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Stratis Review

About Stratis

This is a very powerful platform globally which involves the blockchain technology thus helping various institutions, companies and other financial services to grow and mature up and foster innovation for new applications. Stratis, as described in various stratis reviews, has helped many institutions and companies in implementation of blockchain technology to be utilized in various operations in the world. This will help to create development and efficiency in various operations of companies and financial institutions. The Stratis has a very big aim which is to ensure that the use of blockchain technology is easy to access by everyone and various institutions. Therefore it aims at ensuring that it establishes a very big shopping site for all blockchain products. Compared to bitcoin in terms of coding it has some basis from bitcoin but due to various innovations, it has been enhanced using various technologies and therefore it uses different coding such as c#. It is made in a special way in that it can make use of the API while at the same time utilize the framework of Microsoft. net.

stratis homepage

Stratis is very important because it helps the various users to devise a strategy of applying the blockchain technology appropriately and efficiently and in the right kind of business operations. Therefore, it is gaining a lot of popularity and therefore over time many people and investors will endorse the technology. VStratis is very helpful since it also provides a wide platform for various companies to have a chance of trying out their applications. It has a chance for integrating blockchains for other types of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Etherium. Through these characteristics, various users are not necessarily supposed to keep on maintaining a network and also they can be able to modify the technology to suit their purpose.

Stratis token

This Stratis review article describes how all these advantages from Stratis will be achieved. One way is to have stratis coins which are referred to as the Strat. This currency usually, allows for low rates of inflation. In the year 2016, there was collection of coins to fund the development of the platform. It yielded a good amount of coins that was equal to 915 bitcoins. There has been a significant rise in the price of stratis by a high percentage. Usually in stratis trade, one block usually is equivalent to one token and a single transaction should happen in one minute. Stratis has become significant in that it has joined the list of the few currencies that have been recognized by various wallets.

The Stratis private chains

This usually involves the use of a network involving many computers connected in a block and has been found to offer a lot of advantages in that it allows for security and efficiency. Stratis being the only token which has value in the stratum technology will function more efficiently if it creates either a public or a private chain. The advantage of creating a private one is that it creates a chance of customizing the program to how you want it to suit your needs.

Market cap

The market cap of stratis has been shown in this Stratis review article to have grown over time with 98 million tokens in circulation currently. The price of one unit is 10.5 dollars and one positive thing that happened is that it attained a market cap of one billion dollars.

The members’ team

There are various known members who have worked hard enough to ensure that the Stratis has been a success. Therefore, these members have been named in our Stratis review article. They include one guy called Chris who is one of the co-founders of the stratis. He has a lot of knowledge in technology and has been acting a very good role where he is consulted in various technical matters. He is well known in the field of information technology and has a lot of experience in various enterprises. There is also another great person who is well known as Vanhoof. He is well known to have a lot of knowledge in developing various block chains. There is also another important person called Bokobza who is well known for developing various software and programs that will assist in this financial business and ensure success. There is also Gershony who has a lot of experience in helping Stratis to make blockchains. There is also Nicolas who is well known to have a loving for bitcoins. He has worked strongly to see Stratis where it is now.

Purchasing Stratis cryptocurrency.

It is usually not possible to be able to buy this kind of cryptocurrency directly. However, users have other options of exchanging the coins with other types of other coins. For example, they can use etherium and bitcoins. Our Stratis review article shows some of the procedures that have been set aside to be followed. These include having other coins such as bitcoins to purchase the Stratis. There is also a requirement of having registered a stratis account which will help the process to run smoothly.

How to purchase Stratis from exchange

There are various exchanges known and our Stratis review will explain some of them:

Cryptopia – Read Cryptopia Review HERE

Binance – Read Binance Review HERE

HitBTC – Read HitBTC Review HERE

Use of shape shift

Users are also able to utilize shape shift to exchange some of the supported cryptocurrency. Currently there are a number of cryptocurrencies about 30 that are supported

Stratis wallets

Being one of the newest cryptocurrencies, it has very few wallets. Some of the best wallets described in the Stratis review and they include the breeze wallet. This kind of wallet will be utilized by all the stratis users and it will ensure that it incorporates the stratis and the bitcoin. Another advantage related to it is that it will be able to allow exchange between the Stratis and the bitcoin. The only disadvantage is that it will not allow the use of tokens. There is ledger nano S. This kind of wallet is currently the one that is being utilized. Its advantage is that it allows for safety and also it is efficient because it is also simple to utilized. It is a hardware wallet that usually ensures the safety of tokens. Currently it has been used to store various currents such as ripple, Zcash, etherium and bitcoin.

stratis walletStratis electrum

This kind of wallet is very easy and safe to use but it does not allow for tokens. It is usually well compatible with various operating systems such as Linux and Mac operating systems.

