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Switcheo Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Switcheo Network cases to be the world’s most progressive NEP-5 decentralized exchange worked for trading NEO tokens. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Switcheo Network?

Switcheo Network is a decentralized exchange where users can trade NEP-5 tokens. NEP-5 is the most well known token protocol on the NEO blockchain.

The center of the Switcheo Network is the Switcheo Exchange. The goal is to make an exchange where users can safely trade all NEP-5 tokens while retaining control of their tokens consistently. In the meantime, Switcheo needs to execute a few features of concentrated exchanges, allowing users to appreciate the advantages of a hybrid infrastructure.

Switcheo will initially center around NEP-5 tokens. These tokens are what might as well be called ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Prior to the finish of 2018, however, Switcheo likewise expects to allow decentralized trading of ERC20 and QRC20 tokens.

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How Does the Switcheo NEO and GAS Exchange Network Work?

The Switcheo Exchange gives the following center services and features:

Decentralized Exchange:

Switcheo deals with the whole trading background on-chain, giving users the experience of a brought together exchange with the security of a decentralized exchange. Users can retain access to their funds during the trading procedure while as yet enjoying the advantages of brought together administration and trade matching.

Fund Security:

You are in full control of your funds when trading on Switcheo. The Switcheo smart contract just trades settlements, so there’s no danger of losing funds because of exchange hacks or other security issues.

Trade All NEP-5 Tokens:

Switcheo’s Dynamic Call work allows new NEP-5 tokens to wind up available to trade when the ICO closes. This allows you to trade your tokens on request.

At last, the goal is to offer users the accommodation of a unified exchange combined with the security of a decentralized exchange. Users are not required to store individual information on the exchange, for instance, nor are they required to confide in the exchange to deal with their funds. In the meantime, users appreciate quick request matching and high liquidity because of the incorporated trade administration.

Switcheo will initially center around NEP-5 tokens. However, before the finish of the year, the exchange additionally plans to include QRC20 trading and ERC20 trading to its decentralized exchange. The exchange will likewise offer cross-chain trading by Q4 2018.

How Do Switcheo Tokens Work?

The Switcheo Network will have its own particular NEP-5 token on the NEO blockchain. The Switcheo Token will be released during an open crowdsale planned to begin on March 16, 2018.

There’s an open circulating supply of 750 million Switcheo Tokens (recorded under the image SWH) out of an aggregate supply of 1 billion tokens.

SWH tokens will be used as the base token for cross-chain swaps. All tasks on the Switcheo Network will acknowledge the local token.

SWH tokens will likewise be available for trading on the exchange: SWH will be an extra base trading pair notwithstanding NEO and GAS to give high liquidity to SWH tokens.

Traders can pay trading fees in Switcheo Tokens to get a half rebate on fees.

switcheo services

Switcheo SGT ICO Details

Switcheo Tokens (SWH) sold on March 16, 2018. 200 million tokens sold during the token sale.

The price of SWH tokens was set at a rate of around 1 NEO = 5,500 SWH tokens (the price is pegged to the USD price of NEO and will change as the ICO approaches, in spite of the fact that it dependably pegged at 1 SWH = $0.016 USD).

Of the remaining tokens, 48% is held for a private sale, 25% for the Switcheo team, and 7% for organizations and marketing.

Switcheo had set a hard top of $3.2 million USD for its open sale.

Who’s Behind Switcheo?

Switcheo’s team includes four designers and three counsels. The engineers include Ivan Poon (Blockchain Developer), Henry Chua (Frontend Developer), Sng Ping Chiang (Backend Developer), and Jack Yeu (Business Development).

Switcheo has joined forces with NEO Global Capital as a vital accomplice.

switcheo team

Why a decentralized exchange?

Decentralized exchanges are going to end up increasingly famous as more users and investors begin to enter the markets. Incorporated exchanges have been the go to for some time now but they do accompany inherent security dangers. On a unified exchange users sign into an account where their funds are put away and the exchange is responsible for keeping those funds secure… should the exchange be hacked or the proprietors choose to take the funds, the users is practically vulnerable to preventing that.

Another issue with the dominance of brought together exchanges is to what extent users need to hold up to have the capacity to trade a token in the wake of participating in an ICO. Tokens can take a long time before they are recorded on an exchange and some may never make it on to some the more prominent exchanges.

