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Raiden Network Token Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Raiden Network Token (RDN)?

The Raiden Network Token is the local cash of the Raiden Network, which depicts its convention as a methods for “quick, modest, adaptable token exchanges for Ethereum“. The convention is intended to supplement Ethereum, not go up against it, allowing for Ethereum good tokens (ERC-20) to be used.

As a rule, the Raiden team depicts the main issue with blockchain being versatility. Colossal charges combined with long affirmation times make mass appropriation of Ethereum (along with different blockchains, for example, Bitcoin) implausible right now. That is the place the Raiden Network comes in. Using off-chain exchanges to take care of the adaptability issues facing Ethereum, Raiden will convey “close instant, low-expense” installments paying little respect to the quantity of exchanges being prepared in the network.

Raiden homepage

Key highlights of RDN

The Raiden Network is basically Ethereum’s answer for adaptability issues and is Ethereum’s variant of Bitcoin Lightning. All things considered, understanding the reason for Bitcoin Lightning will facilitate your understanding of RDN.

According to a video distributed on the Raiden Network’s authentic site, before the wide-scale reception of blockchain installments happen, it must have the capacity to encourage around 100,000,000 tps. Starting at now, the Ethereum blockchain is equipped for handling around 10-15 tps (exchanges every second). Contrasted with the Visa charge card, which can deal with 45,000 tps, the current Ethereum network is very inefficient.

The key highlights that include the Raiden Network to speed up exchanges with low charges are as per the following:

Facilitated exchange confirmations (<1 second ). Current exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain can take a couple of moments to minutes.

Private exchanges that are not visible on the worldwide record.

Tackle versatility issues so Ethereum can make mass reception, allowing Ethereum to wind up the distributed, worldwide installments infrastructure with electronic money that it was initially intended for.

Low fee exchanges

Micropayment capacity

Works in association with any ERC-20 token. Tokens on this rundown include (EOS), Tron (TRX), Icon (ICX), Binance Coin (BNB), and that’s just the beginning.

Raiden use cases

How Does RDN Work?

According to its hiring page on, RDN will work by switching “from a model where all exchanges hit the mutual record on the blockchain to a model where clients can exchange tokens by secretly exchanging messages without involving a worldwide agreement convention while maintaining security and assurances of course from the blockchain framework.”

Raiden Network’s technology can be communicated as a layer over the blockchain, at last creating an agreeable relationship between it and Ethereum’s essential system. It expels the requirement for worldwide agreement, which significantly decreases the networks ability to scale at enhanced levels. Removing the requirement for a worldwide accord is “finished by leveraging a network of installment channels which permit to safely exchange an incentive off-chain, i.e without involving the blockchain for each exchange.”

Separated in least difficult terms, the convention goes something like this:

Installment channels which take into consideration safe,off-chain exchanges. With cryptographic confirmation and shrewd contracts, the exchange can be finished successfully and safely as it is dependably maintained by an on-chain “initial installment”.

Bidirectional installment channels, allowing for forward and backward token exchanges.

Multihop, hash-bolted exchanges, enabling the tokens to go through various hubs instead of a single hub while being secured with a “key”. Without the mystery key gave by the original sender, the tokens can’t be asserted on-chain.

About RDN

The Raiden Network project is being produced by brainbot labs Establishment., a product company dedicated to blockchain convention development. Established in the year 2000 by Heiko Hees, it as of now has between 11 to 50 workers in workplaces among Berlin, Mainz, and Copenhagen. Additionally the organizer of PediaPress, Hees has been a center designer of Ethereum since March 2014. Being a center engineer for Ethereum, it is clear on how the organizer sees the defects in the present its present convention with approaches to enhance it.

Interestingly enough, the site does not include RDN as one of their main blockchain developments, which could be attributed to the difficulty of highlighting a wide assortment of projects they are at present undertaking on one page. While different sources recommend the project is deferred, it seems that the project is in progress with a further investigate their present vacant positions (which can be connected for here) and late updates to their Github.

Raiden technology

RDN Coin Supply

The aggregate supply of RDN rests at 100,000,000, and has a circulating supply of almost half of that at 50,148,936. With a market top of about $341 million, it is as of now in the #102 position among all coins.

On December first, the team declared through Twitter “we are moving some RDN to the fluid supply to a) repay counsels b) have a few tokens in a more helpful wallet.” According to Raiden’s authentic site, the coins were apportioned in the following way:

34% Retained by brainbot labs Establishment (Raiden project lead)

16% External development fund

Therefore, it is noticed that a lot of RDN coins are being utilized to fund the project’s development.

RDN Trading History

Contrasted with different digital forms of money, the coin has had a fairly unfaltering increase in the previous couple of years, which could mirror the investor groups assessments this is a long term hold as opposed to a brisk cash creator.

How To Buy RDN?

You can buy RDN on exchanges, for example, Binance, and One of the most straightforward approaches to exchange for these coins is to initially make a Coinbase or Bitstamp account. Once verified, you can buy Ethereum by means of bank exchange or charge card and afterward store the tokens onto an elective trade, for example, Binance. When you get the tokens, take after the means on the individual trade being used and exchange away.

