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Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

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ShapeShift Review: Is It Safe? Is It Legit?

shapeshift review

ShapeShift Review

ShapeShift is a built up cryptocurrency trade stage that has been in activity since 2015. It means to make switching between advanced resources fast and basic.

The trade suits consistent users of cryptographic forms of money that need to exchange cash between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and different altcoins. While the administration is anything but difficult to utilize, first-time buyers are not ready to utilize ShapeShift with fiat money. It is essentially an approach to move funds between different cryptographic forms of money. For instance, you might need to utilize Bitcoin to buy some Litecoin, so you can visit ShapeShift and consistently trade the two.

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ShapeShift Review: Key Information

Site Type: Cryptocurrency Exchange

Beginner Friendly

Versatile App

Company Location Switzerland

Company Launch 2013

Store Methods Cryptocurrency

Withdrawal Methods   Cryptocurrency

Accessible Cryptocurrencies    Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and 50+ altcoins

Community Trust: Okay

Security: Medium

Fees: Medium

Customer Support: Okay

ShapeShift offers a profoundly helpful administration without the need to make a record or even give an email. This is extremely helpful if you need to rapidly and namelessly trade your crypto. There are still a few issues facing the company with reports of troubled clients who have either lost cash or been surprisingly charged high expenses.

ShapeShift Overview

ShapeShift needs to exist as an integral piece of the blockchain environment allowing individuals and applications to move consistently between different cryptographic forms of money. If you are an investor looking to broaden your arrangement of altcoins, at that point it is a speedy problem free approach to buy for all intents and purposes any altcoin from Litecoin to Zcash.

why use shapeshift

Shapeshift cash

If you’re looking to partake in an upcoming ICO but you require Ether instead of Bitcoin, you can utilize ShapeShift to switch up your funds. Or on the other hand perhaps you need to separate your Bitcoin into a different money like Litecoin?

ShapeShift is a Swiss-based company that gives trade administrations to users over the globe. They don’t utilize any fiat monetary standards meaning they needn’t bother with banks or stores specifically nations, this enables users to lead their trades paying little mind to fringes or area.

If you’re trading in cryptocurrency at that point you’re ready. The administration is one of the more mysterious choices, with no compelling reason to make accounts, get verified or even leave an email address.

Shapeshift API

ShapeShift likewise offers its API to enable users to make custom programming to access and utilize their trade.

Popular Opinion

There appear to fluctuate considerations from the real users of ShapeShift. Like any company holding your funds, trust is vital particularly with huge sums. You needn’t bother with a record or sign in which makes it snappy and simple. It can likewise feel like you have little interaction to fabricate trust with ShapeShift before depositing cash. This makes relying on another positive general opinion essential.

The Positive: As said above, you can instantaneously wave an enchantment wand and turn your Bitcoin to Litecoin, helpful for reasons unknown you ought to need. If you are exchanging the correct way, at that point expenses can be very low. There are numerous 5 star audits stating how the administration is straightforward and successful.

The Negative: The web is covered with judgment of the ShapeShift trade. A basic Google hunt will leave you somewhat horrified at a few users encounters. Numerous claim to have lost funds totally or be stung by shrouded trade rates. Shockingly, users report having coins vanish after fizzled exchanges with practically no reaction from ShapeShift.

For the majority of ShapeShift’s basic offerings, it is very unnerving to peruse such a large number of terrible encounters.

Is ShapeShift Safe?

However numerous individuals have utilized ShapeShift, the absence of security may raise a couple of concerns. On the client’s side, there is no security to be wasted time with, no passwords or verification.

While there is the security reward of not holding accounts and hot wallets on the trade for programmers to attack, there is by all accounts a lot of disarray about where funds run once kept with ShapeShift, particularly during a fizzled exchange.

Once kept ShapeShift controls your funds through the trade and you should confide in their security convention. As a ‘speedy’ trade this will mean no offline stockpiling, simply hot wallets.

There was additionally a famous hack of ShapeShift in 2016 where funds totaling around $200K were whipped away finished a two week time span. As you would expect the site was taken offline and security remade, while I trust this implies they have gained from their slip-ups and made security their best need, it’s still hard to disregard the actualities.

