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Stellarport Review – Exchange Guide

As cryptocurrency brokers have regularly realized, no crypto exchange is great. About portion of the best 20 biggest exchanges have all been hacked at any rate once. When it happens, crypto brokers lose every one of their funds. Aside from getting hacked, crypto exchanges are damaged with bungle and extortion claims.

Experienced crypto brokers are increasingly joining in excess of one crypto exchange to spread the dangers of using incorporated trading platforms. Routinely, most merchants need to buy bitcoin or ether with fiat on one exchange and use these coins to exchange altcoins on different exchanges.

There are bunches of cryptocurrency exchanges the vast majority of which have comparable features. However, a growing development in the crypto world is decentralized exchanges that offer dealers better security and more comfort.

One of the exceptional exchanges is Stellarport. A crypto to crypto exchange that brags of leaving private keys to their clients, read our definite Stellarport review below.

What is StellarPort?

Stellarport is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange focused on the Stellar blockchain. As a decentralized trading platform, Stellaport allows merchants to deal with their Stellar wallets helpfully by storing their individual private keys. The exchange was propelled in January 2018 by Stellarport LLC, a company that says nothing more in regards to its administration.

Decentralized exchanges allow brokers to buy and sell coins from each other in a shared manner. Like any P2P platform, merchants on Stellarport make offers for a specific cryptocurrency and sit tight to will buyers to offer or acknowledge the offer. However, dealers are not identified by name on Stellarport. Instead, every dealer is identified with their open key.

Stellarport does not restrain anybody to join the exchange and merchants from all nations around the globe are acknowledged.

Unsurprisingly, the construct crypto for trading coins with respect to the Stellarport is Stellar coins. However, there are eight more digital currencies on the exchange, including well known coins like Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

stellarport homepage

Trading on Stellarport

Stellarport is a crypto to crypto trading platform. You can’t use money to buy digital forms of money on the exchange. However, with stellar coins, you can buy any altcoin on the exchange with low minimum breaking points. Different coins have different buying limits. Here is a synopsis of significant coins:

Dissimilar to many brought together exchanges where you need to exchange with a minimum of $10, different coins have different buying limits. However, you should use any of the coins above to buy Stellar coins previously you begin trading on the exchange.

With regards to selling, there is no most extreme measure of coins you can sell on Stellarport. However, decentralized exchanges are not yet as well known as unified exchanges. There is low liquidity on exchanges like Stellarport. To be correct, Stellarport has an every day trading volume of just $110,000, as at the season of writing.

Bitcoin has a day by day trading volume of less $100. A standout amongst the most exchanged coins on Stellarport is Cryptonite which has liquidity of around $60,000 every day. If you need to exchange prominent coins in high sums, Stellarport may not be the exchange for you right now.

Available Cryptocurrencies

There are in excess of 20 cryptographic forms of money exchanged on the Stellarport exchange. A large portion of them are coins created on the Stellar network as decentralized applications. However, real coins like Bitcoin are additionally supported on the exchange:








Repo Coin


Stellarport Fees

There is just a single sort of expense paid by dealers on Stellarport, taker’s charge. If you visit Stellarport exchange to buy a coin like Ethereum, you will take the coin from the market’s liquidity. The taker’s expense for each transaction is 0.15%.

Market Makers, the general population selling coins on Stellarport, are not charged to exchange on the exchange. There are additionally no deposit fees for any coin in the exchange. Here is a synopsis of Stellaport fees.

Stellarport Verification

There is no verification required to exchange on the Stellarport trading platform. This is one advantage that cuts crosswise over most decentralized exchanges. You additionally needn’t bother with an email address or a national ID to make an account on the exchange.

The main type of verification expected to exchange on the exchange is your login secret word.

Is Stellarport Safe?

Maybe because of their unpredictable interfaces, most dealers question the authenticity of decentralized exchanges. Anyway, is Stellarport genuine?

