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Remme Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Remme intends to use blockchain technology to make a future without secret key verification. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Remme?

Remme is a platform designed to anchor access of computerized personalities. The technology spins around distributed open key infrastructure (PKI) combined with an arrangement of decentralized apps (DApps). Together, these innovations – based on the bitcoin protocol – will give anchor, secret key free access to for all intents and purposes anything.

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What Problems Does Remme Seek to Solve?

Clearly, the present strategies for secret key based confirmation aren’t great. Anybody can type a word into a PC to approve a login. If an aggressor takes your secret word, that assailant gains access to the majority of your data. A few users use a similar secret key for different services, and a few hackers can “savage power” or essentially figure their way into an account.

Remme’s whitepaper says how secret key managers are used to take care of this issue. This product gives ultra-secure capacity to passwords. Two factor validation (2FA) frameworks additionally ensure your logins more viably than a single watchword. The whitepaper additionally specifies hardware tokens, one-time passwords (sent by means of SMS or others), SSL/TLS certificates, and other approval techniques.

The issue with these strategies is that the whole framework is attached to trust in the root and associated certification focuses. If one link in the chain is untrusted or bargained, the whole framework loses its proficiency. The basic point is the confided in certification specialist and centralized design.

That is the place Remme needs to change things. It needs to take care of issues like:

Needing to confide in the centralized certification expert (CA)

CA keys being imperiled

remme platform


Remme, if fruitful, will fill in as an undertaking level arrangement and in addition a helpful verification protocol for individuals. Unfaltering advancement has been made towards developing the platform. A model has been created and can be seen on the Remme GitHib page. The level of rivalry that Remme faces is direct. There are a couple of associations in the realm of blockchain-focused security or validation. Furthermore, there are some settled secret word administration organizations that are as of now not using decentralized technology, however it is sensible to expect that those organizations are presently looking to actualize this kind of technology into their platform that as of now has across the board appropriation. Making key organizations at an early stage will be a basic factor to the accomplishment of Remme.

Use of Blockchain

REM is an ERC20 agreeable utility token that will be used for every single internal activity inside the ecosystem. The justification of using a custom blockchain is sensible and is mainly attributed to Remme incorporating a proof-of-service framework keeping in mind the end goal to give stable framework reaction (independent of hardware capacities) while incentivizing users to remain online and maintain the network. By using blockchain technology, Remme might be disruptive to secret word administration associations, as the service Remme proposes would be simpler to use and more secure.


The development guide the Remme gives in the whitepaper is mainly focused on innovative turning points. Current plans are to execute the legitimate structure of the ecosystem and grow the team of programming engineers. Open testing of the platform will start in Q3 2018. The whole of the guide ranges from the finish of 2015 to the finish of 2019, and is partitioned into yearly-quarters. A few developments are to some degree unclear and ought to be developed. The GitHub account has little movement but it contains parts of the first model of the platform.

Company and Team

The whitepaper does not include the Remme team, however the rundown of 8 team individuals can be found on their site. Information introduced on the site about the team individuals is extremely lacking. Portrayals of every individual contribution to the team and expert foundation is missing. Furthermore, there are no links to any of the team individuals online networking profiles. Truth be told, other than their names, work titles, and profile pictures (and the contact email for 3 of the individuals), there are no other information available. This is odd considering that the accreditations of a portion of the team individuals (found through a manual inquiry on LinkedIn) uncovered that some team individuals have considerable experience operating extensive business, and some that even have encounter developing for blockchain-related projects. However, more individuals with a foundation in programming development will be required for this project as it creates, which is the reason Remme plans to enlist more programming engineers in the first quarter of 2018. Remme ought to patch up the team area of their site and include more information about the team and maybe include it in the whitepaper.


The whitepaper is fundamentally focused on the mechanical logistics of implementing Remme. Innovative parts of the project are talked about in detail without obscuring the writing with jargon. The whitepaper is genuinely straightforward regarding business and innovative parts of the Remme platform, but fails to examine the Remme team. The incentive of Remme from a venture point of view was explained throughly, yet in a way that is generally straightforward considering the mechanical focal point of the whitepaper.

How Does Remme Work?

Remme take care of the issues in the present centralized PKI frameworks. It takes care of these issues using the bitcoin protocol, which is used for the following two capacities:

Certificate Revocation Management:

Each certificate is bound with a yield of a certain bitcoin transaction. The certificate is considered invalid when this yield is spent.

Certificate Authentication:

Each certificate stores an advanced signature of a string (signed by the certificate holder), defined by the Remme standard and the bitcoin address of the certificate holder. At the point when the user has this, the certificate data can be used to shape the string said above, and to approve the signature using the given bitcoin address.

Here’s the manner by which the procedure works when separated into a well ordered process:

Produce a key combine

  • Make a bitcoin transaction to be used for repudiation administration
  • Make a certificate and fill its subject fields in view of Remme specifications
  • Make a canary string
  • Sign the canary string with the signmessage work
  • Add the canary string to the corresponding certificate field
  • Sign the certificate

In the interim, you can check the certificate using the following advances:

  • Get the certificate
  • Guarantee that the related transaction yield is unspent (i.e. the certificate is substantial)
  • Shape the canary string from the certificate data
  • Check the signature of the canary string included to the certificate using bitcoin’s verifymessage work

Basically, Remme exploits the bitcoin protocol for character validation. The platform uses the bitcoin protocol’s existing capacities to give anchor verification.

remme eco

This framework prompts the production of decentralized apps based on the Remme blockchain. Those apps could include things like:

Remme WebAuth:

White name verification that allows users to sign into sites without a secret key.

Remme Enterprise:

Gives secure access to internal corporate frameworks, as Microsoft Active Directory and SCADA.

Remme for IoT:

Remme can approve gadget to-gadget correspondence. The whitepaper specifically specifies an emphasis on the car part and smart urban communities.

Remme SDK:

The engineers pack can give access to the PKI protocol, allowing designers to make their own particular decentralized apps on the Remme blockchain.

How Do REM Tokens Work?

Remme tokens (REM) are used for every internal task within the Remme ecosystem, including the greater part of the following:

Initializing a certificate creation process (a certain number of tokens get blocked for disavowal transactions)

Enabling a certificate disavowal process

Establishing a hub

Pay fees for transferring Remme tokens between users on the Remme blockchain

Pay fees for cross-blockchain token exchanges

Who’s Behind Remme?

The team behind Remme first framed in Q4 2015, with dynamic development taking spot all through 2016 and 2017. In Q2 2017, the team won the Blockchain Intensive Hackathon by Microsoft. In Q3, they released the Remme whitepaper and reported the experimental run program for 2018.

The team was persuaded to dispatch Remme in 2015 after a progression of cyberattacks that influenced real Ukrainian organizations. The team trusted they could use blockchain to explain these validation issues.

Remme is driven by author and CEO Alex Momot. Other key individuals include Kate Pospelova (CMO and Co-Founder), Roman Kravchenko (CTO), and Jan Keil (CBDO).

remme join

How To Buy REM?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy REM. However, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy REM. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy REM. At the moment, you can make use of to buy REM.


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