President Erik Voorhees seems to attempt and offer a genuine clarification to what happened. The assault was put down to an anonymous worker who sold out the company and start emptying a Bitcoin wallet. The misfortunes were genuinely significant in spite of the fact that ShapeShift maintains that no client funds were ever touched.


Video Tutorial


What is ? How it works?

ShapeShift Trading Fees

The company is totally forthright about their charging expenses which change depending on what money you are buying. Make certain to look at the rate you will pay on picked monetary forms as they can differ depending on miner charges for each blockchain.

Here is a break of how a portion of the charges look:

BCH Bitcoin Cash Miner Fee: 0.0002 BCH

BTC  Bitcoin Miner Fee: 0.0025 BTC

DOGE Dogecoin Miner Fee: 2.0 DOGE

ETH  Ether Miner Fee: 0.001 ETH

ETC  Ether Classic Miner Fee: 0.01 ETC

LTC  Litecoin Miner Fee: 0.001 LTC

XMR Monero Miner Fee: 0.02 XMR

XRP  Ripple Miner Fee: 0.5 XRP

ZEC  Zcash Miner Fee: 0.0001 ZEC

Like fiat cash, it is vital to observe the conversion scale offered as the trade will probably have a margin here. Obviously, there is no store and withdraw charge, if the administration runs easily you should feel like you are essentially sending cryptocurrency starting with one wallet then onto the next.

Customer Support

Customer support can be a blended pack on ShapeShift, in the same way as other trades. At the point when things go well there are glowing audits and niggles are dealt with rapidly. Then again, when things are not going admirably is can appear to be difficult to find a solution out of the company. This can be very infuriating, particularly when you’re trying to find your cash!

The contact page on the site leaves a great deal to be wanted, lacking an address or phone number to pin ShapeShift down.

If you explore your way around the help territory of the site then regardless you’ll be left without answers to some straightforward inquiries as well.

shapeshift 24 hour stats

ShapeShift Advantages

Accounts and Verification: ShapeShift does not require the production of a client account, no ID verification and not even a client email. This is extremely advantageous, particularly for those seeking secrecy.

Good Speed: ShapeShift offers a relatively instantaneous swap. Depending on the blockchain network, that is. The littler exchanges don’t require a network verification and the bigger ones need only one.

Location: ShapeShift is situated in Switzerland, but acknowledges customers around the world, including the US.

Price: There is no “price slippage” with ShapeShift. This implies customers get a specific conversion standard (market rate of a few trades that updates like clockwork) for their request, which does not change in view of the span of the request. The charges story, however, is different, as you’re going to peruse advance underneath.

Mobile application: ShapeShift offers a versatile application for Android and iOS gadgets that permits cryptocurrency change in a hurry. Judging by the client surveys, it does what it should do and is quick and simple to utilize.

Also, ShapeShift offers another portable application: CoinCap, which gives continuous market information, price cautions and, by and by, trade benefits through ShapeShift integration.

Simple Platform: ShapeShift does not have a trading stage in the genuine feeling of the word, so it isn’t exceptionally advantageous for genuine dealers. However, for the intermittent client who simply needs to change over one cryptocurrency to another, it is simple and intuitive to utilize.

There are two sorts of requests that can be put: exact and snappy. The difference is that with the exact request one can set a coveted price, while with the fast the exchange is done at current price.

Coins: ShapeShift acknowledges customer recommendations for the expansion of more alt-coins. A frame should be filled in.

ShapeShift Disadvantages:

High Fees: ShapeShift says it doesn’t charge trading or different expenses, with the exception of miner charges. They shift depending on the coin. The real inconvenience here is that each coin has a different charge and one needs to check previously, despite the fact that the expense is really included in the price cited by ShapeShift.

Well-covered up in the FAQ area, however, we find the information that ShapeShift includes in the price a benefit of around 0.5%. This is in the normal, contrasted with different trades, but added to the miner charge, can add up to a lot. In addition, according to exceptionally late customer inquiries, in actuality the commission charged by ShapeShift is substantially higher and sums to anyplace between 3 and 10%.