Community Trust

Stellarport is as yet another exchange. Scarcely a half year since the exchange was propelled, it’s yet to draw in a generous measure of merchants. The exchange’s little community, however, has high expectations and trust on the administration. The exchange’s day by day trading volume might be low but it has likewise been improving over the most recent five months.

There has additionally been no report of any kind of offense by Stellarport; just outpouring support. By and large, the exchange’s community trust is positive. The main individuals with questions about the trading site are dealers who don’t know how decentralized exchanges work.


Stellarport is based on the Stellar blockchain network. Blockchains are decentralized by outline. PC hubs distributed far and wide secure the network and the main way they could be imperiled is if a programmer hacked 51% of the hubs.

The Stellarport site is scrambled with SLL for insurance against malware and viruses. To protect your account, the exchange necessitates that you make an account with a secret phrase of no less than 10 characters.

Also, crypto resources are held in an escrow account while you exchange to guarantee that each exchange must go through. If one merchant does not send their coins, the escrow refunds your advantages. In general, Stellarport is more secure than decentralized exchanges in light of how it works. Each exchange needs to go through the blockchain network and the exchange does not hold any coins.

Customer Support

Like most cryptocurrency exchanges, Stellarport’s staff can be reached using a ticket framework. The contact page is a straightforward shape where you depict your issues, join a document if fundamental and submit without leaving the exchange.

Up until now, there have been no complaints about Stellarport on well known crypto gatherings. It demonstrates most dealers have a positive ordeal on Stellarport. Furthermore, you can achieve the company’s staff through their Telegram, twitter, and Facebook stations.

Handling Speed

Most decentralized exchanges have a tendency to have low handling speeds. Each transaction needs to go through a blockchain for affirmation. Bitcoin, for instance, takes between 10 minutes and one hour to be verified. Ethereum takes a normal of 15 minutes to finish.

When trading on Stellarport, your transaction needs to go through the blockchain as is the transaction made by different merchants. Depending on the coins being exchanged, the handling speed on Stellarport differs between a couple of moments and hours for bitcoin. However, if like most merchants on Stellarport you need to exchange coins based on the Stellar network using Stellar coins, expect a handling rate of less than 5 seconds for each transaction.

How To Use Stellarport?

Stage 1: Create an Account

Visit and tap on ‘Join’ to make an account. The exchange has a basic information exchange process that requires no email address or phone contact. Instead, you are requested to download a record with you Stellarport account’s private keys. You should give the document a name.

After you download this document, you are required to make a secret word with no less than 10 characters. From that point onward, Stellarport takes you to a login page where you use your secret word and the document you just downloaded to gain access to your account. Stellarport doesn’t expect you to use a name on the exchange and you are identified through your open address.

Stage 2: Deposit Funds

All the trading icons on Stellarport are effectively unmistakable on the highest piece of the site. Snap ‘Deposit,’ and the exchange will request that you pick a specific coin to fund. Snap ‘Next,’ and you will find instructions on the most proficient method to finish the transaction.

Remember that there is a minimum deposit for each coin on Stellarport. For instance, you should send 0.05 Ethereum. Litecoin payments have a minimum deposit of 0.1 LTC while Bitcoin pulls in a minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC.

Stage 3: Make a Trade

Snap ‘Exchange’ on the highest piece of the site. On the left side, select the coin you need to exchange with stellar coins. There are in excess of 20 coins recorded but take note of that a large portion of them have trading volumes of under $10.

Select the measure of Stellar coins you need to exchange and the exchange will compute and demonstrate to you the measure of coins you will get in exchange in light of assessed market prices. However, the exchange additionally has a trading outline where you can see offers made by market takers.

If you like a specific broker’s selling price for Mobius, for instance, tap on the offer and put in a ‘Buy Request.’ Stellarport will hold your coins in an escrow account until the point that the other merchant acknowledges to finish the exchange with you.

Stage 4: Withdraw Funds

To withdraw your advantages from the exchange, click ‘Withdraw,’ and select the benefit with funds available. Enter the sum you need to withdraw and finish the procedure.

