses For Tierion

Clearly, Tierion’s innovation is extremely wide. It is anything but a particular application for a specialty group of onlookers: it can be connected to an extensive variety of uses, applications, and enterprises. Here are a portion of the proposed use cases according to

Review trail for a business procedure

Record timestamping

IoT information gathering and provenance

Verifying certifications by means of the blockchain

Verifying information for clinical preliminaries

Administrative consistence and straightforwardness

tierion use case

How Does Tierion’s Chainpoint Work?

Chainpoint is a highly adaptable distributed service and open source platform that allows Tierion to stay information to the bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain. Tierion portrays their Chainpoint innovation as “the internet’s dial tone for trust.” The platform has its own particular site at

With Chainpoint, designers can stay a boundless measure of information to various blockchains. You can verify the integrity and presence of information without needing to depend on a confided in outsider. Up until this point, Tierion asserts that many customers use Chainpoint, including Philips and Microsoft.

The innovation works by linking a hash of your information to a blockchain and after that returning a timestamped confirmation. A Chainpoint service gets hashes which are totaled together using a “Merkle tree”. The foundations of this tree are secured onto the Ethereum and bitcoin blockchains. This allows the Chainpoint confirmation to be made and continually overhauled.

That confirmation is made in the type of a JSON-LD report. This record contains the information expected to cryptographically verify a bit of information moored to a blockchain. It demonstrates the information existed at the time it was secured. Chainpoint confirmations can likewise be verified without dependence on a confided in outsider.

Chainpoint is as of now in Version 3.0 (beta). You can see an entire listing of the platform’s updates and changes after some time at the site.

What Is Zapier?

Tierion likewise has a platform called Zapier that gives the company a chance to associate with more than 500 online services – including Salesforce, Mailchimp, Gmail, Slack, Stripe, Google Sheets, and numerous other prevalent collective conditions and online platforms.

Tierion Features

Tierion, generally speaking, allows for the formation of blockchain-verified information suited for an assortment of uses. Here are a portion of the center features of the platform and its Chainpoint innovation: Issue Digital Receipts: Businesses can issue computerized receipts to demonstrate any transaction occurred. This feature could stretch out to buys, stock exchanges, insurance cases, and anything else.

Review Trail:

Create a cryptographically verifiable review trail, tracking information provenance and procedures.

Integrate Your Software:

Integrate your product with existing web, work area, and portable applications.

IoT Data Collection:

Capture information from different shrewd gadgets as a feature of the Internet of Things (IoT). Each record gets a Chainpoint evidence.

Permanent Records:

Medical records, financial records, corporate administration, legitimate records, inventory administration, and different industries would all be able to profit by changeless record-keeping. Clearly, we’ve just observed various organizations endeavor to bring blockchain innovation to these industries.

Secure Customer Data:

Companies can make a verifiable record of client information, reducing KYC and consistence costs.

Hash API:

Tierion has a platform called Hash API that allows engineers to stay up to 100 records for every second for nothing. It’s a quick and simple approach to include blockchain timestamping, information security, and cryptographic review trails to your applications.

Information Collection:

Tierion allows you to gather information from web and portable applications. You simply make a datastore, at that point send Tierion information by means of the RESTAPI or HTML frames. Tierion will consequently make a Chainpoint evidence for each record. You can use that Chainpoint confirmation for each record. It can verify at which time and place a specific transaction happened.

Integrates with 500+ Apps: As specified above, Tierion integrates with 500+ applications and online services by means of the Zapier platform.

Tierion Pricing

Tierion offers free participations that offer 1000 hashes for each hour (Hash API) or 15,000 records for every month and 5 datastores every month (Data API). If you require more prominent limit, you can agree to accept Tierion’s venture designs, which give higher volume in exchange to paid participations.

Tierion doesn’t expect you to sign any agreements. You can change your arrangement whenever or cross out. Uncertain if you require a venture design? As you approach your month as far as possible, Tierion will send you notifications. The company will get in touch with you with proposed updates for your arrangement.

