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What Is SynchroLife?

SynchroLife is a restaurant recommended platform based on the blockchain. Find out how SynchroLife functions today in our review.

SynchroLife is a blockchain-based restaurant proposal platform that associates clients and restaurants using tokens on a decentralized network. The platform is accessible through a mobile application for iOS or Android (both of which have just propelled and are accessible on their individual application stores).

synchrolife homepage

The objective of the application is to give reliable information about restaurants, including reviews from genuine customers. Analysts are incentivized to leave criticism for restaurants using tokens.

Generally, SynchroLife needs to associate clients and restaurants to produce another, token-based economy and make “the world’s most trusted and intelligent restaurant disclosure benefit.” The application, in its present state, is an essential restaurant review and proposal application. Later on, however, SynchroLife wants to manufacture the whole platform onto a decentralized blockchain.

How Does SynchroLife Work?

SynchroLife expects to enhance the present restaurant survey and suggestion framework. How a lot of your life do you spend searching for the correct restaurant? How much time do you spend looking through surveys, scanning through photographs, or analyzing wording to determine regardless of whether a review is fake? Or then again, what number great restaurants have endured because of one terrible survey from a bad dream client?

SynchroLife means to tackle these issues by giving clients rewards for reviewing restaurants. These surveys are added to a worldwide, decentralized restaurant database.

The genuine energy of SynchroLife originates from its artificial intelligence framework, which will recommend restaurants to you in view of your sustenance likes and dining needs.

The whole SynchroLife economy rotates around the utilization of SynchroCoin tokens. These coins are initially given to clients for surveys. Later on, however, SynchroLife trusts these tokens will “make another sustenance economy” as they’re utilized to reward food lovers for content, buy computerized restaurant coupons, or even pay for suppers at restaurants. SynchroLife additionally plans to utilize the tokens to fuel their in-application marketing platform.

SynchroLife Features

SynchroLife is now accessible for iOS and Android. It’s a full-featured restaurant review application. However, the company likewise has a lot of features made arrangements for what’s to come. We’ll discuss the present features below, and after that the future players in the segment additionally down.what is synchro life?

Get Rewarded For Reviewing Restaurants

SynchroLife rewards users for their material using tokens. However, clients are given tokens for amazing restaurant surveys, food and restaurant photographs, rectifications and alters to restaurant information, translating restaurant information, and performing other in-application undertakings. Clients will likewise get a level of the advertising expense paid by restaurants to which they’ve contributed.

Worldwide, Decentralized Restaurant Database

New restaurants open and close every day. It’s difficult to find a decent, solid, incorporated wellspring of restaurant information. SynchroLife intends to take care of this issue by incentivizing clients to make a worldwide, refreshed database. Scarcely any individuals need to disclose to Yelp they got a restaurant’s hours wrong, for example, but they might be urged to do as such if they get paid for it.

Customized Recommendation’s From AI

SynchroLife will take in your food needs after some time; at that point propose restaurants to you in view of that information. You can seek through suggestions, see rating timelines, and get every day proposals that change consistently.

SynchroCoin Tokens

SynchroCoin tokens will make another sustenance economy, trusts SynchroLife. The company trusts its tokens will be used to remunerate food sweethearts, purchase computerized restaurant coupons, pay for suppers at partnered restaurants, and pay for advertising within the platform.

Ethereum Smart Contracts

SynchroLife will ensure token distribution using Ethereum smart contracts.

Numerous Country Support

SynchroLife is usable in 155 nations up until this point.

Multi-Language Support

SynchroLife officially bolsters English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Mobile OS

Accessible on iOS and Android.

Rating System

Basic, quick restaurant rating framework for when you would prefer not to leave a nitty gritty review. You can check the rating framework to perceive what’s hot around the world, what’s hot with your companions, or what’s well known in your nation/city.

Social Sharing

Maintain a social profile without any other food blog.

The greater parts of the features above are now integrated in SynchroLife.

SynchroLife Future Features

Later on, SynchroLife wants to add the following features to the platform:

  • Decentralized restaurant information platform
  • SynchroCoin token help and rewards framework
  • Cryptocurrency multicurrency wallet
  • Digital coupons and gift cards
  • Tools for associate restaurants to showcase and publicize, including cryptocurrency installment devices
  • Debit card for your SynchroLife cryptocurrency wallet

The SynchroLife ICO

The SynchroCoin (SYC) ICO will occur in August. The company intends to issue an aggregate supply of 100,000,000 SYC tokens. 55,000,000 tokens will be distributed during the crowdsale.

The remaining tokens will be part among the SynchroLife Pool for rewards (20 million), the business (9.5 million), the group/consultants/accomplices (9.5 million), and early investors (5 million). There will likewise be 1 million tokens held for abundance. Premium rewards are accessible, including 20% buy rewards in the initial 24 hours.

Who’s Behind SynchroLife?

SynchroLife was founded by CEO Tomochika Kamiya, a business person who established his first company, Al Pacific Ltd, in 2005. Full insights about the SynchroLife are accessible through the whitepaper and through

Why Use the Blockchain and Tokens for a Restaurant Recommendation Platform?

For a few, it might appear to be odd to make a restaurant suggestion platform in light of the blockchain and relying on a token-based economy. However, the designers understood that including these components will enhance the precision of the information gave. The information will likewise be more straightforward. Because of its decentralization, SynchroLife should all the more effortlessly have the capacity to stay aware of changing information regarding restaurants, including new restaurants opening and old ones closing.

