Fundamental Analysis

publish2017-10-13 11:55 am

How to trade Bitcoin?

Do you want to learn how to trade Bitcoin ? Currently, Bitcoin is one of the most desirable asset for traders and investors. Check more !


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Economic Factors That Affect the Forex Market

Economic factors that affect the forex market are very diverse and can be easily predicted when proper attention is given to the country economic performance and its macroeconomic indexes. The Forex market is reactionary to any change in the country’s economic policies.


publish2017-09-23 1:12 pm

Factors That Influence Exchange Rates

The exchange rate is the reflection of the financial health of a country or region. The main factors that influence the exchange rates are well known, and most of the time they can be anticipated after doing a fundamental analysis of the country monetary policy and their economic reports.


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How to trade on forex?

Once you learn to trade forex, you can start making money from it, and once you mastered it, you could make millions starting with a small investment capital.


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Trading Terminology – Vocabulary Tips

Our society has created different specialized fields with their terminology and language, trading and finances are not exceptions to this, and therefore, you need to learn the basic vocabulary to be able to understand the articles, reviews, and financial or investing advice.


publish2017-06-27 3:26 pm

What is Elliott Waves Theory?

The Elliot Waves theory said that the market has repetitive cycles, and those cycles are the logical outcome of the investor reaction to the general social influence or the psychology of the masses indirect pressure on traders.


publish2017-06-03 5:17 pm

Interest Rates and Their Importance

The interest rate is either the amount of money that is charged to a borrower for taking a loan or using an asset or the amount of money a financial institution will pay to the investor for keeping his money for a period.


publish2017-06-02 3:35 pm

Inflation – Consumer Price Index

Inflation is a financial term used to describe how much the prices has increased on average for goods and services over a period of time, which reflects the market and the country financial situation.


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How to trade binary options?

Binary options can be traded in several ways. It can be done from any place in the world by using a device with internet access. The starting capital can be deposited by using a credit card. It is low, within about 100 USD will set you to start trading. Now you need to understand the basics of how to trade it.


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