Who’s Behind Tierion?

Tierion is driven by Wayne Vaughan (Founder and CEO). Vaughan made one of the principal SaaS marketing robotization platforms and established an advanced organization in the mid-1990s. Other key individuals include Jason Bukowski (Founder and Lead Developer), who has 20+ long stretches of experience developing adaptable programming. He’s the lead designer of Chainpoint and a few well known open source crypto libraries.

Tierion Coin – The Cryptocurrency

As a user and engineer, Tierion is an exceptionally interesting cryptocurrency. The fundamental idea comprises of the following components: there are advanced “formulas” that are issued as evidence of every transaction made through Tierion.

Moreover, there is a verification control that cryptocurrency identifies the credibility of information, documents and procedures. The IoT information accumulation gathers and safely stores information from all application gadgets. By and large, the informational collections are thought to be unchangeable, making the Tierion application especially appropriate for private records, for example, medicinal or financial reports.

With the application hash API, up to 100 reports for each second can be exchanged to the block chain gratis. Since Tierion works with Zapier, the advantages of this innovation can be applied to more than 500 well known apps, for example, Gmail, Mailchimp and Slack. The entire thing works such that you can gather the information in Tierion and send it to the individual app or use it to Zapier to send information from the apps to Tierion.

Tierion Coin – The Company

The pioneers behind Tierion are Wayne Vaughan, who established an IT office in the mid-1990s, bringing many years of involvement in the product business, and Jason Bukowski, who created one of the main ongoing web examination frameworks. The innovation that should set the cryptographic money separated from different monetary standards is called Chainpoint Proof. Created by the two organizers, it differs in effortlessness and user-friendliness for the user.

If the user has gathered his information in the Tierion information store, a chainpoint evidence is made for every individual report. Chainpoint is an open standard with which information integrity and the time verification of the information are checked, logged and affirmed. This makes the application especially alright for the user.

The engineers have gained an awesome favorable position by cooperating with Zapier at a beginning time keeping in mind the end goal to make their innovation applicable to in excess of 500 apps.

About Tierion’s beginning date was August 25th, 2017. Tierion’s aggregate supply is 1,000,000,000 tokens and its circulating supply is 428,481,269 tokens. Tierion’s authentic site is . The Reddit community for Tierion is/r/tierion and the money’s Github record can be seen here . Tierion’s legitimate Twitter account is @tierion .

According to CryptoCompare, “Tierion is a platform for information verification. Tierion works by creating a proof that links information to a transaction on a blockchain. This is called anchoring. Anybody with this evidence can verify the information’s integrity and timestamp without relying on a confided in specialist. ”

tierion platform

Tierion Token Trading

Tierion can be purchased or sold on these cryptocurrency exchanges: Huobi, EtherDelta, BigONE, HitBTC, Binance, ChaoEX, Liqui and It isn’t as of now conceivable to buy Tierion specifically using US dollars. Investors seeking to gain Tierion should first buy Ethereum or Bitcoin using an exchange that arrangements in US dollars, for example, Gemini, Coinbase or Changelly. Investors would then be able to use their recently obtained Ethereum or Bitcoin to buy Tierion using one of the exchanges recorded previously.

How To Buy Tierion?

Well, after reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy Tierion. If you are still looking for how to buy Tierion then you will need to find an exchanges first and then buy it. At the moment, the best exchanges to buy Tierion are Binance, HitBTC and

Tierion Conclusion

Tierion is turning the blockchain into a worldwide platform for verifying any information. Tied down in the bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, the company provides food its services to businesses over a scope of industries and applications. The innovation can be used to verify anything from medicinal records to online buy.

The company has officially made its API, the Chainpoint API, and also apparatuses like Zapier that allow the innovation to work with more than 500 applications and online platforms. You can learn more about Tierion by visiting

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