Because of the token-based economy, commentators will be compensated when they make a meaningful contribution to the platform. This places an incentive on every individual’s input and furthermore urges them to continue sharing exact, dependable information in addition to original substance. With the token-based economy, clients will be urged to continue using the platform and enable it to develop.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Play a Role?

Notwithstanding providing information and earning tokens, one of the segments of SynchroLife that is certain to be a hit is the utilization of artificial intelligence to make customized proposals. SynchroLife takes in your dining and sustenance inclinations in light of your activities. Everything from the day by day suggestions to rating timelines to query items is customized for every individual client by means of artificial intelligence.

How Will Users Earn SynchroCoin?

As you use the SynchroLife platform, you are compensated with SynchroCoin for your amazing contributions. Everything from photographs of the restaurant and food to restaurant surveys to alters and remedies of restaurant information will enable clients to win tokens. You can likewise procure tokens by translating restaurant information. Clients get a bit of the charge for advertising from restaurants they contribute to. There are even rewarded for eating at participating restaurants, and clients can offer SynchroCoin to different clients as tips.

synchrolife token

Is SynchroLife Already Available?

Right now, SynchroLife is still in the beta form, but you would already be able to begin enjoying its advantages. The beta form of the platform is accessible as a free download for both Android and iOS smartphones, by means of Google Play and the App Store, separately. This beta version does not have tokens or blockchain technology, but rather these will be included as the platform creates.

Current features include the capacity to utilize SynchroLife in excess of 155 nations around the globe. The application can be utilized as a part of four dialects, including English, regular Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The beta form as of now includes every day customized suggestions for restaurants and customized query items. There are restaurant rating bolsters with specific records for overall rankings, countrywide rankings, and those of your companions. Rating and social sharing are basic and right now in play. You can also make use of the beta version of the application to see records or maps of restaurants that you have seen as of late or pinned. It even enables you to make a sustenance blog instantly.

What Other Features Will Be Added?

The greatest features that will be added to SynchroLife sooner rather than later are the general functionality of the decentralized restaurant information platform and the SynchroCoin tokens within the platform. All parts of the SynchroCoin rewards and spending will be included, including rewards for contributions and substance, and additionally those for visiting or buying at member restaurants.

The capacity to spend SynchroCoin on gift cards or advanced coupons will be forthcoming, just like a cryptocurrency multi-currency wallet to safely hold your SynchroCoin tokens. There will in the long run be a check card in light of this cryptocurrency wallet. Subsidiary restaurants can anticipate future features, for example, cryptocurrency payment methods and those for marketing.

Are SynchroCoins Available? At the point when Is the ICO?

The tokens utilized as a part of SynchroLife are known as SynchroCoins. The initial coin offering, or ICO, begins Friday, Sept. 22, 2017, at 15:00 GMT. It keeps going an entire a month, ending Oct. 20 at 14:59 GMT. During this time, 55 million SynchroCoin tokens need to be sold. You can pay for the tokens in Ether. There was a presale before this, which started Aug. 16.

All assets raised from the group sale will be put away within a multi-signature wallet featuring escrow for security. Following the group sale, the SynchroCoin tokens will be part in light of the amount of ETH contributed by the individual, including rewards.

What Can You Do With SynchroCoin?

Notwithstanding providing capital for SynchroLife to build up the platform completely, SynchroCoin tokens will demonstrate helpful for every client. You can use the coins to pay for dinners at certain associate restaurants or purchase computerized coupons. Restaurants can utilize the SynchroCoins they acquire or purchase to pay for marketing and advertising within the platform, also.

Who Developed SynchroLife?

Tomochika Kamiya is the CEO of SynchroCoin, and his first company was AI Pacific Ltd. Tomochika really established that company in 2005 while as yet attending Hosei University. That company assembled and after that sold mobile marketing, FeliCa devices, and advertising for Online-to-Offline to 1,400 excellence salons and restaurants. From that point, Tomochika was the CMO on one of the biggest excellence organizations in Japan, leading to an extensive rate of profitability. Right now, Tomochika is the author and CEO of SynchroLife Limited and GINKAN Inc. what’s more, is energetic about the blockchain and its potential.


As you may definitely know, SynchroLife’s original token the SynchroCoin (SYC) is an ERC20 token made on the Ethereum blockchain. The SynchroCoin will be utilized to compensate clients who post astounding restaurant reviews and photographs, include new restaurants, refresh business information, alter information, include information, or translate the restaurant information, and more to the SynchroLife platform.

They trust clients who contribute to the change and development of our restaurant revelation platform need to be compensated for their chance and substance, so they have built a platform that does only that. The SynchroCoin (SYC) token will likewise be combined with Ethereum smart contracts to enable clients to get a little level of advertising and marketing charges which restaurants they have given substance or information to pay.



SynchroLife is a restaurant recommended platform that is as of now accessible for iOS and Android. The platform, right now, functions like ordinary restaurant review and proposal applications. Later on, however, the company intends to construct a decentralized platform using blockchain technology that will end up being the focal point of the restaurant review community.

SynchroLife is preparing for its SynchroCoin (SYC) ICO in August 2018. You can take in more about the company, or download the applications today, by visiting


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