No Price and Rates: Not at all like most trades, ShapeShift does not show obviously the present prices of the biggest (by market top) cryptographic forms of money.

No Leverage: Like by far most of crypto trades, ShapeShift does not offer utilized trading, but rather it is not out of the ordinary, as the possibility of its administration is altogether different. For those seeking utilized trading, there are stages like Kraken, Quoinex, CexIo who offer such administrations. Magnr, then again is an entry offering utilized trading on a few noteworthy crypto trades, with one record.

There are additionally “customary” forex representatives who offer CFDs on a portion of the significant cryptocurrency trades for trading on margin.

No Fiat: Because of the idea of its administration, ShapeShift does not acknowledge installments in fiat monetary standards. Legitimately, the trade does not work with any “conventional” installment alternatives like bank exchanges, charge cards, and so on. This is inconvenient for the individuals who really need to utilize the coins for something different than trading.

Security: Not the absence of such, but rather the absence of information about it. There is only some broad info around two-factor confirmation, but this is such a standard element, not just for crypto trades nowadays, that it isn’t generally worth mentioning. The way that it offers instant trade, proposes that the funds are kept in hot wallets. This is very unsafe, in any event for the trade itself, as the customer funds are in and out of the framework quick.

shapeshift for business

What Are The Alternatives?

ShapeShift is the fastest path for the trading of digital forms of money and blockchain resources. With the assistance of this, users trade digital forms of money in a jiffy. With no danger of stole funds, it requires no record or individual information to utilize, in this way increasing protection. Users have begun using different choices of ShapeShift benefit.

The Alternatives of Shapeshift are:


Changelly is mainly referred to us as the brisk cryptocurrency trade which has the best interface with lucidity that gives better rates at Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is essentially the exchange that occurs between advanced monetary standards in the computerized world. The Changelly offers administration to an extensive variety of advanced monetary standards for trading. However, it doesn’t give any transformation of conventional monetary forms. This shape-shifting administration, additionally finds the correct combination and proposes the best cash price in the crypto trading stages. The principal or the key part that Changelly play is to help expel the specialized hindrances between the individual and advanced money.



The first of its kind, CoinSwitch is mainly the aggregator for cryptocurrency and altcoin trade. This framework has now integrated with different trades like ShapeShift and Changelly so individuals can be a section and assault some other leading blockchain resource for each other. CoinSwitch helps in comparing the exchanges confided in the internet stage. This administration likewise recommends you the best one in light of Security and Time. Outline and proficiency secure it. Likewise, CoinSwitch does not require any records.


This administration conveys and trade cryptocurrency at the best ongoing price. Additionally, there is no requirement for a record or charges for the administration that SimpleCoin gives to the client. We as a whole realize that Ethereum and Bitcoin are considerably more than altcoins. This administration mainly helps for market capitalizations. Essentially coin is in reality now another mining pool with the objective of simplifying mining for the miners.


Poloniex is a US-based cryptocurrency trade which has the most extreme security. This administration is absolutely cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trade that occurs in U.S as it were. Presently this administration has concocted a stupendous upgrade in mid 2015 which highlights to give a completely immersive trading knowledge. Additionally, it takes after a model with specialized examination graphs and lives visit mean which specifically streams and dissect price drifts before taking a position. In the cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency trade, the security and leeway are great and tight with a better than average request. This is mainly for most of the trading sets exhibit. Trading expenses are level at 0.2%, and store and withdrawal charges are liable to the blockchain’s specific minimum exchange charge.

Final Thoughts – ShapeShift Exchange Review Summary

ShapeShift hopes to furnish you with a consistent method to exchange between for all intents and purposes any cryptocurrency. Furthermore, on its substance, it can be snappy and productive when you find yourself in the wrong money but there is still a lot of dissatisfaction for the client.

The help of well more than 50 altcoins is extremely appealing for those looking to truly expand their computerized portfolio easily. There is no compelling reason to integrate any confined banking as everything is crypto-based keeping you totally in decentralized blockchains.

Privacy is kept when using the organization which is fine when there are no hitches.


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