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Ripio Credit Network Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Ripio Credit Network?

Ripio Credit Network is a global credit network that uses smart contracts and blockchain innovation to associate lenders and borrowers – paying little respect to which currency they’re using or where those gatherings are based.

The platform was first propelled in May 2016. A token sale is taking spot all through October. The full-featured platform is relied upon to go live in April 2018.

The company was in the past known as BitPagos. The name Ripio signifies “rock” in Spanish. The name was picked because rock fills in as an establishment for new roadways, similarly as “Ripio plans to fabricate new streets all through the digital economy.” The RCN whitepaper likewise depicts the company as “a standout amongst the most promising bitcoin-blockchain new businesses in Latin America.”

ripio credit network homepage

How Does Ripio Credit Network Work?

Ripio Credit Network, or RCN, is a protocol that intends to bring improved transparency and unwavering quality to the universes of credit and lending. The protocol utilizes blockchain innovation and brilliant contracts to empower an association between lenders and borrowers found anyplace on the planet, paying little respect to their currency.

RCN intends to offer some benefit by reducing the conventional banking business expenses and administration charges. The final product is a superior credit elective than anything accessible today, with better conditions accessible for the two sides.

RCN additionally plans to kill the lender’s credit chance by including an intermediary operator called “the Cosigner”. In case of a default, there’s an “elective system for managing the obligation accumulation in the borrower’s nation of living arrangement.”

RCN isn’t some fresh out of the box new startup. The company began its life in 2013 as BitPagos, which was the main bitcoin payment platform in Latin America. The company propelled a digital wallet called Ripio multi year later. BitPagos enabled shippers to get to bitcoin-based financial administrations, while Ripio enabled clients to send, get, store, and buy or offer bitcoin in nearby monetary standards. In general, Ripio has 100,000 clients crosswise over Latin America.

How Do RCN Tokens Work?

RCN tokens are the foundation of Ripio Credit Network. 51% of the aggregate supply of RCN tokens will be made accessible to people in general through token sales.

The token sale is booked for October 17, 2017. There will be an aggregate supply of 1 billion tokens. the greatest sum sold during the pre-sale will be 42.5%; the minimum crowdsale sum will be 8.5%; fund previsions will be set at 34%; and the network bootstrapping pool is set at 15%.

ripio credit network token

Utilizations For Ripio Credit Network

Like other blockchain lending arrangements, Ripio Credit Network needs to interface lenders with borrowers over a blockchain-based network. Here’s an example of how RCN could function, as outlined in the company’s whitepaper:

For Borrowers

Pedro, an understudy, needs to buy an auto

Pedro asks for a credit from his wallet supplier for 9799 Brazilian Real, or about $3,000 USD

The wallet supplier creates, fills, and signs a brilliant contract with a sum asked for in RCN identical to 9799 BRL, at that point communicates that agreement the network

The agreement includes terms like interest rate and the quantity of installment payments Pedro needs to make

The smart contract is then finished with data from the ID verifier, scoring specialist, and cosigner

For Lenders

Wang, a man from Shanghai, has CNY 20,000 (about $3,000 USD) he wishes to invest in a P2P advance

Wang makes a request with a couple of prerequisites, similar to interest rate, due date, and the sky is the limit from there, by means of Ripio Credit Network

The smart contract is settled in RCN; however, the estimation of the settlement is spoken to in USD in agreement with data provided by the Oracle

What might as well be called $0.85 in USD goes to the ID verifier, $1.10 in RCN goes to the scoring specialist, $111.69 in RCN goes to the cosigner, and $2978 in RCN is exchanged to Pedro’s wallet supplier

At that point, the wallet supplier exchanges those RCN for the measure of BRL asked for by Pedro as a credit to buy his auto

The final product is that Pedro is presently dedicated to paying back an obligation of about $3,000 USD in 24 regularly scheduled payments. Pedro consents to restore a sum that includes the commissions for the ID verifier and the score supplier. Wang, the lender, pays the cosigner charge. Wang winds up earning a rate of return of around 9%, while Pedro pays an interest rate marginally higher than 9%.

ripio network features

Who’s Behind Ripio Credit Network?

Ripio is driven by Founder and CEO Sebastian Serrano, the previous CEO of DevsAr.

The company is registered in Grand Cayman under the name Ripio International. The company propelled a testnet of Ripio Credit Network in August 2017. Full scale consummation of the project is booked for December 2017.

ripio credit network team

How Does everything Work?

The RCN network has different angles which combine to shape an ecosystem that will offer numerous advantages. From one viewpoint, we have the wallet suppliers, which enable clients to produce keen contracts and include information regarding borrowers and their credit demands. The greater part of this is done through a helpful and transparent system. Borrowers additionally have their characters verified as a security measure, which is a flat out need when dealing with lenders and borrowers.

