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TaaS Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is TaaS?

TAAS – (Token As A Service) is another token created on the Ethereum platform which brings digital money investing another edge and can be acquired easily through the TAASFUND site. What makes TAAS so one of a kind from different tokens and digital monetary standards is the fact that it is the plain first shut end FUND for trading and investing in the digital cash part. There are a variety of segments to the entire TAAS project that make it stand out from the rest and here are a few pointers for Investors to take a gander at while doing their due industriousness.

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TaaS Coin – The Company

The company trades on the cryptocurrency market and blends active trading with long-term investments. As the creators say, they are starting another era of investment. According to the TaaS team, “TaaS speaks to an innovative business model that allows investors to profit by the ascent of blockchain markets without hazard”, at the end of the day, the arrangement of cryptocurrency analysis and trading they have created is linked to the stock exchanges and analyzes and buys certain digital forms of money that have turned into the winners of their own analysis.

The project is based on Ethereum’s blockchain, which is itself based on blockchain technology, open and transparent ledger that allow anyone, regardless of the responsibility for tokens, to easily track trading history and portfolio balance.

The cryptocurrency verification ought to establish high standards for the security of financial flows in blockchain projects. One of the main tasks of TaaS is the development of the Kepler platform, similar to the Bloomberg portfolio management platform for the analysis of cryptographic forms of money.

The main features of the platform are:

in the field of market research: news, opinions, reports

in the area of analytics: foundation analysis, price presentation, index gatherings

in the area of investment goals: liquidity, hazard

in the area of trading management: integration of the platform into large stock exchanges

in addition, the platform offers investment portfolio management

TaaS Coin is the first genuinely transparent shut end fund that focuses solely on the work in the blockchain.

Definitely the highlight of the project is the fact that TAAS-Token (Taas coin) holders will get a quarterly benefit of half of the company’s total benefit.

Another positive feature is that there is a save fund in the portfolio that is hedged in Bitcoin.

Already announced digital currency exchanges that will add TAAS tokens to their listing – these are Poloniex, Bittrex and Kraken.

TaaS Coin – The Cryptocurrency

The proprietors of TaaS Coin are individuals from the shut end fund and are qualified for get benefits distributed through a smart contract based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The total number of tokens was originally 101,000,000,000.

The price of a token was initially set at $1. The beta adaptation of the Kepler platform will be released in this month – December 2017. Premiums are also planned for investors; right now the reward is 20%. All tokens that were not sold during the ICO were decimated. Later on, the release of new tokens is prohibited with a specific end goal to keep or increase the price of TaaS coins.

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Why Invest in TAAS?

There are a variety of pointers making TAAS an inevitable part of each shrewd Investor’s portfolio:

TAAS has issued a token that in itself gain value after some time and it will be easily traded on the most lofty altcoin exchanges.

The Closed-end TASS fund, once the ICO finishes will close so the investors can be rest assured that their investment will never get weakened, on the contrary, as an ever increasing number of benefits are added to TAASFUND, the investment can just gain value and not be affected by the usual parameters that affect traditional stocks and shares.

Using Blockchain technology makes this fund DECENTRALIZED and more secure in ways that before were inconceivable. In a traditional setting, a company can overlap, a CEO can keep running off with the funds and fundamental analysis can be more volatile due to outside occasions. As blockchan technology gathers energy with Investors around the Globe, investing in a blockchain instruments trading fund is the natural place to park a few funds.

The Cryptographic Audit and Kepler style platform will guarantee that each transaction is recorded and is open to scrutiny by each investor, so there are no shut – entryway mishaps that can happen on any level. No complicated bureaucracy can impede the company and no dodgy deals can take place.

Automatic Quarterly Dividends to all investors via the smart contract will be executed and delivered in a further developed strategy than in traditional financial institutions. half of all Trading/Investment benefits each quarter go to all TAAS Investors/Token holders, 25% will be reinvested into the fund to increase TAAS TOKEN value and the rest will be used as a hedge in Bitcoin saves.

Transparency on each level will be the standard in TAAS, in regards to both a hardworking center Team and in the way the Blockchain handles transactions and auditing. This in and of itself makes TAAS in investor’s Dream worked out as expected.

TAAS trades digital monetary standards and tokens on your behalf, so if you haven’t got the knack or time to day trade, TAAS does all the heavy work for you, delivering you benefits, over and over!


