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SunContract Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

SunContract is an energy trading platform constructed using blockchain technology. Find out how it works today in our SunContract review.

What Is SunContract?

SunContract is a blockchain platform that gives you a chance to buy and offer electricity. It’s an energy trading platform that guarantees to tackle a considerable lot of the present issues regarding the energy area.

Today, SunContract is seeking money through a crowdfunding effort. They’re selling SunContract (SNC) tokens. SNC tokens will be used to buy advanced electricity from the platform later on. Generally speaking, it needs to make a decentralized, smart, and effective marketplace for the exchange of electricity and energy.

The thought for the company was shaped in Q1 2016. In May 2017, SunContract distributed their whitepaper online. The company plans to dispatch their SunContract platform in Q1 2018.

A definitive goal of SunContract, according to the whitepaper, “is to help a worldwide independent energy community in view of sustainable power source and distributed energy trading in view of the blockchain and smart contracts.” This will prompt more prominent independence with regards to energy.

suncontract homepage

How Does SunContract Work?

SunContract’s blockchain-based exchange platform brings together independent power makers and consumers. These two gatherings interface with the decentralized energy market platform through the SunContract mobile app.

Basically, we as of now have a framework like this today: service organizations go about as a go between energy makers and consumers. With SunContract, the blockchain assumes control over the part as the broker. This diminishes costs and interfaces consumers straightforwardly with makers.

SunContract has not yet manufactured its platform. The company plans to dispatch the platform in Q1 2018. That implies everything we know about the platform originates from the whitepaper. Below, you’ll find a portion of the imperative proposed advantages of SunContract, including the issues it looks to tackle.

suncontract platform


SNC token stands to assume a major part in the change of Human Development Index, the token links resources that have incredible potential if a good model is identified. Individuals have demonstrated that they can’t manage without electricity after some time; this is the reason SunContract uses the blockchain technology to link the request and supply of this market. The vision within SunContract community is to enhance lives by making available shoddy electricity and propelled choices, for example, storing energy within the platform for sometime later.

How it works

The SunContract (SNC) platform has received a different style of task utilizing an energy pool for its capacity. The platform goes about as an agent by linking electricity consumers and makers which is fundamentally in excess of three quarter of the populace in created economies. Users within the network are relied upon to buy the SNC tokens for transactions that will involve buy or sale of electricity. The Energy pool is a vital part of this blockchain technology as users can just interact here henceforth exercising the product within SNC and the energy permit it joins.

Interested users need to initially register by means of the mobile app keeping in mind the end goal to get to the energy pool. The fascinating effortlessness and speed of smart contracts empower the SunContract platform to approve transactions adequately and fairly. SNC makes it exceptionally basic for consumers to get modest electricity by putting into play the law of interest and supply; one can gain access into the pool and begin purchasing electricity when they have finished enrollment. The SNC app accompanies a reward of hedging makers against hazard; this is by having the choice of programmed transformation of tokens to other fiat monetary standards, for example, the USD.

suncontract features


In view of a staged approach, the SunContract (SNC) P2P Platform will interface energy makers and consumers. Users will have the capacity to exchange electricity specifically; the final price and amount will be determined by trading algorithms in view of closeout clearings on the Blockchain.


Guidelines for trading, purchasing and supplying, contract signing, invoice issuing differs from nation to nation. In this manner, a business procedure with a user cordial interface that is good with national administrative framework should be expert.


A decentralized energy market requires energy makers, consumers and load balancing. Using headways on smart-networks, end-user clients of the SunContract Platform will likewise help the balancing of the electricity matrix through request reaction.


SunContract (SNC) platform users could independent from anyone else guarantee the storage of overabundance electricity during low request and the alternative to release it as request rises.

Why Blockchain?

Energy markets are prone to robbery and spillages, initiated both by little household units and huge power organizations. This prompts an immense money consumption on energy accounting and extortion counteractive action. All things considered, ensuring 100% security isn’t conceivable. Each administrative disappointment in the past has been seen to be supplanted by another technology; this time, the blockchain.

The features of blockchain like changelessness, traceability, and straightforwardness of blockchain transactions bring a more secure and more quiet market condition, which isn’t conceivable from current energy accounting advancements. Most importantly, it eliminates intermediaries and therefore their power and related overheads.

suncontract blockchain

What Problems Does SunContract Seek To Solve?

