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Robo Advisor Coin Review: All you need to know about Robo Advisor Coins

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What is a Robo Advisor?

Robo Advisors are a group of financial advisors which have very less human supervision. Robo Advisors give investment management or financial suggestions online. They do not require a human advisor and all the financial advice is available online with the help of software executed specific algorithms and other mathematical analysis. The algorithms used to get the financial information from their clients and use this to manage and optimize the assets of the clients. They usually allocate assets of the clients based on required target returns and risk factors and preferences. Robo Advisors have the ability to manage complex tasks like investment selection and tax loss harvesting. It can also handle issues like retirement planning. Robo Advisors make use of Artificial Intelligence, hence there is expected to be a large growth in the next decade. At the end of 2015, client assets having Robo Advisors reached $60 billion. Due to the expected growth, it is estimated to reach $2 trillion by the end of 2020.Robo Advisors are mostly used in the USA but are also found to be used in other countries in continents like Europe, Asia, and Australia.

History of Robo Advisor

The first Robo Advisor was launched in 2008 during the great recession of 2008. Even though financial management software existed before 2008, they were sold only to human financial advisors, who charged around 2% of investable assets. After the introduction of Robo Advisors, it was available straight to the investors without any intermediates. In the beginning, consumers were skeptical about Robo Advisors. They were not ready to trust software to manage their investments and portfolios and were unwilling to put their financial information online. But after the big success of the online checking account aggregator Mint, founded in 2006 by Aaron Patzer, the support for Robo Advisors increased greatly.

FutureAdvisor offered automated suggestions on investment accounts as well as retirement accounts on numerous brokerages in the United States. This is the first time that investors were introduced to autonomous investing technology. FutureAdvisor is similar to Betterment and Wealthfront except for a few differences. FutureAdvisor always syncs your investment account and retirement account and analyzes your data to suggest an investment plan. It also monitors various existing brokerage and retirement accounts, so investors are not required to move their assets.

Robo Advisor coin development and Roadmap

The name of the first Robo Advisor was Betterment launched by 30-year-old entrepreneur Jon Stein. Betterment raised a financing of $70 million in 2017.Robo Advisor Coin (RAC) was founded by Edoardo Narduzzi and he is also the CEO of Robo Advisor Coin. It was started in 2013 with its first platform released in 2014. The staff of RAC includes CTO and co-founder Alessandro Lentini, the CFO Federico Narduzzi, and the CMO Giuseppe Marazia.Robo Advisor Coin became publicly available in 2016 after virtual portfolios were added in 2015. Wealthfront, a Robo Advisor partnered with Nevada State Treasurer in June 2016. It offered a 529 plan for college savings.

Robo Advisor Coin Platform

The RAC platform facilitates cryptocurrency predictions as well as everyday forecasts. It also provides performance analytics for traditional securities including bonds, equities, ETFs, and mutual funds. It is easier to use as compared to other platforms due to Artificial Intelligence. The Artificial Intelligence facilitates adaptable large-scale forecasts, whereas the other platforms can only facilitate small-scale analyses. It has produced forecasts and daily reports for over 1,200 tokens and cryptos. The RAC Artificial Intelligence makes predictions based on its algorithm whose accuracy and integrity is then verified using Blockchain technology. The platform provides transparent forecasts which are stored on the Blockchain. The Robo Advisor platform gives personalized reports to their clients thus facilitating the easy and effective use of the platform.

Robo Advisor Apps

Here are the best Robo Advisor apps available:-


Betterment is a Robo Advisor app that uses investment strategies and technologies to help make the best returns and profit from investments.

The account can be accessed using the app to check your balance and investment returns. You can also make deposits and withdrawals.

Greater returns are achieved by managing the portfolio autonomously. Globally diversifying the portfolio of ETFs also helps to achieve higher returns. Tax loss harvesting, as well as asset location, are tax efficient investing techniques that can achieve high returns.

All users will have access at any point of time to the financial experts. You can also synchronize your external investments. At all days of the week, customer care is available.

The fee funds are pretty low with no extra rebalancing fees or trading fees.


Wealthfront is an app used to supervise and track your investments with a streamlined platform. Regular updates are given regarding the account such as deposits or withdrawals. It also shows the performance of your investments and offers investment recommendations.

Wealthfront also provides PassivePlus- an environment to give better returns without additional risk or fees. It has three main features:-

  • Tax loss harvesting- Reduces your tax bill by capturing investment losses
  • Direct indexing- A better form of tax law harvesting that analyses individual stocks to further reduce your tax bill
  • Advanced indexing- Weighs securities in your portfolio to increase the returns


Personal Capital has the best apps and feedbacks. You can supervise your investments as well as those not at Personal Capital. It gives you information about your returns, performance of your investments with respect to the market benchmarks. It also gives you information about your bank account statements to improvise budgeting and cash flow management.

You can get customized personalized investment advice catering to your specific requirements using the Artificial Intelligence technology employed by the app. It also has excellent security to identify the user and help keep all the data safe and secure. Using the retirement planner you can manage and forecast and be prepared for your retirement. Investment Checkup is a built-in investment intelligence to see the performance of your investments, find hidden fees, minimize risk and increase performance. The Allocation Checkup discovers hidden fees and saves a lot of money on mutual fund fees.

