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SingularDTV Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Tokit is another digital rights management platform uncovered by SingularDTV. Find out everything you have to think about Tokit today in our review.

What Is Tokit SingularDTV?

Tokit is a project creation, project funding, and rights administration application. The platform propelled on November 6, 2017.

Tokit was made by SingularDTV. Tokit is one of SingularDTV’s first rush of utilizations. That first wave focuses on the development of projects. Before the finish of the third wave, SingularDTV expects to have made a decentralized entertainment studio that changes the way we expend and deliver media.

Users can make projects on Tokit, at that point begin growing their gathering of people from the earliest starting point and get their projects made. Once those projects are finished, they can be distributed on EtherVision, which is one of the distribution applications in development by SingularDTV. EtherVision is planned to dispatch in 2018.

The three influxes of SingularDTV applications will include:

Wave 1: Development – During this stage, Tokit will encourage create and fund projects.

Wave 2: Production – This wave includes applications that assistance deliver projects

Wave 3: Distribution – This wave involves the distribution of utilizations around the world, allowing clients to watch, read, tune in to, and encounter content

These waves are taking spot over the finish of 2017 and all through 2018.

singulardtv homepage

How Does Tokit Work?

The objective of Tokit is to enable independent craftsmen to flourish. In the meantime, Tokit makes it simpler for  distributors, keepers, and generation organizations to deal with their rights. These gatherings can control their intellectual property using Tokit.

The platform involves the use of Tokit tokens. Users can produce their own tokens.

Tokit has just demonstrated its potential by tokenizing a company called Gramatik. Not long after dispatch, Tokit will likewise tokenize a short film, a component film, a TV pilot, two non-benefit associations, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. They want to rapidly showcase the capability of their platform to users.

One of the key highlights of Tokit is its crowdfunding platform called Launchpad. Tokit enables users to tokenize their intellectual property, at that point dispatch it to people in general using Launchpad.

What Is Tokit’s Launchpad?

Tokit’s Launchpad is a crowdfunding platform based around tokens. It’s anything but difficult to contrast Launchpad with other crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Patreon, and Indiegogo. However, Launchpad has a few special highlights that distinguish it from the group.

Tokit’s Launchpad depicts itself as “the advancement of crowdfunding”. It rotates around the use of tokens. Instead of basically collecting funds to be raised, Launchpad is devoted to exchanging esteem.

What’s the difference between fundraising and exchanging esteem? In the old crowdfunding model, project benefactors give cash to a project. The trading of significant worth was restricted: it was only a restricted road between sponsor and makers. Makers would take their supporter’s cash, at that point use it to make an item. Supporters may get a shirt or site say in return.

Tokit’s Launchpad imagines a different model: Launchpad takes into account a genuine and dynamic esteem trade. When you bolster a project on Tokit’s Launchpad, you get tokens in return. Tokens speak to the maker’s intellectual property and the income stream related with that intellectual property.

Fundamentally, Tokit is the rights administration platform that enables users to tokenize their intellectual property, while Tokit’s Launchpad is a crowdfunding platform that enables them to pitch their tokens to the world.

The CORE of SingularDTV

SingularDTV is one of a modest bunch of business structures known as COREs, or halfway composed distributed elements. The main substance is swarm funded and shared by “proprietors,” i.e., token holders. The official name of SingularDTV tokens is “SNGLS” and more information can be found on regarding the token, it’s price, and what trades it can be purchased or sold on.

Not at all like antiquated investors, token-holders don’t have any say in how the association is run. Along these lines, the new business show: a group funded element with brought together management and non-participating, decentralized, token-holding individuals.

SingularDTV is a substance generation platform and distribution framework in light of Ethereum’s design. The point isn’t only the making of excellent TV, movie, and imaginative substance, but the restructuring of an old-fashioned inventive industry into a more brilliant business process which is both reasonable and straightforward. All can be made conceivable with the use of keen contract frameworks, blockchain technology, and reception.

According to, SingularDTV will distribute a finite aggregate of 1 billion tokens, with half being sold to the group, and the rest retained by the company or distributed to original investors.

For a few investors, the estimation of SNGLS (SingularDTV’s cryptocurrency) is the place the consideration is right at this point. According to the site, the present market capitalization of SingularDTV is $77.56 million today with a circulating supply of 600 million tokens, every worth around 12.7 pennies at the season of publishing.

The SingularDTV “Lightwallet” enables users to deal with their tokens effortlessly. The wallet was created so users can exchange and store both Ethereum and $SNGLS tokens.

singulardtv ecosystem

Cryptocurrency Meets Art and Creativity: Combining Worlds

For SingularDTV, it’s about craftsmen and substance makers working outside the customary media structure, one that regularly pulls income from specialists and puts content makers toward the finish of the line. With SingularDTV, their decentralized framework lets journalists, performers, painters, and any substance maker, adapt and ensure their own original work.

There are no intermediaries, bank boards of trustees, or guards of any kind. Bitcoin Magazine takes note of, the genuine excellence of blockchain technology is its straightforward distribution and creation frameworks for media. The venture generation studio known as ConsenSys works close by an Ethereum-based framework to work a tokenized situation that arrangements in the platform’s own particular cryptocurrency, $SNGLS. This ingenious structure gives inventive members add up to control over how their substance is adapted and distributed.

SinglarDTV’s CEO, Zach LeBeau, anticipates sooner rather than later craftsmen being free of constraints concerning generating and controlling their own benefits which is a typical test in the conventional entertainment and expressions networks today.

