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Revain Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Revain?

Revain is a fair-minded review platform based on blockchain technology. The company’s crowdsale is planned for August 21.

Overall, Revain expects to reinvent the review industry. Clearly, it’s an industry that needs a change: counterfeit reviews are ordinary on the internet, and a five star review on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and comparable ratings sites can change the course of a business. Revain intends to change the review framework to guarantee honest to goodness reviewers are posting true blue reviews of superb businesses.

Revain homepage

How Does Revain Work?

Revain portrays its platform as “another age input platform” that is “for the most part in view of the blockchain technology“. The main advantage of using blockchain technology is that Revain reviews can’t be changed or erased. What’s more, reviewers get a reward for creating a review (they get tokens).

Using blockchain technology, Revain has made an ecosystem where normal users are persuaded by a token called RVN. There’s likewise a moment token called “R”. The two tokens have a nonlinear transformation instrument.

The whole ecosystem is based on the Ethereum platform. The engineers depict their review platform as “a straightforward framework, guaranteeing changelessness and incorruptibility.”

One currency (R) will be used during the Revain crowdsale, while the second currency, RVN, is used as a steady currency within the platform to guarantee prices remain settled.

To begin, Revain will offer reviews of ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges before branching into eatery reviews and different applications.

Revain Features

A portion of the center publicized features of the Revain platform include:

Artificial Intelligence:

Revain’s platform has been created “in close joint effort with hello tech IBM AI frameworks”, explains the official site. Specifically, Revain uses IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer and Natural Language Understanding to assemble its review platform with the programmed filtration framework.

Stable Tokens:

RVN is the steady, inner platform currency outlined so it “isn’t unstable in any way”.

Permanent Reviews:

Using the Ethereum blockchain, Revain guarantees all data posted on the platform is changeless. Reviews can’t be changed, altered, or erased by anybody.


Revain has a prizes framework worked in where users get tokens for each review. The main necessity to get tokens is that the review needs to move beyond the “filtration organize”.

Programmed Filtration:

Revain is using machine learning and neural networks to recognize all sorts of baseless content, including spam, surges, abuse, and so on.

Impartial System:

Decentralized automatic organization (DAO) features and smart contracts will protect Revain against all sorts of phony reviews. It’s a fair framework that doesn’t require a focal association or administration team. Users don’t have to put stock in the platform to play out any activities. It’s self-governing and decentralized.


Anybody can check all of the reviews or transactions. Revain additionally has an open Github page where you can investigate their code.

Web Application:

Users will interact with Revain through a web application.

Two Tokens:

Revain will have two tokens, including a R token (a crowdfunding instrument made on the Ethereum blockchain) and the RVN token (a steady, inner currency that can be used for all activities inside the platform, helping to give settled administration costs). 80% of all R tokens will be sold during the crowdsale.

Revain network

Who’s Behind Revain?

Revain is driven by Rinat Arslanov (CEO), a business visionary with 10+ years in business, investment, and blockchain encounter. Other key individuals from the team include Sergey Potekhin (CTO and Tech Lead), who drives the development and blockchain plan of Revain. Full insights about the team can be seen online at

Useful Uses For Revain

Revain is initially intended to be taken into account the cryptocurrency industry. Eventually, the platform will reach out to “this present reality” of eatery reviews and other comparable purposes. Functional uses for Revain include:

ICO Reviews:

Revain can be used to guarantee you’re investing in a solid company. You can check Revain to see other users’ encounters and survey the risk of a specific ICO.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews:

You can exchange, buy, and offer on platforms trusted by a huge number of other individuals. You can spare time and cash and let others know your opinion about a specific cryptocurrency exchange.

Web based business Reviews:

Review web based business sites to remain safe while shopping online.

Reviews on Everything:

Use Revain to review eateries, markets, shops, and that’s just the beginning.

Revain uses

How Does Revain Address the Issue?

Revain’s enormous difference is that it depends on the blockchain, so once a review is posted, it can’t be adjusted or erased. Along these lines, organizations can’t modify existing reviews to improve them look or pay another person (like those responsible for the site the reviews are on) to do as such.

Revain covers numerous portions, including reviews on ICOs, cryptocurrency exchanges, online business, and quick moving customer products (FMCG).

How Does Revain Prevent Companies from Posting Fake Reviews?

Regardless of whether a review can’t be changed or erased, there is as yet the potential for posting counterfeit reviews. To battle this, each user has a point of confinement of posting five reviews each day. There is additionally a Know Your Customer framework that avoids mass enlistments so a company can’t just contract somebody to make 20 different records and post 100 reviews of its items. Know Your Customer likewise shields you from overspending. With smart contracts and DAO, users don’t have to put stock in the platform to do anything aside from exist.

