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Storm Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

An ever increasing number of individuals are turning to freelancing in this day and age for such huge numbers of reasons. Some can’t land positions, while numerous others are losing their employments and need to get something doing to help their families financially.

Most platforms in the market have similarly been useful in connecting billions of individuals in the worldwide independent market to bosses but with a significant issue. These conventional incorporated independent platforms are making a large portion of the cash to themselves. They energize to 40% of whatever the merchant procures.

Tempest Market, having been in the market for quite a while as BitMaker, now Storm Play, offers a different, and potentially the best way to deal with consultants getting paid the genuine worth of vitality put into completing miniaturized scale errands and gigs, charging only 1% and of their earnings and sending payouts in digital forms of money.

Storm Homepage

Who Is Behind Storm Market?

Tempest Market is a project from StormX, Inc., a Seattle-based company with a past filled with using restricted assets proficiently. In spite of minimal outside investment, the team has just made a beneficial business with growing items, organizations, and clients. The team has been testing and adding methodologies, which prompts enhanced gainfulness. For instance, by adding the Storm Task highlight, the income development has been in excess of 56 percent week by week. There are as of now 250,000 month to month dynamic clients, with a vast lump of the client development because of referrals.

By what means Can Users Earn STORM Tokens?

There are three main routes for clients to procure STORM tokens by means of the Storm Market. Tempest PLAY gives you “a chance to play to gain.” Via a Google Play application, you can procure tokens by playing recordings or trying out new administrations and items.

Tempest Play

Tempest SHOP gives clients “a chance to shop to acquire.” Specific points of interest are still in progress, but this part of Storm Market will give you a chance to win STORM tokens by shopping for administrations and items, including those you intended to buy at any rate.

Finally, STORM GIGS let clients “perform to gain.” This is the place the gamified smaller scale tasks become possibly the most important factor. You acquire STORM tokens when you perform different small scale tasks, for example, P2P freelancing, QA testing, and machine learning.

Storm interface

What Are Some Key Features of Storm Market?

Basically, Storm Market makes it conceivable to procure any route, from any gadget, and whenever. The platform utilizes the blockchain to proficiently empower smaller scale transactions, at that point Storm Market takes it to the following level with client encounters and interfaces that are human-driven.

The team behind Storm Market sees the platform as an approach to address the requirements of the worldwide qualified workforce, an assume that is evaluated at 4.68 billion individuals around the world. Specifically, it enables consultants around the globe to develop. Tempest Market gives security on account of its status as a trustless network that uses Ethereum smart contracts for the different small scale tasks.

As said, Storm Market depends on gamification methods as an approach to give clients a chance to win extra STORM tokens in a way that is basic and clear. The framework is effortlessly available with a portable first plan that guarantees that the platform dependably satisfies the “anyplace” some portion of the Storm Market.

As of now, Storm Market has demonstrated a lot of ubiquity. There are in excess of 1.4 million downloads of the application to date.

Who Can Use Storm Market?

Anybody can utilize Storm Market, but the team has a couple of specific classifications in mind, alongside names for every class to make it less demanding to comprehend interactions. Individuals who utilize the platform to gain cash are known as Storm Players. Tempest Makers alludes to sponsors, gaming platforms, machine learning organizations, and scouts. Basically, anybody offering open doors for miniaturized scale transactions and commitment will be a Storm Maker, while the individuals who exploit those chances to procure STORM tokens is a Storm Player.

Within the whitepaper, the team behind Storm Market outlines six different kinds of Storm Players, showcasing the adaptability of the platform.

How Does Storm Market Utilize the Blockchain?

The blockchain is a key piece of Storm Market by making it conceivable to effectively coordinate Storm Makers and Storm Players. This matching, in turn, takes into account clients to perform miniaturized scale tasks in less than five minutes by means of any cell phone and get a reward for the task. Tempest Market likewise utilizes smart contracts known as Storm Contracts, to authorize the terms of the interaction during the length of the agreement. Because of smart contracts, requirement is programmed with minimal or no human intervention. That mechanization and absence of necessity for human intervention enhances turnaround times and prompts increased effectiveness for bring down expenses.

Storm Makers

How Does Storm Market Compare to Other Similar Platforms?

There are a few different platforms accessible offering comparable objectives to Storm Market, but this specific one has various preferences. Contenders can charge benefit expenses (for their likeness Storm Gigs) of up to 40 percent. By differentiate, Storm Market just charges a little 1 percent expense in addition to the Ethereum gas cost, the last of which won’t go to Storm Market. Moreover, Storm Market takes into account the quick withdrawal of your funds, while rivals can take as long as five days.

Finally, Storm Market offers a rundown of features and points of interest you can’t get with the other comparative platforms. These include gamification, project administration integration, a secured and private platform, and marketing integration.

What is Storm Market?

Tempest Market, is a decentralized marketplace for Storm Market members called the Storm Makers (they include merchants, promoters, organizations, and so forth.) trying to hotspot for the administrations of consultants to finish undertakings of different levels and Storm Players (these are customers, watchers, specialists, and so forth.) who enable complete to these errands.