Zach LeBeau – “The Man Behind the Curtain”

Zach LeBeau – CEO, SingularDTV

At whatever point another wave business demonstrate is introduced, everybody needs to know who’s behind it. SingularDTV’s CEO Zach LeBeau, a trilingual (English, Japanese, and Hungarian) innovator who spent almost two decades traveling the world, creating top-selling world music, and writing a novel. His involvement with many different types of business and hierarchical structures was his essential training for developing the leap forward ideas driving SingularDTV. Read more from Zach LeBeau in this selective Q&A highlighted on Medium.

LeBeau’s long run objective is to construct “a sustainable entertainment economy” but he intends to do it the moderate but-beyond any doubt path, instead of in a medium-term surge. His use of the expression “decentralizing mindset” explains more about the company than any financial projection or whitepaper could showcase.

It’s tied in with establishing force, according to SingularDTV’s CEO. “Growing too rapidly could mean growing in the wrong way,” he has broadly stated, and that would conflict with each principle he holds as he established the company “to fabricate a decentralized entertainment industry that enables makers.”

The “Three Wave Rule” for SingularDTV Apps

SingularDTV’s Zach LeBeau explains the “Three Wave Rule” of the company’s applications in a short talk on, pointing out that development is wave one. This includes applications that “help create and fund projects.” Wave two is about generation, and applications that assistance makers deliver their projects. Wave three envelops everything distribution, and applications that, according to LeBeau, let “groups of onlookers around the globe… watch, read, tune in to and encounter content.”

singulardtv dapps

The Singular Future of SingularDTV

SingularDTV is an association that is leveraging savvy tech parts, new-age financial structures, and creating its own magnum opus: a decentralized entertainment universe where makers make major decisions which takes care of real issues in the entertainment industry.

What is SingularDTV cryptocurrency?

SingularDTV which is situated in the US needs to give back control to content makers of the entertainment business. It needs to accomplish this through its SNGLS token. Not at all like significant digital forms of money, SNGLS token which is an ERC20 will be used as an outflow of intellectual property. The digital currency will be additionally used as an utility token. It will be used to work the greater part of the applications which are found within the SingularDTV ecosystem. The token will likewise be used as the gas which triggers shrewd contracts.

The modules or applications within the SingularDTV

The following are the modules which are as of now set up under the ecosystem. There are different modules being worked on.


This is the first of the modules within the SingularDTV. The module enables craftsmen to make tokens which will speak to their intellectual property. By using Tokit, craftsmen will have the capacity to control the income, rights, sovereignties and prizes.


In this module, specialists can make a project page where funding for their project should be possible. A craftsman will have a simple time exploring the cryptocurrency market and use the blockchain technology further bolstering their good fortune.


This will be a decentralized trade where specialists will have the capacity to buy and offer intellectual property.

How does SingularDTV work?

SingularDTV focuses on specialists’ capacity to work outside the customary media structure. In numerous instances, content makers in the industry are the ones who get the scraps while other individuals who contributed almost no to the project get the lion’s offer. With this cryptocurrency, performers, content makers, scholars and artists can adapt and secure their own work.

According to Zach LeBeau, SingularDTV CEO, craftsmen will have no difficulties regarding generating and controlling their benefit sooner rather than later. With this crypto, no guards or intermediaries will hinder craftsmen. The craftsmen will even have control over how their substance is distributed.

The execution of the SNGLS token

Upon its launch in 2016, the token charged a normal price of $0.009 for the whole year. In July 2017, the crypto achieved a high price of $0.28 and appreciated a market top of more than $168 million making it extraordinary compared to other performing cryptos at the time. As the year found some conclusion the token rose in esteem simply like Ripple to achieve a high of $0.26. However, the token contacted its record-breaking high price of $0.41 on January fifth, 2018. The market top at the time rose to reach $247 million while volumes remained at $13.5 million.

singulardtv features

Is it a decent investment in 2018?

Through the SingularDTV ecosystem, a short motion picture, music and other substance have been discharged. In a few circles, it is said that the company is starting to consume up Netflix’s room. Not at all like major cryptos that are on a bearish streak, SNGLS has remained very consistent in 2018. It is in an extremely bullish pattern its price having ascended by over 85% on the morning of eleventh April. It is definitely a token to watch.

How To Buy SingularDTV?

Well, after reading this review, if you are looking forward on how to buy SingularDTV and looking forward to invest in this crypto then this section will help you. This section will help you to know how to buy SingularDTV and where to buy it. At the moment, it is available at various exchanges but the most credible exchanges to buy this token are HitBTC and Binance.

Tokit SingularDTV Conclusion

Tokit dispatches on November 6. The company is seeking to pull in content makers interested in creating a tokenized ecosystem around their items. It’s a piece of a suite of uses being made by SingularDTV, a blockchain-based entertainment studio.

A definitive objective of Tokit and SingularDTV is to upset the universe of entertainment. The present model is obsolete, and SingularDTV means to upset the model using blockchain technology and applications like Tokit.

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  1. I see there is still way too far from changing the legacy entertainment industry on how project is being funded, IP is being traded, and content is being distributed. Having said that, SingularDTV creates a fully integrated entertainment ecosystem to tokenised the industry from bottom to top in different dimensions – funding, production, distribution to support. The value of SingularDTV may not being reflected in its own token SNGLS at current stage, but I believe it is become the world blockchain entertainment giant in forseeable. Allocating a portion of your token investment into this project and hold for long-run, this could be properly a wise choice to diversify the investment risk and maximize the potential income.
    *Disclaimer: I am a token holder of SNGLS.

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