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Sentinel Chain Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Sentinel Chain?

The Sentinel Chain is a B2B marketplace that looks to give anchor and reasonable financial services to the unbanked. The platform acknowledges the use of livestock as guarantee. The platform allows for the benefit tokenization of livestock by creating a procedure that changes livestock from dead-cash-flow to an advantage that has clear and straightforward esteem.

The platform additionally gives a straightforward and open marketplace that associates the unbanked to the individuals who can give them finance. This is empowered by the use of the platform’s mobile application Cross Pay is an easy to use mobile interface worked for Android and for the unbanked. Notwithstanding being a wallet, it allows for resource tracking for the unbanked, gives financial services, gives a personality to the unbanked and it is perfect for the pockets of neighborhood ecosystems.

Sentinel Chain accomplices include Fenbushi capital a China-based funding firm that invests in blockchain empowered firms and iGlobal Partners that is a firm that invests in Singapore’s startup firms that guide development in the internet of things, health/Biotech and Internet/mobile applications.

sentinel chain homepage

How Does Sentinel Chain Work?

To have the capacity to watch the livestock an identification tag can be points to ranchers which may be asserted to be snared to the livestock. The tag includes timestamp info and position and might’t be eliminated without destroying the label itself and the knowledge it involves.

The Sentinel Chain Token, or SENC, would be the outside cash used to allow the unbanked to passage to some of the most important financial organizations. The tokens can be used by methods for the CrossPay app that is identified with the different CrossPay blockchains that can be built up in various countries. The Sentinel Chain and CrossPay blockchain will impart info to each other and the value of the SENC tokens can be balanced inside the CrossPay blockchain essentially in light of which country the consumer is in.

SENC tokens can be turned out to be Native CrossPay Tokens – LCT – by methods for the CrossPay cell app and the value of the local fiat outside cash will set up the LCT worth the place the consumer is.

sentinel chain crosspay

Alternatives and Advantages of Sentinel Chain

There are six main alternatives which may be highlighted just like a piece of the CrossPay app. Clients who had been in advance unbanked may have passage to insurance scope for his or her livestock which can be printed on the blockchain. Local financing partnerships will be competent to distribute contract understandings by methods for the blockchain, as adequately.

Token holders may even be skilled to make e-payments to local retailers and organizations by methods for the blockchain. Abroad crowdfunding is one other capacity that can form into available because of the correspondence with the Sentinel Chain. Neighborhood initiatives will see a benefit as viably, as token holders will be competent to fund initiatives equal to philanthropic endeavors or fiasco decrease.

Who’s Behind Sentinel Chain?

The team behind Sentinel Chain is point by point by methods for their site which offers hyperlinks to the LinkedIn profile of for all intents and purposes everyone they set up. The CEO, CTO, and founding father of the corporate is Roy Lai, a long time govt with heaps of mastery in money related applied sciences, working for partnerships equal to InfoCorp Applied sciences and BCS Info Methods. He was obtained a lone ranger’s confirmation in pc science from Nationwide College of Singapore.

The highest point of PR and advertising and marketing is Anna Riana who serves the indistinguishable place for InfoCorp Applied sciences. She also filled in as an approved marketing consultant for Sanders Regulation LLC subsequent to receiving her LLB from the College of Sydney. The undertaking executive is J.M. Murli Manohar who furthermore works as a senior venture expert for United Airways and various different positions with Tenth Planet Applied sciences. In entire there are 13 staff perceived on the site.

There are 9 people on the warning board, serving as guides in various territories. The three senior counsels are Dr. David Lee, Bo Shen, and Roland Schwinn. The board furthermore choices counselors for Innovation, Authorized, Finance, and Blockchain.

sentinel chain team

Sentinel Chain Marketplace

The unbanked today don’t approach mechanisms that can open the monetary capability of their livestock so they can use them to anchor, deliver, and ensure a more prominent incentive in the financial economy. In excess of 570 million stallholder ranchers worldwide can profit by a platform that opens the financial capability of their livestock as guarantee to obtain loans.

The Sentinel Chain marketplace would like to give this service. Its features include:

Livestock Identification Tag

The platform offers the RFID livestock identification label that is both robbery proof and sealed on both the data and material level.

CrossPay Mobile Application

A financial delivery mechanism that will be used with the CrossPay blockchain. Furthermore, the app is a mobile wallet that will allow the unbanked speedy access to their parities and empower them to execute with different dealers and users.

