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Sharder Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Sharder?

In the present data driven world, innovation is generally pushed ahead by information development and auspicious investments. However, when taken a gander at from a specialized standpoint, we can see that “development in storage limit” lingers a long ways behind the request that by and by exists within the computerized domain.

Not just that, a large number of the present storage frameworks that are used universally are concentrated, and the data put away within them is inclined to being endangered in case there is a security break.

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How Sharder Cross-Chain Blockchain Data Storage Protocol Works

The Sharder Protocol will be the main piece of the ecosystem which will likewise have the Sharder Pool, the Sharder Chain and the Sharder Network. The pool will be a little network with numerous hubs which will send the protocol and it will be similar to mine pools in the Bitcoin network.

The Sharder Chain will be a business open chain with user-accommodating account models, advanced resources and a custom fitted API. The Sharder Network will be the consequence of the all the pools joined together and it will offer a high quality storage item at a low price.

There are as of now numerous decentralized applications (dapps) work for Sharder. Some of them are Bean Cloud, Sharder Matrix, Sharder Brain and One Fair. You can read more about them on the company’s site.

How To Invest In Sharder?

If our review has interested you in acquiring Sharder tokens, you should know that you will have the capacity to gain them until March 23 in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that the company is having at the present time. Just 35% of the Sharder tokens will be sold in the crowdsale. Whatever remains of the tokens will be used as bonuses for early bidders (15%), framework rewards (20%) and airdrops made for marketing reasons (10%), and also different reasons like funds (20%).

During April this cryptocurrency will be recorded on the following exchanges: Binance,, Yobit, HitBTC, Ebtcbank, Chaoex and Okex. If you need to invest, you ought to do it soon, however, because you may have the capacity to get bonuses and if you buy the tokens on exchanges you should pay the market price for them.

The company intends to use the cash raised during the ICO to pay for the first three long stretches of development of the platform (2018-20). 20% of the cash will be used for finance, 30% for marketing, 20% for research and development, 15% for operational costs, 10% for the network construction and 5% for consulting.

sharder platform

About Sharder Protocol

Sharder Protocol can be thought of as a “cross-chain distributed storage mechanism” that depends on the blockchain 3.0. It has been intended to upgrade current blockchain capacities, especially by helping redefine the application of distributed storage. A portion of the other key parts of this framework include:


One of the center uses of Sharder is its capacity to initiate “cross-chain distributed storage protocols”. Subsequently, users can introduce Watcher and Prover mechanisms into the network.

Unique Design:

Sharder makes use of its own one of a kind UTXO model, that has been intended to be completely perfect with the UTXO model used by Bitcoin. To be more specific, we can see that the blockchain that is by and by running on the Sharder Protocol is highly




Sharing Economy:

A highly underrated feature of his “cross-chain distributed storage network” is that it delivers its users with proficient, shabby and perpetual storage services. However, what really separates Sharder from its adversaries is the way that all repetitive storage space that is left by clients, can be used for rewards/incentivized.


Using an Airbnb like “multi-chain plot”, the Sharder platform can furnish clients with a protected, lasting sharing network.

Mining Capabilities:

In the coming future, Sharder will release its own one of a kind “miniaturized scale hub miner (Sharder Hub)”, and in addition a “storage-mining across the board (Sharder Box)”, that will allow outsider miners to get rewards by providing the network with:

Computing power

Storage space.

sharder protocol

Other Key Facets to Bear in Mind

Commercial App Development:

Another key feature that separates the Sharder Protocol is that it is totally “open-source based and free”. This means, any open blockchain has the alternative to utilize Sharder, and create one of a kind dApps within it. In terms of the apps that have just been created within this network, Bean Cloud is the first app that is available to users.

It is a cloud application that furnishes users with a “storage, proof and secure service” that has the ability to govern e-contacts created by governments, banks, medicinal care frameworks, online business platforms and so forth.


Another key use of Sharder is within the domain of community administration. Owing to its huge range of features, this framework allows for outside governance effortlessly and straightforwardness.


The framework can monitor the contribution of every individual supporter. This allows for the reasonable distribution of incentives and bonuses.

Prover Mechanism:

Subsequent to receiving approval, a user can give pertinent “legitimacy data” in light of the information extricated from Sharder Network.

sharder services


Sharder Protocol Token Details

All internal governance will be done by means of the use of local tokens. The presale is as of now in progress, and is going to end on the twelfth of Feb. Additionally, the general crowdsale is planned to start on the 23rd of Feb, and go on till the 23rd of March.