As a byproduct of carrying out errands by the Storm Makers, Storm Players get remunerated with jolts on the platform which are redeemable for Storm Tokens and can be sold or traded to different digital forms of money. Tempest players are additionally paid in Ethereum and Bitcoin digital forms of money.

Why Storm Market?

There has been a significant change in the independent marketplace for quite a while. Bosses put more accentuation on innovation and computerization than conventional work routine for more effectiveness and in the meantime cutting down expenses with institutions being ready to utilize a product engineer from Canada, an originator from Poland, and a community chief from Holland.

This has been an achievement for the two businesses and representatives as there are never again topographical limitations on the two gatherings, and undertakings notices can source gifted laborers from a worldwide ability pool.

Storm Task

The Problem and Its Solution

With current incorporated platforms having built up a solid market, organizations like Fiverr, TaskRabbit, Upwork, MTurk have their network spread out universally, but current issues are hurting specialists financially. Specialists are losing up to 40% of their wages to these platforms with limitations of withdrawals. Every one of these issues have made an unsafe connection between assignments blurbs and entertainers.

The blockchain can make a lasting arrangement through by creating a platform where assignments listing and usage is completed with no intermediary and prizes being paid straightforwardly to specialists as tokens that can be changed out into genuine cash.

How Storm Play Works

StormX, the company behind Storm Play, began by taking a different way to deal with the advanced marketplace by transferring riches between platform members with digital forms of money through an Android Mobile application.

Clients can win Bolts (points) in three distinctive territories:

Tempest Play

With the Store Play application by StormX Inc, openings are posted on the platform which keeps running on the Ethereum Blockchain and clients can finish the errands to procure rewards.

Tempest Shop

The platform rewards customers for buying specific items or requesting for administrations through the marketplace with extra tokens.

Tempest Gigs

With Storm Gigs, clients can get to the decentralized marketplace where small scale assignments are routinely taken off in different classes which include QA testing, machine learning, and freelancing undertakings.

These assignments assume an indispensable part in the ecosystem. These errands are actualized using smart contracts which are an understanding between undertaking notice (Maker) and assignment entertainer (Player). These agreements contain insights about the activity, turning point, and terms of payment.

The objective of Storm Market is to diminish the expenses of undertakings posted and furthermore ensure the individuals who satisfy these assignments get reasonable prizes for their chance.

Storm tasks

Advantages of Storm Market

The platform intends to:

  • Eliminate rubbing between buyers and merchants with no brokers.
  • Lessen cost of transaction contrasted with other customary small scale errand platforms.
  • Removing dangers and expenses of debate determination by enforcing rules within smart contracts.
  • Giving out small scale rewards for miniaturized scale errands.
  • Giving a chance to both Storm Players and Storm markers to reaching an expansive group of onlookers, helping their businesses all the more productively and giving specialists all the more earning openings.

The Storm Tokens and Compatible Wallets

Tempest Tokens are legitimate cryptocurrency of the Storm Market platform. Tempest Makers can posts assignments on the platform using the tokens.

Tempest tokens can be earned by completing assignments on the Storm Market decentralized platform by watching recordings in addition to other things. They additionally were obtained during the token sale, and now accessible to be purchased/traded on cryptocurrency trade platforms.

The tokens are ERC20 tokens and are executed as smart tokens using Bancor convention.

Being an ERC20 token, the Storm Token is perfect with all ERC20 token cryptocurrency wallets.

Equipment wallets like Trezor or the Ledger would be awesome to have them put away for better security.

Holders can likewise have their tokens put away in programming wallets like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, and Trust Ethereum wallets.

How To Buy Storm Tokens

Tempest Market, since rebranding, has been recorded on a few trades. Tempest Tokens can be bought using fiat and cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoins and Ethers.

Tempest Token (STORM) is exchanged on the following exchanges:

Tempest Token ICO

Token Sale began 7th November and finished 8th December 2017. StormX could raise 64,321 ETH ($32 million at the time) from the Token Sale. It was reported that every unsold token would be airdropped.

1 Storm Token was priced at $0.0113 at the token sale.

Add up to token stands at 10,000,000,000 STORMS.

Tempest Market Roadmap

2014: BitMaker discharged. An advanced advertising application that evacuates the customary marketing strategies by offering bitcoin in return for client commitment.

February 2017: BitTask include discharged. Propelled our first real discharge to enable clients to pick in to more multi-commitment level encounters.

August 1, 2017: Whitepaper discharged. Discharge official whitepaper for Storm Market and STORM Token.

August 2017: Public QA session held. Hold an open Q&A and AMA on Reddit to give the general population a chance to take in more about the upcoming group sale.

August 15, 2017: STORM token group sale begins.

August 15, 2017: 13:00 UTC STORM Token ends up accessible for open buy.

Q4, 2017: STORM tokens and BitMaker to be integrated. Empower STORM with BitMaker.

Q1, 2018: BitMaker for iOS to be propelled. Dispatch BitMaker for iOS.

Q1, 2019: Storm Market versatile customer to be propelled. The primary decentralized miniaturized scale assignment marketplace controlled by STORM tokens.


With Storm Market, anybody, anyplace, on any gadget can partake in the worldwide independent market. Clients can promote their abilities to an overall network and procure Storm Tokens which are tradable to genuine cash completing small scale undertakings.

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