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Refereum Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Refereum is a blockchain-based platform that guarantees to pay you to watch and play video games. Here’s our review.

What Is Refereum?

Refereum, discovered online at, associates game designers with gamers, streamers, and watchers.

The platform means to take care of a vital issue in the gaming community: designers pay artificially high expenses to achieve fans. Twitch and YouTube influencers have the biggest followings on the internet, but they don’t see the profits you would expect in light of the extent of their crowd.

“Gaming as a profession is unattainable for most players,” explains the official site.

This inefficiency is because of the nearness of intermediaries and go betweens. Platforms like YouTube take a significant cut of every video’s advertising income. Engineers likewise need to pay for advertisements on these platforms, with a significant slice going to the go between.

The final product is that engineers are paying excessively to contact their group of onlookers, gamers aren’t being rewarded for viewing or playing games, and influencers aren’t capturing the maximum capacity of their gathering of people.

Because of that, Refereum needs to remove the marketing agent by specifically rewarding influencers and gamers to advance and play video games.

refereum homepage

How Does Refereum Work?

Refereum takes care of urgent issues in the gaming industry using an open market approach. That approach is intended to reach crosswise over outskirts and dialects. It’s likewise intended to reach crosswise over influence levels, so “anybody with any level of influence can take an interest, including customary fans or individuals by basically sharing a game with a companion.” Refereum will appeal to something beyond huge name influencers – like streamers with a great many watchers.

Engineers can pick what considers a referral. They can tally installs, for instance. However, they can track further developed referrals – say, by just counting installs from gamers who really interact with the game, similar to gamers who play no less than 5 long periods of the game, for instance.

Then, designers can reward gamers in light of specific commitment exercises. They can reward gamers with a penny in exchange for joining a Twitch stream during a 12 hour dispatch window, for instance. Or then again they can grant a level $10,000 eSports competition prize.

To increase reception of the platform, Refereum has just banded together with Twitch, the world leading video game streaming site. Refereum has likewise collaborated with Unity, the most regularly used game engine on the planet, to make in-game bounties.

The whole Refereum platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain. It uses smart contracts and ERC20 tokens. Smart contracts send payments to anybody involved in the Refereum ecosystem who finishes a specific assignment. Already, giving out rewards like this has been difficult because of legitimate obstructions and geopolitical confinements.

A portion of the key elements of the Refereum blockchain include:

Refereum Contract:

This is the essential Refereum contract, maintained by Refereum.

Refereum Sample Contract:

Reference referral program contract, gave in Refereum plugin instruments and a SDK, including a referral expense distribution mechanism.


Developed by different designers, these games can use redid referral contracts to allow engineers to have flexibility in their criteria.

Refereum Plugin and SDK:

This is given by Refereum to streamline the use of smart contracts for C# and C++ programming dialects.

refereum platform

Advantages Of Refereum

Refereum means to deliver advantages to the three main gatherings involved in the gaming ecosystem, including gamers, engineers, and influencers.


Earn cash from video games

Offer games to earn commissions

Exchange or spread Refereum tokens (RFR) like money

Earn benefits from gaming

refereum gamers


Earn more cash by referring through Refereum

Additional earning choices are available through

Secure benefits regardless of whether you have a little following

Do everything with no legitimate fees


Attain unparalleled cost viability

Secure effectively adaptable direct marketing

Set any criteria for paid development

Offer money prizes for eSports, tribes, competitions, and so on.

Who’s Behind Refereum?

Refereum’s team consist of industry veterans from the gaming industry and advanced advertising world. Key individuals include Dylan Jones (Founder), Alistair Doulin (Chief Technical), Oleksii Mattiasevych (Smart Contract Author), and Sloane Earl (Business Development).

Before founding Refereum, Dylan Jones made a portion of the highest-grossing Facebook and mobile titles ever.

Refereum ICO

Refereum tokens are on sale through an ICO. A sum of 5 million tokens have been pre-mined (this is the aggregate supply), with 2.5 million tokens available during the token sale (half of the aggregate supply). The remaining supply of tokens is committed to platform development (25%), game engineer incentives (10%), the team (10%), and influencer incentives (5%).

The RFR token goes about as an utility token for Refereum, and allow members to exchange esteem. The coins hold real money esteem because they can be used for virtual coins or in-game things.

The main ICO for Refereum tokens (RFR) begins on December 12, 2017.

There’s a hard top of $25 million for the RFR token sale, which sets the token at a price of $0.01

refereum token

Workings of Refereum

Refereum tackles basic issues in the gaming industry with the use of an open market approach. That approach intends to reach crosswise over outskirts and dialects. It additionally intends to reach crosswise over influence levels, so anyone with any level of influence can partake, including standard fans or individuals by simply sharing a game with a companion. Refereum will appeal to other than huge name influencers including streamers with a huge number of watchers.