About the Sharder Protocol Team

Ben Xiong is Sharder’ CEO and originator. He has been in the advanced domain for a long time, and has broad involvement in programming and programming development. In terms of his past work understanding, Ben has filled in as the:

Lead Architect of Seachange

Boss Architect of Yiji Pay

Fellow benefactor and CTO of

Organizer of Conch Chain

So also, Wayne Shao is the company’s COO, and has more than 10 long periods of involvement in domains, for example, administration, operating and enterprise. He holds a Masters degree from Columbia University, and his past work qualifications include:

General Manager of Egholm Maskiner (China)

Prime supporter and COO of

In conclusion, Rick Wang is the CMO of Sharder. He has more than 6 long periods of involvement in marketing, channel development and business enterprise. His past work encounter includes:

Marketing Director of Huangcheng Technology Co., Ltd.,

General Manager of Zebra Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

For any further insights regarding this platform, users can connect with company delegates by means of email (, or through one of their numerous social correspondence outlets (Telegram, Twitter, GitHub and so forth).

sharder team

So how does cryptocurrency market settle these issues?

The Sharder Network is decentralized and independent. Individual information is put away on scattered hubs. Not only does the user sustain add up to charge of their knowledge yet they in no way, shape or form require being worried about sacrificing data because of mechanical disappointments.

The cross-chain Sharder System is made of a significant number of hubs with boundless extensibility. Within real-time, watcher hubs match up the entire framework, chop down redundancies, and also enhance room consumption. Smart center points are also used to help the productivity of the framework under outrageous strain conditions.

Right now, resulting from ineptitudes composed below, information offices have a tendency to be exorbitant to work. Because of this reality, those involved with control over the information offices request users considerable expenses to enter the info. Sharder Protocol’s One Fair Market ensures that the genuine costs on the Sharder ecosystem are for the most part altogether oversaw by its endorser’s information supply and need.

Clients who start up their unused storing space to the Sharder Network will be paid out together with Sharder tokens which can productively be used in the One Fair Market or maybe sold on extra exchange markets.

How does Sharder Chain work?

While it gives a dependable storage, Sharder likewise gladly has DApps. Truth be told, it obliges four noteworthy DApps.

Bean Cloud

It is a program that provisions storage space, confinement and security answers for documents. Bean Cloud will keep data for instance e-contracts, settlement coupons, and cost points of interest in the Sharder Network. It might be utilized by various areas, for example, despite the fact that not limited to, financial institutions, healthcare treatment and online business.

One Fair

One Fair is an open source, distributed unreservedly available market basically subject to the Sharder Chain and Sharder Protocol. With this, investors on the framework will without a doubt wind up repaid with Sharder (SS) for making it feasible for Sharder Network to influence use of their unfilled storage to space room. These sorts of tokens work uncommonly well on One Fair to buy data or marketed on an outside exchange. One Fair may also make it workable for users to exchange electronic resources, affirmed data, and useful data.

Sharder Intelligence

This one is an astounding smart data service for individuals and even organizations. Sharder Brain can make Artificial intelligence, insightful frameworks that require minimal supervision.

Sharder Matrix

It can store an individual’s private information which may include their neurological information (DNA), healthcare history, and advance records.

sharder dapps

What is the reason?

Sharder tokens may dependably be made use of on One Fair to enable buy, to exchange or even marketed on outer exchanges. It additionally guarantees strict data security.

Below is the rundown of issues Sharder is not really resolving:

Shortcoming in cloud storing arrangements

Storage space that isn’t used appropriately

Overall storage room rapidly cutting down

High cost

Sharder Protocol is a cross-chain open-source framework that defines expressly how data is spared and furthermore applied in Sharder Network. Being the most punctual storage in the industry, it creates so much exertion and delivers a ton of employments like programmed replication, sharing of documents, intelligent redirecting, contributing to blockchain and even gives data and info security when not online.

What’s amazing about this is consumers might have the capacity to link the private or particular storage space units to Sharder Network with consumers or hardware miners, get remunerated through showing storage room, and in the meantime protect Sharder Network. Sharder’s sharing financial state may increase or include more blockchain programs and in addition make some thing network that is dependent on in addition to underpins each other, The control related with information will be guaranteed, the value involving data will be perceived, and the genuine data will never again sit out of gear. What’s more, sooner or later frame some without cost, indistinguishable, commonly gainful, independent rewards notwithstanding productive Sharder Community.


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