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Stoxum: First Hybrid Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is on its boom in the financial sector and many investors are turning their heads towards it. Stoxum is one of the few cryptocurrencies which have made its way to the top. Stoxum is the first hybrid cryptocurrency in the world which has an aggregate pool of liquidity.

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What is Stoxum?

Stoxum combines the speed of centralized solutions which is reliable and decentralized. It has a 100% share distribution which makes it a great buy. It works on the hybrid system and ensures that it takes advantage of the centralized exchanges and get them to a decentralized exchange. As it has a hybrid nature it works differently on the current offerings thus combining the best of both the worlds i.e. centralized and decentralized exchanges. Stoxum has complete transparency which means that it can be dependable in the long run. It has a reporting system set up at each transaction. The top five cryptocurrencies can be traded from the start and the team would add two more coins each month for growth perspective. There is an innovative voting system set up for Stoxum which would identify which coins to be added in the exchange.

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Key Benefits and Features of Stoxum

Stoxum has the power to handle 1 million transactions per second which ensures that there would be no delay in large amount of transactions. Anyone can launch the Stoxum as it is simple due to the master nodes. There are open client source codes and open master node source codes which would help the users at every step. The decentralized nodes help the users to keep all the transactions safe and secure as it verifies all the transactions to the core. If you are a token holder, then you would have access to all the transactions done and can get the report downloaded in a detailed manner to analyses the transaction and help in upkeep.

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How it Works?

Stoxum works on the principle of hybrid systems which helps the centralized exchanges to work on the decentralized systems. You need to be smart to get things rolling your way. The best part about buying Stoxum is that it can be traded using the top 5 cryptocurrencies. You can check the value of every Stoxum on its website and then trade for its tokens. The price of 1 Stoxum is equal to 0.00002 BTC. There are total of 200 million tokens available for Stoxum. While the sale is on the tokens would be made available. But once the sale ends, the remaining tokens would be destroyed.stoxum voiting system

Stoxum ICO

Stoxum ICO is booming in the world of cryptocurrency and you have the perfect time to invest into it to get the best of both worlds. ICO is an Initial Coin Offering where the coins of a new crypto is sold to the initial investors so that they can become the shareholders of that company. Stoxum is a hybrid currency which works on different principles. The current ICO is in a Pre-Sale mode and was started on 30 April 2018and would end on 25 June 2018. The actual token sale would start on 1st July and would end on 10 August 2018. There are many other features involved in it and we should look at it in detail.

The tokens of Stoxum are a currency of commission payment to attract the users to come at the ICO stage. It is a key to the users to get the operations of voting rights to add coins as per their references. It also gives access to the chat rooms to change the moderation tools if need be. White label is a platform which makes Stoxum work for it. This platform can be accessed if you have a stock of Stoxum tokens. The company has announced 100% dividend for all Stoxum tokens. You can also get the highest allocation with affiliate programs. The platform has different trading bots built which works on different algorithms. Any revenue generation through transaction fees and paid voting to be used against dividend payments.

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Problems Faced by Stoxum

Stoxum is a great cryptocurrency and has many takers. But like all currencies there are a few issues which need to be resolved. Let us look at them in detail. The first problem is the complexity of technical implementation in the financial product to work with cryptocurrency. The second one is single exchange liquidity. You may see different trading exchanges available online which cannot provide services at high quality for users. Keeping this competition in mind the exchange platform developers need to match the speed of the users to give them the interface which other similar trading platforms do. This way they would be able to sustain the tough competition in the market.

As the market has tough competition, it is difficult to tap the users and increase your registered user base. The number of active and registered users determines the trading volume at a platform. This would mean that you as an exchange platform need money to attract the users so that a business model can be built that is high in accuracy. But in all this hustle and bustle, you forget that as a company you have the technical knowledge for the work and o money or if you have the money then you lack technical knowledge.

Social Marketing Dividends

Exchanges have tokens which can be purchased against the dividend issued. Before you calculate the dividend, it is necessary to aggregate the revenue earned in each currency and purchase the tokens accordingly. For each income earned by the platform, 1% of that revenue goes as a dividend to the user. It has a double benefit plan which helps the token sale to increase and to keep your personal tokens in your digital purses and not on the exchange. This method will help the users to make money and get more users on the platform thereby promoting it. This method can save a lot of money spent on advertising and maintain the trust level as well.

