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Ravencoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is a digital shared network for the transfer of assets. The network got inspiration from the legendary universe of Westeros. Ravens are frequently used in this world to convey explanations of truth. Ravencoin chips away at a similar principle. It conveys an announcement of truth on the blockchain concerning who claims the assets.

The development of this project would not have been conceivable without the diligent work and exertion of more than 400 developers of the Bitcoin. These developers have made in excess of 14,000 confers over the life of Bitcoin to date. The Raven project proprietors will be everlastingly thankful to them for their due constancy in ensuring the network is secure. The Ravencoin was worked on the foundation made by these developers.

ravencoin homepage

About Ravencoin’s Aim

Ravencoin needs to make a blockchain enhanced for the transfer of assets starting with one individual then onto the next. In light of broad testing and development of Bitcoin, Ravencoin was made on a fork of the Bitcoin code. A portion of the progressions made include quicker reward times for blocks, and change in the number but not measured distribution calendar of the coins.

The Ravencoin network is open source and free. The network is mined and issued straightforwardly with no pre-mine or developer allocations. Ravencoin isn’t intended to go about as money. Its need is user-control, oversight obstruction, protection, and freethinker to jurisdiction. However, it will at present permit basic optional highlights for users on a need premise.

One of the key uses of the blockchain is the capacity to report who claims an asset. That is the reason the best use of the blockchain hitherto has been Bitcoin. Other than that, the achievement that ERC20 tokens have appreciated demonstrates that there is a noteworthy interest for tokenized assets, which keep running on another blockchain. Tokens have numerous points of interest, for example, the elimination of the requirement for confided in outsiders and speedier transfers.

Bitcoin can likewise be used as the rails on which tokens run by means of projects, for example, RSK and Counterparty. Notwithstanding this, neither Ethereum nor Blockchain were outlined on account of responsibility for.

Ravencoin is planned with a specific blockchain that is intended to deal with the transfer of assets starting with one gathering then onto the next. For instance, Bitcoin was intended to execute as a kind of better cash. The developers of Bitcoin are not prone to organize changes, which would profit the facilitation of the transfer of tokens.

Ravencoin Mining

Ravencoin made its debut on Oct. 31, 2017. Mining binaries were discharged the following Jan. 3 to coincide with the ninth commemoration of Bitcoin’s dispatch.

Ravencoin has a staged development plan. Work is ongoing on the creation of the Ravencoin platform and its new mining calculation, x16r. This new calculation is being made specifically to battle top-overwhelming mining pools and ASIC mining hardware.

Ravencoin’s site expresses that it will be finished with no pre-mine to give all users an equivalent split at the coin. Mining will be done by means of verification of work “… not because it consumes a rare asset of power, or the prerequisite of PC equipment, but instead focuses on the most profitable piece of the ‘work,’ which is building an ever-bigger and time-based divider that shields user information from future tampering and oversight with each new layer.”

If you might want to begin mining Ravencoin for yourself, investigate our in depth control we made to walk you through the procedure.

Raven Coin Wallets and Binaries

You can download everything you need for Ravencoin from the official site, including binaries for Windows, Mac and Linux and Client-Side paper wallet generators.

ravencoin download

Who’s Behind the Project?

The white paper is marked by Boston-region blockchain counsel Bruce Fenton and Salt Lake City-based Tron Black. Bruce Fenton has filled in as a counsel for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and established the Dubai Bitcoin Conference. Tron Black most as of late filled in as the principal programming developer for Medici Ventures.

The white paper likewise credits “more than 430” anonymous Bitcoin developers.

What Sets It Apart?

