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RecordsKeeper Review – ICO Guide

What Is RecordsKeeper?

RecordsKeeper is a record administration platform that tries to give a decentralized ecosystem to data sharing and verification. The platform integrates blockchain technology to offer users an ecosystem that guarantees the protected exchange, approval, credibility, and integrity of data.

RecordsKeeper makes organized data storing for individuals and associations through the decentralized blockchain technology that simplifies data access and security. RecordsKeeper is useful in banking and financial institutions, government and manufacturing industries and in titles of possession for licenses, music and land records.

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How RecordsKeeper Blockchain Record-Keeping Data Storage Works

RecordsKeeper has a wide assortment of open-source libraries and API that individuals can use to transfer records in the blockchain network using programming, site, backend, apps or servers. Once a user transfers a document on the platform, a consolidated record of the record and the meta information is marked and pushed to the RecordsKeeper ledger while the genuine data is pushed to capacity layer that been scrambled where it is open when important.

Users don’t have an utmost to the measure of data that they can store in the scrambled ledger. Blockchain records any modifications made to the record after the proprietor of the record transfers it. Customers can use checksum with SHA256 hashing guarantee that records were not changed.

Users can likewise impart the data to different users through sending a transaction with a specific end goal to verify the data. The data is likewise sharable with outside businesses integrated into RecordsKeeper for outer use. Blockchain technology deals with the records and eliminates the requirement for involving intermediaries in the transaction. The decentralized network likewise give users the control of the data shared on RecordsKeeper ledger.

RecordsKeeper works and is powered using the XRK token. To transfer data or records in the RecordsKeeper Blockchain, users should buy the XRK tokens and use them to pay for the transfer fees. After the platform gets the tokens from the users, it delivers them to miners with the goal that they can mine the block and secure the network. The tokens consent to the Proof-of-Work algorithm during mining. Mining should be possible using neighborhood PCs, servers and cloud servers.

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RecordsKeeper allows anybody to push verifiable records of any data questions in the worldwide open RecordsKeeper Blockchain. By pushing the verifiable records in to the RecordsKeeper Blockchain anybody in the entire world can verify the genuineness, integrity and permanence of the data without involving the confided in outsider. Every one of the records can be pushed in Key-Value match organize (simply like some other noSQL DB) using a little transaction charge in XRK tokens (RecordsKeeper fuel) and similar data can later be gotten using a similar key or transaction ID free forever.

Use and Role of XRK Tokens

Since RecordsKeeper Ecosystem/Platform is energized by XRK tokens which works as a GAS to transfer the data/records in RecordsKeeper Blockchain, the use of XRK ICO tokens are using it as a fees just to upload the data/records in RecordsKeeper Blockchain and rewarding the miner for mining a Block. At present the transfer fees is 0.1 XRK/KB. So for 1MB of data you need to pay around 100 XRK as fees.

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XRK Mining

Recordskeeper follows an open POW model for resource mining like Bitcoin. Notwithstanding the proliferation of innovation (and, in numerous cases, pump and dump plans), Bitcoin maintains its situation as the predominant cryptocurrency. The undeniable cause is the extensive number of individuals and businesses who as of now hold or acknowledge the Bitcoin money. However there is likewise a significant network impact in terms of mining. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency upheld by the most mining power, making it the most secure against 51% assaults. This gives it the highest saw esteem and in this way the highest market capitalization. This approach is relatively difficult to follow now, because the Blockchain can without much of a stretch be overpowered by using gigantic computing power in the initial phases. The solution lies in a constraint on the quantity of blocks which might be made by a similar miner within a given window. MultiChain executes this plan using a parameter called mining decent variety, which is constrained by 0 ≤ mining assorted variety ≤ 1.

Token Economy

Through miners, RecordsKeeper Blockchain is adding 10 XRK in at regular intervals (normal). These 10 XRKs are granted to the miners for adding another Block into the Blockchain. There are additionally 300 million premined XRK tokens claimed by the company. When of writing this line there are approximately 302 million XRK in RecordsKeeper Ecosystem (300 million Pre-mined and 2+ million mined by miners) and more XRKs are getting mined through RecordsKeeper Blockchain miners. Check ICO rundown to know more about ICOs.

Where Can company Use RecordsKeeper?