Starting at now, it is somewhat difficult to enroll on numerous trades because of the overwhelming interest in cryptocurrency. This makes it difficult for trades to stay aware of interest and are frequently turning ceaselessly new clients from an inability to give satisfactory administrations without updating their infrastructure. If you are attempting to invest in cryptocurrency, please remember doing your due steadiness to find respectable destinations that won’t take your own information. If you investigate our exhaustive guide “How to Buy Bitcoin and Other Popular Cryptocurrencies”, you’ll find a variety of trade locales to enable you to begin on your RDN journey.

Where Can You Store RDN?

Given that RDN is an ERC-20 token, you can store it on equipment wallets that support the Ethereum blockchain, for example, Trezor or Ledger Nano S. You can likewise store it on MyEtherWallet (MEW).

Instead of sharing all transactions on the blockchain, RaidenNetwork enables users to trade messages secretly to sign the exchange of significant worth. It is being outlined as an Ethereum augmentation and it finds applications in an assortment of token frameworks like Reward tokens, Game tokens, and private currency composes.

Keeping in mind the end goal to make exchanges, one Raiden hub speaks with the other by extending along an Ethereum hub. So also, all together for the administration of Ethereum stores, a Raiden hub speaks with the blockchain of Ethereum. In a report, Cointelegraph has officially distributed that Ethereum (ETH) price may ascend to $2,000 if this happens.

About Ethereum:

Ethereum is a free and open-source virtual or computerized currency as Bitcoin. It relies upon the methodology of block chain with a usefulness of scripting. It offers a virtual machine known as EVM for running contents, where EVM is nothing but Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Ethereum encourages the exchange of ‘ether’, which is an esteem token required for the remuneration of network hubs involved in the process did in EVM. Here the network spam is evaded by the use of an instrument called ‘Gas’, which is nothing but a transaction pricing component.

Ethereum is relied upon to beat Bitcoin in the following a very long time since a considerable measure of consideration is being gained on Ethereum projects in India.

An Ethereum blockchain is a distributed open record that acknowledges ETH as its record unit. Users can get to ETH from anyplace on the planet at any instant of time.

Key innovations

While the dispatch lays the basis for another off-chain payment network, Liquidity.Network is likewise introducing what is maybe the principal test wallet on ethereum that can send and get these kinds of transactions.

According to Gervais, the wallet isn’t made for genuine ether – in any event, not yet – but rather to send and receiving sham coins on the test network.

In any case, what Gervais was most amped up for was the “center” that interfaces different users on the network in the engine so they can execute forward and backward.

Since the center point pools everybody’s cash together in a one of a kind way, it should offer greater adaptability for sending payments to dissimilar individuals over the network.

According to Gervais, this is Liquidity.Network’s key specialized innovation that distinguishes it from other scaling projects.

High expectations

Over that, the network’s organizers are presently looking past Liquidity.Network’s conceivable use on ethereum, seeking to assemble more intricate applications to finish everything.

After they finish making it good with the bigger ethereum network, for instance, they want to include support for ERC-20, the standard used to make crypto tokens propelled by means of initial coin offerings (ICOs), with an end goal to increase the adaptability of those networks also.

All things considered, the dispatch flags that more interest is being paid to ethereum’s growing reception and the ease of use issues those new users confront. Indeed, Gervais trusts that adding another scaling project to ethereum will enable speed to up the time it takes for more projects to happen as expected.

That is one motivation behind why Gervais is pushing for Liquidity.Network to go live on the ethereum blockchain as quickly as time permits.

Raiden network

Uses For Raiden

Raiden can be used for a wide assortment of uses and purposes, including the majority of the following:

Micropayments For Content Distribution:

This is an other option to paywalls, notices, and memberships. Micropayments would one say one are of the greatest trendy expressions in the substance creation world today – if we had a simple method to give 5 or 10 pennies to our most loved creators online, would we do it? Micropayments – whether for online recreations or news coverage – are substantially more open on the Ethereum network with the assistance of Raiden.

Decentralized M2M Markets:

Raiden is additionally being proposed as a route for machines to convey (M2M correspondence). We’ve seen comparative arrangements like IOTA, where tiny pieces of transfer speed, stockpiling, CPU time, vitality, sensor information, and more can be exchanged. Raiden could change M2M correspondence and modify the way IoT works.

Programming interface Access:

The machine-to-machine economy will rotate around API get to. Accessing and monetizing APIs on a for each use premise is at the center of the upcoming M2M economy.

Quick Decentralized Exchanges:

Raiden encourages a speedier, less expensive trade of significant worth – something each trade and individual can profit by.

Raiden services


Since its inception in 2015, the Raiden Network defines itself as “an exceedingly foreseen blockchain center infrastructure project, with the objective to scale the Ethereum platform ability to support significant appropriation.” It is interesting to take note of the absence of updates that could possibly bait investors, however, the project in itself appears like a long-term hold as opposed to simply one more pump-and-dump plot.

The utilization case for the project and foundation of the CEO are interesting features of the project that offers legitimacy to its validity. If everything works out, we could consider RDN to be one of the main go-to computerized monetary forms for retail and P2P installments.

Without additional information on the project and because of the general idea of the cryptocurrency industry, the project is still exceptionally theoretical. If it’s not too much trouble recall, this is only an informative article that isn’t to be viewed as financial guidance.

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