The Stratis x

This is regarded as the main official wallet that has been utilized by Stratis over time and it has been shown to be an effective desktop wallet. This is according to information collected by our Stratis review article.

Use of Stratis in the world

Some of the benefits of Stratis are well explained in this article. One of the benefits includes fintech. In this field the stratis has been shown to offer good services and to have an aim in management of various forms of identity and also to control theft. It also helps to solve issues like losing the confidence of the customers. It solves this by streamlining the blockchain technology. There is also the aspect of verifying and tracking. This has caused the aspect of issues like forging original products. However, this is solvable by application of the right blockchains in stratis technology. Use of the IoT of things has helped in impacting in various sectors such as supply, transportation and other business areas using the Stratis currency. For example use of stratis to control a smart home will ensure efficiency and proper and comfortable life. There is also the aspect of fostering medical research. Through Stratis, there is ability to ensure that there is proper storage of medical records and therefore this will be able to ensure proper medical research.

A comparison of Stratis and etherium

Our article on Stratis review gives a comparison of the two types of currencies by looking into various aspects. First it is good to note that the two have a lot of similarities. One of the similarities is that they usually allow what is well known as smart contracts. However, the main differences are that etherium usually uses a different language which is solid in nature. On the other hand, stratis usually applies another kind of language which includes the c# language. This language is widely used and therefore new developers do not need to study or learn another language as the language is common. However, when compared to a developer using etherium, he will have to study a new technical language to proceed with the process. Etherium also uses blockchains in the processes. However, other contracts by Stratis usually operate through side chains. One conclusion as this issue is concerned is that both have been doing well in various processes.

The future of Stratis

The CEO of the company has shown that he has a big aim in his operations and he aims to be at the top three market cap. Therefore, he has shown that there is a great future in this project and it is likely even to do better in future. This will ensure that many people benefit from the project world-wide and ensure efficiency in various operations.

stratis nStratis

Is it feasible to invest in Stratis?

This is the biggest question that comes into everyone’s mind when they hear about Stratis. This Stratis review provides an answer to this question. The answer to this question is relative since it depends on a variety of factors. First it will depend on the objectives of the investor in the business. This is usually a major factor since every business will depend on its goals. Another big factor is the ability to evaluate and take risks. This is going to be determined by the amount of risks that the person is willing to swallow. This type of cryptocurrency is one of the newest in the market and therefore it is competing a lot with the existing currencies and other upcoming currencies. As usual, many investors need safety while venturing into a new investment. Therefore what investors need to know is that this type of cryptocurrency is doing well but they will need to ensure that they make considerations of various factors of their choice before they join the business.

The architecture of Stratis

This platform is built on various languages such as using c#, bitcoin library and Microsoft net. Of these languages, the stratis technical team chose to use this language of c#. Stratis is usually composed of various components and they usually include the bitcoin full node, the consensus, and the nbitcoin.The bitcoin fullnode is very important in that it allows for safety and verification of various transactions. The lib consensus usually allows for identification of the code thus helping to validate the block. The nbitcoin usually plays the other roles in ensuring the consensus layer is okay.


The largest competitor of the Stratis is mainly the lisk.Lisk has been shown to compete a lot and directly with the Stratis. However, one of the disadvantages of the lisk is that it does not have a capability of ensuring privacy. This discourages various investors, companies and other institutions.


A lot of survey has been done concerning how stratis is trading. This company is well known and back in the year 2016, it held an ICO and raised a big number of coins. A track has been set to show how it has been trading. It shoots in July 2017 and fell in November. However, by December it rose again and according to analysis, it has been shown that stratis is likely to keep on doing well and this will encourage more investors in this field. This is because of a good teamwork and application of advanced technology which is making the operations of the stratis currency efficient, first and easy to trade in.

One-click deployment

Stratis review article describes well this quality of stratis. One property which has been likened to another company called the Ark.Stratis is greatly focusing on ensuring fast transactions and smooth operations that will be facilitated by application of various types of technologies. One of the technologies is the use of a deployer that usually utilizes a one-click blockchain. This is very efficient because it has facilitated the process in that a very big network is usually just one click away.


The stratis usually is facing a lot of competition from other cryptocurrencies and through its strong management it is working hard to keep up and ensure it is doing well.

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