  • Banking and Financial Institutions.
  • Government and manufacturing industries.
  • Title of possession like licenses, music, arrive records and so forth.
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Make Data Verifiable without Trusted Third Party

Recordskeeper allows you make verifiable and permanent records of any kinds of data which are impractical in customary advances like MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and so on. This can likewise be viewed as an instrument to create a Proof-of-Existence, Proof-of-Authenticity and Proof-of-Integrity of a document, record, archive, certificate, degree on Blockchain.

Accomplish Immutability at Lesser Cost

Unchanging nature is an exceptionally costly thing to accomplish. It might cost you a huge number of dollars but it will at present give you a less certainty because of quick evolving PC technology space. You require it for KBs, GBs or TBs of data, it will all cost the same. Recordskeeper Blockchain empowers you to get Immutable capacity on the Blockchain for the verifiable and genuine capable data giving you flexibility to center around your use cases.

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RecordsKeeper Benefits

Data Security

Users can set up RecordsKeeper’s blockchain in their neighborhood or cloud infrastructure to anchor their data as the platform guarantees that the integrity and validness of the data while additionally making beyond any doubt that it is legitimate and not changed.

Imperative Tools

The platform offers vital devices that use blockchain technology which empower users to create Proof-of-Existence, Proof-of-Authenticity and Proof-of-Integrity of their records, reports, or documents.

Boundless Storage

RecordsKeeper gives its users boundless storage room on the blockchain network for their verifiable and authenticable data at a lower price, contrasted with what it would cost the user when using conventional advances, for example, MySQL, Oracle, or MSSQL.


Records are anything but difficult to maintain and refresh using the APIs and Libraries that are useful with RecordsKeeper.


Dec, 2016

Propelled the RecordsKeeper Private Blockchain

March 2017:

Propelled Open RecordKeeping Platform with Document Management System

July 2017:

Included naitive resources as fees model in RecordsKeeper

September 2017:

Created devices for designers, Wallet, MultiSig Wallet, Demo, Libraries and so on.

Feb 2018:

Propelled RecordsKeeper Testnet using XRK tokens and Opensource Demos

April 2018:

Propelled RecordsKeeper Mainnet using XRK tokens, Made everything open and opensource

May 2018:



Toshendra Sharma – Founder and CEOToshendra Sharma – Founder and CEO

Toshendra Sharma – Founder and CEO

Toshendra is an Application Security Researcher since most recent 10 years.

He has Graduated from IIT Bombay in Application Security,

Toshendra has been featured in Forbes Asia’s 30Under30 List of

2018 in Enterprise Technology. Established Mobile App Security Company in 2011.

Rohendra Singh – Founder and CTORohendra Singh – Founder and CTO

Rohendra Singh – Founder and CTO

Technologist, DevOps Expert with 10 years involvement in developing substantial scale security products. Created SaaS based adaptable products and lead 50+ individuals tech team.

Ex-VP Engineering at Wegilant (Appvigil).

Pankaj Bhatia – VP – Sales and MarketingPankaj Bhatia – VP – Sales and Marketing

12-Years Experiences in Banking and Wealth Management, managing Ultra HNI Clients and Large Corporates for financial Planning and Wealth administration.

Mayank Vijh – Lead DeveloperMayank Vijh – Lead Developer

6+ long periods of Experience in Developing versatile backend framework using C++. Fabricated numerous devices in view of Blockchain starting with no outside help.

Michael L Gord – Marketing AdvisorMichael L Gord – Marketing Advisor

Originator of MLG Blockchain. A business person and full stack programming designer focused on changing the world by building cutting edge decentralized applications using blockchains and smart contract technology.

Marc Ellul – Legal AdvisorMarc Ellul – Legal Advisor

Marc X. Ellul has 25 years’ understanding as a Gibraltar legal counselor. He is the Managing Partner of Ellul and Co. ( and heads the association’s fintech team. He has been an individual from the Gibraltar Finance Center Council for the previous 10 years. He was likewise Chairman of the Company Law Reform Committee which refreshed the Companies Act in 2014 and he shaped a piece of team which drew up the AML direction notes for Gibraltar legal advisors.

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RecordsKeeper XRK Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

Token: XRK

Add up to supply during ICO: 60,000,000 XRK

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