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How Successful Forex Traders Manage Profits

Successful forex traders manage profits accordingly to their money management plan. The profits management approach depend on the trader financial goal, trader age, and money skills. However, all successful forex traders reinvest their profits several times o during a couples of years before they use that money to pay bill or buy goods.


How Successful Forex Traders Manage Profits

Successful forex traders manage their profits to increase their trading capital and increase their moneymaking capacity. There are several popular manage profits plan, all of them have some elemental characteristics in common:

· Reinvest the profits; each profit generated increases the trader investment capacity. Therefore, it must be save and pile up for as long as you can or until your financial goal are achieved.

· Save money to diversify their portfolio, the money from profits can be used for other forex trading different from your usual pair, such as exotic currencies or hold a currency overtime to profits from it. Additionally, trader can explore other trading or investment opportunities.

· Save money for higher risk investment, some percentage of your profits can be used to pay for higher risk investment without affecting your trading capacity or financial wellbeing.

· Save money to be able to be fulltime trader and leave their current jobs; most forex traders start forex trading simultaneously with a 9 to 5 job or a fulltime job. The profits from their forex trading can be substantially enough to cover a couple of years of salary and their retirement plan

· Never expend the profits in unnecessary or luxury goods. The profits money must be reinvested; it never should be spend paying bill or buying unnecessary goods if you want to make a living from forex trading.

100% for 7 years

Successful forex traders younger than 60 years old, use to reinvest all their forex trading profits for the first 7 years, as a secure way to achieve financial freedom and money wealth. They know that after saving all their profits for 7 years, they can get advantages of the 7 years market cycle’s variations in which stock prices decrease and invest their saved capital in a lifetime opportunity that will generate incredible dividends. The 100% for 7 years profits money management plan considered the long-term reward and the investing potential the trader will get at the end of the period; it is focused on the financial freedom and the real possibility to get financially wealthy.

The 80/20 rule Reinvest 80% and save for new investment 20%

Successful forex traders follow the rule of 80/20; they reinvest 80% of their profits in forex trading and save 20% for new investment opportunities. The 20% can be used to diversify their trading portfolio or in another dividend generating investment. The 80% trading reinvestment enhance their trading capacity and accelerates their money wealth accumulation. The 80/20 rule is part of the money management plan of significant percentage of successful forex trader. It allows them to increase their trading capacity and explore other trading or investment opportunity without risking their financial stability or forex trading capital

50/50 overindulging as a reward

Successful forex traders manage profits in diverse ways, some of them want to enjoy the extra income they perceive from trading and overindulge themselves. They reinvest 50% of their profits in forex trading to increase their trading capital and expend the other 50% buying goods or paying for holidays, etc. The 50/50 is more frequent over the 65 years old group that is retired from their previous jobs.


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