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Reddcoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Reddcoin (RDD)?

Imagine being paid in crypto for your FB post, and being ready to trade it for items, gift cards, and different things. Welcome to Reddcoin. Think of Reddcoin as the “social media coin” with a shared (p2p) payments framework.

Discharged to the general population in 2014, Reddcoin is a decentralized social cryptocurrency that enables anybody to instantly send and get RDD (its native cryptocurrency) payments on social networks with no transaction expenses. It’s basically the blockchain form of Venmo, Facebook Cash, or Snapchats Snapcash, all of which enable you to effectively exchange cash to loved ones through their separate social media platforms.

However, not at all like these real social media networks that expect you to utilize their native platform to send and get cash, Reddcoin enables you to flawlessly integrate its payment features on various platforms like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and the sky is the limit from there. Too, you can accomplish something beyond instantly send and get cash to individuals with Reddcoin: you can “tip” cash to content makers like how you would “like” or “top pick” a post.

Reddcoin utilizes an ecologically well disposed approach called Proof-of-Stake-Velocity (PoSV). This is radically different from Bitcoin’s proof-of-work convention (PoW) that requires immense measures of vitality to mine. Each Reddcoin client consequently mints Reddcoins while staking, as it’s a worked in function of the downloadable authority wallet (which you need to begin using it).

Reddcoin Homepage

Key Features of Reddcoin

  • Reddcoin is a social cryptocurrency that can be integrated with a wide range of social media platforms for sending/receiving cash with zero expenses.
  • It’s a shared open-source cryptocurrency got from Litecoin.
  • It devotes quite a bit of its efforts to encourage the “tipping” of little measures of RDD on social networks, done in a comparative mold to “liking” a post on FB.
  • The PoSV calculation is another interpretation of PoS which energizes both proprietorship (stake) and action (speed).
  • Its tipping framework has just been empowered on Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, and Justin.TV.

How Does Reddcoin Work?

As mentioned before, Reddcoin associates with your individual social media networks and empowers you to send close instant, zero cost RDD payments to anybody you interact with on your network. You can send RDD to your mom for lease, reimburse an associate who got you a Chipotle burrito for lunch, or “tip” a substance maker for a charming puppy post. You should simply tap the “tip” button which at that point sends that individual a micropayment.

Reddcoin utilizes PoSV, which was originally composed by the Reddcoin team to supplant its former PoW convention. PoSV is basically another interpretation of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) that addresses the requirements of its social currency to support “both proprietorship (stake) and action (speed)”.

In their own words, modifications to PoS “were expected to advance more dynamic network interest.” The greatest difference between the two is that while PoS has linear coin aging (every day a coin is held, you procure one day of coin age), PoSV has non-linear coin aging.

PoSV minting, the partner to PoW mining, enables anybody to “mint” RDD with CPUs of PCs, workstations and cell phones instead of costly, vitality consuming mining rigs like GPU’s or ASIC’s. With PoSV, the more stake of RDD you hold in your wallet, the more probable your odds are of finding a substantial square/receiving piece rewards. For this to happen, you should simply keep your wallet running and associated with the Internet.

About Reddcoin

Reddcoin was made on January 20, 2014, as a PoW cryptocurrency. On February 2, 2014, subsequent to raising $100,000 through their Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO), Reddcoin was discharged to general society. On April 29, 2014, they declared that Reddcoin would change from PoW to PoSV.

In 2017, Reddcoin made an official declaration listing their team individuals, including developers John Nash and Leonard Simonse.

In consequent Tweets, they’ve openly reported the increases of developers, for example, Bradley Ploof and James Tweeg. They’ve been dynamic in updating the community by means of Twitter, but if you’d jump at the chance to keep informed specifically on the teams project progress, look at their GitHub or Trello (which includes the project guide).


As should be obvious above, Reddcoin remained generally level since its inception: that is until December of 2017. On January seventh, it achieved ATH’s of $0.03 pennies, at that point took after the destiny of numerous different coins around that time and lost significant esteem. At the season of writing, RDD is trading for a small amount of a penny.

Reddcoin Services

Where Can You Buy Reddcoin?

You can trade RDD on exchange sites, for example, Cryptopia, Bittrex, and Upbit for either ETH or BTC. If you’re another investor, you can buy BTC or ETH coins on Bitstamp or Coinbase, at that point store it to the individual wallets on the past exchanges.

Where Can You Store Reddcoin?

You can download a Reddcoin upheld wallet from the authority Reddcoin site, or you can store Reddcoin on portable wallet Coinomi.

As a major aspect of John McAfee’s coin of the day program, a cutting-edge tipping currency called Reddcoin won the respect on December 24th.

Following the say on McAfee’s Twitter channel, prices for the coin shot up pointedly and afterward plunged again. Indeed, even after the plunge, however, prices for Reddcoin are still considerably higher than they were before the pump.

