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Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

backBack to the list of Articles Dividend Token Review – Cryptocurrency Guide is a blockchain trading platform that was propelled in March 2018. Apparition has expelled the merchant and supplanted it with a decentralized liquidity pool. You can trade straightforwardly from your crypto wallet which implies you never need to fund your account and you never need to request a withdrawal. isn’t your ordinary binary option/forex administrator promising to upset the industry through different “enchantment” answers for issues that don’t exist. No. Ghost (which is short for Speculative Tokenized Trading Exchange) offers intense answers for fundamental issues plaguing the computerized options and Fx trading industries. The more one reads into the whitepaper – which is featured at their website – the more clear it turns into that if Specter figure out how to follow through on their extremely aggressive plans, they may in certainty upset and everlastingly re-define the whole online binary option and forex trading industry. The ideas conveyed to the table by the Specter team are to a great degree intriguing!

What Exactly is is an at no other time seen kind of advanced (binary) option supplier, marrying off blockchain technology – together with its smart-contacts ramification – with theoretical subsidiaries trading at first, and after that with exemplary fx trading sometime later. The reality it deals with each issue as of now connected with the binary option scene that makes the task so uncommon.

We can steer clear of the real issue throughout the day in such manner, but there is no denying the way that the binary option trading industry is tormented by doubt. At a more intensive look, that may really be putting it mildly. The present model pushed by the industry performing artists is so fundamentally imperfect that it is unworkable from a realistic viewpoint.

The irreconcilable situation on which this model is indeed based, can’t be guarded by any balanced and fair/target individual. We have a setup, in which the specialist basically trades against its own customers, all alone platform, where it controls the way the prices are made. Moreover, it has full and free control of the user’s funds, and in a few instances, it even dispatches its representatives to “help” the customers it goes up against.

As incredible as it might sound, adequately addresses each and every one of those issues. The blockchain based trading model it has set up, is straightforward and altogether achievable. homepage

How Does Specter Work?

As its first step towards revolutionizing the binary option trading model, Specter evacuates the source of all the above portrayed irreconcilable circumstances from the condition: the intermediary.

There are four distinct components in each advanced option/fx trading setup: the trader, who is the source of funds in the condition, the liquidity pool, which – according to the present model – is maintained and completely controlled by the facilitate, the representative, and the trading platform, where the genuine price-making and trade execution happens. Of these components, the dealer controls everything.

Clearly, once the trader contributes to the liquidity pool through a store, he/she too will go under the control of the merchant. Set in such a place of overbearing specialist, the agent can exploit a progression of roads for abuse. Since 100% of trader misfortunes are 100% of its incomes, it is in the interest of the dealer to have its traders lose however much as could be expected. In such manner, it can apply influence over the trader through its “account managers” who give defective advice and who will frequently not refrain from specifically tampering with the trader’s adjust by making trades in his/her name.

Having control over the liquidity pool, the agent can just fall back on refusing to respect withdrawals. Forceful sales strategies are additionally used to trap traders into depositing more instead of withdrawing.

Price making and trade execution is another totally open opportunity for the representative to defraud its customers, by tampering with the price feed.

Knowing all the over, it’s anything but difficult to perceive how the larger part (70-90%) of traders lose cash through these businesses. Truth be told, it is surprising that the above proportion isn’t 100%.

Making use of the capacities and nature of the Ethereum blockchain, shuts every one of those roads for fraud, while the ICO really brought forth Specter tokens that have some kind of use. Truly, according to the business model, the tokens used for the business model are set to appreciate in time – more on that later however.

The way executes off fraud is basic. Instead of a handle, the element maintaining the service will just be what I’d call a “technology supplier”. In that capacity, Specter relinquishes control of the liquidity pool, which will be arranged on the Ethereum blockchain and funded through an ICO. All of ETH entering and leaving the pool will be controlled by verifiable and auditable smart contracts. Along these lines, a fifth element enters the above dismembered condition: the ICO investors, who will likewise be token holders. These are the two substances who will take ensured incomes from the setup, to be specific 2% on the volume of trading taking spot at the site (2% for the technology supplier and 2% for the token holders, for a sum of 4%). The remaining 96% of the traded volume remains in the liquidity pool. These incomes are cut off trading volumes, so they flow in, paying little respect to who wins and who loses a trade. Neither the token holders (who should be traders in the meantime) nor the technology supplier will trade against the customer. The element that will cover each trade is the fair-minded liquidity pool, which does not belong to anybody. That makes it unmistakable that Specter won’t work as a legitimate exchange (like NADEX improves the situation instance), but there are plans set up that call for change to that model after some time.

The price feed used by the trading platform originates from trustworthy and routinely evaluated sources, for example, OANDA. Nobody will have any control over the genuine price making either (other than the above said sources) so that is yet another issue eliminated.

The trader controls the correct total of ETH he/she uses for trading. There is no compelling reason to make stores or withdrawals however. All cash matters are dealt with straightforwardly from the user’s crypto wallet, and all winning shalls naturally land in the said wallet as well. Smart contracts will deal with this branch of the activity as well, eliminating the human factor totally.

With the need to make stores and withdrawals gone, issues related with these financial moves are clearly eliminated too.

The above makes everything too certain that the presently used binary option trading business model is pitifully outmaneuvered by the above nitty gritty, blockchain-based outline.