Designers can pick what considers a referral. For instance, they can tally installs. But, they can track further developed referrals, for instance, by just counting installs from gamers who interact with the game, or instance, similar to gamers who play no less than 5 long stretches of the game.

In the interim, designers can reward gamers in light of specific commitment exercises. They can reward gamers with a penny in exchange to join a Twitch stream during a 12-hour dispatch window, for instance. Or on the other hand they can reward a level $10,000 eSports competition prize.

Refereum has at this point banded together with Twitch to increase selection of the platform, the leading video game streaming site. Refereum has additionally joined with Unity, the most prevalently used game engine around the world, to make in-game bounties.

The entire Refereum platform is set up on the Ethereum blockchain. It makes use of smart contracts and ERC20 tokens. Smart contracts give out payments to anybody involved in the Refereum ecosystem that finishes a specific errand. Previously, giving out rewards like this has been hard because of lawful boundaries and geopolitical confinements.

refereum streamer

How has Refereum Advanced?

An opensource game has been produced and its best practice illustrated. has been finished thus gamers and streamers would now be able to be remunerated notwithstanding using RFR tokens.

In view of the true objective, 2018 will see the team focus on adaptability. New features will be included request for the platform to suit more users since the network is foreseen to develop quickly.

More profound integration will be given in 2019 and more rewards realized. Extra verticals will be considered in 2020.

How Does Refereum Work?

An open market approach is used to fathom basic issues within the gaming industry. Neither dialects nor fringes will confine the approach. Notwithstanding your level of influence, one will be allowed to partake. This will appeal to enormous influencers.

Using a referral technique, installs will be checked in light of the quantity of gamers that interact with a given game and the period spent on a game.

Jerk and Refereum (as accomplices) will increase the quantity of users that will grasp this thought.

In light of the Ethereum blockchain, the platform uses smart contracts and ERC20 tokens. Initially, lawful and geopolitical limitations made such rewards a tough assignment. With smart contracts, this will be an issue discarded.

refereum studio

Who is the Team Behind Refereum?

Industry specialists met up to frame the Ethereum platform. They include Dylan Jones who is the organizer, Alistair Doulin who sits in as the Chief Technical. Oleksii Mattiasevych is responsible for the Smart Contact since he composed it while Sioane Earl administers the Business’ Development.

“Imagine a scenario where we could… empower gamers and influencers to profit playing video games,” fellow benefactor Dylan Jones waxes in a video introducing the project. The thing is, gamers and influencers as of now are making money– a great deal of it.


Refereum will experience serious difficulties luring top-level game streamers off incumbent platforms, where they approach huge groups of onlookers and profound took publicists. Removing the go between’s cut is definitely not a convincing contention at this scale.

Jones and co. without a doubt know this. That is likely why they are focused on game streamers who “have a following,” but are “certainly not in the best 1% of streamers”; and indie engineers who “have spent their savings creating a magnificent new game,” according to the use cases outlined in the Refereum white paper.

Indie game engineers and mid-level streamers might be an interesting specialty, but do they frame a USD 50 million economy? That is the estimation of Refereum’s aggregate supply of 5 billion tokens at its ICO price of 0.01 USD per token.

The worldwide advertisement spend on video game marketing is no place close to the USD 37 billion refered to (with a fake commentary) in Refereum’s white paper. Statista puts the 2017 number at 3.6 billion. (37 billion, for setting, is the aggregate promotion spend against all streaming video, projected for 2022 by Juniper Research.)

All things considered, if Refereum catches under 5 percent of the video game advertisement market, it might be sufficient to justify their ICO price.


Obviously, there are other decentralized projects competing for an offer of streaming games, as DLive., LBRY and Steemit are on the whole potential decentralized streaming game competitors. Also, the variety of incumbents in game streaming just becomes bigger and longer as mammoths like YouTube make inroads.

How To Buy Refereum?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy Refereum. This section will help you to know how to buy Refereum. However, you need to know the exchanges first to buy this coin. At the moment, you can buy it from

Refereum Conclusion

Refereum plans to make an incentive framework for gamers and streamers, allowing game engineers to pay gamers and streamers in exchange for in-game rewards, in-game exercises, competitions, referrals, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. All transactions are performed with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

At last, Refereum expects to deliver advantages to the three noteworthy gatherings in the gaming ecosystem, including engineers, gamers, and streamers/influencers. These three gatherings are altogether losing in the present ecosystem: designers pay excessively to contact their crowd, gamers aren’t rewarded for their gaming, and influencers aren’t capturing the maximum capacity of their group of onlookers. Refereum plans to tackle these issues with an extraordinary, blockchain-based platform.

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