In Ravencoin’s white paper, the developers concede their profound obligation to Bitcoin maker Satoshi Nakamoto and recognize that their code was based upon the UTXO Bitcoin protocol model. Ravencoin’s specific fork of the Bitcoin code includes a few changes from the original, most strikingly no weighted distribution timetable and asset creation and messaging capacities. Generally, Ravencoin uses a system of interesting tokens to move assets through the blockchain, and this component has been organized most importantly others. It is minable, but ASIC safe. Ravencoin likewise includes a messaging system for token holders. Token holders who don’t wish to get messages can quit the system.

ravencoin explained

What Is the Developers’ Overall Vision?

The free and secure development of an arrangement of assets using an open-source code that can be continually enhanced.

“If the worldwide economy is influenced by on-screen characters using different blockchains, at that point the way capital markets work today could likewise change,” the developers wrote in their white paper. “Outskirts and jurisdictions may turn out to be less applicable as more assets end up tradable and trading crosswise over fringes becomes increasingly frictionless. In an age where individuals can move significant measures of riches instantly using Bitcoin, worldwide consumers will probably request a similar effectiveness for their securities and comparable asset holdings.”

What Kinds of Things Can Be Sent with Ravencoin?

The developers offer a list of suggestions in their white paper, with the admonition that the rundown is suggestions as it were. For all intents and purposes anything can be sent through Ravencoin because of its singular spotlight on that capacity. Among the suggestions are: physical stores of significant worth, similar to gold bars, silver ingots, or uncommon comic books; physical fiat currency and land deeds; virtual products, as in-amusement currency or e-tickets for sporting occasions; and credit representations, similar to airline miles or gift cards.

Is It Secure?

Security is one of the best expressed objectives of the Ravencoin project. The blockchain itself works like Bitcoin, in that it “… functions just with a market esteem, a solid mining community, and wide distribution.”

Security is an aspect of this, and Ravencoin intends to exploit the inherent separation on a blockchain between a token holder’s address and his or her genuine personality. The developers include that as new and better technology ends up available for securing its system and protecting its users’ security, those advances will be connected at whatever point conceivable to Ravencoin.

Any Unique Use Cases?

In addition to the kinds of things that can be sent with Ravencoin, the developers offer a few fleshed-out cases of the system in action. Imagine a craftsmanship merchant who wishes to transfer responsibility for physical painting to a client. Every one of the tokens he or she makes on the Ravencoin system is related with an extraordinary name and serial number. This coin can’t be copied or decimated, and it fills in as a digital remain in for the physical painting. It likewise goes about as a proof of genuineness, as the coin is one of a kind and specific to that specific painting.

Ravencoin likewise envisions its system being used to simplify voting by investors out in the open organizations.

“An open company that issues shares on Nasdaq, for instance, should pay a semi syndication company just to get the mailing addresses of their own investors at a given point in time,”

the developers said,


“At that point, a physical (dead tree) mailing must be conveyed to investors with information on the most proficient method to vote along with an intermediary voting structure.”

Ravencoin could possibly eliminate this system with its messaging capacities. Token holders are notified that a vote is booked to happen and afterward issued new voting tokens in a 1:1 proportion with their original tokens. The genuine vote would then be able to be for the most part robotized by sending the vote tokens to specific counting addresses.

ravencoin working


In spite of the achievement and broad adoption of Bitcoin and Ethereum, neither of these blockchains have been specifically intended to encourage the responsibility for assets over the tokens that are executed all through their separate networks.

In Bitcoin, the original principles governing the blockchain and protocol must be clung to thus this implies Bitcoin nodes are not ready to register that assets are being installed into tokens. This implies for each asset transaction made on the Bitcoin network, there must be an accompanying bitcoin transaction charge, regardless of whether the transaction is to just send the asset.

This has an aftereffect of pointless transaction charges at whatever point assets are transferred. Additionally, the other significant drawback is that assets can without much of a stretch be ‘pulverized’ if they are sent to an exchange or wallet.

For Ethereum the network can’t locally perceive smart contract tokens and this can cause some confusion because of numerous ERC20 tokens with indistinguishable names. The main distinguishing factor between contracts with indistinguishable names is the contract hash and this can confuse users or be used with pernicious intent to trick others.

