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Storiqa Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Storiqa, discovered online at, allows anyone to create an online, blockchain-based marketplace. Find out how it works today in our Storiqa review.

What is Storiqa?

Storiqa is a platform that guarantees to give anyone a chance to manufacture an online marketplace using blockchain technology.

Basically, it’s a customizable internet business platform based on blockchain technology. It guarantees to change the way we shop online. The platform is catered towards anyone who offers items and services online – including independently employed business visionaries, small-scale manufacturers, family businesses, and all sorts of online retailers. These individuals may already have an online store, or they should want to create an online store to increase income.

Its a well known fact that blockchain technology will upset the web based business field. Consumers and businesses are looking for ways to stay aware of the changes – but the majority of them can’t afford to build up a whole blockchain-based store for themselves. That’s the place Storiqa sees an opportunity.

storiqa homepage

How Does Storiqa Work?

Storiqa’s overall goal is to enable businesses to fabricate an online store on blockchain technology. Companies can prepare their sales framework for the new digital economy. Storiqa uses smart contracts and enables payments through various digital forms of money.

Using Storiqa, it’s easy to setup an online store. You can construct a store in only 10 minutes online and immediately begin taking advantage of blockchain’s advantages. It’s outlined in view of beginner users, and it features a user-accommodating interface.

The Storiqa marketplace has been translated into six languages, which makes it easy for business proprietors to tap into remote markets. Storiqa also features a variety of instruments and resources for business proprietors, including client feedback frameworks, bookkeeping platforms, sales analysis apparatuses, advertising and promotional platforms, and more.

storiqa platform

What Problems Does Storiqa Seek to Solve?

Storiqa tries to take care of crucial issues in the realm of online business, including:


Online payments today have low transparency. Transferring money between a client and a business requires an intermediary and high fees. It’s a hassle for the two buyers and merchants. Storiqa’s platform forms payments specifically without the involvement of mediators, using any money of your decision set against the cryptocurrency price (determined by the vender). Meanwhile, integrated smart contracts make transactions fast and secure. The smart contract automatically delivers payments between the buyer and dealer once the request has been affirmed.

Client Analysis Tools:

Storiqa allows businesses to track clients’ activity in a basic and elegant way. Businesses can gather, analyze, and process client data through the platform’s worked in apparatuses.

Client Feedback:

Storiqa offers an integrated communication service that allows store proprietors to get feedback calls from their customers with constrained setup time required. Proprietors can save and playback recorded calls, screen the performance of call focus managers, and gather feedback rapidly.

Marketing Tools:

Storiqa enables customers to get new clients through integration with the largest partner networks.

Legal Support:

Storiqa has a legal team operating out of Switzerland, which is the reason Storiqa fits in with Swiss laws. Switzerland is known for its privacy-accommodating laws.

storiqa services

Who’s Behind Storiqa?

Storiqa is driven by Founder and CEO Ruslan Tugushev, Co-Founder and Head of Sales Evgeny Gavrillin, and Co-Founder Nadiya Cherkasova. The company has its head office in Baar, Switzerland (which is in Zug, or “Crypto Valley” as it’s known), along with a development office in Moscow.

The company launched a MVP in August 2017. By February 2018, they plan to allow payment by digital currencies, a multi-money wallet, and an iOS application. By May, they would like to execute smart contracts into the platform and launch an Android app.

storiqa team

How to Buy Storiqa(STQ)?

Much the same as any other cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Rrpple, and so forth), Storiqa can be purchased in three easy advances via one of the exchanges that offer the coin. You can make use of HitBTC to buy it.

Get Yourself a Digital Wallet: MyEtherWallet

The first means to buying Storiqa expects one to open a digital Wallet that acts as a private bank where any purchased tokens are put away. MyEtherWallet works consummately well with Storiqa given that fact that it underpins ERC20 tokens.

When you open a MyEtherWallet, it is vital to guarantee that issued encoded private keys are very much put away as they act as login keys to the wallet.