Traders who are not acquainted with cryptocurrency can likewise use a brought together wallet which can be funded with fiat cash. Thusly, you can trade on the reliable platform, but you should store and pull back your cash like you’re used to with your exemplary merchant. platform

From the Investors’ Perspective

The individuals who partook in the funding ICO of the liquidity pool have been offered two sorts of tokens. These tokens are set to be traded through different exchanges. Dividend tokens give holders the privilege to get general (2% commission-based) and extraordinary (yearly, liquidity-pool-development dependant) dividends. This is genuinely clear as explained previously.

The other token-type is the utility-token, which, not at all like its dividend-focused partner, does not give its holders payouts, but rather different benefits on the Specter platform. These tokens will seemingly be more suited to investors who progress toward becoming traders at the site as well.

Such benefits are increased payout rates on different underlying resource classes, access to the full resource determination, an extended choice of specialized analysis indicators, trade writes other than the square Put/Call ones and access to the trading academy offered by the site. Generally, these tokens will speak to a kind of VIP-account access for those possessing them.

Concerning the utility tokens: to help their esteem, Specter plan to use somewhere in the range of 3% of the fees created by the framework, to buy back tokens. The point of confinement on these buyback programs is 15% of the outstanding supply. features

Why Specter isn’t an Exchange (Yet)

From a mechanical point of view, clearly Specter won’t have traders cover other traders’ investments. As said over, the substance covering these trades is the liquidity pool. While on one hand this implies Specter can’t be defined as an exchange, on the other, it implies that the project won’t experience liquidity-related issues that make the launching of new exchanges borderline unimaginable (issues in such manner surface when there are sufficiently not traders to cover a trade you’re looking to make). The Specter model works consummately with a single trader, a bunch, or a huge number of them.

This is precisely why maintaining interminable liquidity in the pool is so vital. After some time, as an ever increasing number of traders join Specter, the phase where the algorithm is fit for matching trades up superbly, will indeed be come to. By then, Specter will turn into an exchange, in the vein of NADEX and others.

The Specter business model doesn’t simply set the establishments of a computerized (smart) option task that is in each way the unrivaled of its present day peers, it really brings forth a dynamic, evolving substance, which develops and enhances after some time, as its trader-base develops.

For years to come however, clearly the span of its liquidity pool will determine the capacities of the Specter trading framework. At the current $3 million size, the pool will have the capacity to coordinate the trades of somewhere in the range of 1,000 traders, who make 6 trades of $50 each every day. The trader winning rate it will have the capacity to climate is 59%, well finished the measurably maximized 53% stamp specified previously.

Not Yet Fully Functional

The Specter trading platform and framework is presently available with smart options as it were. Therefore the platform itself is available for testing, and it establishes a significant connection. Graphically pleasing and highly practical, the trading interface allows the trading of a cluster of money sets. Everything closely resembles a customary computerized option trading platform, so the individuals who have already traded such options will find it extremely commonplace. Pending requests can be put with no commitment, straightforwardly on the outline, there is a convenient visit window, and the Account Settings segment offers countless, ranging from chance administration formats to different audio settings.

There is a Trade Ideas board featured in the trading interface, the settings of which can be altered in the Account Settings area. The trade thought area includes methodologies, for example, Battleground, Breakout and Dead Cat Bounce – among others.

Execution reports are delivered to the email address gave upon information exchange. The recurrence of these reports can likewise be set in the Account Settings area. Day by day Stop Losses, Win Stops and Time Outs can likewise be set from the Risk Management board. platform

The Analytics area offers various individual insights, including ITM rate, ROI and drawdown, and keeping in mind that indicators, for example, the RSI and the Bollinger Bands are made available specifically on the outline (as a matter of course) there don’t appear to be sufficiently about apparatuses available in such manner.

It should be said that what we’re right now seeing platform-wise is as yet a work in advance and another interface is coming soon. Given the yearning plans of the team, a considerable measure is going to change within a couple of months after the dispatch. services


Since blockchain is very new for the experts, Specter is clearly not directed yet. The administrative issue is a piece of the project roadmap however, and it is booked to be managed during the second fourth quarters of 2018. It is indeed the penultimate advance before the launching of the framework. Apparently MiFID control will be focused through CySEC, BAFIN or the UK’s FCA. US control isn’t yet part of the photo in any shape or frame, albeit once exchange-status is accomplished, it might simply bode well for the activity to move toward this path.

The Specter Company/Team

The team behind Specter is introduced in incredible detail on the landing page of the task. Clearly, these individuals have nothing to stow away in such manner. The present Specter office is situated at Fiducicorp UK, sixth floor, 15, Hanover Square W1S 1HS London.

Conclusion speaks to a daring attack into the fate of binary option (and in the long run square Fx) trading, on the wings of the blockchain unrest. As exhibited by Specter, the technology is indeed superbly suited to turning binary options into the legitimate investment vehicle they ought to dependably have been.

In its present shape, Specter feels like an extremely clear binary option destination. The vast majority of the enchantment is indeed in the engine, but it works like nothing else. Ideally, the plausibility computations of the Specter team are right and the idea will be demonstrated feasible.

US nationals can’t participate in the ICO, or trade at Specter. The two Specter tokens are called SXDT and SXUT individually (D for Dividend and U for Utility). The two tokens are ERC20 consistent and can be put away in ETH wallets.

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