CrossPay Blockchain

This blockchain technology is for the unbanked. It can be gotten to using the CrossPay mobile app as it is worked and overseen within a neighborhood geological zone.

Sentinel Chain Token SENC

The platform would like to issue the sentinel chain token SENC which is an ERC20– good token. It will use the Ethereum blockchain to allow financial suppliers and the computerized cash holders to be a piece of the Sentinel Chain platform. The advanced coin will be a methods for exchange on the Sentinel Chain platform. SENC has the following features:


The token will allow insurance organizations to distribute livestock insurance subtle elements on the CrossPay blockchain in light of livestock resources that will be verifiable on the CrossPay blockchain.


Financing organizations will have the capacity to distribute their loan concurrences on the CrossPay blockchain in light of livestock security.


Neighborhood financing firms will use the tokens as security to obtain from abroad firms.


The sentinel chain platform will empower crowdfunding and can be a distributed platform used to offer financing to nearby financing firms.

Community Projects

Abroad contributors will use the Sentinel chain platform to fund community projects that arrangement with issues to do with catastrophe alleviation and helpful guide.


Token holders will have the capacity to use the CrossPay blockchain for electronic payments service to the nearby vendors.

sentinel chain marketplace

What issues does Sentinel Chain attempt to settle?

Livestock insurance:

Fraud is one of the greatest difficulties to livestock insurance. A false insurance claim can be recorded by swapping out the livestock tag from an insured livestock resource onto a uninsured livestock resource. (2) The second test is the absence of precise livestock time-arrangement data that can be used to determine the livestock insurance premium.

Loans for the unbanked:

The greatest test to getting loans for the unbanked is the absence of credit history and the high interest rates in obtaining an unsecured loan. The second test is the difficulty in getting an anchored loan using livestock as an advantage. As of now, there is no exact method to give the proof-of-possession from an unbanked to a livestock resource, or the proof that it has not been promised to another moneylender.

High financing costs:

Local financing organizations require access to loans from bigger or seaward financing organizations. This can incur high interest rate to balance the high credit dangers related with unsecured loans.To bring down the cost of financing for the unbanked, the nearby financing organizations must gain access to less expensive source of funding. However, because of the hazard premium and restricted access of funds, finding a more moderate source of funding for unsecured loans will challenge.

Access to fundamental infrastructure:

While financial inclusion remains the goal of the Sentinel Chain, the unbanked might be impeded in their entrance to essential infrastructure, for example, power, street or clean water.

Electronic payments:

The capacity to drive appropriation of electronic payments for financial inclusion relies upon the universality and network impact of CrossPay Blockchain users.

sentinel chain platform

Sentinel Chain Roadmap

Q1 2018: Token Sale

Q2 2018: SENC to be recorded and exchanged on different token exchanges. Beta testing of Sentinel Chain

Q4 2018: CrossPay will go live in the first unbanked market

Q1 2019: Sentinel Chain code review and review. Sentinel Chain v1.0 will go live. Onboarding of the first financial service supplier accomplice

Q2 2019: Integration of Sentinel Chain to CrossPay. Integration of financial service supplier to Sentinel Chain

Q3 2019: End-to-end testing of Sentinel Chain

Q4 2019: Sentinel Chain v2.0 will go live


Sentinel Chain is a singular idea in that it has perceived a major market – 420 million in Asia alone – that numerous individuals conceivable don’t consider. To have the capacity to survive agriculturists with livestock in growing countries should need to make the jump to getting access to banking organizations at some point or another, and livestock not being an insurable resource is a noteworthy oversight inside the financial exchange. The undertaking is principally involved with livestock in the intervening time, by the by it can possibly create and appreciation for different unbanked people and allow them passage to money related organizations.

The platform shouldn’t be intended for individuals, however marginally is a B2B market, so it’ll succeed or flop principally in light of the interest and willingness of organizations to embrace the platform and tokens. That may take a noteworthy timeframe, and the guide for the ICO demonstrates that their development is certainly going to expect buyers to be influenced individual. Besides, we’re involved because of the overall population sale was postponed as the aftereffects of a well being break toward the beginning of February, which may definitely make some potential buyers wary. In any case, they’ve a low strenuous top set and the idea is intriguing adequate to continue to watch the ICO.

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