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Create your Own Ecosystem

The White Label Solutions can help you to create your own crypto exchange irrespective of the technical knowledge you have. Such initiatives help to solve the problem of development in the long methods and you can hire lesser staff of programmers for the exchange.

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Single Liquidity Pool

The users have access to all the ecosystems so that they can trade with ease. If a user has access to 10 sites in the system and if there is a new site added in the pool, the users would get access to that site by default and would be able to view and make orders over it. It is a well-known fact that a little influence can help you to go higher in the race. If you wish to earn revenue from your investment and gain on the dividend then start increasing the influence factor to gain on the value. A single branch out would get you more revenue and increase the ecosystem.

Bonus for Stoxum High Bids

Being a startup Stoxum has given a bonus for the purchase of the tokens in bulk. So, with every 5,000 STM (Stoxum) you get a 3% discuount and it increases to 5% if you purchase 7,000 STM. On 12,000 STM you get 10% discount which increases to 15% at 18,000 STM. On 25,000 and 40,000 STM you get a discount of 20% and 30% respectively. Upon buying 80,000 STM you can get as much as 50% discount. You can also get bonus with the affiliate program when you refer someone to the exchange. This bonus would start from the bottom chronology to give the higher investors a chance to get maximum discounts. Since the cap for token sale is at 200 million, this mark is expected to achieve in the last phase with the investors who can buy minimum of 5000 STM and get a 3% discount.

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Presale and ICO Detailing

The presale is divided into 5 stages which can be used for different discount patterns. The last presale closes on 25 June to cover the CAP of 100 million tokens. The remaining 100 million would be available for the ICO. This ICO would help the product get all the mileage it needs in a span of 1 month and one week. Post this all the remainder of tokens would be burnt and destroyed so that there is no misuse of it at all. All this while, the Alpha test would be done internally so that the team at Stoxum knows what is coming their way in the live environment. Once the testing is over, the Beta test version would be launched on 20 August which is just after 10 days from the closure of ICO sale. This Beta Version would be primarily for the token holders only and would be open all September. Token holders can access this using three major exchanges. Once this activity is over, the open source code would be made available public ally in October along with the white label solution ecosystem.

Come December, the trading bots would be released on the platform to give a good option to trade. Voting for additional coins would also start so that new currencies can be introduced for the token holders to leverage to the maximum. This voting would be unbiased completely. So that you can get the coins which appeal to your portfolio. The updates for the votes would be available on the websites and exchanges to ensure complete transparency.

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Buy Stoxum

You can buy Stoxum from the listed exchange platforms with ease. You may buy Stoxum using the top five cryptocurrencies or in cash. If you wish to buy using cryptocurrency then there is an exchange rate which needs to be used for each STM. It accepts BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH for transactions. The tokens are available at 100% for sale which makes it easier for anyone to purchase it.

The team behind Stoxum is very reliable. They ensure that you get all the benefits listed from time to time. It is a hybrid cryptocurrency and one of its kind. The team treats Stoxum as its baby as the birth of it has given them the leverage they always needed. The brain child of each developer has made sure that Stoxum reaches the high it has imagined for itself. The team believes in making a mark to the world and therefore are known as Stoxum and not by an individual’s name. They have never believed in disclosing a single name attached to the project. It is all consolidated at each stage. If you wish to know more about the project, you may look at the whitepaper for Stoxum. It has all the relevant details which would help you to decide.


The world of internet makes it easy for all to access and view anything that they desire. Keeping this in mind, many companies have started with the review pages for the products that are in demand. This has ensured that each person can know about the product in depth before they decide to invest. Stoxum also has many reviews from the experts in cryptocurrency and from the initial investors as swell. They show the features of the product and how it helps them to materialize their investment. It also shows the way one can invest in Stoxum and gain profits.

Verdict of Stoxum

The aim of Stoxum is to compile the best features needed by the investors and put it in a decentralized exchange platform. The model would be influenced by the centralized platform to give a user interface known to all and move it to a hybrid model. The rare feature of the model is that the token holders would get 100% dividend which is very rare in a cryptocurrency setup. All this would help the investors to think about this avenue and invest in the presale and ICO which would run for a few months from now. So, start considering the investment option and decide fast.

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