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Tenzorum Review – ICO Guide

What Is Tenzorum?

Everyday, we use our smart phones, smart tablets, online financial balances and an assortment of different gadgets and services that are anchored somehow or another by a 4-15 digit secret key and if we are industrious there is likewise a 6-8 digit token that must be entered also to give no less than a double factor validation. This gives a level of security that is expected to keep our own information, our cash or different things, safe from prying eyes, hands and robbery.

For any of us that have ever forgotten our passwords or has lost the key to the token – we know that there is an approach to recuperate that information either by speaking with our partner, calling an assistance work area, having a code sent by means of SMS to our phones or other generally painless but annoying approaches to reset the secret word and reestablish access to our service.

Tenzorum’s High Level Network Design expected to just keys and accounts management

With the introduction of the blockchain came likewise the idea of the private key which is an extraordinary kind of hash key that ensures this information on the blockchain. For whatever length of time that you have this private key, the thing on the blockchain is essentially yours.

However – not at all like different passwords, when this private key is lost. There as of now is next to no that one can do to recoup the key and in turn recuperate access to the cryptocurrency/funds.

They have been numerous accounts written in conventional daily papers, in industry related articles about individuals that have lost a great many dollars because of losing their private key. In the latest illustration, it appears that this noble man lost around 60 million dollars in Bitcoin because he couldn’t find his private key.

All things considered, now, because of the Tenzorum project, a company focusing on the key management space, we may never again need to stress over this. At the point when the project is available this will give an approach to self-deal with our keys and give that scenery of solace so we and our relatives will approach those funds later on.

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These days getting into this crypto-wilderness, as portrayed above, necessitates that you deal with a few super confused private keys. Here we demonstrate to you a short synopsis of the different uses private keys have in the crypto space.

While dealing with all these keys, passwords, and 2FA… may appear like an “ordinary” event for those as of now in the crypto space, it is indeed insane as damnation for the non crypto-darling, and it is a highly inefficient framework to work with in. To be completely forthright, we can not accept that “our moms” will manage all these passwords, and subsequently, mass selection will in any case need to hold up until the point that we get with something simpler and viable…

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Tenzorum is working on creating the ‘Internet of Trust’, more about this in our main feature segment.

Tenzorum will work to break this centralization and furnish the users of their network with a decentralized cross-chain solution that furnishes the user with the bit of mind that the majority need to genuinely embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain into their regular daily existence.

Tenzorum will actualize the following technology to guarantee key proprietorship in a ‘self-sovereign’ way.

Access Control

These 3 innovations together will furnish the user with the capacity to control how they interact with a decentralized service and point of confinement the measure of information that is shared to give a level of security that isn’t available in the incorporated services we interact with today.

Main Features

All protocols within the Tenzorum ecosystem are developed starting from the earliest stage made to simplify the procedure around storing and managing private keys for decentralized advancements. Tenzorum is building a protocol layer that will flawlessly interface with BTC or ETH for instance.

Web of Trust, as specified above was originally advanced by Phil Zimmermann in 1992 in the manual for PGP variant 2.0 and is a feature in the Tenzorum Network:

It seeks to solve the issue of absence of self sway over close to home data, however the Web of Trust is definitely not another idea, Tenzorum seeks to bridle the long range interpersonal communication part of this protocol and send an incentive mechanism within it. Users will be in charge of verifying and vouching for different users to allow them access to anchored capacity, alter and recuperation works, this will be known as the ‘web of trust companions’ within the Tenzorum ecosystem.

Tenzorum Service Node Network (TSNN)

TSNN is a public utility network that can run independent of any service supplier. TSNN will be entrusted with running the protocols to deal with the key services for the integration of decentralized advancements in this way connecting various distributed networks together, cross-chain.

Here’s a portion of TSNN’s usefulness recorded below:

Handling encryption errands, for example, key parts parcels.

Securing access to data through possession verification of Web of Trust.

Distributing rewards for effective keys proprietorship calls through consensus mechanism.

Assuring integrity and disincentivizing inappropriate conduct.

Encourage Blockchain Integrations.

Issue Network Incentives.

Execute Key Verification and Encryption Tasks.

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2018 [Q3 – Q4]

Grow the center team and focus on Product, Protocols and Community Verticals.

Create initial key partnerships with Exchanges and Dapps and projects.

Proof of Concept V1.0 – Recovery mechanism and mystery sharing.

Fundraising and public Initial Coin Offer. • Tenzorum Suit initial item releases – Ethereum good.

2019 [Q1 – Q2]

Protocol Fundamental Tasks Development.

Protocol Architecture Research and Development.

Tenzorum Suit Releases – Initial Protocol Integrations: Recovery, Storage, Edition.

Plan and Experiments for Liberation – Tenzorum Service Node Network.

2019 [Q3 – Q4]

TSNN TESTNET • Experiment Analysis with first gathering of partners and early adopters.

Initiate integration examines with high recurrence use Dapps – Production Version.


TSNN public examination.

Stretch out protocols to extra Blockchain Networks.

Outline and test TMGN and other governance models.

Continue integrations with high recurrence Dapps.


Token Progressive Economics

Token Ticker : TENZ

Stage 1: TENZ will be an ERC-20 Token used to initiate center contracts related with management services of : the capacity, editing, and recuperation of private keys.

Stage 2: The TENZ tokens issued in organize 1 will be used to gain access to the future Tenzorum Network (the Tenzorum Network will be used as the inter-ledger network). The Tenzorume Service Node Network, will work as its own public network possessing its own particular local token. This will allow the network to stretch out its usefulness to a broadly useful key management service network.

Stage 3: Tenzorum will have Masternodes to bridle staking and set up inclusive governance.This will ensure the governance of the open-source code base, protocol/UX features acknowledgment, hierarchical needs, development crusades, partnerships and future vision heading.

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Tenzorum gives an infrastructure to empower all users to get to distributed applications over different chains.

Tenzorum users may fabricate the base to oversee and get to keys, realize user encounter amicable ecosystem of items and services using block chains.

As a mechanism of the platform appears to give a user-accommodating multi-recreation program, Tenzorum incorporate a framework called Web-Of-Trust that mutually ensures access to anchor stockpiling.

Tenzorum Project is focused on the self power of key management frameworks. To accomplish this, protocols should be created, integrated and be crossed over through APIs to general outsider decentralized items.

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