As Ravencoin will keep running on a decentralized model with independent miners to help the soundness of the blockchain combined with ASIS-obstruction the coin will have a decent possibility of staying in the hands of individuals and not concentrated by one gathering or a group of gatherings that can connive to shape the result of an occasion, a vote or even the price of the coin itself.


The solution to the above issues is to make a Bitcoin-like system that is totally asset mindful so it perceives when tokens have been composed as assets. With a view to take care of the issue, Ravencoin will bring to life the stated:

“Keep it straightforward inept” by focusing on creating a certain something, only one specific thing… a bitcoin-like system , absolutely mindful about when tokens are outlined as assets (Based on PoW but with another mining algorithm, x16r).

Main Features – Tech Overview

Alright, now we understand the issue (the proposed one, between the numerous existing issues) that should be unraveled in current blockchain and we know the solution that Ravencoin is resolved to create keeping in mind the end goal to rise above that limitation.

So… whats next?. We have to dive deep into their tech… it appears to be boring, but we will deal with that. Just in that way we will truly have information and foundations to take decisions about the project.

Ravencoin bring us the following highlights:

X16R Algorithm

Before we think what X16R is we will initially give points of interest behind what different coins have actualized for their algorithms.

In the pursuit to make and execute algorithms that are ASIC safe (meaning that reason manufactured mining machines with high hash rates couldn’t be produced) which in turn decreases the odds of centralization through extensive mining ranches, projects have attempted an assortment of strategies to hinder this centralization (like we see with Bitcoin mining).

The primary approach was to receive memory intensive algorithms like those used by both Scrypt and Equihash. This necessity for additional in memory calculations decreases the execution of the ASIC to more onpar of the GPU based mining with a similar algorithm

Another approach that was attempted, was Dash’s approach, which was to receive the X11 algorithm. This is the use of 11 chained hashing algorithms (subsequently the name) with an end goal to back off the creation of ASIC equipment.

This did not keep the plan of a unique reason ASIC so once there was an ASIC for X11, others added all the more hashing algorithms to make additional algorithms that were named X13, X15 and X17. This makes it more difficult to make an ASIC but because the algorithms are in generally a similar request its difficult but not difficult to make an ASIC.

What Ravecoin is doing is called X16r and that implementation like the others depicted beforehand use 16 algorithms for the hashing (see table beneath). The key difference is they have included algorithm reordering. It is this reordering in view of the outcomes from the past block that gives more ASIC opposition than other hashing algorithms.


Past Block Hash: 0000000000000000007e8a29f052ac2870045ae3970270f9​7da00919b8e86287

The final 8 bytes: ​0x7da00919b8e86287 determines what the following 16 hashes ought to be.

How To Buy Ravencoin?

While reading this review, you must be thinking about how to buy Ravencoin. While, if you are interested to invest in this crypto and looking forward on how to buy Ravencoin then this section will help you to know. At the moment, it is not registered on many reputable exchanges but you can still take a look at this list of exchanges to know more.

Ravencoin Conclusion

Ravencoin has the objective to see it use case specific blockchain to make code, which can enhance existing structures, for example, Bitcoin or have favorable position for specified use cases. In the cutting edge world, jurisdictions won’t be pertinent.

Today, it is conceivable to move millions of dollars in an instance with the Bitcoin. In future, consumers are well on the way to request a comparative level of effectiveness for securities and related assets. For this system to work, it should be independent of administrative jurisdictions.

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  1. Ravencoin (RVN) is a smart investors coin. Among the many aspects of this coin, it is the flagship X16R algorithm which dictates it will be the most popular in its group. It is prepared to remain anti-ASIC and is an adaptive coin. Its growth is organic and not fueled by marketing. Large exchanges are available to RVN however the coin is being matured and needs more mining/development to hit its project benchmark by September 2018. This project has amazing potential and is supported and funded by Patrick Byrne owner of

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