Trading Accounts and Conditions

Despite the fact that it is actually not a piece of the Stellar Foundation, Stellarport gives guide access to the Stellar blockchain. It is an aggregator exchange that offers an advantageous manner by which you can deal with your Stellar wallet, and in addition exchange XLM and other advanced resources on the decentralized exchange.

Not surprisingly, Stellar Lumens (XLM) is the construct trading cash with respect to Stellarport. Plus, the platform additionally supports fiat cash (CNY).

Stellarport Advantages


Stellarport combines a few parts of a focal trading framework’ with the advantages of decentralized technology. Users can hold their own coins and exchange them specifically with different users on the Stellarport platform, which makes it relatively insusceptible to hacks.

Strong number of coins advertised

Aside from Stellar lumens, Stellarport offers trading in significant coins, for example, Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and in addition a few different tokens like Mobi, Smartlands, Kin, Cryptonite, and others. The most intensely exchanged ones at the season of writing of this review are MOBI/XLM, and SLT/XLM.

Fiat acknowledged (CNY)

This platform works just with Chinese Yuan as a fiat cash, offering the XLM/CNY trading pair (through the Ripplefix exchange).

Service and speed

As an aggregator exchange, Stellarport gives a quick and helpful service for its customers. It is significantly less demanding to have a few exchanges in a single place, (for example, Ripplefox, Interstellar exchange, and others), instead of visiting different sites and looking for the best rates.

Plus, the stellar blockchain network settles transactions in a normal of 5 seconds (and a most extreme of 10 seconds).

Focused fees

Market producers (who add liquidity to the exchange) don’t pay fees at Stellarport, while market takers are accused of 0.15% for each exchange. Such prising is really low and focused, the same number of exchanges apply fees of over 0.2% to both market takers and producers

Propelled mobile-accommodating platform

Stellarport gives an advanced trading interface which is gadget responsive and simple to use. This platform is furnished with cutting edge charting by TradingView with every one of its advantages. Here is a preview:

Wallet service

Stellarport offers a wallet service to its users, in spite of the fact that it’s anything but a required arrangement. It additionally supports hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue.

Stellarport Disadvantages

Trading just against XLM

As we said in the beginning, trading at Stellarport is just done against its base cash, Stellar lumens. Alternate coins available at the exchange can’t be uninhibitedly exchanged against each other, which is somewhat of a restriction.

Reliant on the Stellar network

In case there is overabundance on the Stellar blockchain network, this will obviously influence the functioning of Stellarport.

No use available

Stellarport doesn’t allow its customers to use margin, which is definitely not a noteworthy blemish, as most exchanges don’t. In the interim, forex specialists are used to providing high use proportions to their customers. While the levels are lower for computerized resources, they are still superior to anything what you would get at a cryptocurrency exchange. You should remember that trading in coins with fx merchants is available in the type of CFDs – a manufactured instrument which just mirrors the price dynamic of the underlying resource.

No information about the company, exchange fees

The company behind the Stellarport project does not uncover much information about itself. We don’t know where it is based, the company exxperience and foundation, and so on. Such information dependably includes a layer of validity.

Additionally, the Stellarport site says nothing about deposit and withdrawal methods,nor about the exchange fees.


An aggregator exchange for Stellar, Stellarport has numerous good sides: it is helpful, secure, semi-decentralized platform with low fees and propelled trading interface. Then again, this exchange likewise has a couple of feeble sides. Its most clear impediment is its reliance on the Steallar blockchain network. Plus, its site does not have some important information – about the company behind the Stellarport project, and also some trading specifics. This may be because of the way that the exchange has been propelled a few months ago. In any case, those of you who are disturbed by this and would rather invest in a directed substance, may experiment with trading in cryptos with a forex intermediary. For instance, eToro even offers trading in Stellar. Below, you can find a rundown of specialists who are solid and firmly controlled.

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