Comparing Reddcoin to alternatives

A decent general guideline when looking into another cryptocurrency is to compare it with Dogecoin. What does this new resource offer that Dogecoin doesn’t?

Does it offer quick transactions? Dogecoin has those. Are there low fees? Dogecoin has that also. It is surprising for a currency to have such a great amount in a similar manner as Dogecoin, but then be fundamentally different.

So is Reddcoin adequately different?

Not at all like Dogecoin, Reddcoin utilizes proof-of-stake rather than Dogecoin’s proof of work. Proof of stake implies that the coin is mined not through top of the line computing power, but rather by proof of responsibility for certain measure of the tokens. Holders of the token are then remunerated occasionally with little payouts.

Reddcoin is intended to be a minimal effort social media and tipping themed currency, precisely like Dogecoin.

Today, Dogecoins are selling for about $0.009. Reddcoins were trading at $0.001 each before the specify on McAfee’s Twitter channel, that was trailed by a pump to more than two pennies each. This was trailed by a slide back to $0.014 each.


In the meantime, Dogecoins likewise observed a comparative pump in the meantime and went from $0.002 to a pinnacle of $0.01. It is conceivable that the sudden burst of ubiquity for one tipping token increased the notoriety of the other.

reddcoin platform

John McAfee

Coin of the day: Reddcoin (RDD) – a sleeper – most broadly utilized social network coin in the world – flying under the radar since 2014. Working with each Social Media platform, it is the main currency that numerous kids younger than 10 have ever known.

Reddcoin is the social currency that improves people groups social lives and makes computerized currency simple for the overall population.

Would it be advisable for you to invest in Reddcoin?

To answer this inquiry, you have to solicit yourself what the future incentive from these alleged tipping monetary forms will be once transaction fees on real digital currencies turn into a thing of the past.

We should propose a theoretical situation.

Suppose that bitcoin fees drop to a small amount of a penny because of either a blockchain update or a moment layer arrangement like Lightning Network. In view of that, what might be the estimation of these tipping monetary standards, when their main selling points are their incredibly low transaction fees?

So far history has demonstrated to us that cryptographic forms of money can continue to exist regardless of whether they are usurped by as far as anyone knows more helpful or generally conveyed resources. For instance, bitcoin continues to flourish at the main position despite the fact that from a simply mechanical point of view, it is inferior to numerous new offerings.

What will probably happen is that these tipping monetary standards will go about as training wheels for newcomers to cryptocurrency. Because of their ease, it is significantly less of an issue if you were to lose 1000 Reddcoin or Dogecoin because of typing in the wrong address, instead of losing a Litecoin or an Ether unit because of such a mistake.

Furthermore, it is significantly more open to tell somebody that they have 10,000 Reddcoins or Dogecoins rather than something like 0.000001 bitcoin. It’s only less demanding for individuals to monitor entire numbers instead of decimals.

As individuals using these tipping monetary forms understand them better, they can exchange them for more refined resources and afterward different newcomers can get the tipping monetary standards to learn.

To Invest, or Not to Invest?

To abridge, if you were at that point exceptionally comfortable with digital forms of money, and you have no specific interest or excitement for these tipping monetary standards, it’s safe for you to dodge them as you are probably not going to miss much. At any rate very little other than an occasional pump and dump as about all cryptographic forms of money see on a monthly premise.

If you are interested in tipping, at that point Reddcoin or other tipping monetary forms could be for you. If not, you are in an ideal situation sticking to more refined resources and investments.

Reddcoin Social

How To Buy Reddcoin?

Cryptocurrency is the hottest trend in the market. However, every single day there are various currencies that are getting launched in the market. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for an investor to know where to buy a coin and which coin is ideal to invest. So, if you are confused about how to buy Reddcoin then you will need to know that it will be ideal to read this review and know how to buy Reddcoin. Well, if you are looking forward to invest in this coin then you will surely need to invest in it.

However, there are various exchanges where you will be able to buy this coin but still you always need a trustworthy exchange to buy and trade a coin. So, if you are looking to invest in this coin then you will need to find the reputable exchanges to make a perfect buy. Well, you will need to buy this coin from any of the famous exchanges. It is wise to find any of the reputable exchanges before making a perfect buy. So, if you are looking forward to buy this coin then you will need to buy it from any of the reputable exchanges.


It’s difficult to anticipate the future of Reddcoin. On one hand, it appears somewhat odd that we would tip individuals on social media when we could simply demonstrate increase by “liking” their substance. But we do tip individuals for nearly everything else in the United States, so for what reason not content? The Steemit social media platform has officially discovered accomplishment in its comparable element, which pays clients in STEEM for creating and curating content, so it’s not preposterous to see the pattern spread.

That being stated, Reddcoin has progressed significantly since its 2014 beginnings. The social cryptocurrency, which intends to integrate itself with almost every social media platform as a distributed payments platform with tipping capacities, is as of now functioning in a few social media sites. It will interest to see the development of Reddcoin as they advance through 2018.

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