The initial TAAS TOKENS will be available to purchase inside the TAASFUND site through an initial coin offering (IC0). This is similar to an IPO where shares are offered in a traditional way, just that ‘shares’ are issued in the frame or coins or tokens which are trade-able like other digital monetary standards. There are 101,000,000 TAAS TOKENS available to be purchased during the ICO time frame. After that One may have the capacity to purchase TAAS on the digital money exchanges where they will be openly traded. If one purchases during this ICO period, one has the advantage of collecting bonuses, depending on which part of the ICO one arrives to invest in. At display there is a 17.5% reward up for grabs as TAAS has already gathered more than 3000 BTC!


Taas is offering liberal rewards for anyone that desires to get engaged in the Project in various marketing and promotional activities, which helps also in the distribution of TAAS, to get into more hands. A minimum of 2% or 100k USD worth of TAAS tokens have been saved for the bounty pools and if you want to get involved look at the TAAS BOUNTY THREAD for more details.

TaaS can be defined as a closed end fund framework, generated in tokenized shape for reducing the dangers and the technical obstacles and glitches that are involved while one invests in the blockchain space. The framework is planned on a particular benefit sharing contract where it allows the investors to capitalize on the ascent of block chains, and in the process it introduces a completely new idea of token-as-a-service model. This, in turn, gives the investors a chance to buy in to the particular income stream of the fund. The framework has manufactured an altogether innovative audit technology for cryptography and has also turned into the first and the most totally transparent fund which is dedicated for both the digital forms of money and the tokens.

This innovative business model introduced by TaaS will give potential investors the opportunity of capitalizing on the blockchain markets without having to deal with the dangers and the technical issues related to owning, sending or trading with tokens and cryptographic forms of money. This framework is very different from the conventional close-end funds which usually issue a specific number of shares, which again cannot be recovered from the original fund itself. TaaS, then again will issue tokens that are planned on strong contract that is meant to share benefit.

This contract, also known as the smart contract will let the proprietors of the tokens to gather about half of the quarterly benefits. In this procedure, about quarter part of the benefits will be invested afresh in the fund keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the pool of capital with no extent of additional investment. This will also give the Net Asset A chance to value of the token to enhance over the proper method of time which again will make TaaS the first blockchain framework which will have its value straightforwardly attached to the impending performance of the mother project. By appropriately getting free of the technical barriers and promoting the investors for safely subscribing to the low income of the fund, TaaS introduces the first of its kind benefit generating business model.

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TaaS Exchanges

The primary TaaS exchanges that are operable right now include Liqui and HitBTC.

TaaS Wallets

You can create a TaaS fund wallet by registering yourself on the platform with your name and other personal details. The tokens will be put away either in the taas fund wallet or your myetherwallet. Investors will get quarterly payouts as ETH, straightforwardly to their token address for TaaS.

TaaS Overview

TaaS is the first CEF based blockchain which is really transparent. It follows the token-as-a-service business structure and the audit associated with it is cryptographic in nature. The makers of TaaS aim to give consistent and lasting innovations in the blockchain community. The tokens from TaaS speak to the proof of an individual’s enrollment in the fund. It allows access to half of the benefits of the funds which is additionally executed via an Ethereum based smart contract. This contact allows the proprietors of the tokens to the gather half of the quarterly benefits, which intuitively indicates that the investors having a larger base of tokens will gain greater returns. Finally, 25% of the resultant benefits are invested by and by in an attempt to allow the net asset value of the tokens to increase.

In an attempt to give the greatest level of transparency in the capital management of the fund, the cryptographic audit unit of the framework has arranged for some specific apparatuses for monitoring that lets any part to access and validate the trading history. These instruments include the snapshots of the balance of the portfolio, API keys that are in see just format and appropriate proof of the stores for the specific fiat accounts.

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Details of the TaaS Tokens

There is as of now a supply of 101,000,000 of TaaS tokens. The tokens are priced at $1 per token. According to the arrangements, the tokens that are not sold as a part of the ICO procedure will be crushed. No other token will be created additionally. TaaS too will neither trade nor claim its tokens.

TaaS Team

The individuals from TaaS, focuses on building a team which is really inspired. Therefore almost every individual from the team is widely experienced in the blockchain technology. Since the simple first inception of TaaS, the team has innovated and enhanced in terms of technical nitty gritties owing to its outstanding software engineers, money managers and data analytics specialists.

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How To Buy TaaS?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy TaaS. This section will help you to know how to buy TaaS. However, you will need to know the exchanges where you will be able to buy it. At the moment, you can make use of HitBTC to buy this coin.


Trades in terms of cryptocurrency are exponentially increasing and in this regard, an investment pool like TaaS indeed looks extremely promising. This pool additionally indicates the fact that as trading enthusiasts we are at the highest bend of transformation in the financial world.

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