In what manner will Switcheo illuminate these issues?

The issue so far with decentralized exchanges as they are frequently very slow and very difficult to use, because of this they don’t accomplish much trading volume. Switcheo is looking to address this specifically with a straightforward exchange which is spread out fundamentally the same as how most different exchanges.

Switcheo is a decentralized exchange meaning they figure out how to beat both of the security dangers related with concentrated exchanges. By allowing users to get to their funds specifically with their private key, the funds remain on the users possess wallet which they control the private keys for so the exchange has no chance to get of accessing these funds. This likewise implies the funds are not put away anyplace but rather on the users wallet meaning that the exchange is far less vulnerable to programmers.

Is Switcheo simple to use?

Users will input a trade (buy or offer) on the Switcheo platform, this makes the trade in the type of a smart contract. This is then communicated to the network and every other person on the exchange can see every one of the trades as they would on some other concentrated exchange. Switcheo is easy to use and is spread out like most other concentrated exchanges meaning you don’t have to learn a completely better approach for trading.

switcheo features

Switcheo token (SWH)

The Switcheo local token, SWH, can be used to pay the trading fees on the exchange, any fees which are paid in SWH will be at a diminished rate and the SWH is scorched. This will in time lessen the circulating supply of the SWH token, like Binance. This has increased the estimation of the Binance token after some time and should work the same for Switcheo should they increase their trading volume.

1,000,000,000 SWH Tokens might be minted in absolute, and no extra tokens will be minted in future.

Switcheo’s Specs

The main reason for this decentralized exchange is to give individuals a chance to trade the greater part of their MEP-5 tokens. Once the ICO closes, these new monetary standards ought to be consequently recorded on this trading protocol, which is a fairly intriguing approach. This will be accomplished through Switcheo’s Dynamic Call work. Regardless of whether listing ICO tokens on a decentralized exchange so rapidly is a good thought remains to be determined.

Despite the fact that Switcheo isn’t the first project to center around building a NEO-based decentralized exchange, the company has a marginally different core interest. Its main need is providing a protected and advantageous user encounter and being cross-chain good as fast as could reasonably be expected. Speaking of which, the engineers are as of now looking to introduce similarity with Qtum, which is a somewhat interesting decision, everything considered.

On the trading expense front, Switcheo will charge between 0% and 0.5% for both market producers and takers, depending on specific market conditions. It will be somewhat interesting to perceive how that plays out precisely, despite the fact that it appears to be clear this structure is more than reasonable given the absence of concentrated substances. Projects like these still need to produce income, and it appears using this approach will work best for all gatherings involved.

The Switcheo Token

As one would expect, this decentralized exchange project has its own particular cash, known as Switcheo Token or SWH. This token will be used for cross-chain swaps, and also fill in as “gas” for all tasks on the network itself. There will likewise be an extra base trading pair linked to SWH, which ought to enhance its general liquidity. These tokens will likewise allow users a half rebate on fees, which makes it well worth looking into.

The Road Ahead

Despite the fact that it appears this decentralized exchange is nearing culmination, there is still work to be finished. Starting at the present moment, the Switcheo exchange is being tried on a testnet, with the mainnet dispatch planned during the current month. It appears the exchange itself will go live in a couple of days, albeit no correct date was affirmed at the season of writing. QRC20 token trading will go live in Q2 of this current year, with ERC20 tokens to be included Q3. Cross-chain trading won’t happen until late 2018, but it’s something to anticipate.

switcheo roadmap

How To Buy Switcheo Token?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy Switcheo token. Well, the answer is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy Switcheo token and where to buy it. However, at the moment you can make use of to buy this token.

Switcheo Conclusion

Switcheo is a decentralized exchange that plans to offer trading of all NEP-5 tokens. NEP-5 tokens are to NEO what ERC20 tokens are to Ethereum: it’s the favored token standard.

Switcheo will offer hybrid trading on its exchange. Users will have the capacity to complete trades while retaining full control of their tokens. However, users will likewise appreciate incorporated trade administration and trade matching – so Switcheo means to give the advantages of a decentralized exchange and a unified exchange in one.

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