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Snovian.Space Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Snovian.Space is a reward-based professional social network. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Snovian.Space?

Snovian.Space focuses on creating a social network of people who voluntarily contribute their data to earn crypto. The blockchain-based platform also offers users incentivized messaging. Companies looking for targeted outreach will find receptive and precisely targeted audiences. homepage

How Snovian.Space Works?

Snovian.Space is for both individual users and businesses.

For individual users, Snovian.Space is a place to find other professionals in their industry, be it crypto, tech, or other niche, and create new connections to propel their career, find collaborators, mentors, advisors etc. Users will be able to monetize their knowledge and experience, finding people who are interested in what they have to share.

For businesses, the platform creates a unique opportunity to connect with their target audiences directly, creating deeper, more personalized relationships. Businesses will be able to find leads just as easily as before, except here all their leads will be genuinely interested in their offer – either their product, service, or ICO.

As opposed to shaky reliance on “shared connections”, whom the user may have met once at a conference and forgotten immediately afterwards, Snovian.Space connects people directly, while businesses can actually pay users when they want to message them.

For example, when post-ICO and ICO-stage businesses want to contact a new audience, they can do it by offering SNOV tokens, which can be bought for ETH. The platform will be using Smart Contracts and Ethereum ecosystem to automatically distribute 3rd party tokens attached to messages during airdrops.

The incentivized user connection process will go as follows:

User joins Snovian.Space platform, fills their profile with bio, skills and contact information. The more information the User adds the bigger reward they can get.

Users browse Snovian.Space user database and can create their custom target audience or select among predefined Groups.

Once the User/Business wants to contact another User (for example, with an upcoming pre-ICO promo), they set a reward for Users they want to contact.

If the reward satisfies the targeted User, they receive it to their ETH wallet and the User/Business can present them with their offer.

If the User replies to the paid message, a Connection is created between the two profiles. The User will receive messages for as long as the Connection is there.

Who will use the Snovian.Space platform?

With use cases relevant to the blockchain industry needs, such as pre-ICO lead generation, airdrop organization, social media and community bolstering, talent acquisition, and influencer outreach, other industries remain as varied as ever: recruiters, sales professionals, event organizers, startup CEOs and all those who want to get fairly compensated for their information and time.

Project information

Individuals normally overlook messages or over-burden. Our platform incentivizes individuals to associate specifically, allowing the users to get the reward that businesses and publicists are willing to pay, by skipping the go between of huge companies. Snovian.Space is powered by smart contracts, which guarantee that esteem is distributed decently among Snovians, and uses MetaMask for direct payments. Just straightforward transactions and no control with pricing plans.

Snovian.Space is a decentralized reward based person to person communication platform. Snovian.Space is composed specifically for experts in crypto, tech, and different specialties. Users can get in touch with one another by means of messages, that the beneficiaries read and reply, incentivized by a crypto reward for their chance and ability. Dissimilar to platforms that sell your data, on Snovian.Space users are in full control of their own data. Users get paid for their profitable information and businesses get interested contacts. Coordinate exchange of data is the future with Snovian.Space. platform


Relying on blockchain and token technologies Snovio works as a decentralized leadsourcing database and goes about as a marketplace that rewards data contributors (specialists) operating on Snovian.Space network. The Platform will offer operators the opportunity to earn tokens, rewards and incentives while enriching our leads database with new individuals and organizations. Snovio causes its customers to cut costs they spend on leadsourcing offices, drives databases, specialists and spotters. Data contributors and operators can get paid when they help other people to find work applicants or specifiс target crowd. Snovian.Space brings pricing straightforwardness to both, customers and data providers.

A Perfect Token Airdrop Tool

With essential spotlight on the blockchain industry, Snovian.Space offers paid messaging service, a feature highly alluring to blockchain lovers. The platform uses SNOV or other ERC20 tokens. Thusly, an Ethereum-based blockchain startup can use their token on Snovian.Space to remunerate responders, streamlining the airdrop procedure.

Connect at scale to any group of onlookers

Rather than other mainstream informal community’s flimsy dependence on “shared associations”, whom you may have met once at a meeting and forgotten promptly a while later, Snovian.Space interfaces individuals straightforwardly. Businesses can specifically pay users when they need to get in touch with them. You, not the platform, get rewarded for your important data. At the point when post-ICO and ICO-arrange businesses need to contact another gathering of people, they can do it by offering SNOV tokens, which can be purchased with Ethereum or Fiat.


Snovian.Space users can make and deal with their expert profile, adding information, for example, proficient aptitudes and interests. This database of experts with a huge scope of encounters and interests will be available to businesses seeking such individuals, regardless of whether for hiring or for quality interested leads.

An answer for everybody

Snovian.Space plans to be a decentralized reward based long range interpersonal communication platform. Not at all like platforms that sell your data, we make choices for Snovians to be in full control of their own data, creating a win-win circumstance for the two gatherings. Users get paid for their significant information and businesses get interested contacts.

Laser focused on contact securing

We incentivize users to put far reaching information into their profile. Snovian.Space at that point incorporates it and presents the most precisely coordinated information to businesses. The more information you include, the better the perceivability of your profile. We mean to attract individuals everything being equal, but our main spotlight is on those involved in crypto, from tech nerds to merchants. rewards

GDPR Compliant

Snovians deal with their own data, it is dependent upon them to sell it or withhold it. With gathered consent that is legitimate and sensible, we meet all the upcoming GDPR directions.

Snovian.Space won’t sell paid plans

Snovians are paid straightforwardly with SNOV and ERC20 based tokens (during airdrops) for reading messages, responding to them and performing different activities, such as joining a Telegram station. The platform offers awesome marketing open doors for new companies and ICOs to construct their community base straightforwardly, without having to manage Google or Facebook’s prohibitive crypto advertising strategies.

How To Buy Snovio (SNOV)?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy Snovio (SNOV). However, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy Snovio (SNOV). First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy Snovio (SNOV). At the moment, you can make use of exchange like KuCoin, Bibox, Tidex and IDEX to buy Snovio (SNOV). team

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