Each borrower and lender in the Ripio Credit Network will get a credit score from a scoring specialist. By gathering transaction information from conventional and non-customary sources, it winds up conceivable to determine the “creditworthiness” of individual clients. And still, after all that, it is as yet encouraged to insure any advance made on the network in case of default. Distributing every lender’s hazard by adjusting the savvy contract’s conditions will likewise open up a ton of new openings.

To wrap things up, the Ripio Credit Network offers a credit exchange to coordinate lenders’ offers with borrowers’ credit demands. This is likewise taken care of by the savvy contracts created by the wallet supplier for included comfort. It is obvious there is a considerable measure of legitimacy to this system, sufficiently assuming individuals choose to utilize it later on. The majority of this is made conceivable by the RCN token, which additionally should be featured.

What precisely is the RCN Token?

Similar to the case with any blockchain ecosystem, the Ripio Credit Network has its own particular local RCN token. It is the network’s payment channel above all else. Although credit transactions can be settled in any nearby currency, one needs RCN tokens to get to the network and encourage transactions. Without this token, there is no real way to get to any of the administrations Ripio Credit Network offers its clients.

The RCN Token has two essential capacities:

(1) RCN tokens must be utilized for lenders to get to the Ripio Credit Network platform

(2) The RCN tokens are expected to remunerate specialists of the platform.

If the Ripio network winds up mainstream and generally utilized, at that point the RCN token investors ought to expect a further increase in price valuation as the token is a vital piece of the platform. Borrowers will in any case be paid out in fiat monetary standards in this way increasing boundless appropriation of the network.For a more specialized investigation of the Ripio network and it’s token flow, please look at the Ripo Whitepaper by clicking here.

At the time of writing this article Ripio has an ebb and flow market top that is esteemed at USD 150,829,220. The RCN token has a circulating supply of 490,033,009 tokens and a settled aggregate sum of 999,942,647 RCN tokens.


Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Cryptocurrency Review: The Team

The Ripio project is headquartered in the Grand Cayman, Cricket​ ​Square it is an accomplished company in the blockchain part, and a portion of the 14 team individuals have been working in the industry since 2013. Beneath I have recorded a portion of the Team individuals, Advisors, Partners of the Ripio credit network,


Sebastian Serrano– CEO&Founder: Began learning to program at 7 years old and helped with building the primary Internet Service Provider in the place where he grew up of Patagonia.

David Garcia-SVP and Partner: Also fills in as a managing accomplice at crypto resources fund and a portion of his Past work encounters include being the CEO& Co-organizer of

Andres Fleischer– Head of operations&Admin: Past work encounters include working as an accounting expert at IBM.

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Crypto Review: Marketing Strategy

So far Ripio is doing great at bringing brand attention to their project, considering the project is still in alpha stage. I accept crypto investors can hope to see to a greater degree a marketing push within the second quarter of the prior year they dispatch their finished platform.

ripio credit network partners

The Ripo credit network has a growing fanbase on well known internet based life locales, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. However, I saw a few upgrades that could be made with respect to their marketing system.

Executions that may be helpful:

Youtube Marketing procedure: I was not able find an official channel which is deplorable since video marketing is an awesome method to explain the platform advantages and increase its client base.

Blog entries: I saw that they regularly post refreshes through, but I couldn’t find an official link from the Ripio site. I trust Ripio could profit by adding the link to their site.

Reddit: The current Reddit link on the Ripio official site links to a littler community that isn’t extremely dynamic. They may profit by switching the link to the more famous Reddit Ripio credit network community since it’s three times bigger and more dynamic.

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) Crypto Review: Investment examination


I like how Ripio centers around Latin America and the huge unbanked populace that lives there. The Ripio credit network has a great business design since borrowers won’t have to bargain or have any learning of cryptographic forms of money to qualify for a fiat advance. At the present price valuation, I view Ripio as underestimated and trust this could be a decent time to begin accumulating tokens before a further price increase that is probably going to happen once the platform dispatches and its utilization develops.

How To Buy RCN?

While reading this review you must be thinking about how to buy RCN. Well, the answer is quite simple and if you are looking for the most accurate answer about how to buy RCN then you must need to read this section. It will help you to know how to buy RCN. At the moment, you can buy it on Binance and to get the most valuable purchase.

Ripio Credit Network Conclusion

Ripio Credit Network, or RCN, is a blockchain-based lending arrangement that associates lenders with borrowers. Lenders can acquire high interest rates on their cash, while borrowers can get to simple advances outside of the customary credit and financial system.

Ripio is in development by the team behind Ripio (the wallet) and BitPagos. To take in more about Ripio Credit Network, or to partake in the upcoming ICO, visit online today at Ripio Credit Network.

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