The drawback of the app is that if you utilize their advisory services, you cannot handle investing transactions.


In SigFig, all investments are visible in a single place irrespective of where they are held, similar to that in Personal Capital. It will supervise and classify your choices properly after investing in them. Your investment accounts are pulled to one place where the entire portfolio is analyzed. Thus, a personalized investment strategy is created. It uncovers issues like cash drag, diversification stock split, and single bond concentration. Only 0.25% fee is needed to be paid per annum. There is no need to pay trading fees. There is portfolio supervision at all times, Artificial Intelligence is driven investment strategies with automatic rebalancing and dividend reinvestment at a very low cost. It has a very sophisticated security system so that your data is always safe.

The only drawback is that budgeting and cash flow handling is not available in SigFig.


Schwab was created by Charles Schwab Corp. Using Schwab you can monitor all your investments within the app. You can monitor your accounts, trade, deposit, etc. You can also get return information, edit or cancel orders using the app. You can manage your Schwab bank account and other accounts and brokerage using the app. Schwab mobile deposit can be used to deposit checks. Mutual funds, stock, and ETF can be traded or edited. You can also receive real-time trade notifications.

The drawback is that you cannot see accounts outside Schwab and cannot manage cash flow.

how robo advisor coin works?

Information about Robo Advisor Coin

The aim of Robo Advisor Coin is to facilitate transparent, verifiable and accurate AI driven forecasts to be stored on the Blockchain. The analyses and predictions given by the Robo Advisor should be available on a database that is transparent. Decentralization of forecasts is carried out through the Blockchain to give users personalized reports based on their specific cryptos and tokens.

The services provided by the Robo Advisor Coin platform will be based on a monthly subscription bill basis. This fee will become greater as more services are added to the platform.

The cryptos forecasting will only be available to RAC’s token subscribers that are newly issued. Same goes for the statistical services of RAC.

Consumers having the RAC tokens can utilize all the RAC services in exchange for the tokens. The number of tokens for each service provided is different and will stay the same way for a few years. Any service created and launched by SteadyWealth will also be available for use.

For exchange with RAC tokens, forecasting services will be provide because of better change in the previous infrastructure with Blockchain technologies. Hence, personalized reports and precise predictions will be available due to the RAC contributors.

Robo Advisor Coin forecast for Miners

In 2017, RAC created a bounty program consisting of 4 campaigns, namely Bitcointalk, YouTube, Twitter, and Blog. This program addressed to BitcoinTalk consisted of several activities in which participants won RAC tokens.

The RAC roadmap shows that indexes will be present for Cryptocurrencies which will have all present cryptos and tokens and market trends will be approximated for the sector. Gaming services will also be available- for example, Robo Race and Beat the Bot.

Miners can benefit from a tool which can be built using the forecasts. This helps to study and analyze to optimize the results and gain maximum profit.

These services help miners to process forecasts and use the AI technology available on the platform to determine the most profitable cryptos to be mined. These services w

robo advisor coin what is?

ill prove essential to miners and market operators when future contract’s term structures are not present.

About Robo Advisor Coin ICO

In the ICO, the minimum cap is still 3,000 ETH; the exchange rate is 28 RAC to 1 ETH. The ICO soft cap point is at 15,000 ETH where the exchange rate is 24 RAC to 1 ETH. The ICO hard cap point is at 100,000 ETH with the exchange rate reducing to 18 RAC to each ETH.

The Robo Advisor Coin ICO is easy as its operation is similar to that of other ICOs. 4,000,000 Robo Advisor Coin tokens exist. 25% of the tokens are for the partners, campaign, ICO costs, team, and future financing. A further 25% is reserved to facilitate further stability and a price floor. Then, 50% is given to the ICO contributors. The remaining tokens remain with the RAC platform. The ICO contributors get their tokens immediately after sending their ETH to the smart contract address.

Budget management:

60% of the budget will be spent for research and development.

10% will be spent for administrative purposes such as security, accounting, legal costs, etc.

15% will be used for marketing and advertising to expand its growth.

6% will be given to contractors for PR, growth hacking, affiliate programs, partnerships, etc.

9% will be reserved for any future uses.

Objectives of Robo Advisors

  1. To generate a platform so that consumers can get, analyze and use big data relating to global financial assets like cryptos and tokens that are distributed in the Blockchain.
  2. To give specific crypto data such as forecasts, analyses, research, and updates.
  3. To give educational facilities to increase financial knowledge of the consumers.
  4. To offer accurate and punctual reports of their investments.


Robo Coin Advisor is very useful for those investors who want to invest in various Cryptocurrencies in order to expand their portfolios. The Artificial Intelligence technology in Robo Advisor Coin gives very precise predictions or forecasts for the future, so investors find it easy to choose the investments that will produce the best returns. The machine learning algorithm studies the past results, thus improving its performance over time to give the best results in the future. With advancement in wealth management software, automated financial advisory services are going to become more prominent. Robots will soon cause a revolution in services like cash flow management, savings, taxes, investments, etc. Thus, using Robo Advisors can be very profitable, making a lot of money in the long run.


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