Revain Network Effect

Additionally, every Revain review must experience a two-advance verification procedure to help anticipate counterfeit entries. The primary verification step is artificial intelligence, while the second verification is manual. The artificial intelligence is a piece of a nearby cooperation with the innovative IBM AI frameworks. The machine learning will identify all sorts of unjustifiable content, including abuse, flooding, and spam. Revain will help furnish the world with a true base of human opinions for PCs, which the team feels will be important as more machine-to-machine connections create.

What Are Some Key Components of Revain?

Revain has two tokens. RVN gives the inspiration to users to continue to be dynamic. The second token, R, works with a nonlinear transformation component to make an internal token that is totally steady. Additionally, Revain’s use of the Ethereum platform allows the framework to be straightforward to ensure incorruptibility and permanence.

How Do Users Benefit from Revain?

The most clear advantage of Revain is that the individuals who visit the platform will get dependable reviews about the items or administrations they are interested in. Along these lines, they can settle on an informed choice without having to stress over phony reviews. Additionally, every time a user posts a review, they are remunerated. They get RVN tokens if their review passes the filtration organize, which any bonafide one ought to do effortlessly.

Will Revain Help the Market?

The team at Revain likewise feels that the platform will help the market through solid reviews. Those with poor reviews and awful ratings will have less customers unless they enhance their items. In the meantime, those organizations who create great items will get positive reviews and gain clients. The outcome ought to be less awful items as interest for those specific brands diminishes.

In what manner Will Companies Benefit from Revain?

Businesses will likewise profit by Revain by getting genuine criticism from their clients. They can hear what their customers really think about their items without wondering which reviews are lies to support them because the reviewer was paid. Instead, they can actually realize what clients think. At the point when a company delivers a quality item, Revain can enhance its sales as more clients post positive reviews.

Could Reviews Be Disputed?

It is feasible for reviews to be debated, much the same as a company could react to a review on a site and address client concerns. The difference is that the whole discussion is shown freely and everlastingly, so there is no chance to get for the company to shroud poor client benefit. So also, everybody will know if somebody lies about the nature of their item with the expectation that the vender will send them a trade for nothing and let them keep the old one. Neither the reviewer or the company being referred to can conceal anything with the blockchain storing the discussion.

How Does Revain Work with the Rest of the Blockchain?

Notwithstanding providing reviews for administrations and items, Revain can include reviews for ICOs and then some. Given the vast extent of the industry and its present development, this can be critical. Revain points out that just within the principal half of 2017, ICOs brought over $1.3 billion up in income, with no chance to get of knowing which organizations will convey quality advancements and innovations. Later on, Revain can be a path for users to share insights like this.

Who Can Use Revain?

For a long time, businesses have depended on input from clients, which encourage manufacture or here and there even demolish businesses. According to the most recent research, a lion’s offer of client reviews online ends up being phony, and tricks and phony news are rife and the organizations that claim the platforms even benefit from advertising fake sites.

Organizations with an awful rating and reviews get less clients and they have to enhance their administrations or items to get more clients. Businesses must invest in a framework where they can learn of the clients’ criticism in a convenient way, which will enable them to change their procedures subsequently improving its execution and fulfill the clients.

The Revain team trusts the Internet of Things (IOT) and blockchain technology give the devices expected to make a more dependable review gathering, and Revain framework is intended to influence the criticism to work be designated to machines. The evolution of machine-to-machine (M2M) technology will eventually empower robots (which will depend on the Revain framework) to assume a greater role in delivering user criticism pertinent to company notorieties. For instance, if a TV acquired by a man separates, it will use the IOT and contact the maker telling them what has separated, and consequently, the producer who gets a genuine criticism from the TV will realize what to repair and even enhance future items.

The risk of artificial criticism will simply vanish when Revain framework is received by a larger part of businesses because they will now get natural input which would then be able to be used to enhance the item a business makes or an administration it offers. The framework uses blockchain technology, which implies that when a user posts a review, they can believe the platform won’t transform it. Because of this framework, experts and mechanics will have the capacity to compute the cost of repair simpler.

How To Buy Revain?

When you are reading a review about any cryptocurrency, it is obvious that you will ask about how to buy a coin. Well, the answer is quite simple. You will only need to check different exchanges to buy the best one. Once, you will shortlist the exchanges, you will be able to know how to buy Revain. Let me help you a little more about how to buy Revain. You can buy it on following exchanges:

Revain exchanges

Revain Conclusion

Revain is a review platform based on the blockchain. The advantages of writing reviews onto a blockchain are self-evident: reviews can’t be altered, erased, or modified. Users are incentivized to leave reviews with the use of RVN tokens. Revain additionally has an IBM Watson-based AI framework that channels content and guarantees reviews breeze through certain quality and verification tests.

You can take in more about Revain, or partake in the company’s ICO, by visiting

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