Shopping 2.0: Crypto Shopping – Storiqa Features

Storiqa is planning to enable businesses to streamline their sales forms for the new digital economy with cryptographic forms of money and smart contracts. The blockchain powered platform accompanies capacities that allow merchants to screen their client’s activity in an offer to think of ways to enhance online stores with an end goal to address client issues.

Businesses will have the capacity to gather, analyze and process client data through the platform’s worked in apparatuses. Store proprietors will also have the capacity to get feedback calls from customers with constrained setup time expected, thanks to an integrated communication service. Proprietors will also have the capacity to save and playback any recorded calls and have the capacity to screen the performance of call focus managers.

In addition, the marketplace is translated into six languages providing business proprietors an interesting opportunity to expand their client base by tapping remote markets.

Storiqa stands out in part because it accompanies affiliate marketing instrument intended to make it easy for sellers to attract traffic to increase sales. It also accompanies a transparent review framework that guarantees fair trading for all participants in the ecosystem.

In addition, it has bolster for a multi-cash wallet that makes it feasible for clients to use their favored payment alternative to finish transactions.

Integration of smart contracts should make transactions in the platform to a great degree fast and secure. The use of smart contracts will also guarantee that money just winds up in merchant’s accounts on buyers confirming delivery.

Are you looking for a platform where you can construct an online marketplace using the blockchain technology? Its a dependable fact that cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology are disrupting the whole online business field. Storiqa is an online platform that allows users to manufacture a blockchain based marketplace. Basically, it is a customizable blockchain based internet business platform that guarantees to change the way individuals shop online. The platform can be used, but anyone who offers items and services online, including small-scale manufacturers, independently employed business visionaries, family business and other online retailers. Anyone selling things online can create an online store on the platform or use the ones they already have to increase income.

storiqa ecosystem

How the platform works

The goal of Storiqa is to encourage individuals and small-scale business to assemble their essence online using the blockchain technology. These individuals can prepare their framework for new digital economy band use smart contracts from Storiqa to enable payments. The platform makes everything easier for everybody, including building an online store in not more than minutes and begin taking advantage of blockchain technology immediately.

storiqa core

Storiqa features

There are three center features that make Storiqa a one of a kind marketplace for online nearness. These features include:

Adapt your reviews: users have the opportunity to adapt their reviews through social media platforms, for example, YouTube, We Chat, Telegram, and Facebook. They can also appreciate transparent blockchain affiliate marketing.

Offer and buy goods: another feature that users can take advantage of is the ability to offer and buy goods using cryptographic forms of money. No extra fees, no financial outskirts or fake reviews anymore.

Access to global markets: what else do business visionaries require more than global market nearness? Small business and individuals can use Storiqa to gain global market nearness and increase sales.

storiqa uses


Storiqa Roadmap is as follows:

Q1 2017: first market research and Storiqa ideas

Q2 2017: Storiqa earliest form

Q3 2017 taken sale preparation

Q4 2017: token pre-sale and token sale

Q1 2018: token sale finish, emission, unlocking, and distribution

Q2 and 3 2018: client attraction, item MVP, shops and B2B partnerships

storiqa roadmap

Storiqa token and how to use it

The Storiqa Token (STQ) is available for purchase at the rate of 1 Storiqa=0.001 ETH. There is a restricted emission of tokens. The main token available was generated on the token sale, which was finished effectively. Users can profit by the constant increase demand of the token because of a mutual interest from buyers and merchants. Users also advantage from 90 benefit buying goods using the STQ.

storiqa market

Storiqa Conclusion

Storiqa aims to change online business by making it easy for anyone to launch a store on the blockchain. Using Storiqa, anyone can launch a blockchain-based store in 10 minutes or less.

The Storiqa ICO is taking place all through September and the beginning of October, with the final platform planned for release in 2018.

You can learn more about Storiqa and the ongoing ICO at

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