  • Empower individual contributions for improving the worldwide energy circumstance
  • Bolster self-consumption and independence
  • Catch the maximum capacity of nearby inexhaustible resources
  • Empower straightforward transactions between makers and consumers through the pool, in light of smart contracts
  • Lower costs by reducing or eliminating the part of the go between

In general, SunContract plans to make a sun-driven economy using a blockchain-based exchange platform.

SunContract Features

Here are a portion of the key proposed features of the SunContract platform.


Like other blockchain platforms, SunContract claims their blockchain platform will be straightforward. Transactions can’t be changed in any way once they’re on the blockchain. This makes a healthy business condition for energy makers and consumers alike.


Transactions composed on the blockchain can be followed back to the address where they were executed. A user’s personality is never in danger because it’s solitary conceivable to follow the address and not the individual behind it.

Time Stamp:

All transactions on the blockchain are timestamped, which implies you can return to see precisely when every transaction happened.

Better Transactions:

Transactions made through SunContract’s blockchain are reliable, straightforward, traceable, and timestamped.


SunContract speaks to the digitization of electricity trading on the blockchain, allowing electricity to be more adaptable, straightforward, and traceable than any time in recent memory.


The world needs to diminish greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. To accomplish this goal, the world needs to increase the usage of sustainable power sources. That is the place SunContract sees an opportunity.


The energy industry is anything but a level playing field. Today, governments sponsor customary energy sources to make sun powered energy more expensive, while different governments finance sun based energy to the detriment of other energy sources. SunContract plans to deregulate the industry to give the market a chance to choose.


Decentralization is the way toward redistributing or dispersing capacities, powers, individuals, or things from a focal area or specialist.


The democratization of energy supply allows access to power and in addition the adaptability to pick the source of power. A distributed electrical energy age framework gives us an approach to democratize supply crosswise over markets.

Eventually, SunContract calls the first 5 features the “five Ts” of blockchain technology while the last 5 features are the “five Ds” of sun powered energy. The company guarantees their platform will join together the best features of blockchain technology (the 5 Ts) and the best features of sustainable power source (the 5 Ds) to make a completely new service that will change the existing marketplace.

suncontract decentralization

The SunContract Energy Pool

The first period of SunContract is to make the SunContract Energy Pool. That pool joins together power makers and consumers, allowing them to exchange energy.

So as to exchange energy, you have to use SunContract Tokens (SNC).

The two consumers and makers can register for the pool through the mobile app.

In what manner will the pool work? Suppose Person A has a sunlight based power plant and creates perfect, sustainable power source. Individual An is as of now selling electricity to gigantic trading organizations, where he has a powerless negotiation position. Individual A chooses to pitch electricity to the SunContract marketplace instead.

Individual B is the consumer who joined through the mobile app and obtained SNC tokens. Individual B can use those tokens to obtain electricity from the pool. The market chooses the price of electricity in view of what consumers are willing to pay.

suncontract savings

Who’s Behind SunContract?

Normally, a company’s whitepaper outlines the team involved in the project, including their experience, aptitudes, experience, and parts within the company. Strangely, SunContract’s whitepaper doesn’t list a single individual involved with the project. The whitepaper doesn’t have a creator recorded.

The main information we have about the team behind SunContract is that they’re “an international team with vision, aptitude innovative thinking, openness, administration abilities, marketing knowledge” with a foundation in IT, energy, finance, and blockchain technology.

It’s not precisely a warning when a company doesn’t list its team online or in the whitepaper. However, it’s somewhat uncommon.

How To Buy SNC?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy SNC. This section will be helpful to know how to buy SNC. First of all, you will need to find the best exchanges where you will be able to buy it. You can buy it from KuCoin, HitBTC and YoBit.

SunContract Conclusion

SunContract has eager goals to democratize the universe of sustainable power source. SunContract will make a blockchain-based exchange where makers and consumers can interact. Consumers can buy electricity in exchange for SunContract Tokens (SNC). Makers can offer energy at a superior rate than they at present get from service organizations.

SunContract doesn’t yet have a working item available. The company plans to dispatch its platform in Q1 2018. The whitepaper appeared online in April.

Stay tuned for more information about SunContract as the project continues to develop. Or on the other hand, visit the company for yourself today at

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